The Best Foods for Corydoras for Proper Fish Growth & Vitality

best foods for corydoras

As cory keepers, it is just right to treat them with much love and care to ensure that they live healthily and happily inside the aquarium. One of the top-tier ways how to achieve this is to feed them with appropriate types of foods and feed them with only the right amount. So, this only proves to say how important it is to buy the best food for corydoras.

The good news today is that if you have plans to look after cory, then this post can be of great help to you. You can have a closer look at the ten product reviews here since these are designed for this specific fish species. In so doing, you can pick the most suitable fish food that could meet the nutritional needs of your aquatic pets.

You will also learn from this article that while it is true that Corys are so keen on prowling for unconsumed foods, this does not necessarily imply that their diet should all be leftovers.

However, as you know, leftovers could run out; hence, as their owners, it is essential to ensure that there are available foods that could satisfy their nutritional requirements. Your pet fish would suffer if you would only depend on leftovers to feed them.

Lastly, if you wish to unveil more about the right foods to feed your Corys, then it is practical to continue going over the information discussed here.

Best Overall

Aqueon Shrimp Pellets Fish Food

✅ Pellets sink quite well
✅ An ideal choice for catfish, loaches
✅ Fits all kinds of budget


Premium Choice

Tetra Shrimp Wafers

✅ It is practical for bottom feeders
✅ Reliable at supporting fish health
✅ Contains rich shrimp protein contents


Editor’s Choice

Hikari Sinking Wafers

✅ Boost stronger fish immunity
✅ Contains superb levels of veggie matter
✅ Designed with distinctive wafer shape


Top-Quality Food for Corydoras Reviews of 2023

1. Aqueon Shrimp Pellets Fish Food

If you opt for very affordable cory catfish diet products, then this option would best match your budget. This would make a very practical choice for anyone who is presently taking care of catfish, loaches, and other sorts of tropical fish.

These foods are made of top quality contents and primarily comprise whole shrimp meals that could offer 38% of protein. The pellets are designed to be easy to digest; they get softer immediately and are adept at absorbing water quiet well. If you do not wish to have some problems with tank water conditions, it is crucial to use these pellets as directed to avoid fouling the tank water.

A couple of negative factors that you would observe if you feed your corys with these pellets are their tendency to transform into fine dust and it is annoying to see some strange white debris on the underneath section of the aquarium after feeding. This clearly shows that you would need to deal with more frequent tank cleaning and tank water replacements after feeding sessions.

  • Pellets sink quite well and are quite easy to digest
  • An ideal choice for catfish, loaches and other bottom-feeding types of fish
  • Capable of offering well-balanced nutrition for daily cory feeding needs
  • Can serve as a very nutrient-enriched treat for goldfish, marine fish and various tropical fish species
  • Fits all kinds of budget
  • Prone to dissolving quickly into dust
  • Leaves some sort of odd white residue on the bottom of the tank
In a nutshell, this cory catfish food is very friendly for those who prefer reasonably priced fish food products. It is surprising to know that there are available options that are packed with required nutrients yet they do not force you to pay excessively in exchange. The pellets do not cause any digestion concerns and can also serve as palatable and nutritious treats for goldfish, and marine and tropical fish. Undoubtedly, this can be your go-to food for feeding bottom-feeding fish.

2. Tetra Shrimp Wafers

If you are constantly asking yourself what to feed cory catfish, then you may set aside your worries and check this product out. This food could be a great daily diet that you can provide your most precious aquatic pets and it can provide the required nutrition they seriously need to live and grow healthily as expected.

This product is manufactured with clear water formula. However, it is essential to strictly follow the manufacturer’s feeding instructions every time. See to it feeding these foods every few days only and provide the food amount that your pet fish can eat within a few hours. Such food is only a supplement which means it is not considered as a staple diet.

Withal, a few of the minor gripes that you should keep an eye on if you feed these foods to your fish tank residents are their slightly bigger size that makes them a little difficult to be consumed by goldfish and they tend to leave a bit of mess after feeding activity. To avoid cloudy tank water, remove the food debris right away after feeding sessions.

  • Sinks without any problem so it is practical for bottom feeders
  • Contains rich shrimp protein contents
  • Reliable at supporting fish health
  • Can be appetizing to shrimp-protein loving aquatic creatures
  • Manufactured with a stabilized vitamin source for stronger immunity
  • Slightly bigger for goldfish to eat
  • Leaves a bit of mess inside the tank
Ultimately, to those searching for more reasonably priced means of feeding corydoras, this bag is big enough to last and already contains some essential nutrients that are vital for corydoras to stay healthy, active, and capable of resisting ailments. This would be a great pick for feeding bottom feeders that are fond of rich shrimp-protein types of foods. If fed right, you can help support the overall wellness of your fish.

3. Hikari Sinking Wafers for Pets

You surely would need to be insightful about corydoras feeding strategies to ensure that your aquarium inhabitants get the necessary nutrition they need to survive in an artificial environment. Luckily, this product could help you train your pet fish to consume the right foods for them. Your bottom feeders would go nuts with these wafers because they contain high levels of veggie matter as well.

Furthermore, these sinking wafers were formulated with silkworms, spirulina, and krill. They also contain nutrient-enriched ingredients that were supplemented with minerals and vitamins for bottom feeders. Since they are not susceptible to dissolving at once, they won’t foul the tank water much. They come in easy to fit shapes so your fish won’t have a hard time munching them.

Howbeit, the smell of these foods is luring enough for fish but it’s the opposite for fish owners with a very sensitive sense of smell and it would require a bit of training when feeding your finned buddies because they won’t be too fond of these foods at first. Be sure to consider these minor issues before buying one.

  • Designed with distinctive wafer shape that lets bottom feeders swallow without difficulty
  • Not prone to dissolving easily so it won’t extremely affect tank water clarity
  • Manufactured with fairly balanced nutrient-fortified contents
  • Aids in reducing fish stress and boost stronger fish immunity
  • Contains superb levels of veggie matter that could lure bottom feeders
  • Some fish tend to ignore these foods at first
  • Comes with a very strong smell that could irk fish keepers
By and large, this corydoras food is the real deal. The sinking wafers were particularly designed for loaches, various bottom feeders, and cory catfish. These are great options when it comes to helping your finned buddies stay in peak health and make them more active even when dwelling in an artificial habitat. These are manufactured with a more advanced formulation and reduced wafer size to meet a broader range of bottom feeders.

4. Wardley Fish Food and Accessories

Corydoras in the wild commonly eat anything that can come across. However, if you keep them in an aquarium, it is important to feed them with a similar diet that they consume in their natural environment and make sure to provide them with varieties too so they won’t be prone to stress and sickness.

These tropical fish foods do not contain any additional artificial dyes that could be toxic to your fish tank pets and are not prone to making the tank water gloomy and contaminated. It is loaded with immune support formulas and other vital nutrients to promote overall fish wellness and vitality.

Sadly, the size of the pellets is too big for some fish that have small mouths to eat and they are quite hard and needs some time for them to soften up. You need to look into these downsides first before you buy these foods specifically if you keep small tropical fish with small mouths.

  • A great choice for feeding diverse tropical fish particularly bottom feeders
  • Packed with premium quality proteins that aim to promote normal growth
  • Formulated with a stabilized form of vitamin C that promotes more robust fish immunity
  • Packaged in an easy-to-store and convenient jar
  • Pellets tend to sink in a gradual approach
  • Too big pellets making them difficult to be eaten by fish with small mouths
  • Quite hard and may take a while to soften up
On the button, corydoras behavior could be greatly affected if they are not fed properly. This is the reason why it is necessary to ensure that they are fed regularly with the right food amounts so they won’t starve. This food option seems to be ideal for them because it is fortified with generous amounts of proteins and other essential nutrients that work wonderfully in supporting normal fish growth, stronger immunity, and vitality.

5. Fluval Bug Bites Granules for Bottom Feeders

Aside from making sure that corydoras temperature in the tank is at the right levels, one of the most important factors to consider when keeping them is choosing the right foods and feeding them regularly and with just the directed food amount. If you opt for foods that are packed with superior levels of fiber as well as protein content, then this option won’t fail your expectations.

This food is chosen by many because aside from promoting good fish health, it also works wonderfully in sustaining stunning fish colors, healthy fins, scales, and skin. Thus, your fish is not only healthy but also good-looking.

Since these granules do not come with a predetermined size, they could instantly be transformed into fine powder. And, due to that, they could create some mess inside the tank so the tank water becomes less clear after feeding.

  • Fortified with amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other trace nutrients
  • Formulated with easy-to-digest black soldier fly larvae
  • Contains a healthy mix of fiber and animal proteins
  • Known for being nutritious and well-balanced food option for tropical fish
  • Manufactured with Omega 3 and 6 enriched whole salmon
  • Does not come in predetermined size so they tend to turn into a fine powder
  • Can be messy and fouls up the water a bit
Right to it, this food contains larvae that are dried and combined with premium quality salmon, minerals as well as amino acids to provide a nutrient-filled fish diet daily. It also comes with veggies and protein mixes that are beneficial for herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. And, since it is formulated with high contents of fiber, it works adeptly in inhibiting digestive system issues and mimics the consumption of wood as a component of fish’s natural diet.

6. Omega One Sinking Shrimp Pellets

For fish keepers who prefer fish foods that are packed with cold-water proteins and formulated with natural color enhancers, this option is a great pick for you. The product is made with real shrimps that would entice your finned buddies to eat healthily. The pellets are made to be naturally insoluble so this helps cut down the possibility of tank water contamination.

You can feed your finned buddies such as black corydoras with these pellets one to three times per day and make sure to utilize only as much food as your aquatic pets can eat within 2 minutes. This food is free of any toxic contents so you can be guaranteed that your fish remains in top health condition.

It is important to know that these foods dissolve right away than expected and are prone to get stuck in the gravel. Moreover, they seem to produce more ammonia inside the aquarium which could eventually create some problems. You should not take these concerns lightly when buying one.

  • Sinks immediately and weighty enough to remain at the bottom of the tank
  • Formulated with high levels of proteins
  • Work like a charm in bolstering fish’s color
  • Manufactured with superior levels of beta carotenes
  • No starch, digests, meals and hydrolysates contents
  • Dissolves more immediately than expected and gets stuck in the gravel
  • Appears to be more prone to producing more ammonia inside the tank
In conclusion, this product would be a great help in feeding cory catfish. This is manufactured with real shrimp-like no other. The food is enriched with sumptuous cold-water proteins and natural color enhancers. The sticks are quite dense so very little feeding is needed and there is no need to be troubled about them getting swept into the filter.

7. API Fish Food Pellets

These pellets are manufactured to assist aquatic creatures in consuming nutrients readily; so as a result, there would be less fish waste inside the tank and you can keep the tank water in pristine condition. It is necessary to feed your fish tank dwellers two times daily as much as they can devour within 5 minutes.

Such a product contains flavorful and tasty ingredients that most fish love and these include seaweed, mussel, and shrimp pellets. They are easy to swallow and digest so your pet fish can be safe from any digestion problems. On the other hand, spirulina, algae, and other veggie contents aid in warding off constipation and bloating issues in fish.

It is substantial to follow the manufacturer’s directions in terms of feeding schedule and feeding amounts to avoid making the tank water messy. This product would have been close to perfection if the lid had been made with good quality material and did not cause trouble when closing it.

  • Helps fish readily utilize nutrients to ensure less fish waste and clean tank water
  • Good choice for those who target ideal fish growth and peak health
  • Allows easy digestion and guarantees clearer water and fewer ammonia levels
  • Contains flavorful seaweed, mussel and shrimp pellets
  • Most fish would love eating these foods
  • May foul the tank water if you pour too much food
  • Lid is a little troubling to close
Finally, these pellets are excellent food choices for feeding corydoras nocturnal. They seem to be designed to help fish owners save money on filters. They are specially made to promote good digestion; the foods are tasty enough to lure most fish into devouring them in minutes. If you desire to keep your aquatic friends colorful, and in good shape and condition, then this product won’t dismay you in achieving all that.

8. S&C AQUATICS Super Catfish Shrimp & Krill Mix

We certainly love seeing healthy corydoras spines, fins, scales, and skin. And, if you want to sustain these, it is a must to feed your finned friends with vitamin, minerals, and nutrient-packed foods that would ensure peak health and faster growth for them. Fortunately, this product could offer lots of health perks that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Over and above, this food also contains vitamins and minerals that are required to sustain stronger resistance against diseases. And, since it is made with all-natural color-enhancing contents, you will soon notice a huge difference in terms of your fish’s color.

Meanwhile, contrary to what was advertised, these foods are not that attractive for the majority of fish species, some fish do not consume them and it needs some form of training for them to get used to eating them. And, the zip lock bag can be instantly damaged so the food’s freshness can be affected.

  • Contains high amounts of amino acids and lipids
  • Formulated with safe and all-natural color-enhancing contents
  • Packaged in an easy-to-use and convenient zip lock bag
  • Works excellently at conditioning aquatic pets
  • Food smells like it’s mostly formulated from premium quality sources
  • Some fish are not lured to devour these foods right away
  • Cheap quality zip lock bag
To sum things up, this is a good catch for fish keepers who are searching for fish diets that are formulated with natural color-enhancing ingredients, good at conditioning aquarium residents, and fortified with essential nutrients that support overall fish health. This food is specifically designed for bottom feeders and catfish. This is highly recommended because it is largely manufactured from top-quality sources.

9. YFS Catfish Shrimp Sticks Pellets

Keeping corydoras in hard water seems to be fine, but it is still essential to closely monitor them now and then. Apart from this, it is necessary to feed them foods that are enriched with nutritious ingredients so your fish tank occupants can stay healthy and enjoy living longer lives.

Do cory catfish eat algae? Well, the answer to this is yes. However, it is also important to feed them with varieties to ensure that they get all the nutrients they need to stay away from diseases and other sorts of health threats. You can feed them with these pellets as these are a great source of nutrition for your finned buddies.

Not the less, it is surprising to see that the size of the pellets is smaller than the photo shown in the product’s advertisement. And, while these foods are designed to be flavorful, they fail to lure most plecos to consume them in minutes.

  • An ideal choice for feeding bottom feeders, loaches, and catfish
  • Free of any artificial coloring and preservatives
  • Proudly made in the USA using high-quality ingredients only
  • Does not pollute the tank water if used as directed
  • Contains spirulina, krill squid, shrimps and astaxanthin
  • Appears not palatable and appealing food for plecos
  • Size of pellets is smaller than expected
All factors considered this product is a great purchase in that it is manufactured with high nutritional content. It helps reduce very laborious tank maintenance because it works well in reducing fish waste. You’ll be amazed by these pellets since they are made fresh to order. These are free of any toxins as they don’t contain artificial coloring and preservatives that are present in other similar products. Most of its ingredients are deemed tasty and the favorite of most bottom feeders, loaches, and catfish.

Outdated Products

TetraPro CoryWafers Complete Diet (Outdated)

One needs to be meticulous enough when shopping for the best food for corydoras catfish and carefully examining the ingredients of the food should be the top priority. If you are one of those who go for fish foods that are designed to be well-rounded and can ensure a nutrient-enrich diet for your aquarium residents, then this product is worth a try.

These wafers are not susceptible to turning into mush when dropped in the fish tank and it looks like they are good at retaining their shape for a fair amount of time. Thus, they do not create a huge mess inside the aquarium.

Notwithstanding, a few factors that you would find off about these wafers are the facts that some corys do not find them palatable enough since they tend to ignore them during feeding activity and it was claimed that they sink right away but they need some time to drop to the bottom of the tank.

  • Serves as a well-balanced and complete diet for loaches and catfish
  • Manufactured with a shrimp-fortified center with potato protein to allow good digestion
  • Works to promote maximum fish health
  • Safe to feed for both young and adult aquatic pets
  • One of the top-rated options for omnivorous grazers
  • Some corys ignore these foods at times
  • Takes a while for the wafers to drop to the bottom of the tank
In the rear, this product is a worthwhile purchase in that it serves as a well-balanced and complete diet for loaches and catfish or omnivorous grazers. The food is enriched with delectable shrimp contents and other ingredients that could guarantee optimal fish health. This is a cost-effective investment because it provides nutrient-based immune system support that promotes longevity in fish. Many fishkeepers highly consider this product as a very specialized and high-quality staple diet that could offer several health perks for fish.

What to Look for When Buying Corydoras Food


Fish generally have a very specific form of diet in their natural habitat. Luckily, most species would do quite well without the precise food items they would pick in nature.

In general, once you decide to get into a fish hobby, it is necessary to be well aware of if the fish you are currently keeping is omnivorous, carnivorous, or herbivorous.

The delighting news is that there is a limitless number of commercially prepared foods that could be utilized in your fish’s diet and most of the selection would depend on your convenience and preference.

Before you add a certain cory fish food product in your cart, it won’t be a serious hassle if you try to consider some buying factors first. When purchasing the most suitable corydoras food product, make sure to ponder on the following questions:

  • What brand manufactured the product?

Needless to say, if you do not want to end up feeling regretful in the end, it is wise to research what most professional cory keepers use when feeding their aquarium dwellers.

While it can be true that high-end brands are priced higher, at least you can be guaranteed that the food products are safe and contain natural ingredients that would suffice the daily nutritional needs of your pet fish.

  •  What are the primary contents of the product?

When it comes to feeding fish, proteins, fibers, fats, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, biotin, carotenoids, spirulina, krill, and other essential nutrients must be looked into. Always make it a habit to check the product information to see what benefits it can provide in fish feeding.

Not to mention, the product must be free of any chemical-based and artificial contents such as fillers, dyes, starch, and other unhealthy ingredients that could be potentially toxic to the overall wellness of your aquatic pets.

  • Are the fish food products designed to be digestible and won’t bring about severe tank water issues?

Sure thing, fish would appreciate foods that are soft, palatable, and easy to digest. They would refrain from eating foods that are hard for them to swallow and digest. And, if they find the food hard to eat, there would be greater chances of having excessive uneaten foods inside the tank that could eventually badly affect the condition of the tank water.

  • What is the fish food product made for?

Various foods specifically formulated for fish all come with a purpose for their manufacture. Check if the product intends to promote faster and healthy fish growth, outstanding fish coloration enhancement, help boost a stronger immune system and metabolic functions, and many other things that would promote the overall health of your most prized finned buddies.

These buying guides clearly show that shopping for the right cory fish food products does not solely depend on the price tag of the product. What matters most, in the end, are the benefits that you and your fish tank residents could obtain if you invest in one. While it is good to have investments that won’t force you to spend more, still you’ve got to focus more on the ingredients and the effects they could bring to your aquarium occupants.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is the most trusted food for corydoras?

When it comes to feeding your corys, you won’t have many problems because they could consume several different plants. They are so fond of eating algae and they are more apt to eat all types of food that other fish species have left around.

Such types of fish are not that finicky eaters unlike others and they could do well by merely eating leftovers. While they are categorized as omnivores, they are mostly herbivores too.

The rationale behind this is that most of the food they encounter is plant-based or plainly because they are fonder of vegetables and plants. It is good to note that most of their diet is comprised of algae, plants and if possible veggies.

Corys are well-known for being typical overeaters. This is the reason why it matters to control the amount of food that you feed them. Take note that it is crucial to feed them once daily and never allow them to consume more food than they could finish within 5 minutes.

As for feeding, if you would be utilizing some kind of wafer, pellets, or flakes, see to it that it is of the sinking variety- as you might already know; this is because corys are mostly bottom feeders.

In the same way, in terms of pellets, it is fine to feed your corydoras with foods that are precisely manufactured for omnivores and herbivores. You can also feed them with a few treats such as Tubifex worms and freeze-dried brine shrimps.

Aside from all these, corys would also be fond of eating blanched veggies regularly.

What do corydoras eat?

Cory and their relatives are categorized as omnivores. Indeed, they generally feed on the bottom and it is not unusual for them to learn to come to the surface when starving.

A few of the most common types of foods that you can provide include algae rounds, shrimp pellets, bottom feeder tablets, and tropical granules.

However, for more excellent results, it is highly recommended to provide them with a variety of premium quality fish foods and see to it to rotate your finned friends’ diets every day.

Please be guided that you only have to feed your fish tank settlers with food amount that they could finish within two to three minutes and feeding time should be once or twice.

Why do you need food for cory catfish? (Benefits)

If you are a corydoras fish keeper, then you are probably sharp about the significance of buying food products that were primarily designed for their daily feeding needs. You check the product information first before you buy one because it is your sheer desire to provide what’s top-rated for your aquatic pets.

While it could be fine to feed your corys with foods that are designed for other fish species, it is still more practical to feed them with food options that could exactly cater to their needs. Hence, if you have options to select from, opt for the ones that are specifically made for them to avoid unwanted issues in the future.

Once you have purchased the most suitable fish food product option for your corydoras, then your fish can take pleasure in the following perks:

  • Improve their overall well-being so they can be more robust in combatting infections and other kinds of fish ailments.
  • Enhance the natural, stunning and vibrant colors of your corydoras.
  • Allow them to have good digestion, stronger immunity, and faster metabolic functions.
  • Transform them into more energetic, healthier, happier and more active aquatic creatures that freely roam, play and swim around inside the tank.
  • Digestible fish foods remarkably help in avoiding tank water pollution so this means less tank water cleaning and water replacements.
  • Soft, easy to swallow and digest foods allow aquatic creatures to absorb all the nutrients that the foods contain.
  • Encourage trouble-free growth and development.
  • Giving your finned buddies varieties of foods would immensely help in enlarging their current size and boost their appetite since they won’t get bored eating the same types of foods daily.
  • Help them extend their lifespan and enjoy more meaningful and fun-filled years with their owners.
  • A varied diet can ensure proper nutrition so your fish tank dwellers won’t be prone to fish stress and other fish-related health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted corydoras food brands?

If you have already decided to buy fish food products that are principally designed for feeding corydoras, then the first thing that you need to check out is the brand of the product you are planning to invest in. As you know, it would only be a waste of time and money to buy products that were not manufactured by brands that have been comprehensively tried and tested.

When it comes to producing top-quality foods for corys, the following manufacturers are a few of the most preferred options by professional fish keepers and fish hobbyists:

  • Tetra
  • Omega One
  • Aqueon
  • Hikari
  • Fluval

You might get a little surprised to find out that the food products produced by these brands are priced more expensively than their rivals. Truth is, a higher price tag is to be expected because the products manufactured by these brands were rigorously tested and proven to be effective in promoting the overall well-being of corydoras.

Not only that, their ingredients are safe and all-natural so you can have peace of mind knowing that your fish won’t only obtain the necessary nutrients but will also be provided with the best possible care in terms of feeding them.

Do corydoras eat algae wafers?

Yes. These types of foods are ideal for corys. They sink well so they are great options for any type of herbivorous bottom-feeding fish. Whilst corys are not stringently herbivores, most of their diet also includes veggies, algae, and plant-based matters.

Moreover, since they are bottom settlers, algae wafer food options are particularly made to sink on the bottom of the aquarium where corydoras dwell. And, these wafers are precisely formed to fit cory’s mouth well.

Algae wafers are quite healthy and solely formulated with the safest and all-natural contents. The primary ingredient is vegetable matter which is primarily what your corys require to stay healthy and active. Besides, they are also packed with protein to slightly even things out; nonetheless, most of the ingredient is vegetable and plant matter.

Algae wafers are ideal for finicky bottom-feeding fish. And, these are all easy to digest.

Can Cory catfish eat cucumber?

Relying on the type of fish you have, your corydoras may appreciate veggies, particularly pea and cucumbers; all the same, veggies are not considered their most preferred meal.

Cory catfish would fondly consume various foods inside the aquarium before they munch on veggies; however, it surely varies from one corydoras to another. In case they do not accept veggies, they would get any veggie matter they need from algae wafers.

Take note that even when your corys eat veggies fondly, it is still paramount to prioritize feeding them with varieties for them to satisfy their nutritional requirements fully.

How to feed cory catfish?

As already mentioned, corys are bottom-feeding catfish which simply means to say that they would consume almost everything that sinks into the underneath portion of the aquarium. It is indispensable to feed them with a varied omnivorous fish diet such as meaty live or frozen foods, algae wafers, blanched veggies, and other nutrient-fortified pellets.

It is essential to keep an eye on what your finned friends eat, and always avoid feeding them excess food amounts. It is recommended to feed them with food amounts that they can instantly finish within 3 to 5 minutes at the most. If there is leftover inside the aquarium, get rid of these and always keep the tank water clean.

Because corys are regarded as nocturnal fish species, the most excellent time to feed them would perhaps be at night time, before bedtime.

How many pellets should I feed my corydoras?

It is highly recommended to feed your corydoras with food amount that they could consume within three times or less. Feeding frequency can be twice daily at a maximum.

As for feeding, feed your cory one serving daily, and provide them with what they can finish in 5 minutes. If you feed them with pellets, the recommended amount is one pellet daily for every 2 corys you have inside the aquarium.

Nevertheless, if you think there is excessive leftover food, then half algae wafer or half a pellet daily for 2 corys would be fine. At times, it is easier to overfeed corydoras than to starve them.

In some cases, only a couple of pellets would keep up to 6 corys fed for one or two days. For all that, this does not imply that if you provide the same number of cories the same food amount daily, they won’t consume, they would and this goes to reveal how indistinguishable it is between feeding your fish the safe food amount and excessively feeding them.

Thus, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s directions or you may also consider other feeding schedules until you discover the precise amount that is sufficient for your finned buddies. Take into account that every fish community and every fish varies and especially require to be fed differently.

Where to buy?

You can easily find various foods designed for corydoras in many leading and well-stocked supermarkets’ pet care sections, but to be more certain you can personally visit some local fish supplies, aquariums, or pet stores in your area. Such food products are luckily not that hard to find these days.

Still and all, if you do not have much time to look for and purchase these products from local stores personally, you can opt for online shopping. You can browse from some credible online shopping sites including PetCo, Aquaholics, PetSmart, Live Aquaria, Petwarehouse, and Amazon.

Whatever fish-feeding or fish-keeping needs you may have, these online shopping sites can offer you diverse options to select from and these are the perfect sites where you can uncover countless brands that are well-known and most preferred by expert fish-keepers around the world. This means that you can get the right product that would meet your requirements and satisfy your expectations.

What makes caring for corydoras less tedious and straightforward?

By the same token, one of the top-quality things about cory keeping is their easy maintenance and care needs. Such fish species possess a peaceful, low-key, and non-aggressive temperament. These characteristics may have a connection with their size comparable to other fish inside the aquarium.

Besides, this type of fish is famous for being inquisitive and active bottom settlers; they are fond of scavenging the underneath portion of the tank searching for some foods to devour.

These are livelier during the day; however, they could also spend time calmly resting and inert in the same location. Corydoras may move about the aquarium in the evening; all the same, they appear to be more energetic during daytime periods.


All in all, corys are not that troublesome to keep. They eat leftovers reason why tank cleaning won’t be a problem to deal with for their masters. However, it is not adequate to allow them to merely scavenge for uneaten foods inside the aquarium to sustain their nutritional needs; you also have to invest in the best food for corydoras to ensure peak health, good digestion and faster growth for them.

This article aims to help cory keepers easily and wisely decide on the most appropriate fish food products designed for this fish species. While they seem not to be picky eaters, this does not convey that you can just let them consume whatever stuff they can eat inside the tank. Of course, it is still better to feed them with foods that can precisely meet their daily nutrition needs to help them live longer and look their best.

Fortunately, if you are feeling perplexed about what to feed them, the ten products exhaustively reviewed above can help you smartly pick the one that you think and feel could be most suitable for them. So long as the food products are capable of satisfying the nutritional requirements of your aquatic friends, then you can be guaranteed that they will be just fine.

The other cory-keeping information tackled in this post could also serve as your guide to assist you in accomplishing your goals in fish feeding and fish keeping.