The Best Guppy Foods for Boosting Health & Brilliant Color

best guppy food

Guppies are prominent for being energetic schooling fish that especially require just the appropriate type of food for them to develop healthily and sustain a robust immune system. Aside from this, such fish species necessitate a huge amount of proteins to help them become more active and livelier.

For this reason, the best guppy food that supports fast and healthy growth must contain a combination of real proteins and other nutrient-packed ingredients that are intended to assist in intensifying fish coloration.

The texture is essential as well. Since these fish species possess an inverted mouth, they are categorized as surface feeders. Hence, the most recommended types of foods for guppies are the ones that sink gradually, float well, soft, and are highly digestible.

Keep in mind that there are numerous options when it comes to foods for guppies; even so, there are a few distinctions between one formula to another. This post aims to help fish keepers to differentiate each product reviewed in the list so that you can learn more about the most trusted options available on the market.

Check out the product reviews and shopping guides below so you can start making comparisons and come up with an in-depth final shopping decision. Continue reading about the exhaustive reviews of the top-tier guppy food picks in this article so you won’t have to end up buying a useless product.

Best Overall


Tetra Blood Worms Freeze Dried

✅ One of the best and nutritious aquarium diet supplements
✅ Bolster more energy and condition aquatic pets
✅ Packaged with a safety lid


Premium Choice


Sera Micron Nature

✅ Contains 16% krill and 50% spirulina
✅ Ideal for fry and rearing applications
✅ Guarantees maximum fish development


Editor’s Choice


Hikari Usa Tropical Fancy Guppy

✅ Easy to digest
✅ Efficiently boosts fish’s breeding habits
✅ Helps promote accelerated fish growth


Most Trusted Guppy Food Reviews of 2023

1. Tetra Blood Worms Freeze Dried Treat


Top-quality fish foods for guppies are readily available nowadays. And, for you to end up getting the most appropriate option that suits the nutritional needs of your finned pets, this product a chance to prove its efficiency in terms of providing the top-tier nutrition for your most prized aquarium inhabitants.

These freeze-dried bloodworms are in perfect condition and as compared to other similar options, these are not squished and do not pose any hazard of fatal parasites and bacteria. They are less prone to causing cloudy tank water and are perceived as safer alternatives to feeding live bloodworms.

Howbeit, a small percentage of these foods tend to break easily and transform into dust making them unusable and it comes with a tight cap that makes them inconvenient and difficult to open every time. See to it to inspect these disadvantages first before patronizing this brand.

  • Tagged as one of the best and nutritious aquarium diet supplements
  • Cuts down any unwanted and detrimental organisms found in live bloodworms
  • Highly recommended to use for small to medium-sized saltwater fish and tropical fish
  • Packaged with a safety lid
  • Helps bolster more energy and condition aquatic pets
  • Appears completely dry and fragile
  • Comes with a very tight cap that is troubling to open
On the whole, these freeze-dried bloodworms are uncommonly high in protein and can exceptionally serve as a great supplement or treat. These should be a vital component of any betta’s diet. This option is reasonably priced making it a very suitable option for those who are looking for products for just a couple of dollars range.

2. Sera Micron Nature – Fry Food


Once you begin feeding this food to your fry, you will start noticing unusual growth and they will start their multiplication habits too. You could already see positive results in three weeks’ time and you would feel elated observing your aquatic pets devour the food in minutes.

This is a practical fish food product because it is loaded with healthy contents that various fish and amphibian fry require. It helps build more vigorous immunity for fish and the foods are highly digestible so they won’t necessarily contaminate the tank water.

Please note that these foods tend to allow algal bloom inside the aquarium so this would mean the need to clean the tank more often and once the food dissolves it may turn the tank water appear bluish green in color.

  • Known for being superb quality natural plankton food
  • Contains 16% krill and 50% spirulina
  • Guarantees maximum fish development
  • Ideal food for fry and rearing applications
  • Does not contain any sorts of preservatives and dyes
  • May transform the tank water into bluish green color
  • Tends to allow algal accumulation inside the tank
Right to it, if you are eager to make a difference in how fast your baby fry develop, you should start feeding them the right type and amount of food like this product. This is dependable in guaranteeing maximum fish development and also works exceptionally in rearing fish. The bottle may not be so big; even so, given the small amount required to cover the tank for small fry, this would suffice.

3. Hikari Usa Tropical Fancy Guppy


If you are presently looking for a premium quality guppy diet, then you may give this option a shot. These foods would certainly be loved by your aquarium creatures because they are certified palatable that your fish would consume in minutes and won’t leave much food residue inside the tank. That said, there is little chance of fouling the tank water.

The package comes with smaller granules that are deemed ideal for both fry and adult guppies. Their ingredients are meant to support stronger immune system functions and help your fish tank residents to grow healthily in a fast approach. If your target is to boost the breeding habits of your guppies, then this would disappoint you in achieving that.

Be that as it may, this best guppy food is slightly difficult to find in local fish or pet stores and the size of the grains is very tiny that it looks like a powder. These are a couple of potential issues that can be encountered if you buy this product for your fish tank dwellers.

  • Contains three packs once purchased
  • Helps promote accelerated fish growth
  • Support stronger resistance against infections and other diseases
  • Efficiently boosts fish’s breeding habits
  • Easy to digest so fish won’t have issues munching on them
  • Grain size is quite small which is similar to a powder
  • A little hard to find in local fish or pet stores
If you prefer a type of food for guppies that is superior when it comes to boosting your fish’s resistance to ailments, work well in improving breeding habits, and can remarkably help in healthy fish development, then you have no other reason to search further because this product has it all. It is a great value for the money because it already contains 3 packs once bought.

4. Sera O-Nip Tablet Fish Food


If you have a very busy schedule and do not have much time to make guppy food homemade, then this food option for your fish tank residents is quite helpful. For sure, this is going to be one of their favorites and you’ll be happy seeing them consume their food with much gusto with every feeding activity.

The tablets are one of the top-notch food choices because they are fortified with generous amounts of nutritious contents such as Tubifex worms, bloodworms and krill – all of which are deemed as most fish species’ favorite foods. If you want your finned buddies to become healthier, develop positive behavior, stunning appearance and grow faster, this food can be your partner to gain all these.

These tablets will have been better if they came in smaller sizes that could fit any fish of different sizes. You can break the tablets into smaller portions, but since they dissolve quite faster, they tend to bring about some noticeable mess inside the tank. These are a few of the minor gripes that you must be aware of if you plan to buy this option for your pet fish.

  • Contains krill, Tubifex worms and bloodworms
  • Sticks well to the glass
  • Safe and practical to utilize for both saltwater and freshwater applications
  • Free of any artificial preservatives and dyes
  • Can attract even the most finicky fish species
  • Size of the tablet is way too big
  • Tablets dissolve quite fast so they tend to create some mess
For those searching for cool methods on how to feed their finned pets, these tablets are the real deal for you. They are easy to use. All you need to do is to press the tabs against the inside of the tank and from there most of your aquarium dwellers will start approaching them and would fondly consume them. This seems to be a good solution for encouraging picky fish to eat with enthusiasm. The food does not contain any preservatives or dyes that could put the health of your aquarium pets at risk.

5. Omega One Color Mini Pellets


Can guppies eat goldfish food? Well, yes but this type of food lacks vital nutrients that guppies need in their diet. If you seriously want to provide sufficient nutrition to your aquatic pets, feeding them with the types of foods that are exclusively designed for them is the top-tier option to consider.

These mini pellets sink quite fast so it looks like they won’t do well for feeding surface feeding tetras and the product comes in a small container which is a little costly for its size. Not the less, the food can still last a while for feeding tiny fish that merely require roughly 5 to 10 pellets each feeding twice a day.

  • Formulated with second to none fish color-boosting nutrition
  • Contains mini pellets that are easy to digest and less prone to forming fish waste
  • Fortified with Omega 3 and 6 for stronger immunity
  • Enriched with superior levels of beta carotenes
  • Manufactured with less starch, no preprocessed protein, meals, digests and hydrolysates
  • Sinks instantly and is not practical to feed for surface feeding tetras
  • Not that affordable considering the small container of the product
All factors considered, these pellets are economical ways to feed a well-rounded diet with more natural ingredients and less artificial contents and fillers. They work like magic in terms of bolstering fish color in just a couple of weeks. You can use this for both freshwater and marine fish species. As for the premium quality ingredients and nutrition it provides, this is definitely peerless!

6. Hikari Guppy Food Micro 22g


It is interesting to note that these foods come in very tiny grains making them ideal for small and young guppies as well as small-sized feeder fish. You’ll be delighted seeing your fish tank occupants consume these feeds instantly and you can expect less fish waste inside the aquarium.

If you wish to witness significant growth in a few months, then this is the right option for your fish.

Everyone wants to see their aquatic creatures become less susceptible to ailments, develop rapidly and unleash their best color; to achieve all these, a nutrient-enriched fish diet must be strictly provided. Luckily, the ingredients contained in this food can help fish keepers provide top-rated nutrition for their finned friends.

Withal, if you are currently keeping guppies, then bear in mind that the size of these foods looks like quite small for adult guppies and the current selling cost is slightly expensive considering the amount of food contained in the pack cannot last for a long period of feeding.

  • Does not allow more fish residues on the bottom portion of the tank
  • Helps speed up fish growth rate
  • Works outstandingly in upgrading breeding habits
  • Promotes fish overall well-being
  • Boosts more robust resistance against fatal infections and ailments
  • Too small for adult guppies
  • Very small amount of food for a higher price tag
All in all, this fancy guppy food is an exceptional option in that it won’t fail you if you want to focus on promoting a healthy and faster growth rate for your aquarium inhabitants. Moreover, this would work wonderfully in improving the breeding habits of your fish tank pets and also help them boost their vitality even more in combatting various diseases that may put their life on the line. However, the pack seems to contain only a small amount of food that is incapable of lasting for longer periods of feeding, so in that aspect, it appears to be a little pricey.

7. TetraMin Tropical Granules


Shopping for high-quality guppy fry food products becomes quite engrossing because there are numerous options for you to select from. You can get the one that precisely satisfy your requirements provided that you meticulously review the contents of the fish food you prefer to buy.

This product is a surefire solution for fish keepers who aspire to provide their pet fish with the nutritionally balanced and complete fish diet for daily feeding. Whether you are presently taking care of juvenile and finicky fish species, this option would work best for their nutrition needs. The food is enriched with trace elements, minerals and vitamins that support optimal fish health and stronger resistance against illnesses. Sure thing, this would make a very beneficial staple food for your aquarium pets.

You’ll probably be slightly irked noticing the noticeable debris that these granules leave inside the tank when they start to disintegrate. Indeed, the granules may need more time to get soft but they become too soft after – it seems there are lots of food wastes for you to deal with.

  • Designed as nutritionally balanced to provide more benefits to small fish species
  • Enriched with vitamin C and serves as excellent staple food for bettas
  • Helps lessen fish waste to promote pristinely clear tank water
  • Manufactured with bite-sized granules that sink gradually
  • Highly digestible with exceptional fish color-enhancing ingredients
  • Consumes more time to get soft and tends to become too soft
  • Disintegrates too easily and spreads noticeable residues everywhere
Generally speaking, this product is ideal for those who need to feed small fish in a more convenient approach. This food is nutritious enough to serve as a staple food for daily feeding and does not encourage more fish waste inside the tank so the tank water stays safe and healthy for your pet fish to thrive. It is fortified with minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients that work adeptly in supporting maximum fish health.

8. Northfin Fry Starter


If you constantly worry about what to feed guppies when out of food, then why not start feeding your pet fish with this option? This food contains almost all the required nutrients that your finned pets need to thrive in an artificial habitat.

This food is designed to be easy to digest so you can be assured that your fish absorbs the nutrients contained in every feeding. And, being packed with vital nutrients, you can be at peace seeing your fish live a healthier lifestyle every single day.

On the other hand, what’s slightly frustrating about this product is that there is no way to reseal it. So, you’ll need to place the contents into another airtight storage canister after you opened it. Also, this is not highly recommended to be used for feeding angelfish fry below two weeks of age.

  • Does not contain any artificial pigments, hormones and fillers
  • Helps naturally improve fish coloration and vitality
  • Can serve as healthy daily diet for diverse fry species
  • Highly digestible that supports maximum nutrient absorption
  • Fortified with minerals, proteins, vitamins and amino acids
  • No way to reseal it
  • Not recommended for angelfish fry below 2 weeks of age
To wrap things up, this product is the perfect starter for African cichlids. This is reliable in naturally intensifying fish coloration and vitality. It is formulated with all-natural and safe contents so there is no need to worry about potential toxins that could detriment the health and life of your aquarium residents. You can use this as an excellent daily diet for diverse fry species.

9. New Life Spectrum Grow Fry Starter


Many novices in fish keeping keep wondering what guppies eat besides fish food. For a fact, there are many alternatives for this; you just need to do your homework about the brands that produce the top-rated fish food products. Go for the one that contains safe and nutritious ingredients so you can ensure that your fish are in good hands.

If you are looking after small fish fry and maintaining a freshwater type of aquarium, this product would be a perfect pick for your needs.

Since this food comes in fine powder form, it is a little messy to deal with every feeding time as it tends to stain the tank water, so cleaning the tank more often is highly suggested. Furthermore, the food is not as palatable as others because some fish simply ignore it during feeding activities.

  • Formulated with accelerated levels of protein
  • A practical option for feeding small fish fry
  • Easy to digest and allows efficient nutrient absorption
  • Ideal for a freshwater type of aquarium
  • Highly recognized for being high energy form of fish diet
  • Tends to stain the tank water
  • Not all fish are lured to consume this food
Ideally, this product is an A1 fry starter. Since it comes in fine powder form, it is a more convenient alternative as compared to maintaining live food cultures. The particle size is suitable for newborn fry and the container seems adequate in size. For the price, this is cost-effective because of its very high protein content and its capability to serve as an outstanding energy diet for your aquatic pets.

Outdated Products

Cobalt Aquatics 34293 Fry Minis (Outdated)


If you are not the type who is gifted at guppy fish food making, then one of the most suitable solutions for you when feeding baby fry is to search for foods that are primarily designed to support their daily nutritional requirements. This way, you can be worry-free since you can monitor their growth and be able to feed them with the required nutrition.

Even though this product is a little pricey, it is an ideal food that could last for a long time even for such a tiny package so it is still cost-effective. This works well in feeding small and newborn fry as well.

A few things that aren’t that preferable about this product are the slightly loose lid that may affect the freshness and good condition of the feeds and the pellets tend to form a bunch of dust once they dissolve so they could cloud the tank water easily.

  • Assists in supporting proper development and speedy growth
  • Formulated with plenty of minerals and vitamins
  • Contains premium quality and gradually sinking pellets
  • Highly recommended product for any species of maturing fry
  • Labeled as well-rounded and high protein fish diet
  • Product’s lid was a bit loose
  • Once dissolved, the food creates a bunch of dust that fouls the tank water
By and large, these gradually sinking pellets are fortified with ample amounts of minerals and vitamins that make them beneficial for any species of developing fry. And, since the pellets come with superior levels of protein, they could serve as a complete fish diet that remarkably aids in allowing rapid body growth and proper development for fry particularly in the first phases of their lives.

ADP No 2 Tropical Fish Food Floating Mini Micro Pellets (Outdated)


Feeding guppies does not need to be a quite an exhausting and complex process if you are able to choose the most appropriate types of foods for them. If you are on the hunt for protein-packed feeds that can help your finned pets develop healthily in a speedy manner, then you’ve got the right companion to execute that task for you.

It is interesting to note that this food contains ample amounts of proteins and is also formulated with superior concentrations of spirulina and PSB that stimulate your fish tank occupants’ appetite. This is great if you want your baby fish to grow fast and develop healthily. It would also be ideal for longevity and in bringing out the top-tier colors of fish.

Regardless, this option is priced higher than other available fish food products these days so it might hurt your pocket if you’re not willing to spend more for feeds. And, the food comes with weird smell which could be a little annoying.

  • Comes with high levels of proteins that promote maximum fish health
  • Helps tremendously enhance the vibrant and flashy colors of your fish tank buddies
  • Beneficial to use for all types of fish
  • Does not cause any sediment or sewage issues inside the tank
  • Guarantees speedy growth rate for baby fish
  • A little overpriced for those who are short in budget
  • Seems to make the tank water smell a little strange
In closing, this is a unique baby guppy food that would work wonderfully in making your fish tank friends sustain their overall well-being and make their colors even more brilliant and eye-catching. Aside from these, it has been proven to help extend the lifespan of various fish species and make them stronger in combating ailments. Designed with clear water formulation, this won’t give you headaches in dealing with sediments and sewage inside the aquarium. Aren’t these enough reasons why this product is a great catch?

Cobalt Aquatics Guppy Nano Bits Floating (Outdated)


Are you wondering what guppies eat? Do you find it hard to look for premium quality feeds that could satisfy your nutrition needs? If that is the case, this product is worth a try. This is highly recommended for unleashing the radiant colors of aquatic pets and works exceptionally for breeding fish.

If you’re going to search for guppy fish food online, you will feel overwhelmed seeing countless products to check out. However, if you go for naturally nutritious feeds for your guppies, this option would be your best bet. It works well in intensifying fish color and only contains wholesome contents that support overall fish wellness.

Anyhow, two things that you would find not likable about this product are the tendency of the pellets to merely float a little and then sink instantly on the bottom of the tank water. And, some powder-like substances in the tank water can be noticed after feeding. Be sure to look into these drawbacks first before buying these feeds.

  • Ideal to feed for all guppy sizes
  • Contain superior levels of prebiotics as well as probiotics
  • Formulated with excellent fish color-enhancing contents
  • Does not come with any artificial ingredients
  • Guarantees less mess inside the tank
  • Tends to sink immediately upon hitting the water
  • May leave powder-like substance inside the tank
Ultimately, this brand is unbeatable because it is formulated with adequate amounts of prebiotics and probiotics. It helps promote cleaner and clearer tank water and it is free of any fillers but only contains all-natural contents that are safe and nutritious for fish. Without question, this can be one of the top-rated options that are specifically made for guppies and livebearers since it is palatable and is exclusively formulated with wholesome and nutrient-filled contents that your fish would devour in minutes.

What to Look For When Buying Guppy Food


When buying the most suitable food products for your guppies, there are a few very important factors that must be contemplated so that you can be guaranteed that you are feeding your fish tank inhabitants with the right types of foods.

Opt for fish food products that are designed with a formula based on exhaustive scientific research that highly considers impressive fish coloration, accelerated growth rate, vigorous fish immunity and contains the required nutrients that would greatly benefit your aquarium occupants.

Check if the food comes with an ideal texture, soft enough for fish to eat, gradually sinks, and is designed to be easy to digest. Inspect if the food is good at floating before it sinks on the tank’s bottom portion. The food must be palatable enough for fish to be lured to finish them in minutes to impede the occurrence of fish waste that could foul the aquarium water.

Bear in mind that the right contents would provide a stunning boost of fish color. Search for products that contain a variety of minerals, proteins, and vitamins for healthy immunity, digestion, and overall well-being. Those that are formulated with Omega 3 are great options because they offer the needed energy for fish to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

As for the price, the decision will be up to you. There are expensive and less expensive options for you to choose from. But, pricey options do not mean that these are the most suitable choices and cheaper ones do not mean that they are less practical- focus on the ingredients of the product; is it safe and nutritious enough? And, make sure that quality is not compromised.

These things are some of the factors that must not be taken lightly. Remember, the health of your fish would highly depend on the types of foods you feed them, so choose wisely.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is the most trusted food for guppies?

The food that fish consume largely relies on what is available in the wild and they eat according to their anatomy. Since guppies are omnivorous, they consume both animal and plant matter. Such fish species are not finicky eaters; as a matter of fact, they would consume any food provided to them such as mosquito larvae.

Fundamentally, guppies’ primary diet should consist of premium quality fish flakes. Make certain that you pick a product that contains generous amounts of proteins and do not come with filler foods. Also, refrain from flakes that are formulated with fillers like soy and wheat.

Meanwhile, to supplement the fish flakes, consider feeding your aquatic pets with either frozen or live foods like bloodworms and shrimps. Alternatively, you can feed them with veggies like cucumber, lettuce, and peas.

There are some fish supplies or pet stores that sell triangular cone feeders which fish keepers can utilize to provide their fish with frozen or live foods like bloodworms. It is not good to provide your finned buddies with merely one type of food as this would result in malnutrition.

It is critical to give them a variety, alternating between frozen or live foods, veggies, or flakes. In general, they must be fed twice a day, flakes in the morning, and another food alternative in the evening.

What kind of food do guppies eat?

Here are the different types of foods that you should feed your guppies:

  • Live Foods

These are an outstanding sources of nutrients for guppies. Examples of these foods include diatoms, brine shrimps, aquatic insect larvae, and invertebrates. These work wonderfully in providing a protein-rich diet for fish that helps resist fish ailments, promote fast growth and overall wellness.

Take note that you only need to feed adult guppies with these foods once or twice a week because too much is not beneficial for them. For guppy fry, baby brine shrimps are good for them to accelerate their growth rate and make them healthier.

Consider getting freeze-dried brine shrimps and other available types of freeze-dried live foods to avoid the existence of parasites and other bacteria that could detriment your pet fish’s health. Freeze-dried and live food varieties could serve as excellent supplements to a flakes-only form of diet.

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

An adult guppy’s diet must consist of generous amounts of plants. Feed your fish with chopped veggies such as mustard greens, spinach, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, peas, sweet corn, carrots, bananas, grapes, and the like. See to it to cut or slice veggies and fruits into tiny pieces before feeding.

  • Plant-based Matters

Organic matters such as soft algae plant residues and remains of other aquatic animals are all valuable components of the guppies’ diet. And, since this fish species feed on plant matters in their natural habitat, feeding them with plant-based foods like spirulina and algae tabs could exceptionally complete a nutrient-enriched guppy diet.

Consider having live aquatic plants inside the fish tank as these could serve as a source of food for fry and adult guppies.

  • Commercial Guppy Foods

Some of the most common commercially available foods specifically designed for guppies include spirulina tablets, fish flakes, and veggie pallets, freeze-dried products such as brine shrimps, Tubifex worms and bloodworms.

Why do you need guppy food? (Benefits)

Since guppies are omnivorous creatures, they thrive by consuming almost any type of food. You can feed them with a broad range of premium quality wet and dry foods. Nonetheless, it is highly suggested to feed them lightly more often to avoid overfeeding.

When fed right- that is if you provide them with the right amount and types of foods; you can enjoy more years with your aquatic pets. Over and above, providing your finned friends with the right nutrition can offer them lots of perks.

A few of the benefits that your fish can obtain by consuming nutrient-enriched foods include:

  • Accelerated growth rate
  • Stronger and more vigorous fish immunity
  • Healthier digestion and metabolic functions
  • More stunning fish color enhancement
  • Longer lifespan
  • Help them become more active, healthier and livelier
  • Fertility and problem-free reproduction

In like manner, if you choose soft, finely textured and highly digestible foods, your fish could consume the food in minutes without leaving any food debris. Hence, the tank water quality and clarity won’t be extremely affected.

This simply implies that you can save more time and energy by replacing the tank water more frequently and executing tank cleaning more regularly.

And, best of all, having a healthy and colorful fish inside the tank would offer you a very soothing and bewitching view whenever you come home after a long and very tiring day at work.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted guppy food brands?

If you seriously hope to get the real value of your hard-earned money when investing in the right fish foods for your fry and adult guppies, then you’ve got to purchase directly from the world’s most trusted manufacturers of fish food products and supplies.

In so doing, you can feed your aquatic pets without much worry, and their fast and healthy growth, vigorous immunity and good digestion, gorgeous color, and long life can be guaranteed.

Here are a few of the most recommended brands that you can lean on in terms of successful and healthy fish feeding:

  • Hikari
  • Cobalt Aquatics
  • New Life Spectrum
  • Omega One
  • ADP

Now that you have the list of reputable fish food brands, make sure to check the products made by these manufacturers to give justice to every single cent you pay for it. Needless to say, if the product is made by a distinguished brand, then your most cherished finned friends will be properly taken care of.

Can guppies eat betta food?

Yes. Guppies are omnivorous which means that they would consume any type of food you provide them. Indeed, they could eat, live, and survive by consuming betta foods too; nevertheless, it is not ideal for them to excessively consume protein-based fish foods.

What can you feed guppies when out of food?

When you run out of fish foods to feed your guppies, there are other types of foods that you can feed them. As mentioned earlier, guppies are categorized as omnivores so they are fine with eating a wide variety of foods that can be found in your fridge or kitchen.

You can feed your guppies with various kinds of veggies like lettuce, spinach, cucumber, carrots, peas, sweet corn, and zucchini. In the same way, you can provide them with live foods such as daphnia, white worms, brine shrimps, mosquito larvae, Tubifex worms, and bloodworms.

It is also good to note that they consume the algae off the edges of the fish tank. Other types of foods that can be safely fed to guppies include grain products such as bread or rice. However, such foods do not contain more minerals and other nutrients.

What vegetables can guppies eat?

Most adult guppies’ diets must consist of plant-based sources. Spirulina and algae are labeled as outstanding basic foods for this type of fish. On the other hand, it is also beneficial to feed them with shredded or chopped veggies like spinach, carrots, mustard greens, sweet corn, peas, cucumber, and zucchini.

How much to feed guppies? How often?

It is required to feed your guppies appropriately in reasonable quantities. Take note that overfeeding your pet fish would result in various health concerns and tank water problems.

You can feed your guppies with compressed foods and fish-feeding cakes. Such types of foods tend to disintegrate gradually and could work well in helping guppies obtain adequate food for nearly 3 days if you need to be on holiday or away for business trips.

Ideally speaking, this fish species must be fed twice a day, one in the morning and another one at night- preferably with 12 hours gap between feeding sessions. A small piece of fish flakes every feeding session would be sufficient for them.

Guppies are not picky eaters and won’t stop eating so you must not spoil them by providing them with an excessive amount of food. Provide the food amount that they can finish in 3 to 5 minutes. In addition to this, you must keep an eye on the tank water temperature.

This type of fish consumes fewer quantities of food if the water is cold. The reason for this is that cool water makes their metabolic functions to work slowly. It is important to get rid of food residues inside the tank to prevent the tank water from being contaminated.

Experts highly suggest feeding your guppies with fish flakes in the morning and then feeding them with live or frozen foods at night. Eventually, appropriately feeding your fish would aid in extending their lifespan and this would work like a charm in intensifying their colors too.

How do you make guppy fish food?

Guppies only have very simple nutrition requirements than other types of aquarium fish; all the same, they still benefit from a superb quality diet. Whilst making homemade foods for your guppies may not be that necessary, doing so would allow you to precisely unveil what’s going down your aquatic pets’ gullets.

Here are some guides when making some homemade foods for your guppies:

  • Microworms

Microworms can be ordered either live forms that would be used for feeding, or you can also raise them in a canister where they would be allowed to reproduce and become a continuous source of food supply for pet fish.

Begin with one scoop of cooked oatmeal amid a tiny plastic canister and scatter a little brewer’s yeast on the above portion. From there, you may add in the worms and patiently wait for a few days.

After a few days, you may harvest the worms that creep up at the edge of the canister for feeding your finned friends. It is crucial to replace the mixture of oatmeal; every 2 or 3 weeks. Such foods are ideal for young and old guppies.

  • Plant Matters

Plant-based foods would be advantageous for guppies if rotated with live foods and other sources of protein-based foods. Algae, spinach, as well as spirulina, are appropriate options. Shred or chop spinach into very tiny pieces and then combine these with little dried algae or spirulina.

Similar to all other types of foods, provide plant matter in tiny amounts, providing only as much as your pet fish could consume within 5 minutes.

  • Brine Shrimps

These are fortified with nutrients and serve as an attractive source of live foods for fry and old guppies. Eggs of brine shrimps can be easily stored and hatched as necessary.

As for hatching, it is vital to adhere to the supplier’s instructions; in general, you would need to put them in a mixture of two liters of water with two teaspoons of kosher salt and then this must be stored in an area with a temperature of 80-degrees F for a couple of days.

At the time they were hatched, make sure to strain the brine shrimp with the aid of a fine mesh or net; then thoroughly wash them off with fresh water and then carefully drop them into the tank.

  • Other Various Sources of Proteins

Almost any kind of meat could serve as a protein source for old guppies provided that it is shaved or chopped into tiny pieces for your aquatic pets to consume. Shrimps, fish, liver, earthworms, and bloodworms are the right options for guppies.

Moreover, other sources of protein that are worth considering consist of water fleas, mosquito larvae, Grindal worms, fruit flies, and the like. It is highly recommended to alternate types of food with each feeding session and make sure to provide your fish with food amount that they can consume in minutes. Unconsumed food would only foul the tank water.

  • Frozen Beef Heart

Fry guppies benefit from high contents of protein derived from eating beef heart. You need to chop the beef heart as tiny as possible; you can utilize an electric chopper or blender for this.

Put the beef heart in the freezer and then remove the fine shavings using a sharp knife to safely feed your finned buddies. It is okay to provide adult guppies with a frozen beef heart that is not chopped as fine.

Where to buy?

Foods for guppies are quite easy to find nowadays; it is all thanks to local fish supply and pet stores that you can visit anytime when looking for fish food products for your aquatic pets. There are a few large and well-stocked supermarkets that sometimes offer such products too. If you want to shop personally, these local stores can offer you some options to check out.

However, if you are a fan of online shopping, a few of the most trustworthy online shopping sites where you can purchase top-quality fish supply products include Live Aquaria, Amazon, PetCo. and PetSmart. Once you start browsing, you will feel overwhelmed with lots of fish food products to select from. So, there is a specific product that could exactly suit your requirements.

For a fact, shopping online would also allow you to uncover more renowned brands that are top-rated when it comes to producing feeds for aquatic creatures. And, you can take pleasure in some special promos, discounts, and freebies too.


In summary, as with any animal, you can’t help but think deeply about the right and the best guppy foods you should purchase. It is crucial to be insightful of the specifics regarding different brands before you choose one for your finned friends since there are limitless brands out there.

Not to mention, whether you are a novice, professional, guppy enthusiast, or breeder; this post could serve as a very useful guide for you to master the vital requirements on what to feed your aquatic pets. Bear in mind that it is essential to feed your fish a variety of premium quality food but you must avoid providing them with excessive food amounts.

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand the significance of investing in top-quality foods for guppies. If you pick the right food, it will be a lot easier for you to raise and breed healthy, energetic, and multicolored guppies. It is highly advised to opt for foods that contain high levels of proteins, minerals, and vitamins so you can guarantee a well-rounded diet for your most precious aquatic pets.

Of course, apart from feeding your fish right, you also have to follow the other important proper care and maintenance tips when raising them so that you can extend their lifespan and enjoy more fruitful years with them.