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Tips & Guides for Every Fish Owner


fancy guppy

Endler Guppy vs Fancy Guppy

The Endler guppy Poecilia Wingei are a real close relative to the guppy Poecilia Reticulata, the later is well known for different names such as the fancy Guppy, Guppy fish, the common Guppy, the fancy tail guppy…etc. Both the Fancy Guppy fish and the Endler’s Guppy fish is a very popular species to consider for fish farming/ breeding, with their great prolific performances you won’t regret doing it in the first place.


Remove Algae from your Aquarium

Although algae is an important part of your fish tank’s ecosystem, too much of it can be detrimental to the rest of the aquatic life. It also can heavily reduce levels of visibility. Luckily, it’s easy to remove.

breeding betta fish featured pic

Breeding betta fish

Breeding betta fish can be a fun hobby if you have the time and skill. However, it’s not a task to be taken lightly. We’ll take you through the ins-and-outs.

molly fish types

Molly Fish Types

Molly fish are often thought to be a single breed however this isn’t true. They come in a plethora of species adding an abundance of color to your tropical freshwater aquaria. Native to the Americas there are currently 39 species of mollies.