The Best Foods for Mollies to Enhance Naturally Brilliant Color

best food for mollies

Mollies are regarded as one of the most renowned fish species among pet fish enthusiasts. For a fact, there are several distinct types of mollies and all of them possess different colors. The top-rated thing about them is that they are not that tedious and complex to keep.

You are probably wondering what this fish species generally eat. Basically, due to their omnivorous nature, they can consume both meat and plant-based types of foods and they are not finicky eaters. Even so, it is essential for fish owners to be shrewd about their proper feeding schedule, feeding habits as well as the quality of their daily diet.

Indeed, it could be difficult to point out what are the best foods for mollies particularly if you’ve never cared for one in the past. Luckily, this post is designed to assist molly keepers in finding the right foods for them, how to look after them, and learning more about their feeding habits.

Start reading the reviews below so you can have a deeper grasp of the most suitable fish food that is specifically formulated for this type of fish. And, see to it to take the buying guides seriously so you won’t have any shopping regrets in the future. Be reminded that being insightful about the features and ingredients of the fish diet that you should buy would help you be ahead of the game.

Top-Rated Food for Mollies Reviews of 2023

1. TetraMin Tropical Flake Food

Feeding molly fish can be a less stressful task to do provided that you pick the right fish foods for them. If you are presently fishing for staple food that you can safely feed your middle and top-feeding tropical fish, then this product would be the right companion to make your feeding job a lot easier and more convenient.

A lot of molly owners prefer this fish diet because it is labeled as a complete and well-rounded form of diet that your aquatic pets would love. It helps support maximum fish health, healthy cells, and digestion and also helps fish develop more rapidly. If you follow the guidelines when feeding these flakes to your mollies, you can avoid dealing with terrible tank waste.

Withal, these flakes are bigger than the standard size so small fish may have difficulty eating and swallowing them. And, it comes with some fillers in its contents. These are just a few of the negative aspects that can be noticed if you feed your fish tank dwellers with these flakes.

  • Consists of easy to digest contents that could serve as a staple food
  • Formulated with good amounts of proteins, antioxidants, and prebiotics
  • Designed with clear water formula to sustain good tank water condition
  • Promote good digestion, rapid fish growth, and healthy cells
  • Made to be nutritionally balanced to allow peak health in fish
  • Seems to contain some fillers
  • Bigger than expected so smaller species may find them hard to consume faster
Overall, this molly fish diet is enriched with high amounts of antioxidants that promote healthy cells, contain high proteins that enable faster fish growth, and loaded with prebiotics that greatly aids in impeding many digestion-related issues. This is made of premium quality tropical formulation that is perfect for feeding middle and top feeding tropical fish. For the price, this is unrivaled.

2. API Fish Food Flakes

This product can be a top-rated marble molly food because it is manufactured with vital nutrients that make up a well-balanced and comprehensive diet that could benefit all tropical fish community. In line with this, it ensures to provide aquatic creatures with more readily used nutrients so which could lead to a clearer and cleaner tank water condition.

These foods are practical investments because of their nutrient-packed contents. They contain beet pulp and spirulina that are adept at tremendously boosting the naturally vibrant colors of different fish species. It is indispensable to feed your aquarium settlers with these flakes twice daily and the food amount that they could devour within 3 minutes.

Likewise, this is good for supporting good digestion, reducing the levels of ammonia inside the fish tank, and in sustaining clean and safe tank water conditions.

Sadly, these flakes are not adored by most tropical fish since some of them tend to spit these foods out during feeding activities. And, they come with a strange fishy smell that probably many fish owners wouldn’t like. Anyhow, this isn’t a major issue for your finned buddies.

  • Made with nutritionally enhanced protein formulation
  • Perfect choice for feeding bettas and goldfish
  • Manufactured to be naturally digestible
  • An ideal option for bottom feeders
  • Guarantees less fish waste inside the aquarium
  • May cause a fishy smell that could be annoying for humans
  • Some tropical fish spit these foods out
All in all, for those in the hunt for nutritionally-enhanced protein fish diet, these flakes are an exceptional choice for your requirements. These are naturally digestible so your fish won’t have a tough time nibbling on them. If you are looking after bottom feeders, then these foods would be ideal for them. This product can ensure minimized fish waste and are perfect for bettas and goldfish. If you want to bolster the current color of your fish tank occupants, then this could work best for that purpose too.

3. Omega One Color Mini Pellets

Fortunately, feeding mollies nowadays is not as challenging as it was in the past. With lots of fish food options to select from, it is more effortless to pick the one that is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of your aquatic pets. Just like these mini pellets, they are specifically manufactured to provide the required nutrition for most pet fish to stay in top condition.

These sinking foods are good at promoting less fish waste inside the tank if fed right and they are capable of providing an adequate amount of nutrition for most fish to stay healthy and strong inside an aquarium. You can gently crush the foods to obtain the ideal size or just leave them be to provide your finned buddies with some variety.

Nonetheless, these mini pellets are not regarded as the favorite food of all guppies since many of them often do not touch the food during feeding sessions. And, you need to clean the tank after feeding because some oil substance could be noticed on top of the water.

  • Supports remarkable fish color enhancement
  • Fortified with Omega 3 and 6
  • Helps promote more potent fish immunity
  • Contains high contents of beta carotenes
  • A practical choice for feeding marine and freshwater fish species
  • Not all guppies adore these mini pellets
  • Tends to leave some oily substance on top of the water
To wrap things up, these best foods for mollies fish is superb value for the money! It is a certified staple food that most fish prefer. The size of the can is good enough to last a while and they are intact and large. These are easier to consume and do not cause extreme tank water cloudiness. If you want your saltwater and freshwater fish to build stronger immunity, intensify their color, and maintain their overall wellness, then this option won’t dismay you in that aspect.

4. TetraMin Tropical Granules

This molly fish food is a practical choice for both novice and expert fish keepers. It is made with a distinctive formulation that significantly bolsters food consumption and cuts down fish waste to make the tank water condition ideal most of the time. Only give your fish a few granules per feeding, in short, feed them the right amounts that they can finish within 3 minutes.

Not to mention, seeing multicolored fish roaming inside the fish tank is one of the best sceneries you can ever behold. So, if you would like to focus on intensifying the current color of your finned friends, this fish diet can help you accomplish that because that is one of the objectives of why it was manufactured.

Be that as it may, these granules disintegrate easily and spread undesired debris in all sections of the aquarium. In addition to this, baby fish are not enticed to consume these foods whenever you feed them with these. Make it a point to contemplate these issues before you pick this product.

  • Designed to be nutritionally balanced for dietary needs of small fish
  • Does wonder in immensely improving fish color
  • Enriched with vitamin C, trace elements and minerals that make them superb staple food for bettas
  • Guarantees well-enhanced food utilization and lessens fish waste
  • A practical choice for small juvenile, shy and mid-level feeding tropical fish
  • Prone to disintegrating faster and spread noticeable residues everywhere in the tank
  • Looks like not the top-tier choice for feeding baby fish
On the whole, if you want a fish diet that is nutritionally balanced and seems to be designed for feeding shy, juvenile, and small mid-level feeding tropical fish; this fish food product can be your partner. Such food is formulated with highly nutritious contents, such as minerals, trace elements, and vitamins that offer various health perks to your most prized aquarium dwellers.

5. Hikari Fish Food

Similar to other Hikari fish food options, these foods are formulated with A1 ingredients that highly consider the peak health of every fish species that would devour this fish diet. Without a doubt, this brand is credible in terms of manufacturing premium quality fish foods that support the overall wellness of aquatic pets.

It is delighting to note that as compared to other fish foods, this option does not extremely badly affect the condition and clarity of your aquarium water. Since most fish species prefer to munch on these foods, they produce lesser fish waste. This is not toxic to use too because it does not contain any fatal bacteria and parasites.

Regardless, you need to be careful if you are feeding this food to your pet fish especially if you have allergies. Some highly sensitive fish owners may experience some allergic reactions with it. And, if you are raising African cichlids, feeding them with these foods would be a challenge.

  • Not susceptible to making the tank water excessively filthy
  • Manufactured with patented ratcheting dispenser top
  • Designed with nitrogen charging feature that minimizes oxidation before opening
  • Topnotch for being a superior daily diet and a special treat for all kinds of tropical fish and majority of freshwater species
  • Guaranteed clear of any sorts of toxic bacteria and parasites
  • May be harmful to fish keepers with allergies
  • Looks like not an ideal pick for feeding African cichlids
All things pondered on, this fish food option is a wonderful investment. It could work as a real nice treat for your aquarium friends, particularly when they glide down and sink immediately. Most fish adore this fish diet except for African cichlids. And, best of all, since it is formulated with superior levels of key vitamins, fish owners need not worry about dealing with fish stress and other illnesses.

6. Tetra Baby Shrimp Sun Dried Treat

If you are looking after young and adult aquatic pets, these foods can be safely provided to them. It is well-known for being a top-quality nutrient-packed supplement that could guarantee a nutritious and delectable variety to your fish’s diet. Feed these foods to your pet fish roughly two to three times per week aside from the staple food that you feed them daily.

Take into account that you need to follow the directed food amount and feeding schedule to avoid overfeeding your fish tank dwellers. More than that, these come with high levels of carotene that are superior at bolstering the natural and brilliant color of aquatic creatures. If you want to intensify the red and pink colors of fish even more, then this is the right choice for that purpose.

Nonetheless, these baby shrimp sun-dried treat product appears not the preferable fish foods for various aquatic creatures such as turtles. And, they are only practical for feeding larger fish but not much if you are feeding small fish that have small mouths. These are a few of the weak points that you can encounter if you purchase these foods.

  • Recognized for being a nutrient-fortified supplement that can offer variety to your aquatic pet’s diet
  • Manufactured with a natural color enhancer that unleashes the impressive color of your fish
  • Can be fed to all age range description of fish
  • Helps in promoting healthy digestive system functions
  • An ideal pick for those with a minimal budget
  • Difficult to eat and swallow for small fish with small mouths
  • Turtles seem to dislike these foods
On the button, if you prefer low-cost way of feeding your fish, then this can be a nice molly fish fry food option that is worth-buying. It is worth noting that it contains good protein to add to your fish diet. Whether you have marine or freshwater fish species inside the aquarium, this can offer a highly nutritious supplement that could provide excellent variety to your fish’s diet.

7. Fluval Hagen Flakes Fish Food

Are mollies tropical fish? The answer to this question is yes. And, they are tagged as one of the most preferred species among fish hobbyists around the globe because of their colorful body and tranquil nature. So, if you want to help them sustain a very gorgeous color, this fish diet option can assist you in achieving that goal.

What is more, these are fortified with trace elements, proteins, and antioxidants that were derived from a lot of vital ocean fish. If you want to feed your most prized fish tank settlers with second to none daily nutrition, then this product is worth a try.

It is essential to know a couple of the flaws of this product and these are it’s being too powdery so it could make the tank water messy instantly. And, although it was endorsed as flavorful and tasty, some fish need to get accustomed to its taste and flavor first.

  • Capable of maximizing fish health and strengthening fish immunity
  • Manufactured as superb quality and highly tasty fish food product
  • Loaded with outstanding sources of trace elements, proteins as well as antioxidants
  • Can serve as an excellent choice if you wish to provide your fish with a highly nutritious daily diet
  • Offers a complete balance of vitamins such as stabilized vitamin C
  • May take a while for some fish to get accustomed to the flavor and taste of these foods
  • Too powdery
Lastly, these foods are designed to be soft and do not come with a strong smell. They are popular for being a fast fish color booster; hence, they could be the solution if you wish to transform your aquarium buddies to become more aesthetically-pleasing. These are made to be naturally digestible as they are soft and can support a healthy immune system.

8. New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes

By happy chance, molly fish care does not necessarily have to be exhausting and distressing. If you opt for this saltwater and freshwater fish diet, you can ensure them with protein-fortified nutrition because this product contains a huge amount of meal protein and krill as its key contents. These are great at boosting fish color and are designed to be free of any hormone that could be toxic to your finned pets.

It is highly suggested to feed your aquatic buddies with these foods twice per day. Your pet fish must be able to devour the food in approximately two minutes. These float well and can work excellently in improving the full spectrum of your fish tank residents’ color.

Notwithstanding, these all-purpose flakes are not tagged as the most favorite foods for feeding Glow tetras. Additionally, when the product arrived, it came with a loose seal so it would have been better if high-quality packaging is carefully considered.

  • Promotes more vitality in tropical fish species
  • Your go-to if you prefer all-natural and supreme quality contents
  • Capable of immensely intensify the fish color
  • Proudly USA-made product
  • Well-rounded and protein-packed daily saltwater and marine fish diet
  • Arrived not tightly sealed
  • Glow tetras aren’t fond of these foods
After all, these flakes are made with all-natural content that could excellently bring out the best in your tropical pets. They do not leave a significant amount of film or food waste so it is adept at keeping things crystal clear. These are top-rated in terms of sterling fish color enhancement capability and work as a nutritionally balanced and varied fish diet. This is such a nice option that it is worthy of outstanding reviews.

Outdated Products

Hikari Micro Wafers for Pets (Outdated)

Are mollies bottom feeders? Absolutely, yes! They also move gradually and many a time they prefer to remain still. These are very entertaining, serene and are trouble-free to keep inside the aquarium. In line with this, they like eating leftovers but it is also substantial to feed them with varieties.

To catfish, livebearers, tetras, and cichlids owners, this product is worth considering. The wafers are quite small and the current package size is capable of lasting long. This aids in reducing fish waste in the aquarium too.

If you decide to buy this product, there are two things that you need to watch out for and these are its easily changed price tag that frequently goes up and down and the other thing is that it seems to be a better option for feeding baby fish only.

  • Touted as the smallest wafers in the globe
  • Manufactured with good levels of stabilized vitamin C
  • An ideal choice for feeding catfish, tetras, cichlids as well as livebearers
  • Does not create a horrible mess inside the fish tank
  • Fortified with excellent amounts of astaxanthin and spirulina
  • Appears ideal for baby fish only and not for adults
  • Price tag tends to fluctuate easily
In the rear, if you hate seeing filthy tank water and you’re quite meticulous when it comes to a tank water condition, this food option would greatly help you maintain clean and safe tank water conditions most of the time. It is packed with astaxanthin, spirulina, and stabilized vitamin C ingredients so it is reliable when it comes to boosting vivid fish color and resisting infections and fish ailments.

Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets Fish Food (Outdated)

If you constantly wonder what to feed molly fish, then you can narrow down your options by investing in this brand. This is a wise investment in that it is designed with super nutrition. If you are keeping small tropical fish, tetras, and barbs; this food can satisfy their daily feeding needs.

Many small tropical fish keepers pick this option because it is designed with a premium selection of veggie and marine proteins that are quite helpful and well-suited for small-sized fish that call for more substantial energy reserves. These mini pellets sink in a gradual mode so your fish tank residents can get the nutrition they necessitate to thrive.

Take into consideration that contrary to what was expected, these foods are not colored pellets; they are reddish. And, some fish keepers who have used these foods have claimed that these could potentially cause some swim bladder concerns. You must take a closer look at these downsides before getting this product.

  • Formulated with superior levels of saltwater and vegetable proteins
  • Helps reduce tank water clouding and nutrition loss
  • Sinks gradually to allow fish to obtain the nutrition they require
  • Manufactured with a good balance of spirulina and krill for impressive fish color enhancement
  • Allows maximum consumption with lesser food residues inside the tank
  • Does not contain colored pellets and are mostly reddish
  • May bring about swim bladder issues
Right to it, this molly food is the most suitable bang for the money. It contains unique and nutritious content that supports the top health of your most precious aquarium friends. This is reliable in warding off tank water mess and nutrition loss. Also, if you truly wish to satisfy the daily dietary requirements of barbs, tetras, and many other small tropical fish, then these foods won’t cause you any trouble in achieving that.

What to Look for When Buying Molly Fish Food


When shopping for the most appropriate foods designed for mollies, there are several things that you must think about and these are:

  • What are the ingredients used when formulating the fish food product?

The most valuable factor to look into when searching for molly foods is the contents of the formula.

Inspect if the product comes with plant-based or spirulina contents as these serve as an outstanding source of vitamins, minerals, and raw proteins. Check out some options that are manufactured with worms and shrimp contents such as black worms.

  • What types of fish diet do mollies prefer eating?

Since this fish species is an omnivore, they commonly eat plant-based matter, tiny invertebrates, and algae. When dwelling inside the fish tank, they must be fed with a variety of veggies and some high-quality flakes.

If you want to ensure good breeding conditions for mollies, provide them with frozen or live foods as a treat. They love consuming frozen foods like daphnia, brine shrimps plus bloodworms.

  • When is the expiration date of the product?

Just like when buying human foods, the expiration date of fish food products is quite important to check too. As you know, it is best to buy products that are fresh and safe to be fed to your finned pets.

Additionally, see to it to avoid ingredients that contain less nutritional value to your molly’s daily diet. Soybean and wheat flour meals are sources of carbohydrates that must be avoided when buying foods for your fish tank settlers.

  • Are pellets a good option?

A lot of fish food products these days come in the form of pellets. And, even though these are practical to use for large-sized aquatic creatures that require more substance, some pellets are also an excellent choice for mollies. These are designed to be easy to digest so they help avoid various digestion problems.

  • Crisps or flakes

The difference between crisps and flakes is their contents, lifespan, and digestibility. Flakes refer to floating fish diets that generally come with brewer’s yeast, fish meal, vitamins, soybean meal, and minerals. But, they have a shorter lifespan and are ideal to use for marine and freshwater fish.

On the other hand, in terms of nutritional value, crisps are similar to flakes. They also differ in shape since crisps look like thin discs. Crisps are good for marine, freshwater, and most fish species. You can opt for these options if you wish to minimize tank water waste.

As you can see, there is probably a need to consider different food formats to unveil which option your fish tank residents prefer. Some mollies may thrive with flakes while others may prefer pellets.

Take note that just like when searching for foods designed for bettas or new mixes for other fish species, it is necessary to keep an eye on many different facets to obtain high-quality food products for your mollies. Consider these buying guides so you can get closer to a well-thought-of final shopping decision.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is the top-quality food for molly fish?

When it comes to the most outstanding foods for mollies, it is critical to select top-quality food items that could help them achieve top health. Cheap quality foods could merely obstruct their growth rate and make them unhealthy.

Consider adding a variety of both fast and slow sinking fish foods. Mollies generally prefer protein-rich foods and green-colored veggies. Moreover, you could also provide them some flakes that are loaded with vitamins to encourage faster growth. These foods can also boost fish immunity and enhance fish color.

The most excellent foods for mollies that dwell inside the fish tank are a combination of regular fish foods and live foods. Whilst you can observe these fish consuming algae consistently in the aquarium, they prefer to eat other types of foods as well.

Basic tropical flakes would indeed be fine; however, it is more beneficial to add some alternative treats to make your finned buddies healthier, happier, and capable of thriving inside an artificial environment.

Besides, it is necessary to add some other protein-packed stuff to their diet- in other words, some special treats that they would gladly appreciate. Microworms, bloodworms, krill, and brine shrimps are ideal options to add a generous amount of protein to their diet.

It is helpful to conduct some research on premium quality flake food for your fish tank friends. Essentially, flakes would serve as the core support for your fish so purchasing a high-end brand is highly advised.

What do mollies eat?

Mollies prefer to eat meat-based and plant-based types of foods that include:

Vegetable matters – zucchini, boiled and fresh vegetables, aquatic plants, algae, flake food, peas, lettuce, spinach and cucumber

Protein-rich foods – fry mollies, glass worms, protein pallets, daphnia, meaty foods, brine shrimps, bloodworms and some small-sized insects

Mollies love consuming algae growth in the fish tank, and they tend to graze incessantly on it. Anyhow, if your aquarium lacks algae, it is beneficial to feed them with special commercial molly foods and flakes that are formulated with high spirulina contents.

When it comes to making homemade foods for your mollies, you can start steaming veggies. Make sure not to add any butter, salt, or spices when making homemade foods for your pet fish.

Why do you need food for mollies? (Benefits)

It is vital to feed your mollies specific food options that are primarily designed to fit their feeding habits and nutritional requirements. While it is possible to feed mollies with some foods that were formulated for other types of fish species, still the most suitable way to properly feed them is by providing them with foods that have considered their daily nutrition needs.

Some of the advantages that mollies can enjoy if fed with premium quality molly foods comprise of:

  • Help mollies grow fast without any barriers in the process
  • Allow healthy breeding
  • Aid in intensifying their flashy, brilliant and dynamic fish color
  • Promote stronger immune system functions and helps them become more robust enough to resist fish stress and many other fish-related health concerns
  • Support fish health and sustain their overall well-being even when dwelling in an artificial habitat like a planted tank
  • Help mollies obtain the nutrition they require to thrive
  • Make them become more energetic, happier and more active by playing, roaming, swimming and moving around the aquarium
  • Help extend their lifespan
  • Make the fish tank a more stunning and attractive view where healthy and multicolored fish continue to move and entertain their owners, family members, and guests
  • Support healthy digestive system functions
  • Since foods for mollies are naturally digestible, these are ideal for reducing messy tank water concerns

Unquestionably, feeding your finned friends with food options that are capable of offering adequate nutrition can work like a charm for both fish owner and their pet fish. If you strictly follow the directions in terms of feeding schedule and food amount during feeding sessions, then you can be guaranteed that your fish tank occupants obtain the nutrition they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted molly food brands?

Purchasing the right types of foods for mollies can only be daunting for most beginners. Howbeit, the delighting news today is that one of the most exceptional methods to ensure that you are buying the right fish food products for them is by conducting thorough research about some highly trusted brands that have been in the field for ages.

To boot, investing in products that the majority of expert molly keepers use for their finned friends is undoubtedly a wise decision. As novices in fish keeping world, it is oftentimes practical to take the advice of those who are experts in the field.

Here is a list of the most renowned and highly recognized fish food product brands that you can count on:

  • Hikari
  • Omega One
  • Tetra
  • Fluval
  • API

When shopping for fish diet products look for these brand names and make some comparisons with other competitors. In so doing, you will discover how more prominent these are in terms of quality.

What should I feed my balloon Molly?

If you are raising balloon Molly, it is a must to feed them with meat-based and vegetable matter. Since this fish species is an omnivore, they prefer varieties. You can feed them with freeze-dried bloodworms, brine shrimps and Tubifex worms. Aside from these, you can feed them with algae-based flake foods.

Here is a list of foods that you can safely feed your balloon mollies:

  • Dried and frozen bloodworms, brine shrimps, and Tubifex worms
  • Daphnia, mosquito larvae and live brine shrimps
  • Spirulina tablets
  • Boiled veggies such as cucumber, zucchini, peas, cauliflower and carrots
  • Commercial fish flakes
  • Every type of algae
  • Blanched leaves such as fresh spinach and lettuce
  • Meaty foods like boiled chicken breasts
  • Vegetables and pallets

How often should mollies be fed?

When feeding your mollies, observe if they spit out the foods you provide them- this would be a sign that they have had too much. However, mollies commonly go after spat fish foods although they are satisfied.

The recommended frequency when feeding mollies is once or twice per day. If you follow this feeding schedule, your aquarium pets can thrive and will do fine. On the other hand, if you wish to provide them with flakes, it is necessary to crumble the fish flakes first into small pieces so they won’t have difficulty eating and swallowing them.

As for the feeding schedule, most molly keepers prefer to feed them two times daily and they do the feeding in 12-hour intervals. For instance, feed them at 7 in the morning and another one at 7 in the evening. This schedule is highly recommended.

Take in mind that once or twice feeding is all good for this fish species. Mollies typically consume their food within five minutes. Indeed, if you continuously put more food into the aquarium, they will continue munching them even when they are already full.

They would keep on eating and spit out the food later on. As a result, the uneaten foods would settle at underneath a portion of the aquarium and could cloud the tank water. If you do not wish to deal with serious tank mess, learn to feed them the right amount of food and see to it to follow the directed feeding schedule.

Can Molly fish eat goldfish food?

Since mollies and goldfish are categorized as omnivores, there is no problem if you feed your mollies some foods designed for goldfish. Still and all, goldfish need more fiber in their daily diet as compared to mollies.

Hence, you can provide your mollies some foods manufactured for goldfish, but this must not be done regularly. Ideally speaking, nothing is better than providing your mollies with types of foods that are precisely formulated to meet their nutritional needs.

How do I keep my molly fish happy?

If you desire to make your mollies happy, you must keep them in freshwater tanks. While it is true that they would do just fine in almost any water condition, the best for them is a freshwater tank.

These fish species prefer huge spaces where they can freely roam, move, and play around. Thus, it would be better if you do not associate them with larger groups to impede any instances of aggression or harassment. A large-sized tank is ideal for them. The minimum size for the tank is about 20 gallons; however, if feasible, a 45-gallon tank would be a more excellent option.

When it comes to water temperature and pH, it is highly suggested to keep your mollies in water that comes with between 70 and 80 degrees F and a water pH level that is closer to harder. This is because such fish species is known for being quite sensitive to water parameters. The tank environment should always remain consistent when keeping mollies.

Mollies feel delighted with planted tanks; this means that the more plants there are inside the tank, the happier they become. Plants would not merely enable adult aquatic creatures to feel more comfortable but these would also help in elevating the survival rate of the fry.

Fundamentally, mollies are known for being notorious in terms of feeding on their fry; thus, providing them a spot to hide would assist your breeding efforts tremendously.

There you go; apart from feeding them the right foods in the right amounts at the right time, and maintaining a good tank water condition; the things mentioned above are great means on how to make your mollies healthy and happy.

Where to buy?

The most trusted places where you can easily find and buy the right foods designed for mollies include various local fish or pet stores in your area. Sometimes, big supermarkets also offer such products in their pet care section. Alternatively, you can personally visit aquarium supply stores too if you have the time.

If shopping in local stores is not your thing, and you prefer to browse online and enjoy shopping there, then the top-tier online shopping sites for you to check out consist of Live Aquaria, PetCo, Amazon, Petwarehouse, and PetSmart.

It is delighting to know that these sites are popular for being some of the greatest online shopping sites where almost everything you need in fish keeping and fish feeding can be easily found. Also, these are the sites where you can avail of some of the most amazing shopping deals that you can’t find if you shop in local stores.

How to feed mollies to encourage healthy breeding?

If you want to promote healthy breeding for your mollies, you must provide them with live or frozen foods for a special treat. This would make a remarkable difference and you are more apt to enjoy positive outcomes in terms of breeding and to the overall well-being of your fish tank inhabitants.

Some of mollies most preferred frozen foods consist of daphnia, brine shrimps as well as bloodworms. Alternatively, making homemade foods for them can greatly condition them to breed healthily. It is good to note that it could be an insufficiency of fresh food in their diet that causes them not to breed well.

How long can mollies survive without foods?

Most fish can survive without feeding for two days or even weeks. For all that, this isn’t true in the case of aquatic pets. Aquatic pets must be fed regularly since in fish tanks; there aren’t many aquatic plants and algae for them to munch on. Anyhow, if you have a fish tank with adornments as well as live plants, then it would be all right.

Mollies can eat their fry fish and some fish species end up thriving in the existence of their parent mollies. Moreover, if you prefer more fish in your fish tank, it is practical to add more fry fish in a separate tank and feed them right for they would need more amounts of food as compared to adult mollies.


In summary, there are plenty of varieties when it comes to the best foods for mollies. And, this article aims to encourage molly keepers to rotate the foods for their aquatic pets so to come up with a complete and well-rounded fish diet that would satisfy all their nutritional requirements.

Over and above, if you are taking care of molly fry, it is crucial to feed them with a small number of foods more often, and whenever probable, feed them with some live-cultured foods as well. Whether you are raising fry or adult mollies, make sure not to overfeed them and always ensure that you only provide them with a balanced diet that consists of both vegetable matters and meat-based foods.

As discussed, there is utterly not all that much to know when it comes to feeding this type of fish species. All you need to do is to provide them a form of diet that satisfies their nutritional requirements, feed them as per the feeding schedule, and avoid overfeeding them.

Other than that, there is not much you need to be knowledgeable of. With proper feeding, care, and tank maintenance, you surely won’t have stress in taking care of these very adorable aquatic creatures. Carefully study each product reviewed here so you can invest in the right fish food option for your mollies.