How to Test Fish Tank Water without Kit? – 4 Ways


Testing aquarium water quality is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy aquatic environment for your fish. While there are various water testing kits available in the market, they can be expensive and not always accessible. How to test fish tank water without kit? It’s mostly impossible to test the water quality without a kit, … Read more

How to Test Ammonia in Water Without a Test Kit?


Most, if not all, water treatment facilities use amonia to keep our water pure. However, ingesting too much of this chemical can lead to adverse effects. Furthermore, if you are taking care of various aquatic lifeforms, this chemical can also cause damaging effects to them if not tested properly. The best way to test our … Read more

How to Read a Fish Tank Thermometer Properly


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How to Disinfect a Fish Tank Safely for Healthy Fish


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How to Drain a Fish Tank in 6 Easy & Simple Steps


Although you might never have to, learning how to drain a fish tank is a skill you might find beneficial one day. For instance, parasitic infestations that no water change can address will demand emptying the aquarium to deep-clean it. Several methods are available to remove water out of a fish tank, though some tricks … Read more

How to Get Rid of Parasites in Fish Tank? – 3 Effective Ways


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How to Remove Algae From Fish Tank Decorations? – 3 Ways


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How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank in 8 Easy to Do Steps


Many novice Betta owners do not know how to clean a Betta fish tank without scaring or stressing the fish. For some, the idea may even frighten them. The apprehension is understandable. After all, Bettas (known as Siamese fighting fish) are carnivores. Surprisingly, they have a greater pound-for-pound bite force than the Great White shark. … Read more

How to Soften Aquarium Water? – 6 Fish-friendly Ways


If you are an aquarist or an aquascaping hobbyist, then you would have encountered the terms “hard water” and “soft water” at some point. For both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, hard water and soft water are water qualities that play an essential role that directly impacts the health of the fish and aquatic plants and … Read more