The Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaners to Keep Aquariums Beautiful Easily

One of the most challenging and at the same time irking things to handle when keeping a fish tank is getting rid of algae. As you know, these could create unattractive accumulation inside the aquarium glass and its adornment and this certainly makes it quite laborious to clean thoroughly. Massive algae growth inside the tank could also harm your aquarium dwellers.

This is the reason why it is advised to invest in the best aquarium magnet cleaner to easily and effectively eliminate algae buildup. Also, this will do a great job at making the fish tank obtain not only the best possible look but also stay safe and healthy for your finned friends and other aquatic plants thriving in your fish tank.

Needless to say, buying the appropriate magnet cleaner for your aquarium could aid with regular maintenance and can guarantee thorough cleaning. This is very easy to utilize and it would be really convenient to deal with the algae cleaning task if you keep it at hand.

Therefore, if you are seriously interested in purchasing one for your fish tank, you may take a look at the following product reviews below to assist you in getting the one that suits your needs and style.

Best Overall


Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet

✔ No sweat to retrieve
✔ Matches well with most fish tank designs
✔ Easy-to-install replacement cleaning pads


Premium Choice


Jasonwell Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner

✔ Easy to use
✔ Two-year guarantee offer
✔ Designed with gripped handle


Editor’s Choice


KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner

✔ Quite easy to utilize
✔ Easy to clean after use
✔ Very powerful magnetic pull


Top-Rated Aquarium Magnet Cleaner Reviews 2023

1. Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet


We all want to get the best aquarium algae scraper and one way to get the right one is by purchasing from a credible manufacturer. Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet works on both glass and acrylic tanks. It is adept at offering a less tedious cleaning process with a very low tendency of scratching.

This can be a cost-effective choice precisely because it can both handle acrylic and glass tanks. It can efficiently get rid of algae growth from both acrylic and glass tank surfaces. Take note that it comes with two distinct pads for the distinct types of surfaces. Luckily, the replacement pads are not that troubling to install.

This device is for anyone who prefers to keep his hands dry while he pulls the cleaner around from the outside of the tank! Gone were the days when you needed to get all wet and deal with a messy cleaning task that was both exhausting and time-consuming. This isn’t even a pricey cleaning tool to invest in, so there is no need to have second thoughts about whether you’ll get it or not.

Save yourself some cleaning trouble and spend your time doing other things that are pleasurable and say goodbye to long hours of eliminating algae invasion in your fish tank.

Nonetheless, this magnet cleaner is tough but not as robust on the coralline. Besides, since it is built with very tough magnetic contact, this could create a slightly disturbing sound when cleaning and this may distract the fish tank dwellers.

  • No sweat to retrieve
  • Furnished with a very tough magnetic contact
  • Works outstandingly at scraping away stubborn and unsightly algae
  • Black magnet color matches well with most fish tank designs
  • Comes with easy-to-install replacement cleaning pads
  • Not as robust on coralline
  • Comes with very strong magnetic contact that creates noise when cleaning
Over and above, this magnet cleaner is a nice catch in that it is made of a strong magnet, can guarantee thorough cleaning and is capable of providing a good grip to make cleaning more comfortable and trouble-free. This also comes with a softer pad for acrylic tanks. For the price, this is a great deal you won’t regret.

2. Jasonwell Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner


Do you have a tough time pondering what the best aquarium glass scraper brand to get is? Then, you need not stress yourself even more because this device comes with a very solid magnetization field that is intended to guarantee a very vigorous technique of eradicating algae accumulation in your fish tank.

This cleaner is designed with premium absorb quality that makes it more unique as compared to other algae scrapers out there. It comprises of 2 magnets. The first magnet is the inner one which follows the movement of the second magnet which is the outer magnet and thus, cleans the glass.

It is engrossing to note that there is a floating system within the brush. In this way, it won’t submerge inside the tank. This can be utilized on different thicknesses of aquariums because it comes with very tough magnet. Additionally, it comprises of distinctive anti-scratch cleaning pads that do not merely get rid of algae effectively from the glass but also make certain that it does not leave any sort of scratch.

Nevertheless, this magnet cleaner is used only for glass tanks. Moreover, the magnets have the tendency to be detached if you move too fast. These are the downsides that you need to expect if you decide to get one.

  • Designed with gripped handle that makes cleaning tasks quite comfortable
  • Equipped with anti-scratch cleaning pads feature
  • Proven to be efficient at inhibiting algae growth
  • Easy to use, hold and maneuver
  • Covered by a two-year guarantee offer
  • Can be used for glass tanks only
  • Magnets may be detached when moved too fast
In summary, this device is capable of cleaning the glass tank more efficiently and instantly. The handle is especially built to perfectly fit your hand so you won’t feel any discomfort operating it as it sticks tightly. It does not come apart easily and it can scrape away even the toughest algae. This is easy to utilize even for beginners. Be that as it may, if you keep an acrylic tank, this option isn’t for you since it is specifically built for glass tanks only.

3. KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner


This magnetic aquarium cleaner is equipped with innovative features that promote floating function; it does not submerge in water and it can be easily guided around the tank’s corners. Moreover, its floating scrubber is designed with an extraordinary handgrip design that is user-friendly and very convenient to utilize. This could make users feel more comfortable and carefree when utilizing it.

Such a device is built to specifically work on glass tanks that range from 0.31-0.55†in thickness. Its body is manufactured with PVC and ABS plastic which is meant to provide more strength and long periods of use.

You will love this cleaning tool’s capability to effectively eliminate algae accumulation in just a few passes since the magnet is quite potent. Solving your algae problem is not much trouble to get it done. If you want your glass to become perfectly clear again, then you’ve got to purchase a reliable magnet cleaner to get it done in no time without much labor.

Still and all, this magnet cleaner has the tendency to deteriorate in saltwater tanks. And, the handle clearance may sometimes be stiff for users who have bigger hands. If you are still fine despite these drawbacks, then all is well!

  • Equipped with very powerful magnetic pull
  • Only requires a few passes to wipe out any algae growth
  • Works as an excellent and fast cleaner
  • Quite easy to utilize and easy to clean after use
  • High quality magnetic fish tank glass scrubber
  • Handle clearance may be inflexible for anyone with bigger hands
  • Has the potentiality to wear away in saltwater tanks
On the button, this magnet cleaner is a must-have since its ergonomic design can ensure more comfort when executing the cleaning process. What sets it apart from other models is that it comes with a tough magnetic pull that secures the cleaning surface quite well- this does an exceptional job of eliminating algae without much effort. It is also capable of covering more space uniformly.

4. Gulfstream Tropical AGU125MED Cleaner

Gulfstream Tropical AGU125MED Mag Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner

If you are searching for the best aquarium glass cleaner, Mag-Float can be the top choice as this is highly renowned for being one of the most preferred manufacturers when it comes to magnetic fish tank cleaners. As a matter of fact, many wise consumers prefer this brand over others mainly because this is one of the premium quality readily purchased cleaning tools available these days.

Please be guided that this cleaning device is specifically designed for glass tanks only. Since this cleaner is buoyant, it won’t give you a hard time maneuvering it around the glass even when you are cleaning the corner sections. And, the magnet floats which means it is not complicated to retrieve once it mangles from the exterior magnet.

What actually makes this product a must-have is that it absolutely does a very superb job of eradicating algae buildup inside the tank. And, it comes with a rough scrubbing surface that makes eliminating algae a very easy and effective task to deal with. It can even cover more spots to clean so cleaning does not need to be time-consuming.

However, if you use this device without caution, there is a tendency for the glass to be scratched. So, make sure to follow the instructions when using it. Also, its gray color may not match well with most aquariums.

  • Effortless to use and maneuver around the glass tank
  • A piece of cake to retrieve if it mangles from exterior magnet
  • Capable of covering more area instantly
  • Less likely to scratch or cause damage to your glass if used carefully
  • Certified tough on eliminating algae growth
  • May scratch glass if used without caution
  • Color does not ideally match most fish tanks
All in all, this magnetic cleaner is a nice device to invest in. It effectively helps minimize the growth of algae without much struggle in less time. You don’t even need to experience messy feelings and get drenched when cleaning because this product will ensure that your hands and arms remain dry even when you’re cleaning the fish tank. It’s easy to use, but you need to utilize it with caution.

5. Flipper 2-in-1 Magnetic Algae Cleaner


This magnetic fish tank cleaner combines both scraper and magnet which makes it capable of providing a very convenient and efficient way of combating algae growth inside the tank. This can be appropriate for both acrylic and glass tanks.

This is a comprehensive cleaning device in that you can flip between the scraper and the scrubber edges of the magnet. It comes with two blades: plastic and metal ones to ensure that your glass or acrylic won’t be scratched or badly damaged while cleaning.

Apart from this, it is big enough to cover more spots so you can reduce the time you need to devote to cleaning. You can save more time and money and there is no need for you to suffer from a messy cleaning method. Your hands and arms need not be drenched in water for a long time whenever you clean your tank.

By regularly scraping or scrubbing algae away, your tank will retain its safety and impressive look. This way, not only will you be delighted in your aquarium hobby, but your aquarium pets will love it too.

On the other hand, this magnet cleaner’s blades tend to wear out quite fast and they need frequent replacement. Also, you need to be extra careful not to allow the scraper cut the tank’s silicone corners as this could be a serious problem in the long run.

  • Can guarantee exhaustive cleaning power as a scraper and a scrubber
  • Comes with two blades: metal and plastic
  • Built with very strong magnetic power
  • Capable of infiltrating nooks and crannies immediately
  • Superb at covering wider area instantly
  • Blades wear out comparably quickly
  • Be cautious not to let the scraper cut the tank’s silicone corners
Right to it, if you opt for a magnet cleaner that can eradicate algae and can effectively clean in a single swipe, then you need not search for other brands anymore. This device is designed to permeate the nooks and crannies without any hassle and it does not come with such a huge size that could frighten your fish tank inhabitants. It can work for both glass and acrylic tanks as well.

6. KASAN Algae Scrapers Aquarium Cleaner

KASAN Algae Scrapers Aquarium Glass Cleaner

This magnet fish tank cleaner is superb at cleaning all sides of the tank without the need to remove and readjust the cleaner. Its magnet is powerful enough to hold when shifting to distinct sides on your tanks. If you have this at hand, then you wouldn’t have to clean tanks using toothbrushes which could be quite laborious to do.

Such a cleaning device does a magnificent job at efficiently eradicating algae in the fish tank and you don’t need to have your arms and hands fully drenched. It is so stable to utilize because it is furnished with a first-rate suction absorption feature that makes the cleaning process a comfortable task to execute.

Even for newbies, this is quite easy to manipulate. All you need to do is to maneuver the outside and the inside part of the tank will be thoroughly cleaned. It does not produce any disturbing sound when use so it won’t stress your aquarium dwellers. Since it is distinguished at removing algae buildup, it can possibly create a safe, healthy and comfortable hub for your aquarium buddies. As you can see, this would make a better place for your fish tank pets.

Notwithstanding, this magnet cleaner is equipped with a tiny scraper that is slightly hard to utilize for anyone who has big hands. Besides, it is somewhat manufactured with rough material so you may feel dubious about whether it won’t scratch your tank or not.

  • Can efficiently clean algae buildup without any mess
  • Easy to utilize and makes cleaning process a breeze
  • Does not scratch or damage fish tanks
  • Can provide a comfortable and clean habitat for aquarium occupants
  • Designed with powerful suction absorption
  • Comes with small scraper that’s difficult to manipulate for people with big hands
  • Somewhat made of rough material
On the whole, this can be recognized as one of the best algae scrapers. Even though it comes with a small size, its magnetic force is quite powerful and you can even clean a 20-gallon fish tank immediately. It is not disturbing to use at all so your fish won’t get scared. This is ideal for quick cleanup in tight areas.

7. API Algae Scrappers and Pads


This magnetic algae cleaner is popular for being scratch-free to manipulate when cleaning your acrylic fish tank. It does not show mercy to algae even on the tightest edges of your tank.

This magnet cleaner features a very dynamic and long handle that makes it a lot easier for users to navigate the tank no matter how much pressure is required. This is the best bang for the money mainly because it could solve your algae problems at once without the need to suffer from a tedious and time-consuming cleaning process.

Correspondingly, the handle is angled to enable users to explore the nooks and crannies without much trouble. You’ll love its very thick and tough handle in that even if you attempt to apply some heavy pressure to it to take care of a few tough areas; you can handle it with ease. Without a doubt, it is definitely very easy to clean and wash off under running water after use.

It was wonderfully designed, works as a very powerful cleaning device and is offered at a decent price. Is there anything more that’s not likeable about it?

At any rate, there is a greater possibility for you to get wet when removing the scraper from the tank. Indeed, the scrubber head has the tendency to lose a few fibers when you’re cleaning around the tank.

  • Adept at eliminating algae growth in an easy and fast mode
  • Comes with long and powerful handle that makes navigating the tank much easier
  • Makes exploring the nooks and crannies struggle-free
  • No trouble to clean and wash off after use
  • Equipped with sturdy scrubbing pad
  • You get slightly drenched when removing the scraper from the tank
  • Scrubber head is more likely to lose a few fibers when use
In sum, this is a select algae remover that is worth every single dollar you pay for it. It does a very impressive job at removing algae accumulation in the tank and it comes with a larger size that makes the cleaning process less time-consuming. It’s a good pad for the price that you won’t weep over.

8. Stainless Steel Algae Scraper Cleaner


What makes this magnetic algae scraper stand out from the rest is that it is furnished with an anti-rust feature in freshwater aquariums. This is very easy to use and even if you’re still a newbie, you’ll find this device user-friendly. You won’t even have a hard time changing the razors.

In addition, this is ideal for eradicating all types of algae in aquariums. It does a stunning job of keeping the corner sections of the fish tank clean and clear and this is made possible by its right-angle blade design. Its overall construction is durable and as a matter of fact, this is built with solid stainless steel material.

This algae scraper is one of the top-drawer options. It makes use of standard blades that can be easily replaced when necessary. The two screws are solid enough to hold the razor steadily, thus avert wavering. The stainless steel it is made of is ridge yet it is not too heavy.

Granting all this, it comes with a couple of disadvantages such as the fact that the blades are dangerously tough to change and the main section that holds the razors is very long. This at times makes it a bit intricate to manipulate. But, luckily by following the usage instructions, this could somehow be avoided.

  • Comes with anti-rust feature in freshwater fish tanks
  • Quite user-friendly to install, utilize and replace blades
  • Highly recommended for tidying all kinds of algae in fish tanks
  • Designed with right angle blade design that’s ideal for cleaning corner sections
  • Manufactured with solid and stainless steel construction
  • Main section holding the blade is quite long
  • Razors are perilously difficult to replace
To the greatest extent, this magnetic cleaner tool works exceptionally; it is user-friendly and well-constructed. This is definitely the choice for people who prefer making algae cleaning projects a burden-free task to manage. It takes nearly no effort; it feels sturdy and solid and most importantly it works effectively. You can finally say get rid of algae even before they sprout in the fish tank.

9. QANVEE Aluminum Magnesium Cleaner


This magnetic scraper is not heavy and is certified easy to use. The best feature is its metal handle that ensures a comfortable and convenient grip and that can be adjusted to distinct lengths. It is equipped with sharp yet soft razors and these even come in covers so you can shield yourself from wounds and cuts.

With this cleaning tool, you can make algae removal projects no longer a real pain to execute unlike in the past. This also comes with a tiny bonus brush that is especially intended to help tidy the backgrounds as well as the edges of the fish tank.

Hence, if you wish to free your tank from any type of algae buildup, then it won’t cost you much if you consider purchasing a practical algae magnet cleaner for you. This is a great option to spend in and this device won’t disappoint you.

Just the same, this magnetic scraper may be susceptible to rusting, so it is advised to thoroughly dry it before storage. What’s more, just like other brands, this may potentially slightly scratch your glass. You need to be careful when using it.

  • Equipped with sharp and soft razors that could shield your glass from scratch
  • No trouble cleaning and store
  • Made with handgrip design that is adjustable into varying lengths
  • Comes with tiny brush that aid tidy backdrops and edges of the tank
  • Capable of cleaning fish tank walls instantly and completely
  • Could possibly scratch your glass
  • May be prone to rusting
To conclude, this is absolutely an admirable magnetic scraper that’s worth the cost. It is well-made, well-designed and durable enough to withstand frequent use and a long period of time. It is built with a stunning and easy-to-adjust angle brush that is meant for tidying the corners and underneath the rim. It makes the algae removal job a painless task to administer and it does not even cost much.

10. KEDSUM Magnetic Fish Tank Glass Cleaner


This fish tank glass cleaner is especially manufactured with innovative magnetic fish tank cleaner that floats. Basically, its resilience makes it more effortless to manipulate and can be instantly guided around the edges without submerging. It is interesting to know that the cleaning brush remains free of gravel or sand averts scratching and the powerful attracting magnets are effective at instantly clearing the glass.

As compared to other brands, this is user-friendly; it is made of a contemporary handgrip design that makes algae removal a breeze and a not-so-tiring task to handle. It is equipped with potent magnetic forces and features and unlike other products, it does not submerge into the tank’s bottom section.

This is an economical choice since it can be used for grass tanks, freshwater and saltwater aquariums. If you wish to make your algae problem a no bothersome matter to deal with from now on, then this magnetic cleaner can help you do that!

Even so, this magnet cleaner device may be susceptible to corrosion specifically if you expose it to saltwater for a long time. In the same way, it tends to scratch your glass if you do not follow the usage procedure accordingly.

  • Features a gilt-edge handgrip design for more comfort and convenience
  • Designed with very impressive magnetic forces control
  • Comes with state-of-the-art magnetic cleaner features
  • Does not sink to the aquarium’s bottom section
  • Highly recommended for medium glass such as saltwater, freshwater or grass tanks
  • May be prone to corrosion if placed in saltwater for a longer period of time
  • Has the tendency to scratch your glass is not used properly
Everything considered, this magnetic cleaner is a perfect option for anyone who prefers a cleaning device that is designed with strong magnetic features, is user-friendly and can provide more comfort and convenience when wiping away algae growth in the tank. It is easy to use and it won’t show any shred of pity when it comes to solving your algae problems. Its one-of-a-kind handgrip design is what makes it more distinguished as compared to other magnet cleaner models sold these days.

What To Look For When Buying An Aquarium Magnet Cleaner


Besides the superior quality magnets, some of the considerations that you need to take a look at before purchasing a magnetic cleaner include the following:

Scraper Blades

This differs as per the tank materials. Pick the metal blades if you have glass tanks and get plastic blades if you keep acrylic tanks. Take note that picking the wrong blade is very crucial if you do not want to regret it in the end.

The thickness of the fish tank’s wall.

The toughness of algae magnets differs as per the size of the fish tank. In addition, the fish tank wall’s thickness ascertains how tough magnets should be. Basically, the thicker the wall will be, the tougher the magnet needs to be. Thus, if you keep a fish tank that has a thick wall, you will need a tougher magnet and vice versa.

The material the fish tank is made of.

Magnet cleaners come in distinct kinds and choices. Searching for the right model definitely necessitates a substantial amount of patience, know-how and experience.

Fish tanks are commonly made of glass or acrylic. Aside from this, how thick the aquarium wall is also differed. So, that means that the material of the fish tank needs to be highly considered when buying this product.

It is worth mentioning that algae magnet cleaners are designed specifically; hence, they could be constructed either for glass or acrylic fish tanks. There are some versions that could aid you in shaving off algae in both types of fish tanks.

The difference between these two is the scrubber pad. The magnets used for acrylic or glass aquariums are not alike. The scrubber pad used for glass fish tanks comes with stiff material; on the other hand, the scrubber pad that is utilized for acrylic aquariums is comprised of a much softer material.

Magnetic Pressure

To ensure thorough cleaning, the power of aquarium magnet cleaners needs to be tough enough. The strength here refers to the magnet’s capability to be solid enough to create the required pressure to guarantee a smooth sailing cleaning process.

Once you have taken into consideration the size and material of your aquarium, the next factor you need to think over is the amount of money you are more than eager to spend on the cleaning device. And, you may also opt for the ones that come with additional features that are appealing and can make the cleaning process a more practical and fun-filled job to do.

Other Important Factors To Consider


What is an aquarium magnet cleaner? How does it work?

Aquarium magnet cleaners are very modern tools that are always being upgraded every now and then. These commonly comprise of 2 separate magnetic components: one having a sleek side and the other one that comes with a rough scrubbing feature.

Furthermore, the sleek magnet is positioned on the outside, while the scrubbing magnet is situated against the fish tank glass within the aquarium. When the magnets are attracted to each other, this makes it possible and a lot easier for you to clean the internal section of your fish tank walls by simply maneuvering the external magnet and this will then maneuver the internal magnet and start scrubbing the algae buildup as it goes.

Essentially, premium quality magnet cleaners shall enable the internal magnet to float; hence when the magnets pull apart, you can instantly retrieve them from the above section of the aquarium. Such a product is also adept at getting into tough-to-reach areas without much hassle by merely controlling it from the outside.

It is interesting to note that this tool is capable of covering more area immediately, hinging on its size. And, there is no need to put your arms and hands inside the aquarium- this lessens the mess and the likelihood of you getting drenched. The best thing about fish tank magnet cleaners is that these are not quite invasive which means that they won’t stress your fish.

What are the different types of aquarium magnet cleaners?

Aquarium magnet cleaners are particularly designed for different fish tank material types. In other words, there are magnet cleaners that are mainly used for glass types and acrylic types.

  1. Magnet cleaner for glass aquariums. These feature a rough or stiff scrubber pad.
  2. Magnet cleaner for acrylic aquariums. These come with a much softer material.

As discussed, the only difference between these magnet cleaners is the type of scrubber pad used for glass and acrylic aquariums.

Why do you need an aquarium magnet cleaner? (Benefits)

It is very practical to own and use an aquarium magnet cleaner because the benefits it could provide you are simply irresistible. And, some of the perks of getting and owning one consist of the following:

  • Ward off tougher algae buildup inside the tank. Since a magnet cleaner has been tested and proven to eliminate algae growth in the aquarium, you can avoid having unsightly sights inside the tank. It will make it difficult for algae to sprout here and there. You can rest assured that your fish are healthy and in good condition.
  • This cleaning tool is harmless and won’t scare your fish away.
  • It makes it more effortless to reach even the areas that are tough to reach and clean since it comes with a great control feature.
  • Spend more time doing the things that make you happy and stress-free. Keeping and cleaning a fish tank could be a tiresome task. But, it’s all thanks to a top-quality magnet cleaner; clearing away algae accumulation in your aquarium is made easy.

Hence, rather than wasting more time cleaning the fish tank, you can use your spare time doing things you most love.

  • Clean and safe fish tank for your aquarium pets. Magnet cleaners are good at keeping the aquarium clean and creating a safe hub for your finned friends to breathe and swim in.
  • Using this tool reduces the exhaustion caused by manually cleaning the tank. There is no need for you to put your hands and arms inside the aquarium, so you don’t need to get wet and just enjoy a wet-free tank cleaning.
  • Magnet cleaners are adept at covering large areas in the tank especially the ones with bigger sizes.
  • Some versions enable internal magnets to hover; therefore, as the magnets pull apart, users can instantly retrieve them from the aquarium’s top section.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to choose the right size?

When determining the size of the magnet cleaner for your fish tank, it is important to inspect the thickness of your aquarium walls. What makes this vital thing to consider is that algae magnets are estimated for tank size based on the toughness of the magnet.

Furthermore, large-sized aquariums that have thicker walls generally call for a much tougher magnet than those small-sized nano fish tanks that have thin walls.

Luckily, you could gauge the walls of your fish tank using a micrometer or a ruler. It is imperative to look carefully at the corners of your aquarium and gauge the thickness of the wall where the panels intersect.

When doing so, make certain that you individually gauge all panels since it is not infrequent for panels to be distinct. For instance, the rear wall might be slightly distinct as compared to the front and side panels.

Likewise, the most valuable factor when selecting your flipper is by understanding the thickness of the acrylic or glass on your tank. And, one great way to do so is to gauge the tank using a tape measure on the fish tank’s corner.

Here is the universal sizing chart for you to take as a guide:

  • Nano. For glass tanks that are 6 mm in thickness and containing 25 gallons or below.
  • Standard. For acrylic or glass tanks that have 6 by up to 12 mm thickness.
  • Maximum. For acrylic or glass tanks that measure 12 by up to 24 mm in thickness.
  • Bowfront tanks. Here, it is required to upsize the flipper by 1/8†as the glass is curved. Please be guided that it is recommended to opt for a standard flipper for a bowfront that comes with ¼†thick glass.

How to use?

You put one magnet on the tank’s interior section and fasten the other magnet to the exterior section of the tank. Then, carefully, maneuver or drag the exterior magnet around the tank’s glass and from there the interior magnets follow and gradually eliminate the accumulation of algae. If you prefer to switch from one to the other, you will only need to flip the device’s handle.

What is more, you may utilize the pad side to tidy most of the tank and just shift to the scraper as you get near to the substrate so that you can ensure that nothing gets stranded in the pad.

Do I need a replacement pad?

Yes. You need to have your replacement pads ready in case the old one gets worn out. While it is true that they usually last for a long time, it is useful to have them handy. The good news is that these are easy and quick to replace in seconds.

How to care & store?

The good thing about magnet cleaners is that they are relatively easy to retrieve after use. When you’re done cleaning your aquarium, carefully take the magnet out of the tank and make sure to scrub it clean and rinse well.

It is all right to leave the magnet fastened to the tank, or if you prefer, you can store it somewhere safe and away from children- preferably somewhere that is away from a heated place, nearby a computer and other types of electronic devices as this may impair the magnetic force of the cleaning device.

It is indispensable to attach the rear of the interior magnet to the exterior part in order for the cleaning pad to be on the outside. Check the pad prior to your next use.

Where to buy?

You can buy aquarium magnet cleaners in various local stores near you, Walmart, Lowes, and other home improvement centers. If you wish, you can also find them online, especially on eBay, Amazon and other popular online shopping sites.


By and large, not all algae magnets are built equally and with innumerable options out there, picking the suitable and the best aquarium magnet cleaner for you can get slightly confounding. Basically, you prefer first to consider the material of the tank that you currently keep as well as the thickness of its wall.

However, with the product reviews aforementioned, you’re now somehow equipped with basic insight and recommendations on how to eliminate all the bothersome algae from your aquarium effectively. With the top-rated options discussed above, you surely won’t go wrong selecting the best brand that could work best for your needs and style.