The Best Medicated Fish Food for Boosting the Immune System

best medicated fish food

One of the reasons why it is essential to be very discreet when it comes to buying the best medicated fish food products is to provide the most effective treatment for your most prized aquatic pets. If you’re able to choose the right fish foods that could help them recover from illnesses and other bacterial disease problems, then you can ensure their health, safety, and longevity.

This post aims to provide useful information and guides to fish owners who are looking for effective means how to safeguard their fish tank settlers against threats that detriment their overall well-being. The list of medicated fish food products below is meant to assist consumers in picking the right feeds that could provide the top-rated treatment for their ailing pet fish.

In the same way, there are some practical shopping tips and other valuable fish keeping-related information discussed in this article to help fish keepers make their fish hobby less burdensome, more soothing, and more exciting activity every day.

Fundamentally, buying the most suitable medicated fish foods for your finned buddies is not challenging at all provided that you do your homework and make careful comparisons of the options available. For sure, there is one specific fish food product that could meet your requirements and better satisfy your expectations.

Best Overall


✅ Provide instant relief and remedy
✅ Treats bacterial infections, ulcers, and open wounds
✅ Comes with botanical and natural ingredients


Premium Choice

Hikari USA AHK73254

✅ Comes in clear pink color
✅ Helps avoid staining the tank
✅ Does not bother aquatic pets


Editor’s Choice

API Betta Fish Food

✅ Controls algae bloom
✅ Support healthy bacterial growth
✅ Support regrowth of fins and treats open wounds


Top-Rated Medicated Fish Food Reviews of 2023

1. API MELAFIX Fish Remedy

Similar to buying Levamisole fish food, of course, we prefer products that are uniquely and safely formulated to execute their job well. Hence, if you opt for a top-quality freshwater fish bacterial infection remedy, this product can be your perfect companion to solve your problems. This is a great catch in that it works reliably in repairing fins, and treating bacterial infections, open wounds, and ulcers.

In like manner, this is unrivaled because it is manufactured with natural tea extract making it safe to use and exceptional at avoiding disease outbreaks, particularly when adding new fish in freshwater tanks. You can use this every day for a week when trying to treat infections. On the other hand, use it for 3 days if your purpose is to have a preventative measure when introducing new fish into the tank.

Not less, if it is your intention to deal with the torn or ragged tail of your fish, then this medicated fish food might not provide you with a faster solution to resolve that concern. Additionally, you need to wait for some time for you to witness some positive changes in what you’re trying to treat.

  • Formulated with natural tea extract that treats bacterial infections, ulcers, repair fins, and open wounds
  • Does not discolor the water, change water pH levels or badly affect the biological filter
  • Comes with botanical and natural ingredients that provide instant relief and remedy
  • Can serve as a preventative measure when adding new fish in the tank
  • Does an excellent job of warding off disease outbreak
  • Positive results may take a while to be noticed
  • Appears not ideal for treating or repairing tail rot
In a nutshell, these medicated feeds come with botanical and natural tea extract that works reliably in quickly helping freshwater fish find relief against various ailments. Unlike other medicated fish foods, this won’t foul the water, alter the water’s pH level, or badly affect the biological filtration system. This can be your go-to if you wish to heal ulcers, open wounds, treat bacterial infections, and support the re-growth of damaged tissues and fins. For the price, you are a winner!

2. Hikari USA AHK73254 for Aquarium

Using this anti-parasite medicated fish food won’t cause any burden to your finned buddies. It comes with clear pink color and is not prone to staining the tank or does not bring about any water discoloration. This is an excellent choice if you wish your fish tank to remain clean and clear all through the treatment process. Whether you are presently raising pond, saltwater, or freshwater fish species, these medicated feeds are safe to use.

It is advantageous to completely comply with the directions when it comes to the dosage on the bottle. Sometimes, you will require two doses for the product to work effectively. Moreover, it is important to perform frequent water changes and thorough vacuuming of the substrates so that you can be guaranteed that the parasites are totally gone.

It is important to shake this product well before using it because it tends to form some weird clumps that make it unsafe to use at certain times and if not shook well, it appears not to be mixed properly so effectiveness may be affected. These are a few of the weak points that must not be taken lightly if using these medicated feeds.

  • Great for disease conditions that include flatworm, tapeworm, Turbellarians, and flukes
  • Treatment process does not bother aquatic pets
  • Does not cause any undesired color changes in the water
  • A practical choice to use for ponds, saltwater, and freshwater tanks
  • Comes in clear pink color and helps avoid staining the tank
  • Prone to having weird clumps
  • Requires shaking before use since it does not mix quite well
In general, this is an incredibly effective medication for fish species suffering from internal parasites problems. Unlike other medicated fish foods, this does not destroy the tank cycle and kill your finned friends. It works effectively and you’ll be glad to see your pet fish become more active and livelier again. The treatment process won’t stress or bother your fish and the tank water would remain clean and safe for your finned pets to dwell in.

3. API Betta Fish Food

This API general cure is a first-rate product that you should not ignore. It acts as an effective antibacterial remedy that supports faster regrowth of damaged skin and fins. This is also good at treating mouth fungus, ulcers, tail and fin rot, and when you notice some indications of fungal and bacterial infections such as slimy patches, red ulcers, and cottony growths.

Also, this is reliable in medicating damaged tissues and wounds caused by netting, handling, and fighting. If you want to make your reef, saltwater and freshwater aquarium more stunning, safe, and healthy for your fish to thrive, then this medication can help you achieve all those. It does wonders in controlling and treating fish ailments and conditions like fin rot and ich.

On the other hand, these medicated fish foods come with slightly irking smells that may annoy anyone with a very sensitive sense of smell and they tend to allow algae accumulation inside the tank especially if you have live plants in it. So, it is highly suggested to take the fish out and consider treating it on a separate bowl. It is important to look into these negative aspects to avoid other potential problems.

  • Works as a sterling fungus, antifungal and anti-bacterial remedy for betta fish
  • Helps minimize the hazard of disease outbreaks and tissue damage
  • Comes with healing melaleuca formulation
  • Controls algae bloom and support healthy bacterial growth
  • Aids in treating bacterial infections, ulcers, repairing damaged fins, support regrowth of fins and treats open wounds
  • Tends to encourage a nasty algae problem if there are live plants in the tank
  • Comes with an unpleasant smell
Right to it, if you are fishing for a superior quality antifungal and antibacterial remedy for your betta fish, this option can be your right companion. Whether you need to deal with bacterial infections, wounds, ulcers, tissue and skin damage, and other sorts of fish diseases, this medicated fish food can help you provide the necessary cure for your most treasured fish tank friends. It is one great way to minimize the danger of disease outbreaks and sustain the peak health of your pet fish.

4. New Life Spectrum Hex Shield Medium

If you are in search of high-quality medicated fish food for internal parasites, this product won’t disappoint you in that aspect. It won’t be necessary for you to worry about getting rid of bacterial parasites that continuously detriment the overall wellness of your fish tank residents.

These are safe to use in that they do not contain toxic chemicals that could worsen the current condition of your aquarium buddies. These medicated fish foods are manufactured with a spectrum nutrition formulation that consists of squid as well as bentonite clay. You can rely on these feeds because they could target gastrointestinal parasites.

More than that, these medicated feeds can be your go-to if you wish for fast treatment for your aquarium pets. For fact, you can already observe positive results in a matter of three days after feeding them these medicated fish foods. You’ll be delighted to see your pet fish become healthier and happier again.

Take into consideration that these medicated feeds do not work like magic so you need to expect that some fish won’t find them enticing at the beginning. Treating your fish surely requires patience. Moreover, the jar is a little small for the price so do not expect it to last for a long period.

  • Comes with spectrum nutrition formulation with bentonite clay and squid
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Does not contain any artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives
  • Can effectively treat various gastro-intestinal parasites
  • Uniquely preserved by utilizing all-natural preservatives only
  • Some fish are reluctant to consume the foods at first
  • Jar is slightly small so it might not last a while
In summary, the New Life Spectrum medicated foods are great options if you prefer to target gastrointestinal parasites that are generally accountable for wasting ailments such as hexamitiasis, hole-in-the head, and lateral line disease. This product is risk-free to use because all ingredients in its new formulation are preserved utilizing all-natural preservatives only. So, it is completely free of any artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavoring. The jar is a little small and the price tag is a bit costly, but it works excellently so it is still a great choice worth purchasing.

5. Everything Aquatic Quad Flake

These medicated fish flakes are stellar alternatives for those who do not prefer medicated pellets. These are dependable in terms of guaranteeing effective deworming medication that focuses on a broad range of internal parasites. What makes it more distinguished than other similar products is its ability to help bolster the immune system functions of the fish so they would be more robust enough to resist diseases.

Apart from this, the product also contains Epsom salt that aid in clearing the gut more efficiently, meanwhile, garlic is also added to enhance the flavor and to provide antibiotic properties to assist in warding off secondary infections. You will need to take these flakes are the only food source for your fish for roughly 10 by up to 14 days.

It is good to note that some fish would commonly appear more energetic after ingesting adequate medication due to this boost. Please be guided that Levamisole treats a wide spectrum of worms but won’t be as effective against tapeworm, flatworm, and flukes- so this makes it an ideal companion with praziquantel.

Withal, these medicated flakes appear to be not always readily available especially if you look for them in local fish or pet stores. Aside from this, since it is probable for parasites to attack again after a few weeks, it is highly suggested to conduct the treatment again in three weeks to completely break the life cycle of parasites.

  • Does a superb job of deworming freshwater and saltwater ornamental species
  • Targets diverse sorts of internal parasites
  • Helps boost fish immunity to combat diseases
  • Deemed as one of the top-rated medicated fish food products
  • Also readily available in medicated pellets
  • May require repeat treatment
  • Can be slightly difficult to find in local fish or pet stores
As a whole, this option is a great value for the money. The size of the package is enough to last a while and works wonderfully in medicating internal parasites. What is more awesome about this product is that aside from eliminating bacterial parasites effectively, it also helps strengthen fish immunity so they can effectively repel various sorts of bacterial infections and diseases. However, it is necessary to do the treatment again in 3 weeks to totally stop the life cycle of parasites.

Outdated Products

Seachem Laboratories Inc Metroplex (Outdated)

Just like Fenbendazole fish food products, you can depend on the effectiveness of these medicated feeds. You can use this for freshwater and marine applications since it is manufactured to be mild enough not to cause any negative effects on the filter bed of the tank. Sure thing, this works outstandingly in combating anaerobic and protozoan bacteria diseases that bother your finned friends.

The usual dosage for this is 125 mg/10 gallons. Furthermore, it can be instantly removed with carbon. It is recognized for having the potency to treat Ichthyophthirius, Hexamita, and Cryptocaryon. It works as advertised and can be utilized as a generalized bacterial remover; however, it is top-rated utilized for specific concerns. Make sure to switch off the chemical filtration, ozone, and UV during the treatment process.

You need to carefully check if the product received is the correct one. This is because every order appears to have issues in that rather than sending you Metroplex, they send Kanaplex instead. And, it seems this product is not that beneficial in terms of treating internal parasites. Make it a point to inspect these glitches before purchasing one.

  • Contains gentle formulation that is safe for the filter bed of the tank
  • A great choice for treating saltwater and freshwater aquatic creatures
  • Works effectively as an anaerobic and protozoan bacterial disease treatment
  • Does not harm the corals and can safely treat your pet fish
  • There is little danger of overdosing
  • Wrong stuff is often delivered
  • Looks like not that good for treating internal parasites
On the whole, what is likable about this medicated fish food is that it is specially formulated to be mild enough to treat effectively yet it does not pose any hazard to the corals inside the tank. You can utilize it as part of a medicated food that is combined to safely treat aquarium occupants well and this can be done with little chance of overdosing. If you want to totally exterminate anaerobic and protozoan bacterial diseases in fish, then this can be your savior.

Peabody’s Fish Food MetroFlake (Outdated)

For anyone who needs second to none medicated fish food for parasites, this product is worth considering as it can help you save your fish tank settlers from various sorts of ailments. Many fish hobbyists regard this as an A1 fish food blend that is manufactured to help with internal and protozoan parasite problems such as hexamita.

Aside from providing a great cure, this also guarantees superior quality and balanced feeds for your aquarium pets. And, since it is formulated with safe and high-quality ingredients, most fish species would be lured to devour these feeds.

Most fish consume these medicated feeds with much enthusiasm because it contains krill, plankton, and salmon which are known to be the types of foods that most aquatic creatures prefer. Always refer to the feeding instructions to avoid confusion and errors. You can find the details on the product’s label.

Be that as it may, it is a little disappointing to see that the package only contains a small amount of medicated feeds so this implies that you’ll need to buy more since it won’t last for longer fish feeding and treating activities.

And, the feeds are easily crushed into tiny pieces so they tend to vanish in the water column when added in the tank. These are a couple of the demerits that you may encounter if you treat your pet fish with these medicated feeds.

  • Manufactured to assist with internal and protozoan parasites problems
  • Capable of ensuring premium quality and balanced fish foods
  • Includes easy-to-follow feeding instructions
  • Formulated with high-quality contents that could lure fish to eat with fondness
  • Comes with beta-glucan that’s intended for fast recovery
  • Seems to be easily crushed into pieces
  • Contains only a tiny amount
On the button, these medicated feeds are worth a shot. They can serve as one effective and outstanding approach to solve internal and protozoan parasites’ concerns. Additionally, you can be guaranteed that your fish obtains superb quality and a well-rounded fish diet so there is no need to worry about satisfying their nutritional requirements. Its beta-glucan contents also make it an ideal choice to promote speedy recovery for your aquatic pets.

Everything Aquatic Anti-Parasite Duo Flake (Outdated)

Are you currently wondering what effective deworming fish food to consider for your pet fish? Then, you can check out what these medicated fish flakes can do for the current condition of your fish tank residents. If you find it hard to deal with internal diseases in your aquatic pets, you can start feeding them with these medicated feeds and you’ll be stunned by the positive results.

Many fish owners choose this product because it is tested and proven to successfully treat gill flukes, freshwater ich, body slime, epistylis, hexamita, schistosoma, flatworms, Malawi boat, chilodonella, liver flukes, turbellarians as well as tapeworms. You need to feed your fish tank dwellers with these flakes roughly once or twice per day for about 7 to 10 days.

Over and above, before the treatment process using these medicated feeds, see to it to start with a 25% or beyond water change. The treatment process may be done again if needed since the parasite attack can emerge again. Store these feeds in a cool dry spot to sustain their potency.

Nonetheless, two factors that you would probably dislike about these medicated flakes are their current costly selling price and you can’t completely tell if they would work effectively for all types of fish species. Be sure to be reminded of these minor gripes before spending lavishly on this product.

  • Certified one of the most topnotch medicated fish flakes available today
  • Works like a charm in effectively treating internal diseases
  • Can cure various fish health concerns like Liver flukes, epistylis, flatworms, and freshwater ich
  • Works adeptly at deworming saltwater and freshwater aquarium species
  • Also readily available in medicated pellets form
  • Not reasonably priced
  • Uncertain if it would work for all types of fish species

To wrap things up, these medicated flakes are good for preventative and treatment purposes. They can ensure a more convenient and more efficient method of deworming freshwater and saltwater aquarium species. These are great substitutes if you prefer flakes over pellets.

In addition to this, your ill fish can be provided with the right internal disease treatment because this product contains a combination of an anti-protozoan treatment known as metronidazole and an effective deworming treatment none other than praziquantel. This blend is reliable at covering a wide range of parasites in the gut.

Seachem ParaGuard (Outdated)

It is worth mentioning that this product is the only filter and fish safe aldehyde-based parasite control fish food products readily available nowadays. As compared to highly hazardous and hard to utilize formalin-based treatments, this option does not come with any methanol or formaldehyde contents so it won’t have any negative impact on the pH level of the water.

Many fish hobbyists prefer this product because it is adept at efficiently eliminating a lot of external bacterial, viral and fungal lesions and ectoparasites in fish. This makes it quite beneficial in hospitals and in receiving tanks for new aquatic pets and whenever new fish species are introduced to a community tank. Whether you are currently taking care of saltwater or freshwater tank, this would work well for you.

Please be reminded that this is purposely for treating specific diseases in freshwater and saltwater fish-only and it is not advised to consider it for medicating any style fish tank that contains corals, rays, invertebrates, crustaceans, and sharks.

All the same, these medicated feeds may take a while before they can produce noticeable outcomes and it is not dependable when it comes to treating secondary infections such as fin rot and cottonmouth. See to it to look through these downsides first before getting one for your fish tank residents.

  • An ideal option for freshwater and saltwater use
  • Effectively eliminates fungal, ectoparasites, viral and bacterial lesions
  • Does not contain any toxic substances like methanol and formaldehyde
  • Risk-free alternative to formalin
  • Won’t in any way badly affect the pH level of the water
  • Takes a few days to reveal noticeable changes
  • Appears not ideal for curing secondary infections
Lastly, you can label this product as one of the best medicated fish food because it comes with a unique and special formulation that makes it effective in treating various fish health concerns. If it is your purpose to completely eliminate bacterial, fungal, and viral lesions, this can be your solution. This is a safer option than formalin-based treatment products and it won’t badly affect the tank water quality.

Everything Aquatic Anti-Parasite Pellet (Outdated)

Everything Aquatic Medicated fish food can be one of the most excellent options when it comes to effectively treating internal disease in fish. These medicated feeds are formulated with parasite duo pellets that contain metronidazole with praziquantel.

You can start using these medicated feeds by performing 25% water change. Afterward, feed your fish tank occupants once or twice per day for 7 to 10 days. Take note that the treatment process may be repeated if it is seriously needed. This product comes with easy to follow instructions so it is convenient and smooth sailing to use even for beginners.

These medicated pellets can guarantee effective medication; they do not lose their potency and won’t age sooner so long as they are properly stored. If you prefer an effective means to medicate many different types of internal diseases, then this product is worth buying.

Howbeit, these medicated feeds are not easily accepted by some fish species so you’ll need to train them somehow a bit to get used to them. Additionally, you need to check first if the product is available to be shipped to your country. This is because the product is not shipped to some specific countries.

  • Works outstandingly in treating internal disease in fish
  • Capable of covering diverse parasites in the gut
  • Can help effectively medicate various bacterial parasites in fish
  • Treatment may last for 7 by up to 10 days
  • Formulated with anti-protozoan treatment and wide spectrum deworming treatment
  • Some fish needs to be trained to get used to these medicated feeds
  • Do not ship to some certain countries
Overall, this anti-parasite fish food is a must-have especially to those who look after some fish species that are sensitive to bacterial parasites. It has a combination of Metronidazole which is known for being an effective anti-protozoan treatment plus praziquantel which is highly acclaimed for being a superb deworming treatment. Such a unique treatment combination can already cover diverse sorts of bacterial parasites that detriment your pet fish’s health.

What to Look for When Buying Medicated Fish Food


Does investing in premium quality medicated feeds get distressing for you? Do you find it baffling which option to go for since there are numerous options out there? For you to end up buying the most suitable product that could effectively solve your fish health problems; the following guides can be helpful to you.

Even though there might be more than what we are recommending here, it is essential for fish keepers to ensure that they perform comprehensive research about medicated feeds. So, before shopping for one, start asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is the product you are eyeing to buy worth the purchase?
  • What are the benefits of purchasing medicated feeds?
  • Why is it crucial to purchase medicated feeds, particularly from high-end brands?
  • What vital factors to look through before buying high-quality medicated feeds?
  • What are the ingredients of the product? Is it safe to use?
  • What are the most recommended medicated feeds sold on the market at present? Or, what’s the best-selling medicated fish food brand in 2010 and 2020?
  • Is the price tag reasonable enough for what you’re getting?
  • What are the pros and cons of the product?

Lastly, take into account that medical ingredients generally come with short shelf lives only. So, it is essential to keep an eye on the expiration date of the medicated feeds. After you open the product, make sure to store it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

See to it feed the medicated feeds only while you’re treating as well as for the entire time that is recommended. As for the selling cost, highly acclaimed brands typically come with higher price tags but you are guaranteed quality and effectiveness. While it is true that your budget has a great impact on your decision, this must not only be your sole basis when investing in a top-notch quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted medicated fish food brands?

One of the most unbeatable approaches to ensuring that you can provide your fish tank pets with the most suitable treatment against various sorts of ailments, infections, parasites, and bacteria is investing in premium quality medicated fish foods for them. However, it could be cumbersome to pick the most suitable option especially when you are not that knowledgeable in the fish hobby world yet.

Thus, you won’t go wrong if you listen to the advice of the experts. You can research the most trusted medicated feed brands so you can easily narrow down your choices. The good news is that there are several top brands that you can depend on when it comes to providing the best cure for your fish tank friends.

When looking for and buying effective and premium quality medicated fish foods, you can search for the following brands:

  • Everything Aquatic
  • Hikari USA
  • API
  • Seachem
  • New Life Spectrum

It is good to note that these brands have been tested and proven to be potent in providing the possible top-tier cure for ailing fish. Even so, they are generally more costly than other available options, so expect to pay more for their products.

What is medicated fish food?

Medicated fish foods are commonly recommended to control bacterial disease outbreaks in cultured aquatic creatures. These generally contain antibiotics to prevent specific bacterial infections by either inhibiting the bacteria from multiplying or totally eradicating them bacteria.

They commonly contain USFDA-approved antibacterial drugs. It is worth mentioning that these compounds have stringently undergone exhaustive human-food, animal, and environmental testing before they get approval for fish use. Most of the medicated feeds are commercially prepared. It is significant to note that antibiotics do not control fungus, parasites, and viruses.

Take into consideration that medicated feeds must only be utilized when utterly necessary and must be used as per the veterinarian or product label’s instructions. This is due to the fact that there are a few approved medications for use in aquaculture. Thus, preventing bacterial disease outbreaks with an appropriate disease management scheme is perceived as the most stellar approach to ward off bacterial diseases in fish.

Why do you need medicated fish food? (Benefits)

Feeding your fish tank settlers with the most excellent medicated feeds can provide several benefits that both of you can take pleasure in and some of these consist of:

  • Medicated fish foods offer a greater opportunity that the active contents would be absorbed by ill aquatic pets, something that is valuable if what we prefer to treat is internal instead of just external issues.

The other alternative choice available to most fish owners is generally water-borne medications.

  • Waterborne medications would have to be either absorbed through the skin or gills of your fish tank friends since aquatic creatures do not precisely drink water.
  • It is oftentimes unclear what the absorption rate of the medication is for a few of the medications we may prefer to utilize. Indeed, the last alternative is injections. Whilst injections are a great approach, these might not be possible or deemed as practical for most fish hobbyists.
  • Medicated feeds are tested and proven to cure certain fungal, parasitic, and bacterial diseases. These are also adept at repairing damaged tissues, skin, fins, tail, open wounds, ulcers, or other sorts of fish health concerns.
  • Many of them do not discolor the water, change the pH level, or cause any hazard to corals and other fish tank inhabitants.
  • These are easy to use and the treatment process is not bothersome to most fish dwelling in the tank or pond.

How do you make medicated fish food?

When making your homemade medicated fish food, consider the following steps:

Ingredients you will need:

  • A cup of water
  • Fish food
  • Ziploc bag
  • A bowl
  • Aquaculture antibiotics
  • Newspaper


  • Put at least 1 pound of fish food in a bowl.
  • Then, thoroughly dissolve 10 grams of Oxolinic acid powder in a cup of water. Use half a cup of water to dissolve; and from there, you can put more water slowly as necessary. Make sure the solution does not become too pasty or too watery.
  • The next step is to pour the oxolinic acid solution over the fish food in a bowl. Combine the solution properly so each pellet is thoroughly covered with medicine.
  • Combine the fish food well using your hands or if you want you can put the solution and the food in a container that comes with a lid and start shaking properly.
  • Carefully lay the food on a newspaper and place this in a dry and cool spot. Take note that the food must get fry after half an hour or 1 hour.
  • Lastly, place the food in a huge Ziploc bag and store it in a dry and cool location. Alternatively, you can store it in the fridge.

How do you treat internal parasites in fish?

During the initial signs of ailments, utilize a test kit to ensure that the values are suitable for the kinds of tropical fish you are raising. Likewise, perform a partial water replacement- this is regarded as a very valuable safety measure. If probable, move any sick fish into an isolation tank so you can have the chance to closely monitor them and avoid the potential spread of any infectious organisms.

The most recommended treatment for internal parasites in fish is Metroplex and Focus in a medicated food mix. This helps aquatic pets to internalize the medication; hence, this would be effective against internal infection.

In line with this, it is highly advised to do the treatment daily for at least 3 weeks to guarantee the complete removal of the problem. In case the fish stops eating, it is quite hard to treat internal parasites; however, you can consider doing the Metroplex to the water column.

Please take note that this may not be the most excellent means to conduct such treatment; nonetheless, if you have no other option, this is better than nothing at all.

How to use?

Once a bacterial infection has been detected in aquatic pets, an approved antibiotic feed could be pointed out. Essentially, the treatment must always be the maximum prescribed dosage for that fish species and must be fed for the total of days prescribed even if your finned friend has recuperated before the culmination of the treatment period.

Not to mention, providing reduced concentrations of antibiotics or reducing the total of days the medicated feeds are provided could encourage bacterial pathogens to cause defiance to the antibiotic. If this takes place, the antibiotic would be more apt to be incapable of controlling specific infections that may emerge later at a hatchery or in a fish farm.

Most fish usually stop eating as a bacterial disease continues; this is why early detection and treatment are valuable to guarantee that the infected fish consume the medicated fish food. Once a bacterial disease is detected, and the suitable medicated fish food is figured out, the feed must be utilized instantly.

In like manner, dosages have been computed for an antibiotic to sustain a specific level in the bloodstream for a specific period of time for it to be more effective. Hinging on the compound, it usually takes a day or so to get to this level.

Fundamentally, the treatment must be carried out for the prescribed period and never stopped prematurely just because your aquarium buddy looks better. As for the dosage, always refer to the product’s label or vet prescription. See to it to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions if you do not wish to aggravate the current condition of your pet fish.

Where to buy?

Premium quality medicated fish foods are not always easy to find in local fish, pet, or aquarium supply stores. Whilst it is true that the majority of the bigger and heavily-stocked local fish, pet, or aquarium supply stores carry such fish food products, these stores are commonly stocked with a brand or two.

In other words, they do not always carry a huge selection. So, this is one of the reasons why many fish keepers prefer searching for them online since you can select from limitless brands and product options. It is all thanks to the advent of the internet; consumers can now delight in the convenience of shopping for the right product without walking out of their doorstep.

Also, besides numerous brands to select from, shopping online can also give you a chance to carefully go over some customer reviews and some useful guides from consumers who have already used the medicated fish foods. And, best of all, some brands are less expensive online as compared to purchasing them from local fish, pet or aquarium supply stores.

Some of the most well-recognized and trusted online shopping sites where you can find a good deal of medicated fish foods include Amazon, Live Aquaria, PetCo, PetSmart, and Petwarehouse.

Storage of Medicated Fish Foods

Just like with all types of fish food products, medicated fish foods must be properly kept in a dry and cool location. Alternatively, if you have a freezer, it is also ideal for storing medicated feeds as this would allow extended lifespan for them provided that the feeds do not get drenched or moist.

Essential nutrients as well as antibiotics would deteriorate instantly in a wet and warm spot. In the same way, excessive decay of antibiotics as an outcome of incorrect storage could lead to ineffective treatment.

What is more, any unutilized medicated fish feeds, kept at room temperature must be disposed of after a period of three to four months. This is to guarantee the health and safety of your fish tank inhabitants.


To sum things up, you have learned from this post that the best medicated fish foods are oftentimes recommended to help regulate bacterial disease outbreaks in diverse fish species. It is worth noting that medicated feeds are formulated with antibiotics that are meant to control certain bacterial infections by either warding off or exterminating the bacteria from reproducing.

Undeniably, it is crucial to learn more about what medicated feeds can do to help treat your ill fish tank dwellers. Such products are commercially prepared and there are those that you can create on your own. Hopefully, you found the information tackled in this article as a practical guide for you to deal with bacterial infections when raising your aquarium inhabitants.

And, for you to save your fish from worsening conditions, see to it to take a closer look at the features, ingredients, pros, and cons of the medicated feeds that you’re planning to purchase. To be sure, opt for highly recognized brands that have been used by expert fish hobbyists because such products have already been tested and proven to be efficient in treating fish health problems.

Lastly, always strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions when it comes to using medicated feeds for your most cherished finned pets. As you know, proper dosage should be stringently adhered to so you can avoid more serious health issues from taking place.