The Best Foods for Arowana Fish

Dragonfish also known as Arowanas are very popular monsters fish. If you want them to thrive inside a confined space like an aquarium, optimal care should be provided. These fish species are carnivorous. In their natural habitat, they prey on insects as well as tiny fish – this is done both in and out of the waters.

In addition to this, dragon fish call for a high protein type of diet because they are comparably large and grow faster than other types of fish. For this reason, if you have plans of keeping these so-called lucky aquatic creatures, then you need to invest in the best food for Arowana.

When feeding dragon fish, it is a must to look through the size of the prey that you would provide to your aquatic pet. This is because as they grow, you can gradually wean them to consuming non-live frozen foods like meal fish, prawns, shrimps, and shellfish. Whilst this is not that easy to accomplish, some of them would sooner or later consume processed foods like pellets.

Even so, as dragon fish keepers, you need to ensure that the amount of protein you provide them is adequate when feeding processed foods. If you think that there are still a lot of things for you to learn about taking care of, maintaining and feeding Arowanas, then this article would be of great help to you.

Best Overall

Hikari Tropical Food

✔ Excellent supplemental food
✔ Works as an exceptional color enhancer
✔ Floats for a very long time


Premium Choice

Northfin Arowana

✔ FDA/USDA/CFIA registered and certified
✔ Premium quality marine-grade proteins
✔ Doesn’t contain any added hormones


Editor’s Choice

Hikari Fish Food

✔ Irresistible flavors
✔ More balanced nutrient profile
✔ Certified scientific diet


Best Food to Feed Arowana Fish Reviews

1. Hikari Tropical Food Sticks

This Arowana fish food is a practical option for South American fish that prefers a type of diet that contains high amounts of proteins such as Arowanas and Oscars. Once you feed your fish tank pets with these sticks, you would see that they would devour each food at once.

In like manner, they float well and come with a strong odor that aquatic creatures can sense. The bag is quite big that it could last for a few months. Hence, it is cost-effective even though you'll need to spend more at first.

This product is a little hard to find if you are going to buy it from local fish or pet stores and it contains some unnecessary and less nutritious contents such as potatoes, corn, wheat, rice, and soy. Such starch and fillers are not so good for fish to consume. Take these weak points in mind before feeding your fish with this food.

  • Excellent supplemental food to provide something new to your aquatic pets' diet
  • Works as an exceptional color enhancer and rapid growth food for aquarium creatures
  • Premium quality alternative for live foods
  • Floats for a very long time
  • Does not foul the tank water excessively
  • Contains some fillers and starch
  • Hard to find in local fish or pet stores

On the button, this is a foolproof supplemental food for your dragon fish particularly if you seriously wish to add something new to their diet. The foods are capable of floating for a very long time and this brand never falls short in terms of producing top quality food products for different fish's nutritional requirements. It is a little costly but since it is protein-enriched, it is an outstanding alternative to feeding live foods.

Arowana fish feeding is not as tedious and challenging as you could imagine. You only need to ensure that you strictly adhere to the directions of the manufacturer.

2. Northfin Arowana

As you might already know, Arowana fish food habits are unique than other types of fish. This is the reason why you must be extra cautious of what types of foods to feed them. Before buying the product, it is wise to carefully examine the contents to ensure that your fish tank friends obtain the nutrients they need to survive dwelling in an artificial habitat.

If you are fishing for a fish diet that is primarily manufactured to help intensify fish coloration, sustain peak health for your dragon fish, and a product that won't negatively affect the tank water quality, this food option is a must-try for you. It is formulated with natural contents and its size is big enough to last long.

On the other hand, these food sticks are so expensive that could hurt your budget. And, while the majority of dragon fish go nuts with these foods, some fish species do not find these sticks as palatable. These are a couple of the drawbacks that you need to look into before adding these food sticks to your shopping cart.

  • Made with premium quality marine-grade proteins and additives
  • FDA/USDA/CFIA registered and certified
  • Does not contain any added hormones and artificial pigments
  • An ideal option for feeding dragon fish
  • Arowanas find these foods irresistible
  • Not reasonably priced
  • Some fish don't find these food sticks delectable
In a nutshell, this Arowana food is the real deal because the product is made with a more balanced nutrient profile as compared to live foods. They are quite flavorful and serve as a very effective color enhancing fish diet for Arowanas. Likewise, these food sticks do not cloud the tank water excessively, come with ideal size, and formulated with all-natural ingredients that won't harm your aquatic friends.

3. Hikari Usa Inc. Carnivoreivore Sticks

As fish owners, one of our main goals is to extend the Arowana fish life span. And, for us to do so; the first thing that we must ensure is choosing the right food for them. If you are still a novice in dragon fish keeping, the safest way for you to get started is none other than buying food products that are made by reputable brands.

This is a superb quality food product that comes with great smell and texture especially when soaked up in the water. Once drenched, it doubles in size. It does not foul the tank water eve with heavy feeding and the foods do not instantly crumble or break apart. Your fish tank buddies would adore it once they get accustomed to it.

Your finned pets would find these foods as flavorful and capable of unleashing fish's vibrant colors. This product comes with a more balanced nutrient profile as compared to other live foods. It won't leave any oily debris inside the aquarium as well.

Howbeit, this product is quite overpriced so you better skip it if you do not want to spend extravagantly for fish feeding. Also, it is highly suggested to store the food in a zipped-lock bag to keep the food sticks in the best condition. Consider these soft spots first before investing in one.

  • A practical food choice for feeding monsters fishes
  • Famous for being the globe's first sponge-like monster stick fish food
  • Designed with irresistible flavors and can help improve fish color significantly
  • Enriched with a more balanced nutrient profile as compared to live foods
  • Certified scientific diet designed for bigger-sized dragon fish and other top feeding carnivores
  • Not ideal for those who do not want to spend more on fish food products
  • Re-sealable bag tends to leak in moisture after a few weeks
Overall, Arowana price is so expensive and this food is also quite pricey. Don't you think they seem to be a good match? Kidding aside, this product breaks the bank but if you're going to think deeply, its contents are all-natural and nutrient-packed so it could offer lots of benefits to the overall well-being of your aquarium settlers. Thus, this is a good catch that would satisfy you and your pet fish in the end.

4. Jacksuper Fish Feed

There are many Arowana fish benefits that fish keepers can enjoy particularly if your finned buddies are properly taken care of. If your aquatic pets are fed with a well-rounded diet, then you can be guaranteed that they will become the kind of pet fish you want them to be.

More than that, if you are currently keeping map turtles, flower horns, blood parrot, African cichlid, Arowana, marine fish, and the like; then this food option is the best pick for them. This is reliable in terms of increasing your finned pets' appetite, make their color even more vibrant and flashy, and allow them to build more robust resistance against various sorts of diseases, fish stress, and infections.

All the same, this food for dragonfish comes with incorrect product description especially when it comes to the weight of the product. Additionally, it contains more shells and less meat than other available brands. It is essential to examine these major gripes first before you come up with a final shopping decision.

  • An appropriate choice for all types of tropical fish and turtles
  • Helps significantly improve fish's appetite
  • Assists in boosting more vigorous resistance against stress and illnesses
  • Does wonder in intensifying fish coloration
  • Comes with a shelf life of 1 year if properly stored in a cool dry area
  • Contains a lot of shells and less meat as compared to other similar products
  • Comes with misleading product information
In general, Arowana fish care includes feeding your aquarium residents with proper nutrition and maintaining a safe and clean shelter for them. Luckily, this product can be your dependable companion if you wish to provide your fish tank inhabitants with the right nutrients they need to stay well, active, and more resistant to ailments and fish death. This food contains ample amounts of large shrimps and is offered at a great price.

5. Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Food

If you have picky eaters, this product can be your solution to lure your aquatic buddies to eat well. The food comes in a perfectly sized re-sealable bag and the foods inside are crisp and palatable. Surprisingly, the package contains generous amounts of Arowana fish food shrimps.

Furthermore, Oscars find these foods as special treats. Fish keepers who are looking for a good fish food combination can opt for this brand. The food is flavorful yet there is no need to spend lavishly on it.

Just like other types of baby Arowana food, this product comes with an unpleasant smell that comes too strong especially for those with very sensitive smell; however, this is what most fish adore. Indeed, a quarter of the bag comes with food that is deemed as unusable for big-sized fish. Take note of these flaws first before you choose this brand.

  • Offered at a very budget-friendly selling cost
  • Comes with a zip-lock closure that helps keep the food fresh and in good condition
  • A great food option even for the most finicky eaters
  • Allows wick and more convenient fish feeding method
  • Helps boost fish coloration
  • Comes with irking smell
  • A quarter of the bag is filled with food that is useless for large-sized fish
To sum up, this product is a worthwhile purchase mainly because it can guarantee daily nutrition for big-sized fish. Aside from this, it is considered one of the top picks when feeding Oscars, catfish, and other big-sized cichlids. What makes it a more prominent choice than the rest is its capability to allow fish keepers to delight in quick and convenient fish feeding activities. And, best of all, it can suit any type of budget.

6. Tetra JumboKrill Freeze Dired Jumbo Shrimp

It is critical to be insightful about Arowana feeding time as overfeeding them can cause serious problems in the long run. It is highly suggested to stick to your feeding schedule so your finned friends can get used to it. And, if you opt for a healthy diet supplement for your dragon fish, this product is worth considering.

Many fish keepers prefer this natural shrimp treat product because it is precisely formulated to supplement any staple diet. Whether you look after freshwater or saltwater fish, this food is practical to use because it is reliable in providing a good variety to your fish's diet. Undeniably, this is a premium quality nutrient-fortified supplement that fish owners must buy.

For all that, this is not affordable yet it seems half of its content is merely powder which is a waste of money. Moreover, you need to be careful of the lid as this is prone to get broken easily. Make certain to examine these product defects first before picking this option.

  • Particularly formulated with more enhanced vitamin contents
  • Practical to utilize for both saltwater and freshwater fish
  • Contains natural color enhancer ingredients
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Good at providing variety to your fish‘s diet
  • Lid is prone to getting easily damaged
  • Half of the package contains powder
To wrap things up, this food supplement makes a great option because it works like a charm in promoting healthy digestion, excellent fish coloration, and overall wellness for your aquatic friends. For the price, this is economical since it is packed with high levels of protein content that are quite beneficial to both marine and big-sized tropical fish. This also contains vitamin E, healthy fats, protein, and roughage.

7. Hikari Floating Food Sticks for Pets

Baby Arowana care can be a daunting task for most fish keepers to deal with. Nonetheless, the task can be somehow less challenging if you're able to pick the right foods for them. As you know, ensuring the right nutrition for your aquatic buddies is the key to their overall wellness and longevity.

This food for aquatic pets tends to clog up the tank's filter especially when the uneaten foods were not removed right away after feeding sessions. Apart from this, the size of the pellets is quite tiny for some fish. It is necessary to inspect these minor issues when shopping for food for your finned buddies.

  • Formulated with a well-rounded mix of nutrient-enriched contents that stimulate fish's appetite
  • Works wonderfully in lessening fish waste inside the tank
  • Significantly assists in supporting healthy form
  • Manufactured with more stabilized vitamin C to minimize fish stress and boost stronger resistance against illnesses
  • Designed to be flavorful and adept at promoting more vibrant fish color
  • Size of the pellets was way too small for some fish
  • Tends to clog up the tank's filter
To conclude, these pellet foods are nutritionally balanced and serve as a complete diet for aquarium settlers. They are primarily formulated for carnivorous fish whose principal diet of live foods tends to bring about some nutritional inadequacy. If you feed your fish tank residents with this diet, you could minimize the potentiality of the emergence of bacteria and parasites found in the majority of live foods.

8. Tetra JumboMin Large Sticks

It is essential to use these feeds based on the manufacturer's instructions to avoid badly affecting the tank water clarity and quality. These pellets can look after your aggressive fish tank inhabitants and you won't have to worry whether they obtain the right amount of nutrition or not. If you are looking for premium quality live food substitute, this option would work best for your requirements.

Meanwhile, a few negative aspects that Arowana keepers need to take into consideration include the fact that these food sticks seem not very flavorful for some big-sized goldfish and the pellets tend to transform the tank water in slightly orange color. Thus, you may need to execute frequent water replacements.

  • Contains more dried shrimp and krill contents
  • Designed as certified nutritionally balanced diet for monsters fish
  • Manufactured with PROCARE formulation that aids promote fish immunity and longevity
  • A practical food option for a big-sized and aggressive type of fish species like lionfish angels, dragonfish, piranhas, cichlids, Oscars, and groupers
  • Serves as an outstanding live food alternative
  • Tank water turns to a little orange in color
  • Some large-sized goldfish refuse to eat these pellets
All factors carefully contemplated, this is the solution for dragonfish keepers to consider if you want to keep your Arowana healthy and in good shape. These food sticks are fortified with nutrients that help promote maximum health, extend Arowana lifespan, and unleash their radiant colors even more. The dried krill and shrimp contents would surely lure your pet fish to eat well. As you can see, you can label these products as one of the best Arowana pellet foods these days.
Outdated Products

Sera 400 Arowana Pet Food (Outdated)

You won't go wrong with this food option if you are presently seeking superior quality silver Arowana fish food. Fish owners who prefer a form of diet that can provide more aquatic proteins, highly digestible, and can serve as a staple food for carnivorous fish would find this product as the perfect choice for their requirements.

The package contains meaty chunks that your picky finned buddies would consume fondly. The food is made with haematococcus, spirulina, and krill- all of which are adept at promoting maximum color formation in fish. The floating granules float quite well in water, capable of keeping their shape and do not contaminate the tank water excessively.

Be that as it may, this option is a little costly than other available dragon fish food products sold in local fish or pet stores today. And, contrary to what was advertised, these pellets appear to transform the tank water into reddish color after feeding session.

  • Serves as a complete diet for big-sized carnivorous fish
  • Pellets are capable of being easily digested and float well
  • Contains more aquatic proteins contents
  • Does not cause any excessive pollution to the tank water
  • Supports optimal fish coloration
  • Priced higher than other similar dragon fish food products
  • Tends to make the tank water reddish
On the whole, this product is never a waste of money at all. It serves as a staple food that contains discreetly formulated granules for large carnivorous fish like big cichlids as well as dragonfish. These are easy to digest and what sets them apart from other available options out there is its superior level of aquatic protein contents. It could attract finicky eaters to consume their food well and the granules remain in good shape even when severely drenched in the tank water.

Azoo Arowana Stick Fish Food (Outdated)

Arowana owners who are currently in search of top quality and nutrient-filled food products can give this option a shot. This would make an exceptional choice rather than raw bait for big-sized carnivorous fish and dragonfish. These food sticks were made with glucan that is known to be stellar at promoting more vigorous fish immunity.

If you wish to make your fish more colorful, be able to sustain peak health, and obtain more vitality, then this food option can do wonders for them. The food sticks are easily digestible and they come all set to be eaten right away. Hence, there is no need to mix food.

Not the less, two factors that are a little disappointing about this product is the food's questionable quality since it appears that there are other more qualified options than this. Also, it is not perceived as palatable for most fish species as some of them ignore the food sticks during feeding sessions.

  • Offers sufficient nutrition to carnivorous fish that feed on the water surface
  • Helps remarkably enhance fish's color
  • Can be readily consumed by aquarium occupants
  • Works adeptly in bolstering fish immunity
  • Designed as easy to digest
  • Quality appears to be questionable
  • Some fish ignores this food during feeding activities
At last, this can be labeled as good quality silver Arowana food. It does a great job of boosting healthier and stronger immune system functions in fish and is nutritious enough to be fed for carnivorous fish. You can efficiently utilize this instead of raw bait for dragonfish. This food comes readily consumed by fish so feeding becomes a lot easier and more convenient even for novices.

What to Look for When Buying Arowana Food


Before you add the dragon fish food product in your cart, you need to ponder on the essential features and ingredients that it must contain and offer so that you can be at peace in the fact that your finned friends can obtain the required nutrients they need to thrive in an artificial environment.

Look for products that are precisely formulated to satisfy the nutritional requirements of your aquarium occupants. Inspect if it contains the necessary minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that aquatic creatures need to grow healthily at an accelerated rate. As you know, it is particularly critical to feed young fish with a well-balanced diet to keep them strong as they mature.

Not to mention, the most indispensable points to remember include the kinds of foods that you could or must provide your dragonfish. Some of the best foods that you can feed your fish tank settlers consist of beef heart, mealworm, chicken, feeder fish, worms, grasshoppers, shrimps, insects, crickets, and a lot more.

Meanwhile, a few of the acceptable formats of foods include live, raw, or frozen foods. The food amount that you provide is quite crucial for the rapid and healthy growth of your aquarium dwellers and this would also help sustain good tank water quality and clarity. Hence, you should avoid feeding your fish with excessive amounts.

Moreover, many consumers are oftentimes so concerned about the price tag of the product they are buying. While this is natural, still the quality of the fish food should be your top priority. After all, Arowanas are very expensive investments too, so they deserve to be fed and treated right. It is wise to stay away from products that contain more fillers, artificial preservatives, fillers, and colors.

To avoid buying unsafe and less nutritious food products for your finned buddies, choose high-end brands only. However, you better prepare to pay more for tried and tested brands because they are commonly priced more expensively than other available options in the market.

What matters the most, in the end, is the nutrition content of the product you are planning to purchase. So, you better focus on checking the ingredients and ensure that these are safe and nutritious enough to be provided to your dragonfish. Before buying one, it is sensible to learn about the types of foods that you should and should not feed to the type of fish you are currently taking care of.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is the best food for Arowana?

The most excellent types of foods that you can feed your dragon fish include a variety of live foods and pellets. Fundamentally, a variety is generally considered the top-rated foods for Arowanas since each of these foods can provide them the nutrition they need and some of them cannot.

Many professional Arowana keepers highly suggest providing these aquatic creatures with food brands that have been in the fish feeding field for many years. Bear in mind that some of the pellet foods are filled with unnecessary additives.

Indeed, there are instances when some manufacturers would label these additives as fillers inside the fish food product:

  • Crickets
  • Bloodworms
  • Premium quality carnivore pellets
  • Krill
  • Crushed baby mystery snails
  • Frozen silversides

What do Arowanas eat?

Arowanas generally consume live or frozen insects, shrimps, worms, and krill. It is also safe to feed them with pellets that are primarily manufactured for surface feeding carnivorous fish. It is good to note that dragonfish owners must avoid feeding their aquatic friends with invertebrates or insects that come with very hard or sharp shells, especially for juvenile ones.

Why do you need Arowana fish food? (Benefits)

In essence, the reason why it is practical to opt for food products that were precisely designed for the specific fish species you are keeping is that these foods could primarily provide the nutritional requirements of your aquarium dwellers. Whilst it is possible to feed them with other products made for other fish species, they won't thrive well if these are what you merely feed them.

Feeding your dragon fish with Arowana fish foods can offer them lots of health benefits that would make you and your finned pets happy and enjoy longer and more fruitful years together. Foods that contain the necessary vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that dragonfish exactly need would allow them to grow rapidly and healthily. As you might already know, these fish species tend to grow larger which means they need more food amount and larger tanks to dwell in.

If your Arowana is fed right daily, they would develop stronger resistance against diseases, stress, and even death. It would be a lot easier for them to maintain positive behavior, sustain flashy and vibrant colors, and become more active as well as livelier while entertaining you. So, it is important to ensure that you feed them with a form of diet that is closely similar to what they usually consume in the wild. This is the only way for them to thrive in a confined space like an aquarium.

Sure thing, dragonfish can be pricey investments. This is the reason why you have to think carefully first if they are the right aquatic creatures for you to take care of. They could be demanding but they are very warding to keep. They are considered lucky pets and are good at providing their masters with a very soothing and stunning view whenever you take a closer look at them inside the tank.

Foods that are fortified with essential nutrients are the key to boosting fish immunity, healthy digestion, enhance fish coloration, and transform your aquatic pets into more energetic and active ones. On the contrary, if your finned friends are not fed appropriately; then you better prepare to lose them earlier than their expected life expectancy.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted Arowana food brands?

Shopping for top-quality foods designed for Arowanas is not a painful process at all so long as you purchase products that were manufactured by tried and tested brands. For a fact, even if you are still a novice in fish keeping world, there is no need to be troubled about what proper foods to feed your finned buddies. As you know, you won't have to worry about failing to provide your fish with proper nutrition if the brand of your choice is trusted in the field of fish feeding.

A few of the most credible brands when it comes to producing premium quality foods that are particularly formulated for dragonfish include:

  • Hikari USA Inc.
  • Sera
  • Northfin
  • Tetra
  • Aqueon

Please take note that fish food products produced by these brands are relatively priced higher than other competitors. The reason for this is because their ingredients are safes, all-natural, and fortified with the required nutrients that your aquatic friends need to stay healthy and promote longevity.

How long can Arowana live without food?

It is surprising to note that dragonfish can survive without food for weeks or even by up to 2 months. You just need to ensure that the tank water quality is at its peak and always monitor your fish for some negative behavior changes and if it appears sluggish and ill.

What is the best food for silver Arowana?

In their natural habitat, silver Arowanas are deemed as a danger to anything on, underneath or above the water surface. These fish have been renowned to eat birds, bats, snakes, and mice; still and all, their most favorite type of diet is primarily aquatic. They feed mainly on fish, crustaceans, and insects. Take in mind that it is crucial to mimic this diet as closely as probable if you plan to keep dragon fish in an aquarium.

What is more, some of these fish species could be trained to consume fish food pellets; however, most of them would prefer a meaty form of diet and with the frequent addition of feeder fish. Shrimps, crab meat, earthworms, and beef heart are just a few of the most outstanding foods that you can feed silver Arowanas.

Aside from all these, they would also take any of the frozen fish foods such as brine shrimps, daphnia, and bloodworms. Notwithstanding, this is commonly worthwhile only when silver Arowanas are still juveniles. They would need to consume ample amounts of these foods as they grow. So, that would cost you more.

Can Arowana eat koi food?

It is highly suggested to search for brands that have carnivorous meat stick pellets so that your dragon fish could consume them just fine rather than giving them regular koi pellets. Also, you may try adjusting it by altering the texture of the pellets and you can do so by soaking them and making them easy to digest and softer.

Luckily, it is plain sailing to adjust to the texture since this is similar to the live fish that they're consuming. By the time your Arowanas start accepting the pellet in that manner, you may continue feeding them with that. Please be guided that training them to eat such foods may take a while; initially, you would need to starve them for a few days so you can easily condition them to eat pellets.

How do I keep my Arowana healthy?

Here are some practical guides on how to keep your dragon fish in peak health:

As with any aquarium fish, the most excellent means to ward off ailments or cure diseases is sustaining good tank water quality. Needless to say, a lot of fish ailments could start with the stress of ammonia or other buildups of potentially toxic substances in the tank water.

Hence, regular water testing, tank water replacements, and water treatments must be carried out as necessary. And, since dragon fish are categorized as messy carnivores, these necessities are more severe.

Essentially, Arowana owners should be able to sustain a strong filtration system and get rid of unconsumed animal parts right away to keep the tank water clean and clear.

When it comes to feeding your dragon fish, keep in mind that as your aquarium settlers mature, you would likely feed them twice daily. You may prefer to mix feedings of commercial pellets- if they would be fine with it- and you can also give them some live foods.

Take note that it is critical to protect your fish tank residents by keeping it fed properly and he would less likely to jump from the aquarium. Since they are known as natural surface feeders; insects, larvae, and worms that remain at the above portion of the water would be best for them. Always buy healthy live foods from reliable sources only.

Where to buy?

You can find different food products that are specifically formulated for Arowanas in many local fish or pet stores in your current location. Sometimes, huge supermarkets offer them too in their pet care section. Buying in local fish supply or pet stores may provide you with limited options though.

Hence, if you would like to browse more fish food products; the best way to do so is to shop online. A few of the most renowned and trusted online shopping sites where you can find various products that have something to do with fish feeding include Amazon, Live Aquaria, PetSmart, and PetCo.

If you are fortunate enough, there are times when you can avail of some special freebies, promos, and discounts for a specific product purchased. Shopping online does not only offer a lot of options for you to freely pick from but such sites are where high-end brands are found.

Dragon Fish Feeding Time

To boot, it is not essential what period of the day you feed your Arowana. What's more essential is you remain consistent when you begin feeding them. Always stick to your feeding schedule; that is, if you feed them in the mornings or evenings, then sustain that schedule.

In so doing, you would be amazed at how much your dragon fish would get accustomed to eating at a specific period. See to it to remain consistent with your feeding schedule if you want your aquatic friends to stay healthy and happy.

How frequent should you feed your dragon fish?

When your finned pets are still juveniles, they would require more feedings to maintain healthy growth and boost their vitality.

Similar to feeding all types of aquarium fish, you need to ensure that you merely provide them the food amount that is enough for them to finish at feeding time. As always mentioned, anything excessive that floats to the underneath portion of the tank must be removed before it badly affects the water parameters.

A juvenile dragon fish that is 6 inches in length must be fed twice daily. When you feed them often, this is one great chance to switch up what you need to offer them with diverse nutrients.

On the other hand, if your dragon fish is between 6 and 12 inches in length, consider weaning it down to feeding once daily. Because your finned buddies are now getting older and bigger, they would survive just fine with merely one feeding. Combine the food options daily to provide nutritional variety to your fish.

It is fine to cut back on feeding a little more after your dragon fish gets to 12 inches or beyond. Feeding once daily may be alright once in a while, yet it is fine to consider one feeding every 2 days as well. Since bigger dragon fish would consume more foods, it would last longer so it is fine to skip once in a while.

Juvenile Dragon Fish Food Considerations

Since Arowanas are costly investments, it is just right that you take better care of them. Be reminded that the most valuable part of your fish tank pets' life is when it is still young and developing.

Hence, ensuring that you feed them with constant food varieties is a great help to them. You should maximize the nutrition you provide to them as this would provide them the opportunity to develop healthily and rapidly and become the kind of aquatic pets you want them to be.

Arowana Habitat Maintenance

  • Carefully inspect different fish tank equipment, water temperature, and filtration system. These must be done daily.
  • Examine the tank water quality at least once per week.
  • Replace roughly 10 to 20% of the total volume of tank water once per week or as needed. Otherwise, replace 25% of the total volume of tank water every two up to four weeks.

An Important Reminder

Adult dragon fish are highly recommended to be kept alone- this is because of their specific requirements and size. If sheltered with other fish species, keep in mind that their tank mates must be huge enough not to be swallowed whole by them.

In line with this, they must not inhabit the above portion of the aquarium. The majority of the bottom settlers are tolerated, but other aggressive aquatic creatures might potentially damage the long flowing fins of dragonfish.


In conclusion, caring for a very large aquatic creature like dragon fish could appear such a very challenging and mind-boggling task to any fish enthusiast- both beginners and professionals alike. And, one of the most important means to keep them healthy at all times is providing them with a sufficient amount of nutrition on their daily feedings. That said, being their master, you need to be wise in picking the best food for Arowana.

By the same token, it is necessary for you to at least try to train your dragon fish to consume prepared fish foods because this would aid in ensuring that they obtain a well-rounded diet. And, this could usually be achieved by combining the prepared foods in with their other food items, until the time they already master how to take the fish food on their own.

As you can see, keeping Arowanas is not all fun but also requires huge responsibility. Nonetheless, if you have the discipline, time and the means to constantly provide for the needs of your pet fish, then Arowanas can be one of the most stunning and awesome fish you'll ever own.

Be sure to carefully check the Arowana food products reviewed in this post and contemplate on the buying guides discussed here too so that you can enjoy a worthwhile investment for your dragonfish.