Guppies and Dwarf Gouramis

Guppies and Dwarf Gouramis – Can they Live Together? 

Guppies and dwarf gouramis are good starter pets for kids. They are adorable fish that are fun for the whole family. But why choose them over other fish? What is so special about them? Today we will learn some fun facts as well as some needed facts to know in order to own these pets in captivity. That way you can have a less stressful time with them. 

Guppies and Gouramis Habitat:

Both are really similar so why have both? So many questions come to mind when buying fish/pets. First off, their habitat what is the proper aquarium for your beloved guppies and dwarf gouramis? Anything that they are around has to be passive. They are low on the food chain so other fish will try to eat them. Community fish are a good match for these creatures. They will get along well. guppies need to be in warm water, Preferably 82 degrees Fahrenheit. And the tank needs to be 20 to 25 gallons for the fish to be comfortable.

Guppies and Gouramis Diet:

Guppies and Gouramis
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Guppies and Dwarf Gouramis best choice of food is Spirulina Flakes. They will help it grow and live a very healthy life. You should only feed them twice daily in small amounts. If your feeding captive specimens feed them algae flakes. In the wild, they like to eat things such as algae Gouramis are native to South Asia near Vietnam and they live in the swamps and captivity it is good to feed them freeze-dried food for best health.

Other Tank Mates:

These fish are very defenseless which means they need a small community fish for their tank buddies such as a goldfish or something like that.if u were to put the wrong fish in as a buddy your guppy could be on the dinner menu for the other fish that is not a good thing. Why, well that could affect the diet, behavior and the health of the other fish making it hungrier and more aggressive.

Will a Gourami Attack a Guppy:

A good question to ask yourself when buying both of these creatures is, will they hurt each other? The answer is yes they are both omnivores but rarely eat meat because they have so small of jaws although the Gouramis is very aggressive at times so the probability is higher. Never buy 2 males if you are going to have both buy 1 male and 1 female or else they will fight regularly. They are mostly passive but they still fight. Something to keep in mind when breeding guppies is normal for them to eat their eggs. When you are breeding it is best to leave them alone or else they will get aggressive.

Will a Gourami Eat a Guppy Fry:

Yes, they will and it is very common. The Fish breeds have a lot that they can relate to like their colorful scales and their preference of water with little current, Why? Well, you see they are super small, so it’s hard for them to swim in the big current with their small fins. These fish are freshwater creatures which means they live in rivers and streams as well as ponds. To give you an idea of how small these fish actually are a guppy is 1.5-3 inches long, and is native to South America, near Brazil.

In conclusion, although it is possible for them to live together, it’s not a good idea due to the aggressiveness of the Gouramis.