Endler Guppy vs Fancy Guppy

The Endler guppy Poecilia Wingei is a real close relative to the guppy Poecilia Reticulata, the latter is well known for different names such as the fancy Guppy, Guppy fish, the common Guppy, the fancy tail guppy, etc. Both the Fancy Guppy fish and the Endler’s Guppy fish are a very popular species to consider … Read more

Black Molly

These fish are one of the coolest to watch swim! It’s also quite obvious where this name comes from. Black molly fish are black, however, occasionally, you can also find a black molly with a yellow stripe down their body. Origins The black molly fish originated from ancestral species living in the coastal waters of … Read more

Guppy Fish Guides

  Guppies and dwarf gouramis are good starter pets for kids. They are adorable fish that are fun for the whole family. But why choose them over other fish? What is so special about them? Read More » The Endler guppy Poecilia Wingei are a real close relative to the guppy Poecilia Reticulata, the later … Read more

How to take care of saltwater fish?

You’ve probably heard that caring for saltwater fish is quite challenging. Unfortunately, this is true but with a clean tank, balanced water levels, and dedication, it’s definitely doable. The best way to care for your saltwater fish is by caring for the aquarium they live in. Here are a few things to keep in mind … Read more

Molly Fish Types – Explore the 39 Species of Mollies

Mollies are often thought to be a single breed however this isn’t true. Molly fish types come in a plethora of species adding an abundance of color to your tropical freshwater aquaria. Native to the Americas there are currently 39 species of mollies. Molly fish types and their descriptions Here is a list of the … Read more

Gold Dust Molly

When it comes to fish breeds, the gold dust molly is one of the most striking! Sometimes called a Gold Panda Molly, it has a bold gold and black color scheme and is notable for its tall dorsal fin too, especially on the male fish. Origins of Gold Dust Molly The gold dust molly originated … Read more

Molly Fish Guides

The gold dust molly’s gender is easy to determine based on a selection of factors. Most obvious of these is the larger size of the males; female fish are usually smaller in length. Read More » Black molly fish were bred in captivity from these natural ancestors by using selective breeding to choose specific, favorable … Read more

Breeding Mollies – A Short Guide On The Ins-And-Outs

Construct Construction GIF from Construct GIFs 1. Let the fish mate  Mollies are hierarchical fish, led by the male with the strongest colors and the largest fins. This means that the ideal is to have a single male and several females in the same aquarium. This is not only a good ratio for breeding mollies, … Read more

How often should you feed betta fish?

Adult betta: 1-2 times a day Baby betta (fry): 2 times a day Pellets: 2-4 pellets Live, frozen, or freeze-dried: 2-3 pieces Flakes: as much as they can eat in two-minutes Fast once a week Can survive 14 days without food Eating themselves to death There’s a fine balance on how often to feed your … Read more

How to Remove Algae from your Aquarium

Algae is a natural phenomenon that forms in aquariums. It’s that green stuff that builds up on your tank’s walls. Although algae is an important part of your fish tank’s ecosystem, too much of it can be detrimental to the rest of the aquatic life. It also can heavily reduce levels of visibility. Luckily, it’s … Read more