The Best Color Enhancing Fish Foods for Natural & Rich Coloration

best color enhancing fish food

Every fish enthusiast undoubtedly wants to gaze at an aquarium that is filled with colorful fish species. As you know, a fish tank where bewitching and multicolored fish roam, play and swim around helps make everyone enjoy a relaxing moment. But, how can you accomplish this goal? Is it possible to enhance the natural and vibrant color of your fish in a safe approach?

To get started, you need to understand that one of the most effective means to boost the natural and radiant color of your aquatic pets is investing in the best color enhancing fish food products. You do not need to worry because these products contain only all-natural ingredients meaning they won’t in any way harm your fish’s health.

Fundamentally, different fish food could make a considerable difference in the overall well-being of fish and at the same time effectively work to unleash the natural and stunning colors of your aquarium dwellers.

The good news is that this is not even hard to carry out because with a specific and well-rounded fish diet, you could naturally bring out the most impressive colors of your fish tank inhabitants. This article will provide you some of the most top-rated fish color enhancing fish foods that you can consider for your requirements, so keep reading!

Best Overall


TetraPRO Tropical Color Crisps

✅ Makes fish feeding a lot easier
✅ Superior levels of natural color enhancers
✅ Promote healthier immune system functions


Premium Choice


Omega One Super Color Flakes

✅ Promote more vigorous fish immunity
✅ Free of any pre-processed proteins
✅ Aids in minimizing tank water contamination


Editor’s Choice


Aqueon Tropical Color Enhancing Flakes

✅ Add vitamins and trace nutrients
✅ Bolsters fish immunity
✅ Help unleash flashy fish coloration


Top 10 Color Enhancing Fish Food Reviews of 2023

1. TetraPRO Tropical Color Crisps


If you opt for fish food products that are designed with more advanced nutrition, then this option can assure you that feature. Since it is manufactured with an exclusive low-heat process, this food is dependable when it comes to preserving nutrients and vitamins that work well in bolstering healthy fish’s immune system functions.

Meanwhile, if it is your main goal to immensely enhance the coloration of your finned friends, this food would work efficiently work in that aspect because it is formulated with natural color enhancers that encourage healthy and gorgeous color development in most tropical fish. Indeed, since these are digestible, it is easier for fish to metabolize the nutrients.

The food appears to be denser as compared to normal fish flakes so smaller fish species may have a hard time consuming them in minutes. And, they tend to decay instantly on the underneath section of the tank after finally sinking. This could somehow create a mess inside the aquarium which was contrary to what was advertised about its clear water formula.

  • Manufactured with enhanced biotin that promotes healthier immune system functions
  • Highly digestible and makes fish feeding a lot easier
  • Good at offering advanced nutrition for shrewd tropical fish keepers
  • Formulated with superior levels of natural color enhancers
  • Helps minimize fish waste inside the tank
  • Seems ideal for larger fish and not for small ones
  • Tends to easily decay on the bottom after finally sinking

This product is a prominent choice in that it guarantees maximum fish health, it is efficient in terms of boosting impressive fish coloration and since the food floats, your finned buddies have the chance to eat them longer, so the food gets consumed well and the tank water won’t be extremely messed up.

See to it to feed your fish as per the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid affecting the clarity and quality of the tank water. Feed your fish tank dwellers two to three times daily, merely as much as they can finish within 3 minutes. As for the price, this won’t break your budget much since the price seems reasonable enough for the contents and good features of the product.

2. Omega One Super Color Flakes


Generally speaking, many fish keepers still go for this brand even though it is costly because it comes with multiple whole food sources. This implies that the nutrition it offers is mainly sourced from whole foods and not merely from the so-called fish meal ones.

In the same way, it contains some vitamins and minerals that work outstandingly in improving fish immunity and overall wellness.

This also works moderately in maximizing the overall colors of your finned friends. The flakes are naturally insoluble too so your aquarium pets won’t have a problem consuming them and absorbing the nutrients.

When feeding, make sure to feed this food once or thrice per day. Give only the food amount your fish can finish within a couple of minutes. Overfeeding would only make the tank water polluted and may result in several fish ailments and even death.

If you have a limited budget for fish food products, then this might not be a suitable choice for you because it is available at a pricey selling cost or you better save some more before you can actually get one. Additionally, if you keep herbivores, then this won’t do any good for them.

  • Contains increased levels of beta carotenes sourced from salmon skin
  • Free of any pre-processed proteins, hydrolysates, meals and digests
  • Promotes more vigorous fish immunity for saltwater and freshwater fish species
  • Aids in minimizing tank water contamination
  • Flakes are manufactured to be naturally insoluble
  • Sold at a much higher price point
  • Not a recommendable option for herbivores
Omega One Super Color Flakes is a good catch for fish keepers who prefer well-rounded food for fish that offers natural crude protein sources such as kelp, salmon, herring, and shrimp. This is probably the reason why it is priced more expensively than other brands. It comes with a superior level of crude content than other recipes available today.

What makes this food a good option is that its marine food sources are from esteemed and sustainable fisheries and unlike other similar products, this is not manufactured with ash contents and only contains less starch.

3. Aqueon Tropical Color Enhancing Flakes


Needless to say, as fish keepers, besides feeding our pet fish to enhance their color notably, it is also our objective to help them sustain optimal health. We want them to enjoy a healthy and palatable diet daily so they can be with us for a long time. Since this food contains distinctive blends of chili powder, natural Astaxanthin, and marigold, then your expectations of achieving your goals are way conceivable.

Please be guided that it is essential to feed your fish tank residents with the directed amount that they could eat in less than a couple of minutes. Avoid overfeeding as much as possible if you hate seeing a huge mess inside the tank and making your fish sick. Always abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.

This product is not the attractive type of food that all types of tropical fish species would go crazy about; in fact, some finicky eaters won’t even touch it. And, it tends to clump up and leave some dirt inside the aquarium. Inspect these negative aspects first before taking the plunge.

  • Manufactured with all-natural colors and contents with added minerals, vitamins and trace nutrients
  • Bolsters fish immunity and helps unleash flashy fish coloration
  • Formulated with rich blends of natural Astaxanthin, chili powder, and marigold
  • Helps aquatic pets use more of what they consume
  • Highly recommended option for fish’s daily nutrition
  • Tends to clump up and leave some filth in the tank water
  • Appears unappetizing to some picky tropical fish eaters
To wrap things up, these tropical color-enhancing flakes are reasonably priced so they would fit all types of budgets. They are ideal for fish’s daily nutrition needs, execute an excellent job of brightening the colors of your aquarium occupants and help encourage healthy functions of the digestive systems.

Hence, if you are on the hunt for a healthy fish diet that contains an adequate amount of essential minerals, colors, vitamins and trace nutrients, then this product won’t dismay you. This works wonder too in allowing your finned friends to use more of what they eat every feeding session.

4. Tetra Tropical XL Color Granules


Don’t you have any idea how to enhance fish color? Then, you need not exhaust yourself thinking about what appropriate product to use because the right option is already in front of you. For your information, when it comes to foods for fish, Tetra is one of the few brands that you can count on.

By the same token, you will feel thankful for this food’s clear water formulation because this simply conveys that there is no need for you to conduct frequent water replacement and tank cleaning because the tank water will remain clean and clear so long as you use these foods as directed.

Be that as it may, two things that you probably won’t love about these granules are their tendency to sink quite immediately and if you’re going to seriously observe, they appear to be not the most favorite type of food of cichlids. See to it to verify these minor gripes first before coming up with a final shopping decision.

  • Formulated with well-rounded nutrition to support fish strength, longevity, and vibrant fish coloration
  • Serves as a basic diet for larger mid-water tropical fish species
  • Helps fish resist various types of ailments and infections
  • Contains high-quality gradually-sinking granules that fish would adore
  • Does not pollute tank water if utilized as directed
  • Appears not the perfect pick for feeding cichlids
  • Sinks extremely fast

These natural color enhancers are great to have for fish keepers who are determined to bring out the fascinating colors of their fish and in improving the energetic activities of their most cherished finned friends. Whilst this product is not as affordable to some, it is a good deal considering it serves as a nutritionally balanced diet that works to encourage fish endurance and longevity.

These gradually sinking granules are specifically made for use as a basic diet for larger mid-water tropical fish species. And, if it is your dream to watch more active, vigorous and multicolored fish species inside your aquarium, then these granules will surely help you make that dream a reality.

5. Cobalt Aquatics Tropical Fish Food


This tropical food for aquarium inhabitants is a great pick if it is your goal to see your finned buddies thrive in a confined environment and watch them as they unleash their magnificent colors that would create a more bewitching view inside the fish tank.

The reason why this is a must-buy if you are looking after tropical fish species is that it is designed as nutritionally balanced which means it is not only meant for faster and healthier fish growth but is also good at improving digestion, immunity, and coloration in fish.

Nonetheless, you need to watch out for this fish diet because there are some possibilities that it could cause constipation problems to your aquatic pets and the flakes are susceptible to falling apart quite too soon which may eventually cloud the tank water if not used as directed.

  • Manufactured with second to none color-enhancing formulation for all types of tropical fish
  • Helps maintain less tank water waste and contamination
  • Makes use of all-natural and premium quality ingredients sourced from Canada and the USA
  • Formulated with probiotics that support intestinal wellness and good digestion
  • Promotes impressive fish growth and attractive fish coloration
  • May cause constipation issues to fish
  • Prone to falling apart too easily
As a whole, this is a worthwhile investment because it is a guaranteed nutritional diet for maximum fish health, good digestive system functions, and naturally brilliant fish colors. The blue flakes and probiotics work wonderfully in promoting healthy digestion and more vigorous fish immunity.

If you wish your fish tank dwellers to obtain attractive shapes and colors, this would also amaze you in that aspect. Further, since this food is palatable, it would encourage less fish waste so there is no need to do water replacements more frequently. For the price, this is unbeatable as it is very affordable even to those who are short in budget.

6. Aqueon Cichlid Food Color Enhancing


If you are in search of the best color enhancing fish food for cichlids, this brand won’t let you down. The pellets gradually sink and since they are made with premium ingredients only, your fish would certainly sustain good health and thrive in an artificial habitat for a long time.

These foods would bring about the top-rated fish colors and it is all thanks to their natural color enhancing contents that consist of chili powder, Astaxanthin, and marigold. They help reduce fish waste so you and your finned buddies can enjoy clean and clear tank water.

The size of the package is sufficient enough to last long and the food would remain fresh and in good condition, because the food is packaged in a top-quality re-sealable bag that makes fish feeding more convenient and effortless to handle.

Aside from the fact that these pellets are smaller than expected, they do not float very well and it looks like these are not that attractive enough for some fish to enthusiastically consume them in no time. Make sure to confirm these flaws first before getting one.

  • Manufactured using only top quality and all-natural contents
  • Helps maintain tank water clarity and quality
  • Packaged well in a re-sealable bag to ensure freshness of the product
  • Contains a good blend of chili powder, marigold, and Astaxanthin that are efficient at enhancing fish’s flashy
  • Offered a budget-friendly price tag
  • Does not float quite well at the top
  • Appears not palatable to most fish
Ultimately, if you opt for foods that are made with natural content and do not come with artificial color enhancers, then this can be your most practical and very affordable choice. It is worth mentioning that the colors of the fish food are attributed to the actual contents in the formula that execute a very vital role in unleashing the fish’s natural and lovely color.

This brand is a safe option because they make products that contain only premium ingredients like shrimp and krill to lure even the pickiest eaters. The contents of these foods work magically in keeping your fish tank inhabitants healthy, more active and livelier.

7. Uni-President Fish Color Enhancing


The primary contents of these foods include soybean meal, lecithin, fish meal, minerals, fish oil, vitamins, wheat flour, and Astaxanthin. The pellets are easy to digest so your finned friends won’t have a problem consuming them in a very short time. They float quite well so it is easy for fish to see and devour them every feeding period.

Fish won’t have any trouble munching on these pellets because they are easy to digest so they could aid in lessening water contamination more effectively. This food’s astaxnthin content is what makes it more adept at boosting the radiant colors of the fish wherein positive results can be noticed in a very short period.

This brand is utterly very costly than other competitors so if you opt for affordable options, this one won’t fit your budget. Aside from this, the pellets appear to transform the aquarium water slightly reddish in color so you would need to clean the tank more often and change the water too.

  • Contains astaxnthin that significantly support vibrant colors of the fish
  • Does not contain any artificial hormones
  • Designed as highly digestible and helps minimize water contamination
  • Exclusively manufactured for aquarium pets that belong to the cichlid family
  • Storage period can last up to 2 years
  • Way too expensive than other brands
  • Tends to transform the tank water into a reddish color
Overall, this option is quite overpriced but works outstandingly in supporting the radiant and flashy colors of your cichlids.

This conveys that if you want a fish tank filled with multicolored fish, then this fish diet can help you accomplish that in no time. It even comes with a long storage period that can last for a couple of years. In addition to this, it is a safe food to feed your aquatic creatures because it does not contain any artificial hormones that could endanger your fish’s health.

Still and all, you need to prepare yourself for tank water cleaning after the feeding session or possibly do water replacement regularly because these pellets tend to turn the aquarium water slightly reddish. This isn’t a major problem though if you like cleaning the tank more frequently.

8. Blue Ridge Fish Food Pellets


Fish keepers surely do not want to give their most precious fish tank occupants a hard time consuming their food. Hence, these pellets are suitable options for them because they get instantly softened so your aquatic pets can easily finish them in minutes without any digestion issues to be concerned about after feeding activity.

What is more, these are reliable in ensuring problem-free fish development and you won’t have to be troubled about dealing with foul tank water. Your finned friends will remain healthy and strong enough to fight off stress and various types of fish diseases. It is all thanks to the unique blends of minerals and vitamins contained in these pellets, your fish tank residents can resist anything that detriments their health.

Surprisingly, these foods are incapable of impressing most fish because many of them do not consume the food with much enthusiasm and there are even times when they simply ignore the pellets during feeding time. Besides, the zippers of the product’s container do not seal well so the freshness of the food may be affected in the long run.

  • Pellets soften instantly and allow easy digestion for aquatic creatures
  • Manufactured with 3 tried and tested color enhancers known as spirulina, marigold extract and canthaxanthin
  • Known for being top quality all-season floating food pellets
  • Formulated with excellent blends of minerals and vitamins
  • Does a job of encouraging optimal fish growth
  • Not perceived as palatable for most fish
  • The zippers of the containers are incapable of being tightly sealed
The bottom line is that if you are fishing for a healthy choice, then this fish color enhancing food won’t disappoint you. What makes this product a great investment is that it is formulated with exceptional growth formula and at the same time it contains spirulina, canthaxanthin, and marigold extract all of which are stellar in bolstering fish color.

If you want to transform your fish tank into a colorful and nice-to-behold view; then it is high time to feed your finned buddies with these pellets for a month and you can witness for yourself how effective these are in intensifying the red color in your goldfish and koi.

9. Aqueon Color Enhancing Pellets


Shopping for fish color enhancing hormone products can be a little challenging especially for beginners. But, to ensure getting the right food that could help intensify the bright colors of your finned friends, you’ve got to pick a reputable brand like Aqueon.

Shrimps are one of the most preferred foods of bettas, so your fish tank dwellers would love this food because it contains a rich blend of delectable ingredients that they can consume in a short period. It also contains natural color enhancing ingredients that are intended to reveal the brilliant colors of your finned pets. In the end, you would feel delighted having an aquarium where colorful fish reside.

For all that, there are times when some of the pellets do not float well and sink faster on the bottom of the tank. Sooner or later, you will notice some food residues and this somehow causes the tank water to look cloudy. Be sure to look into these downsides before you spend a penny on this product.

  • Strictly formulated with well-rounded nutrition for fish’s daily feeding needs
  • Comes with an ideal size to ward off overfeeding
  • Manufactured with shrimp and other contents that betta fish adore
  • Contains 3 packs once purchased
  • Free of any artificial color contents
  • Pellets are incapable of floating well and tend to sink instantly
  • May possibly cloud the tank water
In general, this product is sold at a much higher cost than other available products out there but since you get 3 packs for the price, it is deemed as cost-effective and can already last for a long period of feeding. More than that, it ensures well-balanced nutrition for daily feeding and the size of the pellets is sufficient enough to inhibit overfeeding.

This brand is something that you can bank on because it is known for producing fish food products that contain superior quality ingredients and are made by a unique formulation that aims to keep aquatic creatures more active, healthier, happier, colorful and livelier.

10. Fluval Hagen Color Enhancing Flakes


This food is a great deal because if you’re going to check its contents, you will realize that it is something that would benefit your most precious aquarium occupants. It is fortified with huge protein contents, antioxidants and trace elements that were derived from ocean fish.

The truth is, these fish flakes are exceptional at luring fish species to consume them with much gusto because they are made with delectable flavors that fish would love to devour every feeding session. The nutrition they contain is enough for daily feeding. And, it contains natural color enhancers that would transform the color of your fish into a more stunning one.

For fish keepers with a very sensitive sense of smell, this food may irk you a little because it comes with a weird and not-so-nice smell so you better prepare for that, not a big issue for your fish though. Moreover, the bottle or packaging seems made with cheap quality because it gets instantly damaged and may affect the food’s freshness.

  • Contains superior levels of proteins, antioxidants and trace elements from many ocean fish
  • Designed as premium quality and certified delectable food for aquatic pets
  • Reliable in terms of providing proper nutrition for daily feeding
  • Made with an efficient color-enhancing formulation that remarkably enhances tropical fish colors
  • Fortified with more stabilized vitamin C and a complete complement of vitamins
  • Comes in poor quality packaging
  • Strong and unpleasant odor

This color enhancing flakes fish food is highly recommended for those who are dreaming of a fast color boost formula. The flakes are capable of holding together quite well and it is nice to know that they don’t make the tank water messy so it would be unnecessary to conduct tank water cleaning more often.

The bottle comes with a generous amount that is adequate for long feeding and for the price; this does not necessarily break the bank. The food seems to be a suitable choice even for those who take care of finicky fish species. If you are wondering what food to feed them, make them delighted and obtain gorgeous colors, then you have no reason to search elsewhere.

Outdated Products

Marineland Color-Enhancing Tropical Flakes Color (Outdated)


These flakes are maximized for various sized aquatic pets in a community fish tank. They are characterized as round and firm and vary a little in terms of thickness and diameter. Fish keepers are guaranteed that these foods can provide the essential nutrition that fish need because they are formulated by carrying out an exceptional low-heat process that makes them capable of preserving high amounts of natural nutrients.

This product contains a rich blend of protein contents that were sourced from herring, red and white fish, cod, mackerel, halibut, Pollack, Peruvian anchovies as well as haddock. As you can see, these ingredients are what most tropical fish are so addicted to. It is not surprising that many of them can finish the food in minutes.

If you do not wish to feel exhausted by making water replacements and tank cleaning more often, then you must follow the manufacturer’s direction when feeding your pet fish. This food seems to clog the filter media more instantly so you better monitor the tank after feeding. Indeed, without a safety lid, the food won’t stay fresh and in good condition for a long time.

  • Designed with a matchless low-heat process that preserves huge amount of natural nutrients
  • Specifically made for diverse-sized fish in a community aquarium
  • Formulated with unique blends of proteins
  • Flakes are thick enough for larger fish
  • Seems palatable that most tropical fish devour this food instantly
  • Arrived without a safety lid to keep the product’s freshness
  • Tends to clog the filter media quite faster than expected
Unquestionably, colorful fish are what make an aquarium look stunning and awesome. So, if you want to witness the color of your fish get brighter as days go by, it matters to feed them with the right foods that won’t only take care of their well-being but will also take care of their color’s enhancement. This product is formulated with rich blends of proteins that your fish tank dwellers would love.

However, always inspect any food residues after feeding sessions to avoid clogging the filter media and store the product properly to keep the food in good condition and fresh for a longer period of time. Before buying one, check the packaging of the product.

What to Look for When Buying Color Enhancing Fish Food


Without a doubt, your aquatic pets are the most valuable part of your aquarium. They do not merely appear fascinating and provide meaningful companionship and amusement, but they also execute a vital task in keeping the fish tank well-balanced.

So, if you plan to purchase fish food color enhancing products, the guides below must be contemplated on:

  • Inspect the fish food color enhancing product for its contents. Distinct fish foods come with different ingredients. Just like food products designed for humans, the contents of fish foods are indicated in the order from the greatest percentage to the lowest.

Many fish foods contain fish meals as the initial content. In some instances, fish meal is largely composed of leftovers of fish parts. For example, the organs and skin of fish. These foods are less expensive because they are not nutrient-enriched.

Take into consideration that premium quality foods for fish generally come with the term “whole†in the first content. For instance: whole krill, whole salmon, and whole shrimp. These types of foods are better options for judging their nutritional value. The same goes for other types of whole seafood in the contents.

Now that you have learned about the difference between a fish meal and whole foods, you can clearly decide which food to avoid when buying one.

As for the protein source, search for herring, whitefish, shrimp, fish, blood, squid, anchovy meals, and other sorts of tank farming protein as the first contents. Such foods are the most exceptional sources of proteins for fish.

Alternatively, krill is an outstanding protein source and also works like a charm in boosting fish color.

Essentially, avoid choosing fish foods that contain more wheat flour and other fillers. Such foods do not provide proper nutrition for nearly all fish species. Wheat flour is commonly used by manufacturers to make the food stick together as fish pellets or flakes.

Basically, overusing it would only reduce the nutritional value of the food. An excessive amount of wheat flour could also form very tiny and fine dust when the food dissolves; hence, this would contaminate or make the tank water look messy.

  • Premium quality foods for fish are not solely beneficial to your aquarium dwellers but also advantageous to your fish tank or ponds. Poor quality products contain high phosphate contents that could promote green water and unwanted algal bloom.

Thus, you have to pick superior quality and nutrient-fortified foods that contain fewer phosphates and come with huge amounts of probiotics, minerals, and vitamins that boost fish immunity to ward off the emergence of fatal diseases.

  • Check the packaging of the product. Inspect if the fish food was packaged safely and properly. Opt for the ones that come with re-sealable foil bags to shield the food from any sort of contamination and substances that could spoil the quality and freshness of the food.

It is good to note that properly packaged foods tend to last longer because the foods remain in their best condition.

These shopping guides must not be taken lightly the next time you buy some foods for your aquatic pets.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted color enhancing fish food brands?

If you are thinking of investing in a safe, reliable and efficient fish food that could outstandingly enhance fish color, then you can start by searching for topnotch fish diet manufacturers first. This way, you can be guaranteed that your goal in mind can be carried out with a safe and effective approach.

A few of the most esteemed fish color enhancing foods for fish that you can bank on consist of:

  • Uni-President
  • Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery
  • Omega One
  • Aqueon
  • Tetra

These brands are just a few of the most preferred choices of professional aquarists and fish keepers around the globe. Nevertheless, as compared to other products produced by other brands, the products manufactured by the mentioned brands are priced higher because of their natural, unique and natural ingredients. Also, they do not contain any substance or contents that could harm the overall wellness of aquatic creatures.

Why do you need color enhancing fish food? (Benefits)

Fish owners need to be very picky when buying fish food products because this would make or break your fishkeeping hobby. It is essential to opt for premium quality color enhancing fish foods because these could offer you some perks that you and your fish would be grateful for.

Color enhancing foods designed for fish are generally manufactured with superior carotenoid levels that are good at promoting fish color enhancement. These work more efficiently if utilized properly.

However, take note that these must not be fed as a staple diet because they barely contain the complete nutrition that fish require and excessive use of these could torch the fish color and would only bring about strange and unsightly color patches to appear.

To aid in achieving maximum fish coloration, it is crucial to provide your fish tank inhabitants with a healthy and well-rounded form of diet. Basically, the recommended diet would vary as per fish species since some fish species are carnivorous in nature while others are herbivores. What matters here is to feed them with a wide variety of foods that would satisfy the specific fish species’ nutritional requirements.

Fortunately, there are color-enhancing commercial fish food formulas these days that are adept at offering staple nutrition for your finned buddies. Whilst commercial foods must not be regarded as the primary nutrition source for your aquarium occupants, these are great options for a basic fish diet.

Once you have chosen the basic diet for your fish tank dwellers, it would be more beneficial if you supplement it with some frozen foods, live foods and other veggies hinging on the preference of the fish species that you are currently keeping.

How can I enhance my koi color?

There are several different ways on how to enhance the color of your koi and these include the following:

  • Provide your koi a fish diet that comes with necessary nutrients and feed them with foods that are also designed with natural color enhancing contents. Color enhancers like spirulina and carotene are added to the fish diet, specifically in the months of July and August primarily because these months are considered the peak growth months.

It is important to understand that the changes in color generally take place during the growth cycle.

  • Choose pond colors that would bolster your koi’s color. This fish species typically attempt to blend in with its environments. Thus, if they have a lighter habitat, this would cause the koi to lighten their pigment and they become light in color. Meanwhile, if the habitat is darker, they would deepen their pigment and they become darker in color.
  • Strive to create and sustain a stable habitat for your koi. The pond should at least be four-feet in depth and twelve feet in width- this would allow the koi to sustain proper circulation and ideal weight which are deemed as the key to sustaining radiant and vibrant colors.

The pond must be free of film and pristinely clear. If the pond is colder, the colors of the koi will become more vibrant. White koi become fairer while red koi become darker in cooler environments.

Where to buy?

Having flashy and awesome aquatic pets that could make your fish tank good stuff to behold is achievable. You can start by purchasing high-quality fish color enhancing fish food products that you can easily see and buy from leading and heavily-stocked supermarkets, various fish supplies or pet stores in your area. If it is your first time buying one, you can ask the staff for some recommendations.

Furthermore, if you feel more confident shopping online, then a few of the most trusted online shopping sites that you can lean on include Amazon, PetCo, PetSmart, LiveAquaria and the like. These sites are quite respected and regarded as a few of the most preferred ones since they can guarantee their customers with numerous product options and reputable brands to choose from.

Indeed, shopping online is more convenient especially for those who do not have much time to shop in local stores. And, best of all, shopping online commonly offers special discounts and promos for every product purchased. So, that means if you’re fortunate enough, you can even have the chance to avail of good deals.

What are the most outstanding color enhancers treats that you can consider for your aquatic pets?

  • Brine Shrimp

Such food is usually utilized in conditioning fish tank inhabitants for breeding and also serves as dry fish food. This contains superior amounts of minerals and amino acids. And, it does wonder in greatly improving fish color.

These are considered the most nutritious when they are freshly hatched. Fish go nuts with these treats.

  • Bloodworms

These are red in color and are known as the larvae phase of midge fly. They are packed with minerals and protein and serve as the most preferred treat for most fish species. They work excellently in boosting fish color and come in frozen and freeze-dried packages.

Opt for those bloodworms that were primarily designed for color enhancement purposes. Some brands label mosquito larvae with bloodworms as their name. It is highly recommended to only feed your fish with bloodworms once or twice only per week.

  • Krill

The whole krill whether frozen or freeze-dried are famous for being exceptional fish color enhancers. These are highly digestible and make fish feeding a lot easier to handle even for small fish. You may crush them into small pieces to help small fish consume them without trouble.

  • Daphnia

This is practical to use for smaller fish species. It works efficiently in unleashing the fish’s natural and vibrant color. This is also called a water flea.

This is a very renowned natural color enhancer for aquatic creatures and is characterized by its green-blue algae feature. At present, spirulina is added as an essential ingredient to most fish pellets and flakes. Its nutritious value is as superior as a vegetable fish diet.


In essence, the best color enhancing fish foods are readily available in various local pet or fish stores and online shopping sites. Even so, it is a must to carefully check the ingredients of each product as not all of them are created equal.

There are some options that are manufactured as superior to others. Keep in mind that the qualities of the fish food you choose make a significant difference to the overall well-being and color of your fish tank occupants.

The products listed in this post are meant to inform you about the pros and cons of each product and which one would help you better in achieving your goal of enhancing the color of your fish. These contain great amounts of carotenoids that are known to be efficient in bolstering color development.

All the same, you need to be reminded that whilst fish food color enhancing products work excellently in improving fish color, these must not be exclusively provided to your finned friends as they do not contain all the required nutrients your aquatic pets need. You need to provide your fish with a variety of foods to sustain their overall wellness, and conduct tank water proper care and maintenance regularly.