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  • How Many Cichlids in a 40 Gallon Tank? (Detailed Guide)

    How Many Cichlids in a 40 Gallon Tank? (Detailed Guide)

    A 40-gallon aquarium is a very popular size for those who start dabbling in fish-keeping. The standard dimensions of this aquarium are 36” x 18” x 16”. This is a reasonable cichlids tank size for beginners to raise a small group of cichlids. However, keeping cichlids is difficult as they are aggressively territorial. That means…

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • How to Raise & Lower pH in Fish Tank With Baking Soda?

    Keeping the pH levels in your fish tank at the proper level is crucial for the health and well-being of your fish. One simple and effective method is using baking soda. So, how to raise & lower pH in fish tank with baking soda? You can simply dissolve a small amount of baking soda in…

  • The Best Nitrate Removers for Freshwater of 2023

    To boot, the most notable means to get rid of nitrate is by means of regular water changes. In addition, live plants will do wonders in freshwater aquariums while refugiums and protein skimmers will do a great job in saltwater tanks. Nonetheless, nitrate commonly persists and levels of nitrate as low as 5 ppm could…

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