The Best Driftwood for Aquariums to Provide Realistic Beauty

Beyond question, the best driftwood for aquariums can add stunning character to every fish tank. In addition, stones, rocks as well as woods create a beautiful foundation for the aquarium hardscape. It is interesting to know that there are a number of distinct forms of fish tank driftwood that come in different and captivating shapes and colors.

Still and all, any piece of wood could not be utilized for fish tank driftwood. It is worth noting that fish tank driftwood requires curing and submersion. Otherwise, it has the tendency to leak tannins and may unattractively affect the color of aquarium water. Surely, you wouldn’t want your fish tank water to be contaminated as this will make your aquarium pets suffer.

Below are some aquarium driftwood products reviews for you to have a careful look. These could assist you in deciding for the right driftwood that won’t discolor or pollute your fish tank water.

Best Overall


Long Natural Cholla Wood

✔ Does not contain any herbicide or fertilizer
✔ Thoroughly cleaned and tenably sourced
✔ Harmless for all types of aquarium pets


Premium Choice


EmoursTM Aquarium Driftwood

✔ Provide a great hiding spot
✔ Comes in different sizes and shapes
✔ Create realistic adornment


Editor’s Choice

GEOsystem Fluval Mopani Driftwood

GEOsystem Fluval Mopani Driftwood

✔ Can provide beautifying accent
✔ Ideal hiding spot for fish tank inhabitants
✔ Certified hardwood so it does not float


Top 9 Driftwood for Aquarium Reviews 2023

1. Long Natural Cholla Wood for Aquarium


If you are going to check out the list of aquarium safe wood, you will uncover that cholla wood is a good choice for your fish tank. This is completely friendly to all fish tank dwellers and is also highly recommended to be used for hermit crabs, if you prefer to tie a moss with it for some embellishment, or if you keep a shrimp tank.

It is engrossing to know that since it is a natural type of driftwood, unlike others, it does not contain any chemical that may endanger the lives of your aquarium pets.

Besides, this serves as a very safe and enjoyable hiding spot for young and shy fish. What makes this wood a good catch is that it has already been tidied and continuously sourced. To prove its harmlessness, it is commonly sourced in areas where it is herbicide free.

Take into consideration that this type of driftwood needs to be boiled before use as this will immensely aid in accelerating the rate at which the wood will submerge in water.

All the same, this wood is a little bit lightweight so it may necessitate days of soaking just to ensure that it will sink in water.

  • Does not contain any herbicide or fertilizer
  • Harmless for all types of aquarium pets
  • Makes a superior hiding shelter for sensitive and young fish
  • Has been thoroughly cleaned and tenably sourced
  • Ideal for hermit crabs and shrimp tanks
  • Wood is slightly light in weight
  • Requires days of soaking for the wood to sink
In conclusion, this cholla driftwood comes with a wonderful variety of wood pieces. It is specifically recommended for attaching new aquatic plants inside the fish tank. For the money, this is a smart purchase precisely because it is reasonably priced, harmless to fish species, can create a safe hiding place for aquarium pets and can serve as a captivating adornment.

2. EmoursTM Aquarium Sinkable Driftwood


It can be challenging to look for various aquarium driftwood types that can be the perfect pick for your aquarium. This sinkable driftwood is made of excellent quality wood that is sturdy enough to combat parched or submerged environments. It is a genuine and natural-looking type of wood that could bring amazing adornment to aquariums.

More than that, the distinctive shapes add to the gorgeous value of the fish tank. This comes with visual variety which simply implies that it comes with varieties of shapes and sizes of pieces of wood that could offer a unique appearance to the aquarium. This wood will instantly become the centerpiece of your fish tank décor.

And, best of all, it could create a safe and sterling hiding place for different fish species that live inside the aquarium. It also comes with a very affordable price tag, so it is ideal for those with limited budgets.

The downsides of this driftwood include the tiny pieces of wood that are mixed in the package once purchased and some of these even hover in the water.

  • Comes with genuine and natural woods that create realistic adornment
  • Made of premium quality, sturdy and tough driftwood
  • Can last for longer periods of time even in rugged environments or submerged
  • Can provide a great hiding spot for fish tank occupants
  • Package comes in different sizes and shapes
  • Tiny pieces of wood are mixed in the package
  • A few pieces of this driftwood floats in the water
In summary, this is an adorable wood that is perfectly suited for freshwater fish tanks. The package includes pieces of driftwood that come in different sizes and shapes. This can withstand very dry and permanently submerged environments and is one of the most preferred driftwoods because it can ensure a safe hiding shelter for fish tank dwellers. Its natural appearance and durable composition are what make it wonderful addition to aquariums.

3. GEOsystem Fluval Mopani Driftwood

GEOsystem Fluval Mopani Driftwood

This can be considered as one of the first rate aquarium woods mainly because this is an exemplary piece of driftwood that makes it a great choice. Once added to the fish tank, you will be stunned to see the wood sinking instantly. It is essential to boil it in order to discharge the tannin away, but the boiling process does not need to be long.

This wood commonly comes in two unique sides so you could immediately turn it to have a new stylish appearance. It is certainly impressive and comes with a tough as rock, solid look and it is a lot heavier than it actually looks.

However, while manufacturers claim that it comes with a sandblasted finish, it looks partially sandblasted and it has the tendency to turn the water a little brownish in color so some aquarium owners worry about this. Luckily, this isn’t harmful to fish.

  • Very natural and can provide beautifying accent to fish tanks
  • Superb at adding extraordinary aesthetics to aquariums
  • Comes with sandblasted finish to inhibit water pollution
  • Can serve as ideal hiding spot for fish tank inhabitants
  • Certified hardwood so it does not float
  • Partially sandblasted
  • Has tendency to turn water slightly amber in color
By and large, with this driftwood’s very natural look, it is capable of providing embellishing accent to aquariums. If you wish to add some out-of-the ordinary appeal to your fish tank, then this is an ideal option to invest in. it is safe for your aquarium pets as it does not contaminate the water in the fish tank. It could also create a suitable hiding hub for fish inside the aquarium. It is hardwood so there is no need to worry if it’s going to hover in the water. This wood is budget-friendly too so it does not hurt your pocket.

4. SunGrow Natural Cholla Wood


Are you setting your eyes on safe wood for freshwater aquariums? Then, you do not need to exhaust yourself searching further for suitable driftwood for your fish tank. SunGrow Natural Cholla Wood will help you keep your aquarium buddies safe and at the same time make your fish tank look more attractive than it already is.

This wood requires only a maximum of 2 days of soaking and right there it could already sink to the bottom of the aquarium. It is great for fry, tiny shrimps and fish as this enables them to delight in swimming, breeding and hiding in the driftwood. It is a wonderful entertainment for your pets and it could also become a favorite hiding sanctuary for them.

And, the most important thing is that this cholla wood will be best enjoyed by your aquarium pets because they could at times chew on it. As a matter of fact, birds, hamsters as well as reptiles and even some tiny pets can have cholla wood as their chew toy.

At any rate, this driftwood is prone to a black slime mold and this may cause some danger to your fish tank dwellers. Apart from this, it is also regarded as too narrow for those who are keeping dwarf shrimp.

  • Can ensure a dazzling ornamentation inside the aquarium
  • Certified safe to be used for all types of fish tanks
  • Does not require several days of soaking
  • Can establish a hiding and playing spot for your marine friends
  • Can serve as a source of food and is nutrient-filled
  • Prone to black slime mold
  • Too narrow for dwarf shrimp
Over and above, cholla wood is a practical option in that it can serve as a hiding sanctuary for your fish, it can be considered as their source of food since it is rich in nutrients and it could create a bewitching décor in your aquarium.

5. Marina Decor


Marina décor is a great pick as driftwood for fish tanks because fish seems to like it inside the aquarium. Once added, you’ll enjoy watching your aquarium friends having fun while swimming and playing around, in and out of the aquarium.

When you received the product, you will realize that it comes with a bigger size than expected. And, you can’t help but fall in love with its very natural-looking color that could lure your fish tank occupants for sure. This could serve as the centerpiece in a fish tank and you’ll feel stress-free seeing your fish have a good time.

What makes this option very ideal for aquariums is that it looks more sophisticated under LED lighting and you’ll love observing your aquarium dwellers taking pleasure in their new hiding and breeding spot.

In contrast, this wood is susceptible to some fungus issues and many fish tank owners who have used marina décor had problems with its undesirable smell.

  • Looks like an authentic mangrove roots naturally found in nature
  • Safe to use and risk-free for your marine friends
  • Larger than expected and comes with fascinating color
  • Capable of securing placement
  • Can look even more exquisite with LED lighting
  • Prone to some fungus issues
  • Comes with unpleasant smell
Small wonder that this driftwood is one of the most preferred adornments for many fish tanks; aside from its beautifying effect particularly when partnered with LED lighting it does not cause any risk inside the aquarium. Its color and size are just right and it looks amazing since it is really identical to authentic mangrove roots. It is nice to invest in fish tank driftwood that is safe for your fish and at the same time can make your aquarium a great sight to behold.

6. Zoo Med Tag Mopani Wood


Fish tank owners definitely opt for driftwood aquascape that is safe, a great décor and something that their marine friends will love. If you give this product a try, you won’t be disappointed. This is ideal for terrariums and all sorts of fish tanks. As you can see, it comes with elegant two color African hardwood.

As compared to other types of driftwood, this one is deemed as the densest and the hardest. It is not prone to disintegration and it is capable of sinking at once. This comes with impressive look, its lighter-colored bark and the dark brown color that comes with enticing knots make it a wonderful decoration to any aquarium. It is very affordable; hence, if you have a limited budget for driftwood, this product makes a wise choice for you to consider.

However, a few of the negative sides of this wood are the fact that it is not as large as expected and it has the potentiality to turn the aquarium water into dark tea color especially if not soaked as directed.

  • Highly recognized for being the densest and hardest
  • Specifically designed for terrariums and fish tanks
  • Isn’t susceptible to rotting instantly
  • Capable of sinking right away
  • Aids minimize algae growth
  • Has the tendency to turn water in dark tea color if not soaked properly
  • Not as large as advertised
In general, these Mopani Wood pieces are quite adorable. It does not break apart or chip easily unlike other driftwood. It’s dense and heavy so it could sink right to the bottom of your fish tank. Moreover, it comes with several grooves, nooks and crannies where your aquarium pets can hide and this also serves as an anchor to your aquatic plants. This is a certified gilt-edge centerpiece in your aquarium.

7. Koyal Wholesale Grapewood Branch


There’s no denying that it could be wearisome to look for the right aquarium safe driftwood for your current needs and style. Luckily, this Koyal Wholesale Grapewood Branch won’t add more to your burdens anymore.

This is highly recommended for nearly all events and occasions since it could function as a very magnificent centerpiece in tables and most specifically in any sort of fish tank. What is more engrossing about this product is that it was naturally formed over time.

By the same token, you can have some options for this because it is available in 4 different sizes for you to select from freely. Even though it is not that heavy, it can still ensure a perfect balance when use. This appears to be sturdy and thick.

A couple of the disadvantages that you may encounter with this wood are it’s being quite lightweight so there is a tendency for it to float in the water and there is a greater likelihood that molds will grow instantly on it.

  • Offered in a total of 4 distinct sizes to form out-of-the-ordinary centerpieces
  • Ideal for weddings, birthdays, catered presentations, classic candy buffets and baby showers
  • Has been shaped in a natural approach over time
  • Can ensure a perfect balance
  • Seems very thick and durable
  • Molds grow easily
  • Quite lightweight
To conclude, this product is a must-have. For a reasonable price, it is packed with great features that could surely satisfy your needs and style. It’s a kind of embellishment that your marine buddies will love and it won’t in any way cause any harm to them. This instantly sinks to the bottom of the tank provided that you adhere to the recommended cleaning, soaking and boiling instructions. Not only that, it is not only useful for aquariums for other special occasions as well.

8. Emours Natural Driftwood Branches


Many of us mistakenly think that it is costly to invest in planted aquarium driftwood. Little did we know that there are a lot of options out there that are priced affordably. The good news is that you can wonderfully beautify your fish tank without the need to spend extravagantly.

Just like Emours Natural Driftwood Branches, this product is a nice item to try since it comes with impressive features that you will certainly fall for. Not only that, you will also have the chance to treat your fish and create a lovely habitat for them inside the fish tank.

Despite the many sterling features of this product, it also comes with a few weak spots and these include the reality that it specifically calls for serious cleaning and it may consume long hours of boiling prior to adding it to the fish tank.

  • Highly recommended for home garden landscape design
  • Each branch comes with distinctive look
  • Durable branch that is ideal for adornment
  • Can be utilized to build moss tree inside the aquarium
  • Superb for the price and quality
  • Especially requires thorough cleaning
  • Necessitates long hours of boiling
To sum up, this product makes a great piece of adornment to any fish tank. The branches come with delightful appearance that helps make the aquarium a more marvelous to sight-see whenever you feel stressed. It is sturdy and good in quality and price. This will amaze your fish tank inhabitants as well. But, thorough cleaning, soaking and boiling are definitely a must!

9. My Pet Patrol All Natural Teddy Bear Cholla Wood


There is no need to waste your money elsewhere since this natural driftwood for aquariums can be the right product you have long been searching for. This cholla wood is absolutely luring wherein each piece comes in disparate colors and shapes.

Also, this driftwood is good at reducing and buffering pH levels and is known for shaping a biofilm that is favorable to fish and can make the fish tank even more stable. It is ready for use in aquariums but you need to conduct thorough and repeated cleaning, soaking and boiling prior to adding it to the aquarium.

Regardless, this cholla wood has the potentiality to discolor the aquarium water especially if it is not properly and repeatedly soaked and rinsed. Likewise, it is considered as too narrow for anyone who is keeping medium-sized hermit crabs.

  • Harmless to all types of animals
  • Aids in buffering and minimizing pH levels in a natural mode
  • Wood comes in extra unique hollow centers and cut uniformly
  • Capable of forming biofilm that’s advantageous to the overall stability of the aquarium
  • Adorable adornment to a shrimp tank
  • May discolor the water
  • Too narrow for medium-sized hermit crabs
In consideration of the many select features of this cholla wood, we can safely say that it is well worth the money. Your fish tank dwellers will definitely love it. Each piece of wood is sleek inside and huge enough for tinier crabs and fish. It comes with hollow centers and the pieces are cut in a uniform mode which creates a good hiding spot for your marine friends.

Outdated Products

Zilla Reptile Décor Malaysian Driftwood (Outdated)


If you are dreaming of adding a magnificent centerpiece to your fish tank, this wood will help you make your dream a reality. The wood comes in varied sizes and it looks amazingly awesome. Its deep brown color makes it appear very sophisticated and natural. This could last even under submerged and parched environments.

This Malaysian driftwood works superbly as a crossover for your marine friends whenever they need to transfer from water to land. This is going to be a perfect friend for most reptiles as well. This comes with the natural ability to submerge in water without requiring you to scratch the bottom of the aquarium’s glass.

A few of the flaws that you can observe on this wood is its smaller size than advertised or expected. And, you should prepare to spend some more time getting it shaped.

  • Each piece of wood comes in different sizes and distinctive look
  • Serves as a cross over from water to land
  • Comes with very appealing deep brown colored wood
  • Can endure parched and submerged environments
  • Sinkable in water without the need to scratch the bottom of the tank
  • Smaller than expected
  • May take a while to get it shaped
Summing it up, this aquascaping wood is the perfect size for smaller fish tanks. It could serve as a very enticing accent to the aquarium. It is capable of sinking immediately and is very clean. Without question, this is a lovely piece of driftwood that will certainly make an impeccable centerpiece in a planted fish tank. It is affordable too which makes it a wiser option to try.

What To Look For When Buying Aquarium Driftwood


When purchasing driftwood for your fish tank, it is a must to consider the following factors first:

There are types of driftwood that are inappropriate for fish tanks. The possible reasons for this are that they might be too brittle, toxic and dangerous to your aquarium pets. That said, it is crucial for you to learn more about which types of driftwood to avoid buying for your aquarium.

In general, it is not recommended to purchase driftwoods that are soft. These may include willow, witch hazel, cedar and pine. Basically, such types of driftwood should not be utilized in aquariums since they degrade a lot faster once they are submersed in your fish tank.

Huge pieces of driftwood might require being secured. Such driftwood may contain some elements of resilience even after they are cured. It is imperative to secure them with the aid of moderately large rocks so as to hold them in your preferred position.

Take in mind that the connotation of “the best†highly relies on your personal needs and preferences. Not to mention, different kinds of driftwood are sold in the market nowadays, and the truth is, deciding which one is best for you solely depends on your personal preference.

It is because of this that it matters for you to take your time when selecting and do not ever buy something that you don’t prefer precisely because it is less costly or comes from a particular brand.

From a structural perspective, keep in mind that the harder and firmer the driftwood is the better. Therefore, we can safely assume that sturdy and firm driftwood makes a good choice. See to it that the driftwood you are buying is labeled for fish tank use.

Other Important Factors To Consider


What is aquarium driftwood? How does it work?

Aquarium driftwood is a fragment of wood that has been snapped off by strong winds, waves or tides that have been immersed in the river, sea, lake or beach. More than that, it is a structure of seaweeds, marine remnants and vegetation and other forms or ruins.

It could be troubling in some areas that surround tidewater. Be that as it may, driftwood provides cover and serves as a source of food for some birds, fish and other living things that live close by waterways or in water since this could also hover in the rivers or seas.

Driftwood works by serving as a base for sand dunes to develop and this is made possible by gribble worms, bacteria and shipworms to cause it to disintegrate, converting it into essential nutrients that are brought out to the food chain.

This does not merely serve as a lovely ornament or embellishment to aquariums, but driftwood can also be utilized as a refuge for various fish tank occupants.

It is critical to highly regard your fish tank as a delicate habitat that is responsive to change. And so, you’ll want to ensure that you fill in your driftwood for risk-free use. Moreover, even prior to starting the process of building up your driftwood, you’ll want to ensure that your choice is suitable for your fish tank.

What are the different types of aquarium driftwood?

Rose Wood Roots

These come with thick and uncommon branches. They could form radiant effects by means of having the roots divide down into the substrate. These are appropriate and enchanting driftwood for fish tanks.


This has some of the most extraordinary shapes and is perceived as more buoyant to wear as compared to other types of driftwood. It is one of the most famous styles and comes with a branchy appearance. This could be more costly but can serve a long-lasting investment.

This driftwood requires more curing time and it is not recommended to utilize it as fresh or raw primarily because it has the tendency to contaminate the aquarium water.

Malaysian Driftwood

This comes in a tough appearance and generally bought as huge pieces of wood. It is ideal for large-sized fish tanks and can be easily identified for having a unique orange color. Nevertheless, this may be at risk for percolating tannins.


This is described as lovely branching driftwood. It could be obtained in huge pieces. Cured and whole pieces of this driftwood could be quite pricey, yet it is very adorable and sophisticated. This is a top-notch option for aquarists who own huge fish tanks and are looking for a single piece of driftwood. Huge pieces of this wood are usually broken down and purchased in smaller sets.

Cholla Wood

This is an amazing patterned style of driftwood. It is certainly pricey and may be difficult to find. It comes with hole-like structure and it is not probable to last as long as tougher varieties. Its sophisticated and fine stemmed patterns have the potentiality to disintegrate faster in fish tanks after several months or years.

Why do you need aquarium driftwood? (Benefits)

  • The addition of driftwood into your aquarium could definitely help safeguard and sustain a lower pH in your fish tank. As you can see, this is especially advantageous if you are an aq

Plenty of fish need moderately acidic water conditions and adding driftwood to your fish tank is one of the helpful means to form such an environment.

  • Putting driftwood in the aquarium could also stimulate the fish’s natural behavior. Fish tend to get naturally lured by driftwood since this exists in waterways, rivers, oceans and lakes. It serves as a breeding and hiding spot for fish and this may even become their source of food as well.
  • Driftwood comes an impressive appearance aside from promoting and sustaining a safe habitat within a fish tank. Just like filter media and substrate in a fish tank, this greatly assists in the development of good bacteria.

It is worth mentioning that these bacteria are very indispensable as they disintegrate fish by-products into less harmful compounds that aids in keeping your aquarium inhabitants safe and healthy. Driftwood can guarantee a healthy outgrowth of beneficial bacteria.

  • Driftwood does a great job at bolstering the fish’s immune system. When this is submersed, the natural tannins will gradually percolate into the fish tank water. These tannins form a moderately acidic habitat that assists in warding off ailment-causing bacteria.

Essentially, the tannins discharged could also enhance the available oxygen in the water line and this would better stimulate the immune system of the fish.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of wood is driftwood?

This type of wood is primitively a root that is distinguished by elongated and very tiny branches of light brown color which are at times intermixed and could create a very expressive design. It is not utilized for the architectural part but for the artistic part and is appropriate for any type of fish tank.

Such type of wood is typically costly and due to its low density, it has the potentiality to hover; hence, appropriate curing is quite paramount. It has the good feature of not discharging significant amounts of humic acids and, as a result, it won’t in any way influence the pH level of water so they could be utilized in a considerable quantity in the content of the design.

Do I need to boil or soak driftwood before placing in the tank?

Although most driftwood will remain submersed under the water’s surface, some driftwood remains a little resilient till it is completely immersed. This is the reason why it matters to soak it in a huge container as long as probable to ensure that the whole piece is totally submerged. In general, a minimum period of one by up to two weeks is necessary to enable complete soaking.

In like manner, soaking also enables excess tannins that could discolor and cloud over the water, to percolate out. Take note that the splotch caused by the tannins won’t endanger your fish tank occupants; however, this will reduce the pH level gradually over time.

Meanwhile, boiling the driftwood stimulate more tannins to percolate out more instantly; thus this aids cut short the process of curing. It also sterilizes the driftwood, thereby exterminating fungi and algae that could take hold at the time these are introduced into the fish tank with the driftwood. At least one to two hours of boiling is required to effectively sterilize the driftwood.

How to prepare driftwood for aquarium use?

Prior to adding the driftwood to your fish tank, it helps to consider drawing an outline of your fish tank and the place where you prefer to situate the driftwood. Carefully think over how your fish tank will appear with the driftwood placed vertically as contrary to the traditional placement.

Then, you may have a look at distinct designs on paper in order for you to form a distinctive aquatic landscape. Composing a rough draft enables you to explore and conceptualize your aquascape without distracting your marine friends in the process.

After doing so, you may now proceed to the cleaning and curing process.

Where to get driftwood for aquarium?

Aside from local stores and online stores, you can possibly search for fish tank grade driftwood on ocean beaches that are surrounded by lakes, creeks, vegetation and rivers. The best time to look for driftwood in the said areas is instantly after a storm. Start your exploration not more than two to three hours right after the storm had passed.

In the event there was no storm recently, you can increase your chances by conducting a morning search. It is not advised to administer this in parks or protected areas as this is prohibited. Be reminded that prior to adding it to your aquarium, it must be thoroughly cleaned, soaked or boiled (curing process).

How to make driftwood for aquariums?

Once you have personally gathered the driftwood from the mentioned areas earlier, it is up to you how to add them to your fish tank after the cleaning and curing process. If you wish to put them as large ones or you may want to break them down into different sizes and shapes to fit your aquarium, you may do so. You can visualize how to position them in your fish tank.

The position, shapes and sizes may be done as per your needs and preference. So long as you have properly conducted the required cleaning and curing process, you are all set!

How to wash & clean?

  1. Give it a good shake. This helps in loosening any excess grains and can get rid of any pests from the driftwood.
  2. Use a durable brush and gently scrub the surface of the wood. This can be repeated after soaking it.
  3. Alternatively, you may use a moist toothbrush to clean the edges and crevices. This is superb at eliminating sand.
  4. Utilize an air compressor to expel concentrated blow-up of air into the more profound holes.
  5. Rub the wood with the aid of sandpaper. Getting rid of the outer layer of the driftwood is one great method to get it deeply cleaned.
  6. Another way is to pressure or power wash it.
  7. Immerse the driftwood using distilled water.
  8. Consider submerging the wood in a beach solution, gently mix the bleach with distilled water and immerse the wood underwater.
  9. You may boil it at least one to two hours to wipe out fungi and algae or other bad bacteria.

Where to buy?

You can purchase driftwood in specialty fish keeping stores, local pet stores nearby or in various online shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress and other legit and highly trusted sites.


To put it in a nutshell, there seems to be plenty of the best driftwood for aquarium products that are sold in local fish or pet stores and online; then again, the real struggle is determining which one is actually the most outstanding choice for your fish tank in terms of cost, quality and safety.

When you spend more time picking an excellent piece of driftwood to add to your aquarium you absolutely wish it to look stunning. Even so, you are not merely buying it for the sake of aesthetics because you should also consider the safety and health of your aquarium pets.

With the aquarium driftwood product reviews above, picking the right one for you is no longer an arduous task to deal with. Make sure that you carefully read the guides shared above to help you make the best possible decision for your fish tank and aquarium pets.