The Best Aquarium Stands to Enhance Supporting Aquatic Habitat

best aquarium stand

The features of your aquarium must be taken into account when looking for the right stand. A heavier and larger tank must be supported by an appropriate stand that is both sturdy and strong. The strength of the stand should conform to the gallon capacity of the aquarium.

In addition to this, there are a few stands that are specially made to accommodate tanks that come with bow-shaped fronts; on the other hand, there are also those that are made to have the capability to uphold tanks that are rectangular in shape.

This makes it very essential to select a stand that is well-fitted to the tank’s shape. Fortunately, the best aquarium stand reviews below can greatly assist you as you come up with the best possible option for your needs and preferences.

As you can see, you can only effectively pick the appropriate aquarium stand for your tank if you carefully take into consideration the shape, weight, and size of your aquarium.

A high-quality aquarium stand is vital to keeping an aquarium in good condition. But the buying process is much more complicated than just picking the first simple one on Amazon. Instead, you’ll need to take into account various factors like these:

  • Tank Size: Never choose a stand without comparing it to your tank’s size. Otherwise, it might not be large enough to accommodate the aquarium. Most manufacturers make it easy by placing the measurements in the product description.
  • Weight of Your Tank: Every fish tank holder or stand will have a weight limit. So it’s crucial to know your tank’s weight to choose a stand with matching weight capacity; otherwise, it may buckle under the aquarium’s heft.
  • Price: The cost of an aquarium table stand will change based on its provided features. For instance, a rustic option made from solid wood costs much more than an industrial plastic one. Creating a budget accounting for these little details would be in your best interest.

Moreover, investing in a stand that is unsuitable for your aquarium, for example, may only result in crumbling, endangering and degrading your aquarium occupants. To help you select the best possible option, examine the top aquarium stand reviews below!

Best Overall


Imagitarium Tank Stand

✔ Tidy and contemporary design
✔ Quite easy going to set up
✔ Looks great for the current selling price


Premium Choice

Flipper Ivory Oak Aquarium Stand

✔ Holds 20-gallon and 240-pound tanks
✔ Beautiful wood grain finish and white coloring
✔ Design meshes with all home decor and style


Editor’s Choice


Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

✔ Easy-to-follow setup procedures
✔ Available in a wide array of sizes
✔ Solid steel construction


Most Trusted Aquarium Stand Reviews 2023

1. Imagitarium Wooden Tank Stand


If you are planning to purchase a 20 gallon fish tank stand, then you may take a closer look at Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand. This will definitely look great on your aquarium and it can help keep all your fish stuff secured on the shelves beneath it. As you can see, the dark finish on the wood looks exquisite and it can match any living room furniture.

Moreover, the shelves are comparably bulky which is a clear indication of premium quality wood. The design is not solely meant to ensure an appealing décor to your tank but is also intended to provide the much-needed support your tank requires.

What sets this stand apart from other options is that it comes with level adjustments on its base. As a result, whether you are a pro or a newbie, you won’t have any concerns when setting it up.

  • Tidy and contemporary design
  • Quite easy going to set up
  • Designed with easy-to-adjust protective nylon leveling feet
  • Looks great for the current selling price
  • Comes with nice finish and enough storage space
  • Has the tendency to be unsteady
  • Lots of imperfections in the wood
Over and above, we all aim to get the possible top-tier stand for our aquarium; fortunately, this 20 gallon aquarium stand can offer you the kind of support you specifically require for the tank you own. It comes with superior quality materials, has storage space for other items, can hold the weight of your tank in a secure mode and make the tank look more adorable.

2. Flipper Ivory Oak Aquarium Stand

Finding a reliable, sturdy aquarium stand isn’t always an easy task. But it does seem easy when looking at an option like Flipper’s Ivory Oak Aquarium Stand. After all, its durable laminated MDF and particleboard construction is top-tier.

Its ability to hold 20-gallon tanks up to 240 pounds reflects this reliability. Therefore, it’s easy to see Flipper put a lot of thought into its product’s durability. I don’t feel uncomfortable relying on the tank to hold up, even in dangerous situations.

But durability is only half the battle with a fish or turtle tank stand. Any top-tier option will also bring a certain beauty to the table. Thankfully, this model provides a beautiful wood grain finish and white coloring that makes my old gray fish tank stand look second-rate in comparison.

I would also point to its adaptable design as another positive feature. It makes this fish tank stand with storage a cool piece of furniture in any home decor. In addition, it brought my guest room to a whole new level, effectively tying the room together.

Of course, these aspects aren’t the only ones to impress me. Another one to catch my eye was its sizable storage compartment. It made storing my fish tank accessories much more manageable than my prior movable aquarium stands.

But I do have to acknowledge two problems with this aquarium stand. The first one stems from requiring two people to assemble, which isn’t ideal for me. Plus, I wasn’t thrilled to see a few people complaining about it arriving with missing pieces on Reddit and customer reviews.

  • Durable laminated MDF and particleboard construction
  • Holds 20-gallon and 240-pound tanks
  • Beautiful wood grain finish and white coloring
  • Sizable storage compartment for accessories
  • Design meshes with all home decor and style
  • It takes two people to assemble
  • Packaging issues (parts missing)

However, these minor issues still don’t take away from it being top-tier furniture suitable for fish tank use. Its overall durability and beautiful design outweigh these concerns that only impact a small number of buyers.

3. Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand


This metal fish tank stand comes with pegs on the above shelf, this is intended to aid align and keep the tank from shifting. However, this stand is ideal only for glass tanks that are designed with plastic frames on its base.

In like manner, if you have a tank that comes with a different design, this is not ideal for you. Take note that you cannot put the tank on the top that is not the precise size meant for the stand. It is crucial to adhere to the instructions stringently to avoid any problems in the future.

The design, build and quality of this stand are thumbs up. If you have limited space in your dwelling area or in the workplace, this is a perfect fit. You do not need to worry because even if it is metal-made, it does not damage hardwood floors.

The stand sits accordingly with no uneven or wobbling legs and its finish does look appealing and evenly coated.

  • Built with solid steel construction
  • Capable of holding up to two tanks simultaneously
  • Easy-to-follow setup procedures
  • Designed with rustproof powder coated finish
  • Available in a wide array of sizes
  • Necessitates some assembly
  • Tendency for the tank to crack
Right on, what makes this stand a lot better than wood aquarium stands is that it can hold up to 2 tanks at the same time. Thus, its users can delight in performance advantage. As you can see, this is a cost-effective choice if you own 2 tanks of a heavy-weight model!

4. Coralife Designer Biocube Stand


This aquarium stand is absolutely a great deal. You won’t have any struggle in putting it together; nevertheless, it has plenty of pieces to set up. It could be a durable and stunning stand when set up appropriately. It is interesting to note that the aesthetics complement attractively with the aquarium and you won’t have to worry about wobbling tendencies at all.

This stand comes with a fine cross bar wood piece located at the back top where users can easily mount a power strip on the interior section in order to conceal all the cords. Please be guided that the back piece must be glued so as to provide much needed support. Indeed, the glue surrounding the perimeter is truly vital to guarantee stability, so see to it that you put a thick bead.

Interestingly, the stand is ideal to complement the aquarium and the glass panels on the door serve as a unique cosmetic touch. This will definitely make the aquarium a more relaxing view to behold after a long day.

  • Perfectly compatible with BioCube tanks
  • Comes with roomy shelving
  • Materials are water-resistant
  • Built with rear electrical holes with durable and elevated feet
  • Deigned with black handles and acrylic tinted panels
  • Too tiny back plate
  • Not functional if assembly instructions are not accordingly followed
To sum it up, this tank stand comes with a stunning contemporary design and several rooms for various storage purposes. And, just like many petsmart aquarium stands, this is a good investment to reflect on since it provides many of the specifications that you are looking for in an aquarium stand.

5. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

Are you wondering where you can purchase cheap fish tank stands? Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand is the perfect choice for 29-gallon tanks. You won’t have any problems in putting it together since it is a piece of cake to assemble. In the same way, even if you have uneven floors at home or in the workplace, this comes with adjustable feet to make leveling a plain sailing task for you to deal with.

As compared to other tank stand brands, this is considered less pricey so it is friendly for those who are on a budget. You can get a high-quality and modern design stand that can be used for many years as well.

This can be used in terrariums and aquariums and aside from the solid support it can provide, it can also be a great addition to your tank décor. This is a nice 29 gallon aquarium stand that you can consider investing in.

  • Built with sturdy solid steel and durable construction
  • Designed with easy-to-adjust feet for leveling
  • Looks attractive in any terrarium or tanks
  • Comes in different sizes to fit your needs and the size of the aquarium
  • Contemporary and sleek design with black finish
  • No available shelves for storage
  • Comes with some finish scratches
Overall, this is a durable and excellent stand that looks practically modern and can go with just about anything. This is an ideal option if it is okay with you to get the one without integrated storage. It is inexpensive, comes with adjustable feet that are intended for leveling and can guarantee built-to-last metal construction.

Outdated Products

Ameriwood Aquarium Stand (Outdated)


Ameriwood Aquarium Stand is an excellent 10 gallon fish tank stand that you can select from. As a matter of fact, this stands out from other options because it is capable of supporting a 10-gallon stand on one point and it can also uphold a 20-gallon stand on the reverse point.

It is essential to note that this stand is specially intended to provide support to tanks that extend the entire width of the above shelf in order for the weight to be fairly distributed.

In addition to this, it may take a while for you to assemble the pieces all together particularly if it is your first time setting up a tank stand; however, the good thing is that the assembly instructions are detailed and clear for you to understand. Nonetheless, the quality of the paint could be better for it easily peels when it gets drenched.

  • Comes with distinctive patent design
  • Built with laminated MDF and particleboard
  • Can provide reliable and stable support
  • Easy to set up
  • Compartments are put to good use
  • Paint chips quite easily
  • Materials may get damaged instantly
Overall, this is a great small fish tank stand. You will like the cabinet that’s meant for storing various fish supplies. The above shelf is intended for putting the power strip for the aquarium. Meanwhile, you can utilize the bottom shelf for other storage purposes. As you can see it is multifunctional too aside from being a wonderful addition to your aquarium. This looks a lot better than other available tank that stands out there.

Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand (Outdated)


Basically, it is always daunting to search for the best aquarium stand that is reliable to use, easy to install, built with premium quality materials and can serve its purpose quite well. With lots of available options, it can be tough to pick the one that has all these features. Luckily, Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand can offer you all these specifications.

This aquarium stand’s design is simple yet elegant, the materials it is made of are first-rate, and it comes with huge storage space but this does not come with shelves. With proper assembly, you can guarantee that it does rock back and forth and can provide the necessary support for the aquarium.

Selecting a stand that can match the type of tank you own is crucial. The delighting news is that this stand’s design is flexible and seems all-purpose that it can complement any type of tank design. This can certainly help make your home or workplace a brighter place where you can relax and enjoy a nice view.

  • Capable of holding up to 90-gallon tank
  • Designed with 2 front doors for easy access
  • Comes with adequate storage rooms for various stuff
  • A wonderful addition for your aquarium
  • Quite easy to set up
  • Does not have shelves
  • Top and bottom plates are not a single piece
On the button, the material of this 90 gallon aquarium stand seems beautiful and sturdy. It is designed with a nice door mechanism and comes with a nice space inside and at the back of the stand. However, this stand is slightly costly and is not recommended for those who have a limited budget for a stand.

Ameriwood Home Cove Aquarium Stand (Outdated)


Ameriwood Home Cove Aquarium Stand is the ideal choice for small tanks. It has the capacity to hold some cleaning supplies and extra books or items that fit in its tiny cupboard. If you are looking for a stand that looks stunning in your place, then this is the right pick for you!

More than that, it is made of MDF and laminated particleboard; it comes with a good height and is durable enough to support a 20-gallon tank. For newbies, the assembly procedure may be slightly tedious but not that bad. Meanwhile, for experienced tank hobbyists, putting the piece together is considered kid stuff.

Many reviews claim that this tank stand is quite complicated to assemble. Perhaps, this is true when the instructions are not followed accordingly. It is highly recommended to review and understand the assembly procedures first prior you start setting it up.

  • No sweat to assemble
  • Can complement any room décor
  • Sturdy and solid construction materials
  • A great display to your home or workplace
  • Can match any type of room
  • Can be unstable at times
  • May be complex to assemble for newbies
As a whole, this aquarium stand is comparably cost-effective and is not tough to set up at all. This is a decent stand for a 20 gallon tall aquarium and it is definitely ideal with a tiny ledge surrounding the perimeter. If you’re going to think deeper, you get what you paid for.

Aquatic Fundamentals 102102 Aquarium Stand (Outdated)


This tank stand is ideal for slim tanks and the space that you have it in. Take in mind that it is imperative to be cautious of what sides the holes are facing when assembling it. With proper assembly procedure, you can avoid wobbling or any rocking back and forth tendencies.

Furthermore, this aquarium stand looks stunning and does not have the bulky feel of most tank stands of this size. It comes with added wood work that makes it appear way pricier than it actually was. Essentially, this can perfectly hold a 10-gallon aquarium. The bottom space of the stand acts as a storage space for various tank stuff.

There are some reviews claiming that this tank stand is wobbly. Perhaps, that is the case when proper assembly instructions were not accordingly adhered to.

  • Waterproof with powder coated finish design
  • All tools required are included in the package
  • Engineered with classic scroll design
  • Easy to put together
  • Ideal for small space
  • Has the tendency to be wobbly
  • Does not have leveling feet

To sum things up, this modern fish tank stand is an exceptional choice for anyone searching for a low-cost tank stand that is both sleek and durable.

All the necessary tools needed when assembling it are already included in the package. It is water-resistant and comes with powder coated design. It will absolutely look amazing wherever you decide to display it either in your home or in the workplace.

Sauder 416444, Select Aquarium Stand (Outdated)


If you wish to add an eye-appealing addition to your tank, then this aquarium stand can do the magic. This can be placed anywhere in your dwelling place; it could actually look even better in your master’s bedroom. As you can see, its wood finish is quite impressive and can complement any décor and space.

This product is made to last as it is designed with water-resistant feature to guarantee additional protection. Since having an aquarium may cause your stand to get drenched once in a while, there is no need for you to worry because it is water-proof and won’t get damaged easily.

It comes with double doors and adjustable shelves that are specially meant for various storage purposes. If you want to store other items or fish-related supplies and stuff, this is the place where you can safely keep them. Evidently, it does not merely serve as a stand for your tank but it can also be a practical storage space where you can keep some valuables.

  • Waterproof for more added protection
  • Designed with easy-to-adjust shelves and double doors
  • Equipped with exceptional cord management system
  • Comes with Jamocha Wood Finish
  • Reliable and solid construction
  • Slightly difficult to put together
  • A few screws are missing
Laid on the line, for durability, functionality and nice design, this is an outstanding option that you can get for your huge-sized aquarium. You get what you pay for considering its very durable construction and elegant style. If you try to look closely, it looks similar to pricey custom aquarium stands available nowadays.

Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand (Outdated)


Would you like to end up purchasing less costly metal aquarium stands? This brand will certainly make a nice accessory for your aquarium. It can help make your tank look more attractive, nice to behold and can serve as a fascinating display that you can add to your residence or workplace. You won’t have any difficulties in setting it up; however, unlike other available options available at present, it does not have a bottom shelf.

This is built with quality, is very solid and durable and is capable of lining up perfectly with a more than 10-gallon tank. It supports the weight provided that you carefully adhere to the assembly procedures.

It is worth noting that even though it is easy to set up, it is recommended to ensure that the holes for the V-shaped stabilizing rods are all secured on the back side of the aquarium stand.

  • All set for assembly with all tools included
  • Waterproof and comes with powder coated finish
  • Built with classic scroll style
  • Designed with black powder-coated metal frame
  • Fit perfectly in small space
  • Can be flimsy
  • Doesn’t have support for the edge of the aquarium
If you are looking for durability, reliability and superior quality, this option can satisfy your requirements. This can make your tank look more impressive and inviting. What is more, it is affordable which means you need not spend much yet quality isn’t compromised. Obviously, this is a great choice to consider if you are on a budget.

Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium Stand (Outdated)


This tank stand certainly knows about bringing premium quality to your aquarium. It is highly recognized for being one of the top-quality 55-gallon tanks stands for many reasons. It comes with additional protection like a water-proof feature and its powder-coated door, base and top. Fundamentally, it does not solely support the sturdiness of the stand but also aids in enhancing the design and appearance of the aquarium and the stand itself.

Besides, users are able to utilize the additional storage space that is situated behind the hinged door. As you know, this specification surely brings more flexibility to your dwelling place and interior.

  • Well-built and easy to assemble
  • Designed with sturdy water-proof finish
  • Comes with concealed storage space
  • Ideal for the canister filter and additional storage
  • Reversible panels are stunning
  • Has the tendency to wobble end to end
  • Doesn’t have adjustable feet of leveling

On top of that, what makes this tank stand a perfect investment is that you may consider what color might be dominant by simply altering the reversible panels. And, even though this may sound complex, some specific users claim that this stand is not tedious to set up.

There are adorable colors on this stand, black and cherry colors. For a fact, there is no need for you to have a hard time picking the top-rated tank stand for your residence. This one is what you are searching for now.

4. Ameriwood Home Laguna Aquarium Stand


Looking for fish tank stands that are not that expensive is slightly challenging these days since various brands come in pricey selling costs. Luckily, the Ameriwood tank stand is budget-friendly and can be a great stand for your aquarium.

This stand comes with 2 doors that serve as a big shelf where you can store the fish-related stuff. And, it comes with 3 open compartments too that you can use for storing other items that you want to display. As you can see, besides being a tank stand, it also comes with ample storage spaces where you can store and display various stuff.

Nevertheless, you must strictly follow the assembly instructions of this stand; otherwise, it won’t be able to serve its purpose quite well. Putting it together may be demanding and requires loads of patience and assembly skills.

  • Capable of holding tank sizes up to 37 gallons
  • Designed with 2 cabinet doors for fish-related stuff storage
  • Can serve its purpose perfectly
  • Comes with 3 open compartments to store other stuff
  • Good for budget
  • The laminate chips easily
  • Unreliable and some missing nuts/hardware/bolts
This is a nice choice for those who are searching for a less expensive tank stand that comes with ample storage space. It is known for being a multifunctional stand. However, you need to properly put all the pieces together if you to want to ensure that the stand is even and can provide the much needed support for the aquarium. Take in mind that the assembly of this stand is identical to putting IKEA furniture together.

What To Look For When Buying An Aquarium Stand


Many a time, new aquarium owners encounter an unpleasant first experience with their tank and end up nearly giving up prior to getting started. Taking in mind all the indispensable factors in buying a tank stand and having a well-thought-of plan ahead; could greatly assist potential new tank owners in warding off common hazards.

Needless to say, even for experienced aquarium owners, it cannot be denied that planning is a great idea.

Here are some of the factors that you need to contemplate on when buying an aquarium stand:

  • Cost. One should not be deceived by the idea that you can start an aquarium hobby for less than $50. In reality, starting up an aquarium may cost roughly $150 by up to $200. So, if you do not have this sum of money yet, consider setting aside some more and investing in an aquarium stand when you already have enough budget to get started.

Take note that it is always most suitable to save until the funds are available to obtain all the things that you require in this hobby. And, a good means to get started is to create a checklist of what you need.

  • The size of the tank. If it is your first time to start an aquarium, as much as possible, avoid tanks below 10 gallons. Some small tanks are virtually harder to manage as compared to the larger ones. This is because toxins can accumulate quite fast in a low volume of water. Water chemistry and temperature changes could also emerge instantly when there are only a few gallons of water.
  • Weight of the tank. A tank that is bigger than 15 gallons shall weigh more than 200 lbs. once filled with water. And, this must be placed on a durable stand rather than a desk or a shelf.

Indeed, you will also require a place where to put the tank that isn’t subjected to drafts, and is not positioned in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that may harm your tank inhabitants.

  • Location. The location should be fine with getting drenched every now and then. Removing or adding fish and tank occupants from the aquarium will splash around the aquarium. Hence, if you are planning to keep an aquarium on bookshelves or desktops or other locations that might get drenched, consider this situation.
  • The number of tank inhabitants you plan to keep. You need to be realistic about the number and size of your fish. Obviously, your tank occupants shall figure out the size of the tank that you need to purchase, and this seriously impacts the space that you will especially require to accommodate your tank friends.

For instance, if you decide to buy a larger tank, it is advised to begin with some fish that are not difficult to take care of. Eventually, as you gain experience in keeping a tank, you can gradually add more fish that are slightly challenging to keep.

To put simply, always first consider the size of the tank and the number of fish that you plan to look after at the start. Afterward, plan ahead prior to buying the fish or equipment and this can aid in making your new hobby a success and a more enjoyable one!

Other Important Factors To Consider


What is an aquarium stand?

Aquarium stands are a fundamental component of every aquatic system. The stand should be solid in order for it to have the capacity to bear the weight of a filled tank.

Stands are ideally made of water-proof and sturdy materials since these are more likely to come in contact with tank water and will be set up for over a long period of time.

These come ready to assemble and assembled. It is significant to note that regardless of the style of the stand that you select, it must be made especially for tank use, with materials that are constructed and designed to endure the test of time.

How does it work?

An aquarium stand serves as the solid support not solely on the size of the tank but also on the filled weight of the tank. The style and type of stand must consider the weight of the aquarium when filled with water and the tank’s size.

What are the different types of aquarium stand?

Standard aquarium stand. This is also known as big store stands. You generally find them in pet stores and online shops. It is commonly built with MDF and particle board. Many stands of this type are constructed as less pricey as probable.

While it is true that they could function in a no-sump setup or freshwater setup, this type of stand will not fit the requirements of a saltwater aquarium or bigger freshwater tank in the long run.

DIY stand. This is the type of stand that you construct yourself. If you are good at assembling and doing carpentry works, then you may look for designs and procedures on how to build it yourself. You can design the stand based on your preference and the kind of aquarium that you have. Best of all, this stand does not cost much.

Brand name stand. This type of stand is manufactured by high-end firms that specialize in constructing stands for hobbyists. You can commonly find this stand in all-in-one aquarium setups. Such a stand is built with a metal frame or wood and comes with specifications that suit aquarium hobby quite well.

Custom built stand. This is usually made by custom aquarium firms that specialize in high-end construction. Such a stand is generally made to order and can be the most costly type of stand for tanks.

This is often times designed with customized shelves and cabinet doors to fit the needs of the tank. The materials it is made of commonly include metal or wood. This is made with premium quality but is quite expensive.

Why do you need a stand for an aquarium?

Aquarium stands are necessary for that they are the ones that provide support for the entire tank. As a general rule, when purchasing a stand, you need to ensure that you pick the one that comes with the capacity to support and bear the entire length and width of the tank. This is particularly useful with tanks that are larger and comes with heavy weight.

Of course, a larger and heavier tank requires a solid and durable stand that can fully support it. Aside from providing the support that the aquarium needs, aquarium stands can also serve as a very attractive addition to your tank and an eye-catching display inside your house.

Not to mention, an aquarium and a suitable stand that comes with various colors of fish and other decors can definitely add something unique and soothing to any spot in your dwelling place. Without question, this could make any room in the house look brighter, fresher and happier.

As a matter of fact, many people believe that any form of water that is kept inside the house surely brings fortune and good health to the family.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should an aquarium stand be against a wall?

Setting your stand against a wall is usually an ideal option. It’ll ensure nothing can get behind it while offering more security against wobbling. But certain factors can make this setup a bit problematic.

For instance, a typical example would be when the plumbing goes up the tank’s back. This setup would make doing any maintenance and cleaning incredibly difficult. So I’d suggest leaving a couple of inches between the stand and the wall.

Otherwise, placing the tank against a wall is a solid move. I haven’t had any issues setting up my heavy-duty large fish tank stand against my basement wall. It’s saved a few times when I was careless and accidentally hit the tank.

What can you put under the aquarium stand?

I’d recommend putting a mat under the aquarium cabinet stand or table stand to prevent water spillage. As a result, it’ll protect your floor from any unnecessary damage. I’d also put a felt aquarium pad between the stand and the tank to prevent slippage within the fish tank and stand combo.

For instance, RESILIA’s Water-Resistant Aquarium Pad would be an excellent choice. I’ve used it for years without producing any slippage or other issue with my aquarium table stand.

How much weight can an aquarium stand hold?

The weight capacity of an aquarium stand varies from product to product. Each option will have its specific weight limit expressed in its description. For instance, Flipper’s Aquarium Stand is meant for 10 to 20-gallon tanks weighing 120 to 240 pounds.

Every aquarium stand will describe its limits similarly in the product description. I’d recommend following them, or your stand-up fish tank may come crashing down. Honestly, weight limits aren’t something to mess around with when setting up a fish tank with stand supports.

What is the most trusted aquarium stand brands?

If you’re looking for highly trusted aquarium stand brands, you may select from the following:

  • Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank
  • Ameriwood Aquarium Stand
  • Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Aquarium Stand
  • Sauder Select Aquarium Stand
  • Coralife Designer Biocube Stand
  • Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

What are aquarium stands made of?

There are diverse kinds of materials for an aquarium stand that you should be acquainted with when planning to either build your own stand or purchase one:

  • Plywood

When it comes to high-quality tank stand construction, plywood is the standard material used. This is generally utilized in expensive and branded stands and it is also the common material for those who decide to build their own stand.

This is a sturdy material and is less prone to water damage. This can be sealed or painted and the quality of the material can withstand a long period of usage.

  • MDF/Particle Board

This is the least pricey type of wood that is utilized for stand construction. It is usually utilized with stands that are imported or with store chain brand stands. This is not ideal for saltwater tanks due to high humidity.

This material would only be fine to utilize if you construct your own stand, hire a carpenter to do it or if you are knowledgeable about woodworking and if you are good at sealing and painting it.

  • Metal

This material is commonly utilized for bigger tanks. It has solid structural support and a combination of wood and metal could be utilized to construct a custom stand. Due to this material’s greater structural strength, it is more open, so this could enhance your access to the sewer and the back-end electronics that are stored in your stand.

Moreover, metal frames are typically made with aluminum or stainless steel.

What color stand is most suitable for a fish tank?

One of the first decisions that plenty of aquarium hobbyists make when setting up a new aquarium is what color scheme they will employ to decorate the tank. It is interesting to note that there are some enthusiasts who come up with a natural underwater world while there are those who prefer to go wild with bright colors of their choice.

The color of the aquarium stand will always be up to you. However, it is a must to consider whether you opt for a wild aquarium theme or a natural underwater world theme. Apart from this, you also need to ponder on the color of your fish you intend to keep as well as the plants, structure, and rock in the fish tank.

Once these factors are all carefully thought of, you can surely come up with the best possible color that will match your tank and aquarium stand.

Are the aquarium stands waterproof? How to waterproof it?

You can purchase aquarium stands that are waterproof these days. For a fact, nearly all tank stand brands are made with water-resistant materials.

In case, you are planning to make your stand on your own; you can waterproof it through:

  1. Applying a waterproof sealant on the entire interior part of the stand.
  2. You may consider running silicone on the underneath corners inside the stand. This is quite important because it will greatly aid in keeping the water from running under the tank stand.
  3. You may mount a power strip on the stand’s interior section; to do this better, mount it against the top of the inside as much as possible. The outlets should all be faced down in order for the water not to run into them.

How tall should an aquarium stand be?

A regular size tank stand is constructed for viewing while sitting down and the measurement will generally be shorter than 30-inches. Countless of high-end tank stands and all-in-one aquariums nowadays will have taller stands which generally measure 30 by up to 36 inches. In the same way, many aquarium hobbyists will also construct a stand that has a taller height of 36 inches.

How to level aquarium stands?

When leveling your tank, it is recommended to level the stand or furniture where the tank is sitting on and not the tank itself. To do so, you need to utilize shims under the stand when necessary. On the other hand, if the stand is level but the aquarium is not sitting on appropriately, then a sheet of Styrofoam or tank leveling mat may be utilized to loosen the irregularities.

When leveling your aquarium stand, you will need the following materials/tools:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Level
  • Crowbar
  • Shims
  • Tank leveling mat or a piece of Styrofoam


  • If you are on a carpet, you need a rubber mallet to slowly beat in the shims. Meanwhile, you will require a crowbar to lift the tank stand if you are on hard floors.
  • You may also utilize a mat or a leveling pad beneath your tank in some cases.

How to build an aquarium stand?

Fortunately, if you wish to set aside some pennies, you could actually build your own tank stand right at your own home. You will only require screws, wood sheeting, 2x4s, wood glue, a drill and of course a load of patience and strong eagerness to put a little work into it!

Here are the guides on how to make your DIY aquarium stand:

  • Figure out the dimensions of your tank stand hinged on the size of your tank.
  • Carefully cut the pieces of wood to accommodate the dimensions of your tank stand. It is recommended to utilize a circular saw to cut 4 2x4s to the preferred width, 2 2x4s to the preferred length and 8 2x4s to the preferred height.
  • Fasten the 4 smaller 2x4s to one side of a length-cut 2×4. Situate 2 of the smaller 2x4s together with the bottom and top of the thin side of the lengthier 2×4 and put the two other smaller pieces in the center.

Afterward, utilize a power drill to fasten the smaller 2x4s to the bigger piece with the use of 6.4 cm. construction screws.

  • Lay the other length-cut 2×4 near the frame and thoroughly fasten it to the smaller pieces.
  • Fasten a height-cut 2×4 at each edge and after that cross brace location on your frame.
  • Cut and fix up a piece of plywood at the base of the frame.
  • To cover the frame with sheeting, you will need to cut 4 pcs. of wood sheeting to accommodate every side of the stand.
  • Fasten every piece of sheeting in a secure mode to the sides of the tank stand.
  • You may then add trim the edges of the frame if you wish to make it appear more attractive.
  • Then, it is time to polish all areas of the stand and make sure to smooth them out.
  • Stain or paint your finished tank stand in any color of your preference.
  • If you like, you may also affix doors to the front section of your stand.

Please be guided that when you construct your tank stand on your own; this must be crafted to fit your specific tank. The design that was modeled above could be altered accordingly through simply adjusting the width and length of your requirements.

How to care and clean?

Looking after and cleaning your aquarium stand is not a tedious one. You only need to wipe it with a clean cloth or use furniture cleaner or a polisher to make it glossy. Make sure it is made of water-resistant materials and make it more waterproof by using a sealant or silicone prior to using it. This will aid in making a stand last for many more years of usage.

Where to buy?

You can buy aquarium stands in various pet or fish stores in your area, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Petco., Petsmart, Lowes, and other highly credible online shopping sites.


Right to it, when it comes to deciding what type of aquarium stand to get, it is crucial to mull over the shape, size, and weight of your current tank. Apart from this, also look at the kind of materials the stand is made of; think about the space for the equipment, how easy is it to set up, the height of your tank and what look do you prefer.

Of course, before anything else, you need to set the budget you are willing to spend for a tank stand. Be reminded that you should not settle for low-cost options if the quality is compromised.

As you can see, there are a number of factors that you need to think over when investing in a high-quality aquarium stand. Luckily, with the best aquarium stand reviews shared above, it is no longer a very cumbersome task for you to decide which one perfectly matches all the requirements you have in mind.