The Best Aquarium Water Changers for Easily Routine Water Changes

It cannot be denied that weekly water change for your aquarium plays a very vital role in making your tank occupants happy and healthy. However, it is also undeniable that dealing with such kind of task can be annoying specifically if you have a very hectic schedule.

In addition to this, draining as well as refilling your fish tank and transporting full containers of water back and forth- just by the thought of them can certainly make you feel exhausted already. At times, you even intentionally delay changing the water because you simply do not feel like doing the task at once.

Luckily, you no longer need to feel that way because the best aquarium water changer can significantly aid in making fish tank water changes easygoing. But, as you know, you don’t just buy and get the product without careful thought!

With the detailed product reviews below, you can have basic knowledge on what suitable brand, model or type of water changer system you especially require for your aquarium.

Which one do you think is worth your hard-earned money? For you to be able to answer that question, you’ve got to keep reading!

Best Overall

Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System

Python Aquarium Maintenance System

✔ Adaptable to any kind of faucets or kitchen sink
✔ Comprehensive ready-to-utilize system
✔ Ideal for a 10-gallon or larger tank


Premium Choice


Aqueon Water Changer

✔ Can return clear water
✔ Built-in on & off valve and auto siphons
✔ Helps remove filthy water


Editor’s Choice


Laifoo Fish Tank Cleaner

✔ Comes with a filter screen inside
✔ Comes with a functional siphon ball
✔ Covered with 3 months warranty


Most Trusted Aquarium Water Changer Reviews 2023

1. Python Aquarium Maintenance System

Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System

This Python aquarium water changer is a good catch since it is built to serve as an exhaustive ready-to-utilize system. The hose is 25-feet long which is more than adequate to reach any faucet or any kitchen sink from where your fish tank is- this means that it is quite convenient and transportable to use.

What’s more, this product comes integrated with faucet attachments that users can instantly link to any faucet in their area. The water changer system also comes with a directional flow valve that enables you to alter the water flow direction in seconds.

So, if you opt for a tool that you could utilize to effortlessly get rid of and add water to the fish tank without the need to use any containers or deal with spilled water, then this is the perfect option for you! This product also comes with a faucet pump that is intended to help you immediately create a vacuum that will absorb the water by itself.

While it is true that it is not inexpensive, it is certainly life-changing primarily if you are accustomed to doing it the tough way. Keep in mind that it is necessary to add dechlorinator to your aquarium if you have chlorinated tap water; completely drain the tube prior to putting it away and as much as possible keep the temperature as close as probable to avoid straining your fish.

  • Adaptable to any kind of faucets or kitchen sink
  • Comes with comprehensive ready-to-utilize system
  • Does not require siphons, containers and buckets
  • Guarantees hassle-free routine fish tank maintenance
  • Ideal for a 10-gallon or larger tank
  • May require adding dechlorinator to your tank before filling
  • Brittle plastic suction tube
Overall, this is a wonderful water changer system in that it comes with reliable Python water changer parts that could definitely make water change in your fish tank a piece of cake to handle. The diameter of the hose is big enough that it does not take forever to clean and refill the fish tank. Therefore, if you wish to get a product that helps you save more time and labor, then you need not search elsewhere.

2. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer


Aqueon aquarium water changer is quite simple to utilize. Basically, it superiorly syphons the gravel and it could also fill up the aquarium without struggle. All you need to do is to connect it to the kitchen sink, then carefully vacuum the gravel and execute the water change in one uncomplicated task. After clearing up the old water and gravel, you only have to add clean water and water conditioner and you are all set!

Please be guided that it may take a while to set up this water changer and it also has the tendency to waste some water, but, luckily it is not that burdensome. It is actually much better than transporting containers or buckets and doing all the laborious tasks just to keep them clean.

The tank water changer is capable of doing a good job of getting rid of detritus, debris and cleaning substrate. It is also reliable when it comes to managing maintenance water changes provided that you use it carefully.

The downside of this water changer is the fact that the plastic quality seems cheap as the plastic components of this product break quite easily. But, the more you use it carefully, the longer it will last.

  • Can guarantee struggle-free routine water changes
  • Helps remove filthy water and can return clear water
  • Aids in cleaning debris accumulating in gravel
  • Minimizes heavy lifting as well as water spills
  • Comes with built-in on and off valve and auto siphons
  • Gravel vacuum attachment tends to fall off
  • Plastic Aqueon water changer parts are brittle
To recap, this gravel vacuum comes with nearly all the things that you especially require to siphon untidy water directly from your fish tank and into the kitchen sink. This tool aids in making it a lot easier to drain and refill your aquarium during cleaning since it comes complete with a faucet adapter, 11†vacuum head, a hose and a water flow valve.

Essentially, this tool seems to be more costly as compared to the average vacuum; nonetheless, the convenience of container-free filling and cleaning of the aquarium definitely makes the price worth it.

3. Laifoo Fish Tank Cleaner


To maintain the safety and health of your tank inhabitants, it is imperative to invest in a high-quality aquarium water changer system that could aid in executing the work quite fast, conveniently and effectively.

The quality of this product’s items is extremely superb, it comes with nice hardware attachments and the hose is made of premium thick quality materials too. Thus, there is no need to worry about the possibility of leaks whenever you do the cleaning and replace the water.

Of course, we do not wish to stress our tank friends whenever we do the water cleaning and refilling, so this comes with a gravel tube that sinks in the water and is built with a filter screen inside. This ensures that it won’t disturb your tank décor or fish when it is operating.

The hose measures 25 feet and is made from a clear and elastic-plastic material. This is safe for fish and does not come with a strong odor. It is certified sturdy and it is easy to put away with the aid of a hose strap.

You only need to pinch the siphon ball roughly 3 by up to 5 times and from there the water will automatically flow. You don’t even need to strike a blow.

The disadvantage of this product is that it may take a while to set it up; however, once it is installed properly, it gets the job done in minutes.

  • Sinkable gravel tube that comes with a filter screen inside
  • Durable and harmless to use 25-feet hose
  • Comes with a functional siphon ball
  • Especially designed with a 2-in-1 function
  • Covered with 3 months warranty
  • Setting it up may take a while
  • Has the tendency to get very old quite fast
In general, what makes this product a wise investment is that it is designed with a 2-in-1 function wherein it helps in making siphoning fish’ feces more conveniently, it makes it easier to manage turbid water and impurities and refill clear water through switching the connector. If you prefer effective, convenient and fast water changer brand, then this could satisfy your requirements.

4. Marina Easy Clean Water Changer


What sets Marina Easy Clean Water Changer apart from other brands is that it comes with a number of available sizes so it can fit multiple tank sizes. Thus, whether you have a small or big tank, you can have the right cleaner for you. It is quite affordable considering its excellent features.

The primary function of this fish tank water changer is to nicely siphon water during water cleaning or change, while you direct the siphon along the gravel so you can easily get rid of debris too. If that is your purpose, then this brand functions well enough.

Likewise, the brass adapter securely fits nearly all standard faucets. It is engineered with an exclusive gravel guard which implies that no gravel will be trapped in the hose. It is interesting to note that this water changer is quick to start without any struggle. It also comes with a suction hose that comes with an anti-kinking feature.

While this product comes with several good features, it is not highly recommended to be used with aquariums that contain sand; it has the possibility to become clogged as well and is not the most effective in terms of draining out unclear water. Besides, the suction power is at a low setting which may mean that it is only efficient for aquariums that come in smaller sizes.

  • Does outstanding job at siphoning water during water change
  • Reasonably priced with sterling features
  • Comprehensive water changing system and gravel cleaner
  • Valve use nicely regulates the flow of water
  • Engineered with an exclusive gravel guard
  • Not recommended for aquariums with sand
  • Has the tendency to become clogged
Over and above, this water changer is precisely built to tidy deep down into your gravel tank. It comes with various vacuum sizes ranging from small, medium to large and very powerful suction. So, even if you own a small, medium-sized or large tank, you can have the perfect size for you. If you’re going to think deeply, this is a cost-effective option considering its many wonderful features and functions yet it comes with a very affordable selling price.

5. UPSTONE Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner


As you might already know, keeping a fish tank requires time, energy and money. Undoubtedly, in order to keep your tank friends in good condition, it is a must to ensure that their habitat is clean, safe and healthy for them to reproduce and thrive. Luckily, there is a lot of DIY aquarium water changer products that you can rely on these days.

UPSTONE Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner is one of the top options when it comes to cleaning the water and replacing the water in the aquarium. It comes with 2-in-1 function that enables it to siphon with a filter and this could be utilized in absorbing dirt, washing sand, replacing the water, and scraping moss without the need to disturb your aquarium pets.

It comes with a 30-feet long hose that comes with anti-freeze feature. It is flexible, non-toxic to your fish, does not come with a foul odor, it could support aquariums containing more than 50 gallons and is capable of helping owners to replace the water in the tank instantly.

Additionally, it features a 20-inches long gravel cleaner that is especially meant to aid in tidying each corner of the aquarium without the need to wet your hands. This could also assist in immediately draining untidy water in the tank.

Aside from these, this water changer product is adaptable to all kinds of faucets. Worldwide joints could be linked to all types of faucets and single button disassembly so that simply means to say that you no longer have to worry about whether it will adapt to your faucet or not.

Please note that improper use could lead to spills and to use it correctly consider practicing first.

  • Comes with 2-in-1 function: easy to clean and change water
  • Built with odorless, transparent, non-toxic and flexible hose
  • Adaptable to all kinds of faucets
  • Capable of instantly draining untidy water
  • Can support fish tanks that contain 50 gallons or more
  • Incorrect use can result in spills
  • May require practice to utilize properly
In a nutshell, this product is worth every single cent since it comes with a number of practical features and functions that surely makes cleaning and water changes in the tank a faster and easier job to manage.

6. Lee’s The Ultimate Gravel Vac 25′ Kit


This product comes with a reasonable selling price and also comes with a manageable size. It is worth noting that it has been manufactured precisely for small tanks; nevertheless, if you own larger aquariums, then consider ordering a big size. This model is designed with a self-starting siphon that is meant to make the startup process simpler and faster.

Featuring a broad mouth nozzle, this best aquarium water changer pump is capable of reaching even the unreachable spots inside the aquarium and carefully tidying it. In truth, it has been engineered to guarantee more efficient and more rapid cleaning while at the same time, it aids in saving water.

You won’t regret investing in this brand because it can be utilized for both saltwater and freshwater tanks and it is a certified first rate tool for refilling water and cleaning the aquarium. Needless to say, we all prefer to do cleaning and refilling water in an aquarium less cumbersome to deal with, so with this product you can finally achieve and experience that.

This worth a try since it is good at separating debris and works exceptionally in getting rid of dirt from the tank. It comes with the functionality to fill and drain water as needed. However, this is mainly designed for tanks that come in smaller sizes and the plastic faucet that comes with it is impractical to use.

  • Comes with fish-saver cleaning assembly feature
  • Does not require buckets or containers when cleaning and changing water
  • Can be directly connected to most faucets
  • Helps refresh the tank with essential nutrients
  • Works effectively in eliminating debris
  • Ideal for mini aquariums only
  • Plastic faucet adapter is useless
This water changer product can provide the easiest, quickest and better way to clean an aquarium. With a number of practical uses and functions, do you still think it is useful to further your water changer search when you can get it in an affordable price tag? For a fact, this could serve as a lifesaver for tank owners since it definitely functions quite well in hydroponic systems.

7. AutoAqua AWC


As tank owners, we all look for effective, easy and fast ways how to clean and refill the water in our aquariums. And, at times, we can’t help but think if the water changer products available in the market nowadays are just too good to be true. However, with countless of consumers who have tested and proven the features and functions of these products, these are perceived as reliable and efficient to use.

AutoAqua AWC can finally solve a laborious cleaning and water replacement task for you. You can finally say goodbye to scattering towels everywhere, transporting buckets back and forth and consistently tidying the glass or pre-heating the water.

If you hope to finally consume your time concentrating on examining parameters and enjoy your tank without the need to get stressed in maintaining it, then it is necessary to purchase a reliable and practical water changer tool.

What makes this brand stand out among other brands is that it could help form a steady habitat with stable water change rates and intervals in the tank. What is important is that it helps tank owners to administer a 3% water change per day and this could be done without struggle besides initial setup.

While this water changer brand is a smart purchase, it comes with a drawback and that is the fact that it does not have a version that could best suit tanks that contain 200 plus gallons.

  • Built with dual function
  • Comes with easy touchscreen controller display
  • Does not come with faulty moving parts
  • Engineered with optical level sensors that come with magnetic mounts
  • Create a steady environment with stable water replacement rates and intervals
  • Getting started may take a while
  • Doesn’t have a version fit for larger 200 plus gallon tanks
Right to it, this is a good choice for tank owners if they wish to make their tank cleaning and water replacement a hassle-free job to manage. Once this is setup properly, you can finally say goodbye to the tedious job that you always experience whenever you need to clean and refill the water in the tank.

What To Look For When Buying An Aquarium Water Changer


If you own a fish tank, small water changes and regular maintenance are unavoidable if you hope to keep your tank inhabitants safe and healthy. It is worth mentioning that it does not matter how gilt-edge your filter is; you need to do the work.

If you allow you aquarium to get filthy, this would only result in the accumulation of perilous bacteria and this may also create the ideal spot for disease to spread. Indeed, dealing with an ailing fish is a lot more difficult as compared to cleaning and changing the water in your tank once a week or every two weeks.

You are aware that cleaning and refilling water in an aquarium is your sole responsibility as its owner. That said, of course, it is impossible to do the work alone without the necessary tools. As you can see, it is imperative to buy the right water changer product that could help ease the job.

Hence, prior to purchasing a water changer product, it is helpful to read some buying guides first so that you can ensure that you are getting what you exactly need.

Here are some of the factors that you need to search for when investing in a tank water changer tool:

  1. Budget. Needless to say, this is always the first consideration that you need to take in mind. No matter how good the product is, if you do not have sufficient money to buy it, it is useless. So, be sure to set the price you are willing to spend for a tank water changer tool.
  2. Highly trusted brand. Not to mention, good products are manufactured by highly acclaimed firms. Obviously, if you choose a highly trusted brand name, then you can’t go wrong. It is advised to get products manufactured by companies that have been in the business for many years.
  3. The features of a water changer device. Surely, there are a number of unique features that various tank water changer brands are proud of. This actually makes the decision-making process a pain in the neck. With lots of distinctive features and functions to select from, it is deemed complex to decide which one to get.
  4. Basically, you do not need to ensure that all the irresistible features and functions that a state-of-the-art tank water changer are met. What matters is you decide based on your own needs, preferences and tank requirements. Once all these are fully met, there is no need to further your search.

Some of the valuable features and functions of a tank water changer product that you need to ensure though should consist of the following:

  • Capable of helping you save more time and labor
  • Durable construction materials
  • Capable of cleaning with much ease and effectiveness
  • Versatility of the product
  • Ease of operation and setup and convenience of usage
  • Functional when doing a water change
  • Safe to use for fish and to the environment

Keep in mind that tank water changer products can be expensive investments too, so it is a must for you to have careful thought first before you come up with a final decision.

Other Important Factors To Consider


What is an aquarium water changer?

An aquarium water change refers to a tool that is particularly designed to make regular water replacements and aquarium maintenance a smooth sailing task to execute especially for those who own or keep bigger tanks. With the aid of this device, there is no need for you to lift heavy containers or buckets whenever it is time to clean and refill the water in the tank.

More than that, a tank water changer comes with a long gravel vacuum that links to standard faucets. This commonly comes in different sizes to fit diverse tanks sizes. There are those that are just designed for smaller tanks and bigger tanks. Some models are only for freshwater or saltwater tanks but some models can also suit both types of tanks.

Such a device is useful in that it eliminates the possibility of spilling more water whenever you do the cleaning and water change and it also cuts the time you spend in cleaning and refilling the tank as compared to lifting heavy buckets back and forth. As you can see, with the aid of this tool, you can save more time; labor and it can greatly help you easily manage your aquarium maintenance without much struggle.

How does it work?

An aquarium water changer is designed to aid reduce the possibility of careless water spills and hauling bulky buckets of water. This device works easily and instantly. All you need to do is to connect the water flow assembly to your faucet with the aid of a faucet adaptor and from there you can turn the faucet on.

As the water passes through the faucet pump, this would then create the siphon and begins to pull water from the aquarium to your kitchen sink. Afterward, it is high time to alter the direction of the water and this may be done by means of adjusting the faucet pump’s bottom. Then, you will see that a simple pull and turn would immediately alter the direction of the water.

What are the different types of water changers?

  • Siphon-style. This is commonly comprised of a hollow tube and a hose and is regarded as the most renowned device for cleaning the tank water. This comes in a broad array of sizes and ideal for use among newbies and experts. This is cost-effective, siphon and cleans your tank and does not generally require batteries since gravity does the entire job.
  • Electric gravel vacuum. This operates slightly distinctly and they do not drain your tank. It operates and pumps water through in an automatic mode; then it traps any unconsumed food, feces and other debris in a tank filter. However, this is generally pricey. It is easy to utilize, does not require priming and there is no need to drain the aquarium to tidy the gravel.

Why do you need a water changer? (Benefits)

As already briefly discussed, the tank water changer is especially necessary for two vital reasons and these include:

Water chemistry. It is critical to ensure steady water chemistry inside the aquarium. Aquatic plants and fish need a specific level of pH for them to grow and continuously survive. A contaminated pH level could put your tank species at risk. In addition, with the disintegration of detritus in the gravel, pH levels are more likely to get contaminated too.

Thus, this detritus needs to be eliminated the soonest as you detect a piece of it inside the tank. You may execute this by using a tank water changer or gravel cleaner.

Detritus removal. Aquariums are frequently crowded with detritus in the form of organic waste, unconsumed food and dead aquatic plants that are commonly stuck to the substrate inside the tank. This detritus could not be easily eliminated from the aquarium, and it could also not be left there as it would pollute the environment within the aquarium.

Please be guided that removal may necessitate getting rid of everything from the tank and giving it an exhaustive cleaning. Be that as it may, all this effort has been made simple with the aid of tank water changer device or tank vacuum gravel cleaner.

Extend the water change cycle. You can possibly extend the time between water changes with the timely elimination of detritus. In the same way, rather than utilizing a siphon vacuum, you could utilize a meshed one and get rid of the detritus while replacing the water. Obviously, this is a good way to save labor and your most precious time.

On top of that, if you are able to keep the pH level inside the tank in a steady mode and if you can sustain regular aquarium maintenance, then your tank occupants will certainly remain safe, healthy and happy. Evidently, when this happens, you will also delight in keeping a healthy and safe tank for your tank friends.

Your tank will remain clean and a safe haven for your aquarium pets and you can finally take pleasure in watching your fish enjoy the habitat that you create, clean and maintain for them. Imagine going home after a long day and having a happy encounter with your fish. This is absolutely a great stress reliever for you!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted water changer brands?

There are limitless options when it comes to buying aquarium water changes, but some of the most trusted and highly recognized brands consist of the following:

  • Python No Spill Clean and Fill

This works in two ways; as a gravel cleaner and as an efficient tank water changer. Many newbies and experts prefer this brand because it is highly flexible which simply means to say that you could utilize it with any or even all adapters available. Moreover, this has been manufactured to serve bigger tanks in order to make changing the water process in the tank a lot simpler and faster.

  • Fluval Edge Gravel Cleaner

This is equipped with two cleaning heads that are intended for diverse tank sizes. Indeed, it comes with an affordable price tag as compared to its counterparts. It is built with an exclusive gravel guard that works to ward off clogging when siphoning gravel.

  • Marina Easy Clean

This works superiorly well in planted and decorated tanks. It comes with quick-start feature and a reliable gravel guard. It is designed with a hose that comes with an anti-kinking feature so the motion remains straight when executing the cleaning process.

  • Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

This device helps in making regular water changes more effortlessly. You can easily connect it to a faucet and it could get rid of filthy water and can also help return clean water to the tank. It is adept at eradicating spills and there is no need to lift heavy buckets. It also works in vacuuming out the detritus in gravel.

  • Lee’s The Ultimate Gravel Vac 25′ Kit

This can be directly attached to standard faucets. It is manufactured with a fish-saver cleaning assembly feature that makes this distinct from other brands. You don’t need to use buckets when changing and clearing the water in the tank. It works quite well in terms of refreshing the aquarium with valuable nutrients. And, it is effective at getting rid of detritus inside the tank.

Aqueon vs. Python Water Changer: What is the difference?

Keeping your aquarium free of any detritus is always advantageous for the tank occupants and the entire appearance of the aquarium. And, even you as the tank owner would certainly feel uncomfortable if you were residing in a filthy space.

It is because of this that it is substantial to buy products that are effective at cleaning the tank water with ease. Now, let us compare Python and Aqueon Tank Water Changer products.

Basically, these products are especially made to aid tank owners in cleaning the tank water fast and easily; however, they have their own distinctions too.

The tank water changer made by Aqueon is ideal if you require regular water change and in clearing off the diverse kinds of substrates in the tank. As you know, only clearing the water will not aid much if you do not thoroughly clean the substrate.

Aqueon will effectively minimize any incidents of possible water spills that are likely to happen when hauling water in containers. All you need to do is to connect the faucet to the tank and then turn it on so that it could begin functioning. This product is not the lightest water changer, but it is still practical to utilize.

Meanwhile, the tank maintenance system of Python provides a very identical cleaning procedure for the tank. Take into consideration that it is necessary to regularly change the water as this could be crucial to keep the tank occupants in a healthy habitat.

This brand is also great in eliminating incidents of spills where you would naturally need to drain the tank in a manual mode with the use of water containers only to suffer from a lot spills to deal with. Python seems to be more compact than the Aqueon.

When it comes to construction and durability, Python is well-known for that. Aqueon, on the other hand, comes with common issues such as wearing off valves and cracking tubes even if you have only used it for a shorter time period.

How to make an aquarium water changer?

Tools and materials needed to make your DIY aquarium water changer:

There are two basic parts that need to be prepared and these include a plastic funnel and a hose that fastens to one end of the hose. To construct your own, you will need a 2-liter sized bottle and long enough hose that could be used to reach from your tank to your backyard or bathtub.

Note that it is not ideal for draining the tank into a sink that you and your loved ones use. Many commercial gravel vacuums utilize transparent tubes; nonetheless, garden hoses function more exceptionally for do-it-yourself vacuums. Other materials needed are duct tape, scissors and silicone.

Constructing the Vacuum

Cut the bottom into portions and top off the 2-liter sized bottle in order to come up with a cylinder that is open-ended. Then, carve down the center section to create a flat plastic rectangle. Afterward, carefully roll the cylinder into a filter by simply encasing a single side of the plastic rectangle more rigidly than others.

Moreover, the tiny opening of the funnel must be approximately an inch in diameter, on the other hand, the filter’s big opening must be between two and three inches in diameter. Then, it is time to slide the filter’s tiny opening over the end of the hose, see to it to carefully adjust the tiny opening’s size in order for it to suit the hose snugly.

Put the filter all the way at the edge of the hose. Firmly tape the filter into a snug place on the hose. After that, put a bead of silicone up the hem on the funnel. And, when it dries up, put the tape generously to guarantee a water-and-air tight seal.

How to choose the right size?

What is the appropriate water changer size for your aquarium? Well, it all relies on the size of your tank.

  1. It is vital to consider the depth of your tank. A deeper tank requires a longer vacuum tube if you do not wish to immerse your arm up to your shoulder. This is not a serious problem though as you may use a pair of tank gloves to keep your arms and hands dry.
  2. Think about how much gravel you are required to clean. In so doing, this shall figure out the ideal size of the opening.

There are 3 distinct sizes:

  • Micro or mini size. Note 2.5 centimeters is the standard size for the opening on a gravel vacuum and this is appropriate for tanks that contain 5 gallons of water.
  • Slim or small size. 4 centimeters is the standard size for the opening on a gravel vacuum and this would fit tanks that contain 5 by up to 20 gallons of water.
  • Large or standard size. 5 centimeters is the standard size for the opening on a gravel vacuum and this is ideal for tanks that contain 20 plus gallons of water.

So long as you know the size of your current tank, it is easy to determine the right size for your tank water changer.

How to use?

  1. Place the intake tube into the aquarium. This must be immersed in the aquarium water. You could even allow the intake tube to sit underneath the aquarium while you install the other stuff in the procedure.
  2. Turn on the lifters on the water flow valve and on the siphon tube. These should be both in open positions in order to allow the water to stream through them. It is easy to figure out if these are open when the handles’ end is directed in the identical position as the water will stream.
  3. Then, it is time to switch on the hydrant. The water changer will start drawing water out of the aquarium as the water comes out of the spigot valve.
  4. Spruce up the sand or pebbles as the water is pumped out. Clear up the sand or pebbles by tucking in the end of the intake tube into the sand or pebbles and then pull it gradually as the water is streaming from the tank. Please note that this must be a sleek action that falls to underneath of the sand or pebbles; afterward, pull up and let the sand or pebbles drop and then go back into the sand or pebbles in a distinct spot. It is important to see the filthy water being drawn up into the hose as the sand or pebbles drop at the edge of the tube.
  5. Once you have removed adequate water, it is time to haul the intake tube out of the aquarium. Then, it is time to halt siphoning after you have gotten rid of roughly 25% of the tank water. Pull the intake tube out of the tank and shift it into the tub of your bathtub or backyard sink. Please note that the hydrant must still be flowing and the valves must still be accessible as you execute this.
  6. Lastly, carefully wash off the hose into the basin. It is time to switch the blue valve lever on the nozzle valve to a closed position. Allow the water to flow through the hose till all the filthy tank water is taken out of the hose.
  7. At the time the hose is tidy, see to it to switch the hydrant valve lever to the “on†position once more in order for the water to flow directly into the basin.

Make sure to be extra careful of your tank occupants when you are cleaning and changing the water. The reason why is that the tube’s suction could injure the aquatic plants and fish.

How to care and clean?

A tank water changer is easy to care for and clean. After using, you only need to make sure that the debris and other dirt are also washed away. Rinse it thoroughly with running water and you may use cleaning tools and products that are non-toxic and effective at cleaning such tools. After using, make certain that you store it in a suitable storage area.

Where to buy?

You can buy tank water changer products in nearby fish or pet stores in your area. Alternatively, you may do easy shopping online and go to eBay, Amazon, Lowes and other trusted online shopping sites that are available at present.


As what was previously discussed in this article, a reliable and functional tank water changer can do cleaning and refilling the water in an aquarium faster, easier and hassle-free task to deal with. This is the reason why it is very important to invest in the best aquarium water changer so that you can be guaranteed that this task won’t be stressful task for you to handle anymore.

By means of carefully pondering the product reviews aforementioned, you will have useful insight into the right kind, size and features that you need to get when shopping for one. You can do some comparisons so you can weigh which one will best match your style and requirements.

Review the features and functions of the product and do not just be overly concerned of the current selling price. As always, it is not wise to opt for cheaper models if the quality is compromised.