The Best Tropical Fish Foods for Complete & Balance Nutrition

best tropical fish food

The need to carefully pick the best tropical fish food cannot be overstated. The truth is, a lot of common fish diseases can start in the small canister of fish food that you unconsciously buy in local fish stores or through online shopping sites. This is especially true for novices who have no idea of what suitable fish food to feed their aquatic friends.

In addition to this, even for expert fish enthusiasts, figuring out whether the food is healthful, safe and satisfactory is quite challenging too until you give it an exhaustive test. But, if you wait and conduct tests first, perhaps the health and life of your pet fish are already at risk.

So, how can you unveil the essential task of sustaining the vitality of your tropical fish? The key here is to ensure that you pay more attention to the contents of the fish food that you are buying. It is not wise to merely focus on the price tag and how the product is advertised.

The tropical fish food products listed and reviewed in this post aim to help fish keepers to learn more about what each product contains and if these are safe and healthy for tropical fish to consume. The other valuable information tackled in this article would also make your fish food shopping experience more worthwhile. So, make sure that you do not skip any of these.

Best Overall


API Fish Food Flakes

✔ Optimal protein fish food
✔ Complete and well-balanced diet
✔ Produce by up to 30% less ammonia


Premium Choice


Aqueon Tropical Flakes

✔ Easy-to-handle and store container
✔ Guarantees proper nutrition on a daily feeding basis
✔ Contains all-natural ingredients and colors


Editor’s Choice


TetraMin Tropical Flake Food

✔ Can guarantee less waste inside the tank
✔ Ensure maximum health
✔ Formulated with antioxidants


Most Trusted Tropical Fish Food Reviews of 2023

1. API Fish Food Flakes


This can be listed as one of the top-quality flake foods for tropical fish because it is formulated with the right ingredients that could offer well-balanced nutrition and a complete diet for your tropical fish.

It is designed to assist your finned friends to readily utilize the nutrients at once, it ensures clear and clean water and there is no need to worry about more waste to clean up after feeding. Keep in mind that you should only feed your fish twice per day as much as they can in less than three minutes.

Since these flakes are highly digestible, your fish can digest more nutrients; as a result, there is less waste and ammonia is released, so the tank water is pristinely clear. These are fish foods that your pet fish would love. If your fish are well-fed; they won't be prone to stress and diseases.

Be that as it may, two things that you would not prefer about this fish food product are its costly selling price which is way more expensive than other options and the smell is unpleasant too although this is not a big deal for some.

  • Known as optimal protein fish food
  • Help keep tropical fish more colorful, healthier and happier
  • Serves as a complete and well-balanced diet that's practical for all kinds of tropical fish
  • Produce by up to 30% less ammonia
  • Guarantees clear and clean water and less waste
  • A little overpriced than other brands
  • Comes with a weird smell
In general, if you opt for fish food for color, then this is precisely the right pick for what you're currently looking for. This is rich in protein so it works like magic in sustaining healthy fish growth and its carotenoids content supports fish color enhancement. It also contains nutrients that support healthy digestion and can already provide a balanced and complete diet for all types of tropical fish.

2. Aqueon Tropical Flakes


Unquestionably, the reason why this fish food is deemed as one of the top-rated flake fish foods is its capability to improve fish immunity and help fish maintain the best possible health condition all the time. It is precisely manufactured to help fish use more of what they consume so this lessens waste inside the tank.

It is fundamental to feed your tropical fish with these flakes in small amounts that they can finish in roughly a couple of minutes. This fish food is packaged in an easy-to-handle and store canister that helps keep the flakes fresh for your pet fish to enjoy.

Since these flakes are digestible, fish love to eat them. And, even heavy feeding won't negatively affect the tank water clarity.

However, a few complaints regarding this fish food include the flakes' smaller size which makes them not suitable and luring for larger fish and based on ingredient analysis; these fish flakes are less nutritious than other available brands.

  • Guarantees proper nutrition for tropical fish on a daily feeding basis
  • Comes with easy-to-handle and store container
  • Works like a charm in promoting healthy fish immune system
  • Contains all-natural ingredients and colors
  • Helps bring out the impressive, vibrant and natural colors of tropical fish
  • Less nutritious fish flakes as compared to other options
  • Flakes are slightly small so not ideal for larger fish
Ultimately, this Aqueon tropical flakes review proves why this product is a practical choice. It is relatively inexpensive yet it contains balanced nutrition for feeding tropical fish in a daily mode. This comes with natural ingredients that contain minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that encourage wellness, fish color enhancement and longevity for your pet fish. Thus, if you wish to enhance the true color of your aquatic friend even more, this is your perfect partner to achieve that.

3. TetraMin Tropical Flake Food


If you prefer affordable yet reliable tropical fish food flakes, then this brand is your most excellent bet. It is designed as highly digestible and can be regarded as a staple food for middle and top feeding tropical fish. Since it is primarily made for tropical fish, it can satisfy the nutritional needs of this fish species. It contains well-balanced nutrition that is valuable in ensuring the fish's overall wellness.

The active life formulation of this product is unrivaled. It contains antioxidants that promote healthy cells; it comes with a high level of proteins that allow faster fish growth and contains probiotics that guarantee healthy fish digestion. And, since it is made with clear-water formula when utilized as directed; you won't need to clean the tank water every now and then.

On the other hand, these fish flakes are quite large so smaller fish species would find it hard to consume and if you're going to examine the ingredients of this product, it seems to contain some fillers in its formulation.

  • Manufactured as nutritionally balanced to ensure maximum health
  • Can guarantee less waste inside the tank
  • Formulated with antioxidants that support healthy cells, probiotics for good digestion and proteins for fast growth
  • Efficient at preserving fish color and strength
  • Contains easy-to-digest ingredients specially made for tropical fish
  • Comes in a larger size so it could be tough for smaller fish to consume
  • Appears to contain some fillers in its contents
All in all, these tropical fish flakes are a good catch. Such fish foods are efficient at providing the needed energy for tropical fish and do wonders in enhancing fish color. These are easy to digest so they could lessen food waste inside the aquarium. What makes it a great option is that its well-improved formulation helps minimize odor and enhance the taste. They are ideal in terms of supporting the immune system and longevity of tropical fish.

4. Omega One Freshwater Flakes


This fish food is loaded with nutritious ingredients that tropical fish would surely love. Some of the amazing contents it has include halibut, whole salmon, cod, herring, kelp, and shrimp. As you can see, all these are delectable foods and treats that would satisfy your finned friends. This is ideal for middle and top water levels. Both small and medium-sized fish would find these foods satisfying.

In like manner, it does not contain any pre-processed proteins, or digests, hydrolysates, and meals. The flakes are naturally insoluble, so this could aid in minimizing tank water pollution. They do not contain more starch so you could ensure less fish waste.

A couple of factors that you might not like if you invest in this product are its lack of adequate fiber content so which could cause fish constipation and it also lacks a sufficient amount of grains, terrestrial and legumes. You better check these first if you are fine without them.

  • Highly recognized as a premium quality protein that's sourced from whole fish
  • Great value for the price
  • Works as a natural color enhancer
  • An ideal option for finicky eaters
  • Packed with amazing and nutritionally balanced ingredients
  • Does not contain good enough amount of legumes, grains or terrestrial
  • Lacks more fiber contents so it could constipate fish
On the button, it is not surprising why this product is rated as one of the top-quality freshwater fish foods these days given it was formulated with nutritious recipes. It contains an ample amount of Omega 6 fatty acids that are beneficial to promote stronger immune systems in fish and encourage healthy cell wall development. Essentially, this is a good diet that you can provide to omnivorous and carnivorous fish species. Its ingredients also help enhance fish colors and these foods would also impress even the most finicky eaters.

5. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes


If you'd like to end up buying the right food for tropical fish, this product won't give you a heavy heart because it could provide the right nutrition for your aquatic friend to thrive. Its selling cost is quite pocket-friendly, so even if you have a limited budget for fish food, this could suffice.

This product is labeled as a staple food for all types of tropical fish since it is highly digestible. It contains natural shrimp that effectively lures fish to munch on them. Apart from this, it is loaded with superior levels of protein so it works exceptionally in terms of enhancing the naturally vibrant color of most tropical fish.

For all that, please be guided that these flakes tend to sink immediately than expected and tend to get sucked into the filtration system. And, overfeeding your tropical fish with these flakes could cause whitish and dusky tank water. So, it is advised to consider feeding your pet fish with the recommended amount and frequency.

  • Famous for being a nutritionally balanced premium staple food
  • Contains natural shrimp to boost the maximum flavor
  • Won't affect tank water clarity when used as directed
  • Formulated with high levels of protein to bolster fish color even more
  • Flakes can be instantly digested
  • Tends to sink quite instantly and get sucked into the filtration system
  • Prone to making the tank water white and dusky
In summary, this product does not dissolve or break down too fast to be consumed by tropical fish. Indeed, it can even remain intact long enough for bottom feeders to eat them. Its tropical formulation helps in promoting good health for fish, impressive fish color enhancement and ensuring that your fish gets the proper nutrition it deserves. The container is enough for the price making it a very economical option worth buying especially for anyone short in budget.

6. Aqueon Tropical Granules Fish Food


This product would certainly make a very valuable component in your fish foods list. It is designed with all-natural ingredients; it lacks artificial colors and is prominent for distinctive and top-quality ingredients that work outstandingly in keeping tropical fish more active, livelier and healthier. Take note that the colors of the food were associated with the actual contents in the formula. All these aid in boosting the fish's natural color.

Please be guided that it matters to feed your tropical fish with tiny amounts of granules that they could instantly consume within a couple of minutes. While this food tends to cloud the tank water, when used as directed, this can be avoided. So, as much as possible, strictly adhere to the recommended food amount and the frequency of feeding. Your fish would thank you for that.

Anyhow, this fish food may be quite large for guppies and tetras to consume easily and they seem susceptible to turning the tank water into a stinky one; it also tends to cause algae to bloom inside the fish tank.

  • Contains unique and premium ingredients for fish to sustain maximum health
  • Guarantees balanced nutrition for feeding tropical fish every day
  • Comes with gradually sinking and easy-to-digest granules
  • Ideal fish food for the bottom, middle and top feeders
  • Regarded as heartier options as compared to regular fish flakes
  • Too big for guppies and tetras
  • May cause algae buildup and water stinks
To conclude, this is a great fish food for cichlids. Your fish would love them as they float and sink gradually and making them a lot easier to be consumed by the bottom, middle and top feeders. This fish food comes with easy-to-digest granules that can offer a well-balanced nutrition ideal for feeding your pet fish on a daily approach. Unlike regular fish flakes, these are tagged as heartier options.

7. Hikari Vibra Bites Tropical Fish Food


If you are shopping for the best tropical fish food for growth, then this would help you accomplish that goal. These bites are satisfactory options for tropical fish that are lured by live foods. They come in a worm-like appearance so fish would find them unique and deserve a bite. The formulation of these foods is meant to promote fast and healthy growth and the form of most tropical fish. For the price, this is an awesome choice that won't disappoint you.

This is formulated with all-natural color enhancers that are also ideal and safe to feed for all fish life stages. Whether you keep young or adult tropical fish, this would suffice.

Meanwhile, it is saddening to see small and young fish throw up when feeding them this fish food. Aside from this, it appears that these bites are not seen as interesting and delectable by finicky eaters. It may probably require some time for them to get used to this kind of food.

  • Contains vibrant color formula that acts as natural fish color enhancers
  • A practical choice for fish species that prefer live foods
  • Can guarantee fast and outstanding form and growth
  • Comes with a worm-like form that fish easily get lured with
  • Good for any fish's age range description
  • Does not attract finicky eaters easily
  • Very young and small fish tend to spit out these foods
Generally speaking, this fish food product is an exceptional dry fish option that you can encounter nowadays. It is zealously consumed by different fish species as it contains premium quality and completely declared contents. They are tiny enough for most tropical fish; however, if you find that your aquatic friend still has a hard time consuming them, you can instantly break them into smaller pieces before the feeding proper.

8. Cobalt Aquatics Tropical Fish Food


It is essential to note that the ingredients contained in these fish flakes are sourced from the USA and Canada. These natural contents come with probiotics that are known to be quite advantageous in keeping the digestive system healthy and in warding off intestinal issues. These flakes produce less waste so you can be at peace that the fish tank remains clean.

These fish flakes work great for enhancing fish color and for maintaining the overall well-being of your most treasured aquatic pet. They act as a complete diet that helps make tropical fish thrive in a confined environment like an aquarium.

A few factors that would make you a little hesitant to purchase this fish food are its potentiality to cause constipation in fish and it seems that freshwater fish do not consider these fish flakes delectable. Make certain to ponder on these flaws before you spend on this product.

  • Ingredients are sourced from Canada and the USA
  • Composed of nutrient-packed diet to ensure healthy digestion, vibrant fish color, and overall wellness
  • Helps guarantee cleaner and clearer tank water quality
  • Formulated with probiotics to promote intestinal wellness and healthy digestion
  • Helps promote palatability as well as steady growth in fish
  • Freshwater fish don't find these flakes appetizing and palatable
  • Tends to cause constipation which is contrary to what was advertised
This optimum fish food review would make you realize that this product is practical if you seriously want your fish to have remarkable changes in their color. Besides, this is a cost-effective choice since it is nutritionally balanced yet it is not priced expensively. If you prefer to see your fish grow steadily and healthily, then these flakes can help you do that for them.

9. Fluval Bug Bites Granules for Tropical Fish


This fish food is perfect for anyone searching for a type of fish diet that could tremendously help improve the overall health of his aquatic pet. It is all-natural and safe as it lacks preservatives, artificial dyes, and fillers. This contains essential vitamins and nutrients that aim to help fish thrive inside the fish tank.

These granules are highly digestible, do not negatively affect the water clarity and are designed to be appetizing to entice even the finicky eaters. These are unique food options to consider since they contain salmon and insect larvae recipes that tropical fish would love.

On the contrary, these bug bites seem to be small in size so they would be more recommendable for fry. And, they come in a very powerful and strong smell that cats and dogs may be interested in. So, make sure to store them in a safe place.

  • Manufactured with superior content of proteins
  • Highly digestible so these won't cause any digestive concerns
  • Delectable and palatable that tropical fish would love
  • Granules are capable of floating for a longer time
  • Guarantees less waste so it won't extremely affect tank water quality
  • Comes with a strong smell so you better keep it away from other pets
  • Size is too tiny that makes them more ideal fish food for fry
Right to it, just like New Life Spectrum fish food, this brand is fortified with natural ingredients, essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins that create a nutrition-packed type of diet for fish. What makes this an outstanding choice is that it comes complete and features a distinctive-insect based formulation that is loaded with excellent levels of carbohydrates and proteins that are beneficial for tropical fish.

10. Hartz Wardley Fish Food and Accessories


This fish food is exclusively formulated with shrimps that various fish species certainly enjoy. Moreover, the pellets come with stabilized Vitamin C that works adeptly at improving fish color. They are also packed with premium-quality proteins that bolster natural fish growth. This formulation is free from artificial color so it won't harm your finned buddy.

Since this fish food is packaged in a safe and convenient jar, it can be easily stored without any waste. It is scientifically developed and focused on providing the proper nutrition that tropical fish require to remain disease-free, more active and energetic even though they dwell in a confined habitat.

Unfortunately, when these pellets are broken into tiny pieces, they tend to dissolve immediately and affect tank water clarity and they could be quite big for some small tropical fish to consume easily.

  • Contains adequate protein-to-fat ratio that promotes fast and outstanding tropical fish growth
  • Helps stimulate healthy fish immunity
  • Does not come with artificial dyes that could harm water clarity and fish color
  • Stored in a convenient and easy to handle jar
  • Manufactured with a fish meal that's packed with an easy-to-digest protein source
  • Pellets are slightly too large for small tropical fish to consume
  • Broken pieces of these pellets tend to disintegrate instantly making the tank water whitish and dusky
To sum up, these tropical fish food pellets are top-notch options for different tropical fish. These are rich in protein so you can be confident that they work exceptionally at promoting fast and natural fish growth. In the same way, the essential nutrients and vitamins they contain are intended to build strong fish immunity so they can combat any infections and diseases.

Outdated Products

ADP No 2 Tropical Fish Food Floating Mini Micro Pellets (Outdated)


These pellets are safe and healthy choices worth purchasing because they are formulated with nutrients that help your aquatic buddy to grow, enhance its beautiful color even more and stay in good health all the time. These are insoluble in water so they won't cause turbidity.

What is more, this fish food is designed with clear water formula that conveys having clear and clean tank water for it won't bring about any sediment or sewage. It does not matter what fish species you are currently keeping because this could be safe to feed for all types of fish.

But, these pellets are not seen as sumptuous for some fish species since they ignore these fish foods at times. And, due to its pricey selling price, this may not be the ideal pick for anyone short in budget.

  • Works superbly in enhancing fish color and promoting fast growth and good health
  • Does not cause sediment or sewage
  • Loaded with essential proteins and nutrients that complete proper diet
  • Contains spirulina and great concentrations of PSB that vitalize fish appetite
  • Appropriate fish food option to feed to all types of fish species
  • Not ideal for those with a limited budget
  • Does not appear to be palatable for some tropical fish
After all, these tropical fish pellets are smart investments. They are made with a unique and special formulation that remarkably improves fish coloration, healthy fish immunity, and fast growth. Besides, these also help extend the lifespan of your pet fish. You can feed this type of fish food to any fish species, young and old.

Mardog Ken’s Premium Tropical Fish Flakes (Outdated)


The great news today is that there are so many tropical fish and feed sold these days that won't necessarily break the bank. So, if you take care of tropical fish, you won't have to spend more on ensuring that they are fed with a proper diet. This fish food is incredibly affordable yet it does not compromise a high-quality diet for your finned friends.

Practically speaking, the most valuable contents of this product include fresh fish oil to complete a healthy diet, more stabilized Vitamin C to ensure more fish strength, healthy immunity and wellness, and probiotics to promote healthy digestion.

Withal, these flakes appear to crumble a lot faster than expected. And, the package comes with a mixture of very tiny flakes that could make the tank water cloudier. Be reminded of these minor issues before getting this product.

  • A safe and healthy choice to feed both freshwater and saltwater fish
  • Contains probiotics for a healthier digestive system
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Top choice for countless of breeders
  • Formulated with fresh fish oil and more stabilized vitamin C
  • Flakes tend to crumble easily and instantly
  • Comes with a mixture of super-small flakes that pollute the tank
Finally, if you want to notice a notable increase in the overall wellness and color of your tropical fish, then this fish food would make a great choice. It is a good quality fish food that is offered at a budget-friendly price and at the same time nutritious enough to keep your pet fish healthy and strong against diseases. This is highly recommended by expert breeders.

What to Look for When Buying Tropical Fish Foods


Here are some guides that must be taken into consideration while buying the proper fish meal:


To boot, the nutritional requirement of each fish species differs.

  • Herbivorous Fish. These species thrive on plant-based type of diet. And, they are renowned for having the ability to sanitize the water for they could consume algae too.

If you add some plants to the fish tank, your fish are fed well. The diet requirements are roughly 1 by up to 3% fat, 2 by up to 6% fiber and 15 by up to 30% protein.

  • Carnivorous Fish. These fish species naturally consume meat-based or live foods. Their nutritional needs are distinct from other types of fish.

Carnivores require a diet that comprises 3 by up to 6% fat, 2 by up to 4% fiber and 50 by up to 70% protein.

  • Omnivorous Fish. These fish species consume plant-based and meat-based types of foods. Nonetheless, not all kinds of plants and grains are appropriate for them.

Their diet must consist of 2 by up to 5% fat, 3 by up to 8% fiber and 30 by up to 40% protein.


Fish also gets bored consuming the same types of food. Hence, it is essential to bring some variety to the foods you feed them. But, bear in mind how important it is to satisfy their nutritional needs regardless of the type of food being provided.

Feeding Time

Feeding can be slightly tricky, particularly for novices in aquarium keeping who do not have much insight about the accurate amount of food to be fed and at what periods to provide them.

It is critical to recognize that not all fish species have to be fed with a fair amount of food. Some have more eating tendencies than others. So, make certain that you are well aware of the fish species inhabiting your aquarium and the feeding cycle that you need to avoid to impede underfeeding or overfeeding.

Are you going to go for granules or pellets?

Both types of foods lure most consumers since these contain the proper nutrients needed by the fish. Besides, these are available in different sizes.

  • Granules. These are sinking fish foods for fish that prefer to consume their foods off the bottom of the tank. The downside of these fish foods is that their nutritional value decreases if the fish do not eat them within ten seconds after they are released into the water.

Unlike pellets, they are not packed with ample nutrients to provide your pet fish.

  • Pellets. Such fish food items float on the surface of the water. So, if you have fish that prefer to consume its food as soon as you put it in the water, then this is a suitable option to consider.

They contain more nutritional value as compared to other available fish meals today. Likewise, they are quite small in size, so these are easy to consume for small and young fish. Due to their high density, they are more excellent choices that satisfy the needs of your finned friend.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What are tropical fish foods?

Tropical fish foods are particularly formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of tropical fish. These are specially made to contain superior levels of a protein that come with a proper balance of nutrients and vitamins to provide this fish species an adequate amount of energy and sustain their well-being.

Since tropical fish differ from other types of fish, their nutritional needs, water temperature and feeding mode are highly considered when formulating fish foods designed only for them.

What are the different types of tropical fish foods?

There are several varieties of tropical fish foods that you can consider for your aquatic friends and these consist of:

  • Crisps

These fish foods are designed to float for a longer time. Hence, fish could easily consume them before falling unconsumed to the tank's bottom. Because of this, they are prone to causing more waste. They are perfect options for small to medium-sized fish species.

  • Tablets

Such fish foods sink quite instantly, and these are practical options for bottom-feeders such as catfish as well as loaches.

  • Flakes

These are perhaps the most typically options available today. Most common fish species prefer these types of fish foods.

  • Sticks

These are more preferable for fish that are large-sized.

  • Treats and Supplements

Such types of foods are specially manufactured to efficiently complement the primary diet of your finned buddy.

  • Wafers

These come in larger sizes and tend to sink instantly.

  • Pellets

Pellets also tend to float and larger versions are ideal for bigger fish species.

  • Granules

Granules sink in a gradual mode; thus, it is available to all the fish in the aquarium. These types of foods are made with bite-sized pieces that make them easier to be eaten.

Why do you need tropical fish food? (Benefits)

It is vital to feed your tropical fish with the right amount of fish food that is specially formulated for them so that they can obtain the required nutrition. Most of them would consume flakes that can be purchased from local fish or pet stores; however, some of them would require that their keepers provide them with a little more consideration into their dietary requirements.

Just like any other type of creature, fish necessitate a good supply of calories to maintain a healthy metabolic system, and choosing the appropriate fish food is perceived as the key to helping them stay in good condition and for fish enthusiasts to support the aesthetics of their fish tank.

The right tropical fish food must also consider a variety in a fish diet. This is quite crucial to ponder on as it could greatly help minimize the possibility of nutritional deficiencies that could result in serious health concerns. If your tropical fish is fed with a variety of good foods that are primarily formulated for them, then this would lessen the potentiality that your pet fish lose interest in the diet.

Tropical fish foods help maintain the overall wellness of your pet fish; they assist in enhancing the fish's natural vibrant color, boost the immune system, ward off digestive problems, resist various types of diseases and infections, and of course to help extend the lifespan of your most cherished aquatic buddy. Overall, you'll have a lovely fish tank that's stunning to behold and you'll have happy and healthy fish that would offer you lots of entertainment and enchantment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted tropical fish food brands?

If you want to purchase a worthwhile investment that won't give you something to regret in the future, make sure that you only buy tropical fish foods that are manufactured by highly trusted brands in the field of fish and aquarium keeping.

The delighting news is that top-quality tropical fish foods are not that difficult to find these days since there are lots of premium quality products that are readily available on the market at present- and, most of them are affordable. You only need to do a little inspection of the ingredients they contain and from there it will be easier to pick the right choice for your pet fish.

Some of the tropical fish food brands that are worth your time and money include the following:

  • Tetra
  • Aqueon
  • Omega One
  • API
  • ADP

The next time you buy fish foods for your tropical fish, consider checking the manufacturer of the product first and check out what the mentioned brands have to offer. This way, you can have the peace of mind that your aquatic friend receives proper nutrition.

What human food can tropical fish eat?

Some common fish food alternatives include:

  • Earthworms. These are rich in protein and provide many vital nutrients for fish to thrive.
  • Algae in the fish tank. These could offer an excellent source of food for plant-based eaters.
  • Boiled rice is a great alternative but this must be given in small amounts only.
  • Fish fillets could be consumed by fish that are not plant-based. But, before the feeding proper, make sure to cut it into smaller pieces.
  • For omnivore and carnivores, you can feed them with peas, lettuce, lima beans and the like. Fresh veggies are better than frozen or canned ones. Canned veggies come with preservatives that are potentially harmful to fish.

As for veggies, zucchini and cucumbers are good sources to consider. Cut them into slices, and cut the skin off. Before feeding your fish, these veggies must be boiled for roughly 4 minutes.

  • Seafood such as shrimp is an ideal alternative if you keep carnivorous fish.
  • Hard-boiled egg yolk. Give your tropical fish a pinch of this. Take in mind that you must not overfeed your fish with this because it could make the tank water dusky for they tend to produce more residues than normal. Unconsumed yolk would rot and may result in an increased level of ammonia in the tank water.

How often should tropical fish be fed?

It is suggested to feed your tropical fish at least once per day. Since fish are regarded as cold-blooded, this means that their metabolism is linked to the tank water's temperature. If the temperature of your tank water is kept at approximately 74 by up to 78 degrees, then it would take roughly 16 by up to 24 hours for your aquatic friend to completely digest the food.

Take note that a single feeding per day is already adequate to ensure that they obtain the right nutrition, and have enough time to digest the food accordingly. However, you can feed your fish twice per day, but this must be done in smaller portions only.

Do not overfeed your fish. Otherwise, they could be prone to indigestion, bloating and other digestive system problems. Fish would also swim upside down and float to the top once overfed. And, this would also cause cloudiness in tank water since the unconsumed food can pollute the water.

Can I feed tropical fish bread?

Bread is not the type of food that you would prefer to feed your finned buddy for the long term; still and all, this would do in a pinch. As you might already know, bread comes with yeast contents and this commonly brings about constipation concerns to most fish species.

Not to mention, bread is considered not natural to a tropical fish diet; this implies that such type of fish does not have the proper enzymes to disintegrate the wheat and flour as humans do.

Thus, it would be a lot better to search for other fish food options if you do not wish to endanger the health and life of your tropical fish.

How long does tropical fish food last?

It is critical to keep fish food dry and store them in a safe storage area. And, these must all be sued up within six months. The food must be stored in an airtight canister; it must be kept away from direct heat or sunlight and make sure that it must be stored at room temperature where there is no moisture or humidity.

Also, consider keeping the fish food in a trash bin that comes with snap-on fasteners. If the fish food is kept in this condition, then it could last for as long as half a year. Essentially, after a year, the vitamins and nutrients contained in the fish food would deteriorate. The most excellent method to optimize the nutritional life of fish food is to freeze them in tinier bags.

Fish pellets that are not frozen but are kept refrigerated at a lower temperature could last longer.

Can you feed tropical fish food to goldfish?

It is possible to feed goldfish some tropical fish foods. But, although they can consume tropical fish foods safely without any serious problems, it is still highly recommended to feed goldfish with fish foods that are primarily formulated for them.

There is no major harm in feeding goldfish some tropical fish foods temporarily; however, if done for the long term, your goldfish might get malnourished.

It is worth mentioning that although tropical fish and goldfish are similar in several aspects, they are still different in many areas. Such differences refer to their feeding mode, their nutritional needs, water temperature and the like.

Thus, it is better to feed goldfish and tropical fish with fish foods that are primarily designed for their needs.

How to care & clean?

Aside from providing proper nutrition for your finned friends, taking care of and cleaning the fish tank is advantageous for keeping tropical fish. If you want to extend the lifespan of your pet fish, then the tank should be kept clean and pristine clear at all costs.

It might be necessary to clean the tank monthly or so, and get rid of any algae buildup. It is essential to clean any types of ornaments inside the tank, the glass as well as the filter.

Here are the things that need to be checked and accomplished on a regular mode:

  • Execute water composition tests every week.
  • Monitor the behavior of your aquatic friend. Examine if the fish does not show any signs of negative behavioral changes or any potential cause of problems. Do this weekly too.
  • The tank water temperature must be checked every day.
  • It is a must to clean the fish tank walls to eliminate any algae bloom. Do this weekly. Then, overall aquarium cleaning must be carried out once a month.
  • Every month, examine the pump and the water filter too.

Where to buy?

To date, there are lots of tropical fish food products sold. Hence, if you currently keep tropical fish and wondering what types of foods to feed them, then you can start your search from local pet or fish stores in your area.

Many heavily stocked pet or fish stores can offer tropical fish keepers good options to select from. The good thing about buying from these local stores is that you can personally check the ingredients of the fish food at once.

Nonetheless, if you have a very busy schedule and can't find the time to buy fish foods from pet or fish stores, then a more convenient and faster way of shopping is via online shopping sites like PetSmart, Amazon, PetCo, and others.

These sites are well-known for being providers of top-quality products made by reputable brands. Thus, looking for suitable tropical fish food for your pet fish is less burdensome.


In this post, you have obtained some knowledge that the diet needs of a tropical fish are quite distinct from that of a goldfish. So, feeding your aquatic friends with a sufficient amount of food is important.

Moreover, underfed and overfed fish respond negatively. And, it is necessary to purchase the best tropical fish food for this purpose so to guarantee top-tier health condition and maximum growth for your pet fish.

The wrong choice of food can cause various diseases to your fish while the right options could provide well-balanced nutrition that supports stronger immune systems, color enhancement, vitality, and longevity.

When it comes to taking proper care of your fish, you must purchase the appropriate fish foods that are going to be advantageous to their overall wellness. Luckily, with the list and reviews of tropical fish food options provided in this article, it does not need to be a hard decision since there are many suitable options for you to select from.

Just make sure that you carefully look into the ingredients of each product, check if the fish food contains the essential nutrients and vitamins; and from there you will never go wrong. Feed your fish right and they will love you back!