how long do betta fish live

How long do betta fish live?

Answer: Betta fish lifespan

Store-kept betta fish live for an average of three years. If you take really good care of your betta fish, it’ll shoot up to five years. There’s also been reported cases of betta fish owners seeing their bettas live for nine to ten years!

Female betta fish also tend to live a few months longer than their male counterparts. Most people choose to buy male betta fish though, since they tend to be more colorful and have more flowy fins.

Wild betta fish

Wild bettas tend to live for an average of two years. The conditions are rougher for betta fish in the wild.

Betta fish are native to South East Asia. There are dry seasons there and a lot of expansion in farming and development. It’s actually quite drastic to the point where betta fish have made their spot on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

As you probably know, male betta fish are very aggressive. You can imagine that these fights that are happening out in the wild are not doing any favors to a betta fish’s lifespan.

Store bought

Pet stores like to display their betta fish when their fins and colors are fully developed. For male betta fish, this is around one-year. For female betta fish, it’s half of that. Just something to consider when you’re estimating how many years your betta fish at home has left.

If you’re looking to buy a betta fish, make sure that you find a healthy one. To find a healthy betta fish, make sure you keep all of these factors in mind:

  • Should not be pale
  • No torn fins
  • Clear eyes
  • No bulging eyes
  • No sores or injuries on its body
  • Reacts when you put your hand on the glass

Tell the age of your betta fish

Here’s a quick and dirty trick to tell the age of your betta fish. Adult bettas are usually 3-inches long (not including the fin). Juvenile betta fish are usually 1-inch to 1.5-inches long (not including the fin). The older the betta fish gets, the less vibrant its colors will be.

Either way, may your betta fish live a long and prosperous life!