The Best Foods for Parrot Fish to Enrich Pure & Brilliant Color

If you are planning or have already got a parrot fish to keep, then you need to have a more profound knowledge of the types of foods and diet that they especially need to stay in good condition and live happily. That said, you must only invest in the best food for parrot fish that could help you achieve your goal.

As you know, feeding the appropriate type of food in proper amounts is fairly crucial along with the most favorable water habitat for the longevity as well as the health of your fish tank residents. Parrot fish is a famous aquarium fish but it is important to learn more about their unique behavior and origin so that you can ensure their overall wellness in captivity.

This article aims to come up with a rundown of the most outstanding foods that are designed for parrot fish. The information included here covers the different parrot fish food products, feeding schedule, the right food amounts, and other related details about raising this type of fish species.

It is good to note that the products reviewed in this post are flavorful, highly nutritious and fortified with essential ingredients that aim to promote stronger fish immunity, more radiant fish coloration, and longevity for your aquatic pets.

Best Overall

Hikari Blood, Red Parrot+

✔ Adept at boosting fish coloration
✔ Manufactured with supercharged nutrient mix
✔ Formulated with vitamin C


Premium Choice

Uni-President Red Parrot Fish Food

✔ Does not contain any artificial hormones
✔ Highly digestible
✔ Easy to swallow


Editor’s Choice

Sera Red Parrot Color Pellets

✔ Can serve as a comprehensive
✔ Helps keep the tank water cleaner
✔ Granules can remain in good shape


Top-Tier Food for Parrot Fish Reviews of 2023

1. Hikari Blood, Red Parrot+, Mini Pellets

If you are currently fishing for high-quality red parrot fish food, then this option won't deject you. The truth is, this brand is one of the most preferred ones because it is famous for producing top-drawer fish food products that many fish owners have trusted for many years.

This is ideal for advanced fish enthusiasts who wish their parrot fish to develop to their full potential. It could provide adequate energy sources for your aquarium pets and helps them obtain the desirable shape and grow without any difficulty in the process. These foods are easy to digest so nutrient absorption is guaranteed during every feeding session.

Your fish would love the many benefits they could obtain if they consume this food and some of these include guaranteeing peak health for them, stunning fish color enhancement and accelerating their growth rate. Indeed, this product promotes longevity and stronger fish immunity.

Sadly, if you prefer seeing noticeable changes in the color of your fish, then you'll need to wait for some time to witness a huge difference and this product is so costly that it could create a huge hole in your pocket especially if you have a limited budget. See to it to consider these downsides before taking the plunge.

  • Made with scientifically developed formula that is adept at boosting fish coloration
  • Manufactured with supercharged nutrient mix
  • Helps sustain your finned pet's overall health and rapid growth
  • Formulated with vitamin C that promotes more robust immune system functions
  • Contains krill, marigold flower meal, Phaffia yeast, astaxanthin and chili pepper
  • May create a big hole in your pocket
  • Changes in fish color may take a while
By and large, this blood parrot food is reliable in ensuring top health for your fish tank inhabitants. It cannot be denied that it is quite pricey but the many health benefits it could offer your finned buddies are too many to mention. As for longevity, good health, amazing fish coloration and more vigorous immunity- this fish diet is unrivaled and highly recommended in those aspects. It is not surprising why a lot of expert fish keepers choose this brand over the others.

2. Uni-President Red Parrot Fish Food

Shopping for a premium quality parrot fish diet does not need to be a very vexing task for fish keepers to handle because it can be done right by buying from reputable brands. And, just like this product, it is formulated with top-quality ingredients so you can ensure that your pet fish are properly fed every feeding activity. It is good to know that you don't even need to spend lavishly to get a good quality product.

More than that, these pellets do not contain any artificial hormones so you can rest assured that they can provide the needed protection for your finned buddies. The size of the bottle is just enough to last a while and if you follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to feeding schedule and amount, then there is no need to do frequent water replacements.

Furthermore, the primary contents of this food include wheat flour, lecithin, fish meal, minerals, soybean meal, astaxanthin, vitamins and fish oil. In the same way, the storage period of these pellets can last up to two years.

Two negative factors that you can observe when you start feeding your fish tank occupants with these foods are the low-quality packaging or bottle that can get easily damaged and they could transform the color of the tank water into a reddish one. Hence, this is slightly irking especially to those who are sensitive about having clean and clear tank water conditions.

  • Helps significantly improve fish color in no time
  • Highly digestible and easy to swallow
  • A perfect option for aquarium fish belonging to the cichlid species
  • Does not contain any artificial hormones
  • Floats well and help minimize tank water cloudiness
  • Poor quality bottle
  • Can turn the tank water reddish
To conclude, this blood parrot cichlid food is a good deal. The pellets float well, easy to digest, and can effectively reduce tank water contamination if used as directed. Moreover, since it is loaded with astanxanthin, it could successfully support fish coloration and you can see instant results within a short period. The price is not that expensive unlike other available options out there.

3. Sera Red Parrot Color Pellets

If you want to have multicolored aquatic creatures that freely and actively move inside your aquarium, then one of the best means to intensify their color is to feed them with these all-natural color enhancers. These granules are precisely designed for various types of cichlids as well as red parrots. They could serve as a fairly balanced and complete diet for your most prized aquarium dwellers.

Not to mention, this food contains superior levels of krill and Haematococcus algae contents that make it adept at promoting maximum fish color enhancement and capable of filling your aquarium with multicolored and active fish. The granules float well and remain in ideal shapes; they do not disintegrate instantly and do not make the tank water gloomy if the fish are fed properly.

For all that, the granules come in large sizes that make it slightly difficult for red blood parrots to swallow and consume the foods. Besides, if you feed your fish in excessive amounts, the tank water can be badly affected. So, you better follow the directed food amount when feeding. The tank water conditions won't be badly affected if you follow the right food amount and feeding frequency at all times.

  • Can serve as a comprehensive and well-balanced diet for your aquatic pets
  • Contains natural carotenoids for stronger disease resistance and healthy fish development
  • Granules can remain in good shape and does not dissolve instantly
  • Certified very effective natural color enhancing foods for blood parrot cichlid eating goldfish
  • Helps keep the tank water cleaner and clearer
  • A little tough for blood parrot fish to swallow
  • May cloud the tank water if fish are overfed
Overall, this best food for parrot fish is the top-tier solution if you want your fish to obtain pure, dynamic and more radiant color. Additionally, this works wonder in supporting healthy fish development, and in boosting their resistance against infections and illnesses. These granules are manufactured to be flavorful and contain the right nutrition that your fish seriously need to thrive in captivity. Essentially, its high percentage of nutrient-enriched ingredients is what makes this product a great investment that you should not miss.

4. Hai Feng Fast Color Fish Food

To boot, this brand is not that famous but it is capable of providing the essential vitamins and nutrients that are necessary when growing cichlids. By the same token, this food could be one of the most excellent fish diets for flowerhorns because it is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E and it also comes with essential enzymes that are needed for harvesting energy.

Color is one of the principal reasons why some cichlids like flowerhorns are so well-known and this implies that many fish hobbyists would like their aquatic pets to flaunt their colors as brilliantly and strikingly as possible. This blood red parrot cichlid food comes with all-natural contents that remarkably aid in improving fish coloration.

Be that as it may, these foods come in larger sizes which was contrary to what was advertised; so this makes it a bit impossible to fit the mouths of smaller fish. Aside from this, it does not contain huge amounts of proteins. It is necessary to inspect these drawbacks first before you press the buy button.

  • Works like a charm in intensifying your pet fish's color
  • Does not contain any artificial hormones
  • Highly recognized as one of the most excellent pellets for flowerhorns as well as blood parrot cichlids
  • Capable of supplying the kinds of vitamins and nutrients needed when raising cichlids
  • Formulated with good levels of vitamins A, C, and E
  • Size of the pellets may be quite huge for smaller fish
  • Only contains minimal amounts of protein-enriched contents
Ultimately, this aquarium parrot fish is worth a try. It does not contain any toxic ingredients that could badly affect the overall wellness of your finned friends. If you want your fish tank settlers to sustain their dynamic colors and enjoy maximum health, then it is crucial to feed them with high-quality foods like this one.

However, this must not be the only food to feed your fish because it does not contain super amounts of proteins and cannot serve as a staple diet. Please be guided that it is beneficial to provide your aquarium pets with varieties to keep them stronger, happier and more energetic at all times.

5. Tetra TetraCichlid Floating Pellets

Whether you are buying fish food products for parrot fish breeding or blood parrot feeding, this option can work best for your most treasured aquarium pets. These pellets are particularly manufactured to be utilized as a staple food for mid and top-water feeding cichlids. They contain protein ingredients, and all-natural color enhancers that work wonderfully in unleashing the most brilliant colors of your parrot fish. Hence, you can delight in viewing an aquarium that is filled with very active and multicolored aquatic creatures.

In addition to this, you need to see to it that you feed your aquarium pets with the right amount of foods to avoid digestion issues and to avoid excessively fouling the tank water. You can safely feed both young and adult fish with these pellets. The container of the product is big enough for long feeding.

On the other hand, you need to be well aware that the size of these floating pellets is too big for smaller fish to consume and swallow; so you need to adjust the size and crumble them into portions that perfectly fit the small mouths of your fish tank residents. Plus, it does not contain generous amounts of proteins. These negative aspects must be pondered on carefully before the final purchasing decision.

  • Helps sustain fish's vitality, natural color, and beauty
  • Can be used as a staple food for mid and top-water feeding cichlids
  • Scientifically formulated with protein-fortified cichlid food contents
  • Capable of providing nutritionally balanced diet
  • Encourages optimal fish health and longevity
  • Contains less protein
  • Too big for smaller fish
On the whole, these pellets are wise purchases because they are uniquely and scientifically formulated to help fish tank residents to live their life to their full potential. Indeed, since your finned buddies become more resistant to infections and ailments, they have the opportunity to live longer and enjoy more rewarding and fun-filled years with their owners.

Even so, although they contain some proteins in their ingredients, these are not adequate to support the dietary needs of your fish so looking for food varieties is still important to consider.

Outdated Products

Azoo 9 in 1 Color Enhancing Pellets (Outdated)

Are you wondering about the most appropriate fish diet option to consider when feeding King Kong parrot fish? As you might already know, it is indispensable to look for safe and all-natural ingredients to ensure that your finned buddies can obtain the adequate amount of nutrition they need to dwell inside the tank healthily. And, you can check this product out.

In like manner, this fish food contains krill meal, fish meal, carotenoids, spirulina, wheat powder, multivitamins, yeast powder, glucan, plumule protein, and many other essential nutrients. The pellets float well so your finned pets won't have a hard time catching them every feeding activity. If you avoid overfeeding, then you won't have to clean the tank more often and replace the tank water more frequently.

Unfortunately, whilst this food is indeed a good option, its bottle size is not adequate to last a long period of feeding, so it is not that cost-effective in that aspect. And, you may encounter a tough time if you're going to search for this product in local pet, fish, or aquarium supply stores. To avoid wasting time, you better shop for them online.

  • Pellets float well and manufactured with natural color enhancers
  • Contains glucan as part of its ingredients and this aims to boost fish immunity
  • Does a good job of enhancing the body color or ornamental fish and blood parrots
  • Formulated with highly nutritious key ingredients
  • Can guarantee wonderful, more brilliant and long-lasting fish coloration
  • A little difficult to find in local fish, pet, or aquarium stores
  • Bottle size is not enough to last a while
Fundamentally, you won't go wrong if you feed your most cherished yellow parrot fish with these pellets. They contain natural and safe color enhancers and are also loaded with glucan to bolster fish immunity. If you want your ornamental fish and blood parrot to sustain their impressive colors, then this is your safest bet. Unlike other options, this could promise more awesome and long-lasting fish coloration.

But, the problem is that the bottle is only small so it won't last long.

Aqua Master Cichlid (Outdated)

You can label this product as one of the most trusted foods for blood parrot fish because it helps your fish tank occupants to remain healthy and strong while dwelling inside an artificial habitat. This is manufactured with tasty ingredients such as fish meal and krill meal to entice aquarium inhabitants to consume them with much fondness.

Likewise, this is formulated with probiotics that aim to inhibit various sorts of digestive system ailments, and it does an outstanding job of keeping the tank water clean and clear to help your fish tank settlers enjoy safe and healthy water conditions at all times. It is made with some contents of spirulina and astaxanthin that help instantly and naturally boost fish color without causing any harm to the overall well-being of your aquarium occupants.

Notwithstanding, this food appears not the favorite food for some cichlids since they do not consume these with much enthusiasm. Aside from this, even though it contains natural color enhancers, you cannot expect to observe huge difference in the color of your fish within a short period. In other words, it may take a while for you to enjoy some noticeable and positive changes in the color of your finned pets.

  • Appropriate for all sizes of red parrots, ornamental fish, cichlids and pearl flowerhorns
  • Enriched with generous amounts of spirulina and astaxanthin contents
  • Contains probiotics that aid in sustaining healthy digestion
  • Designed as palatable for most fish to devour instantly
  • Helps greatly improve fish color without harming your pet fish
  • Some cichlids are not fond of these foods
  • Incapable of unleashing the most brilliant colors of your fish
All in all, this product is a great deal that you must not simply ignore. If you want your parrot fish to obtain peak health, gorgeous color and enjoy healthy digestion; then feeding them with these foods can be of great help. This comes with a unique formulation that aims to extend the lifespan of your pet fish, bolster their immunity and maintain a safe dwelling place for them. If you want to avoid the occurrence of severe tank water contamination, you can consider these food options for your finned friends.

What to Look for When Buying Food for Parrot Fish


There are several shopping considerations to think through when buying the right foods for your parrot fish especially if you want to ensure that they are fed appropriately and that they get the proper nutrition they need to survive in captivity.

Before you start your parrot fish feeding program, it is practical to consult your local fish food store regarding the most recommendable types of feeds they sell. Most fish tanks have diverse sizes of fish; hence, it is highly suggested to buy pellet foods that come with 1/8″ size globule. This is small enough for the majority of the small and juvenile fish to devour, but big enough to suffice your adult fish.

At times, it may be a little challenging to find a 1/8″ pellet since this is not often regarded a stock item. In case this is the scenario for you, you could opt for 3/16″ or 1/4″ pellet. Furthermore, it is a must to go for floating pellets because these can let you easily keep track of the precise amount of food that is being consumed.

Indeed, it could be tough to identify the amount of sinking fish food that's being wasted. The wasted food could cause harm on the quality of the tank water; and sooner or later, this could bring about algal bloom inside the tank.

When picking foods for your parrot fish, always look for those options that contain high amounts of canthaxanthin and B-carotene. This is because these ingredients work well in sustaining the beauty of your fish's radiant colors. Additionally, be sure not to overfeed your fish. Feed them 2 to 3 times per day and give them the directed food amount that they could devour within 3 minutes.

The brand of the fish food product is also equally important. Needless to say, you can be trouble-free if the product you choose was formulated by one of the most trusted manufacturers in the fish feeding industry.

Reputable brands do not produce feeds that contain toxic ingredients and they make sure that their products were uniquely and scientifically developed to efficiently provide the adequate nutrition needed for your pet fish to thrive. And, since their products contain all-natural contents that fish can consume in minutes, there is less fish waste so they do not excessively cloud the tank water.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is parrot fish food?

Parrot fish foods are particularly designed to contain premium quality fish food flakes or pellets that are capable of specifically meeting the nutritional requirements of cichlids. In the same way, bloodworms, frozen or live brine shrimps are significantly relished by aquatic creatures and could be provided as special treats once in a while so to supply vital nutrients without harming their health.

What do parrot fishes eat?

Parrot fish has a very simple diet that must be strictly followed by their owners. This fish species consume different types of foods. It is all right to feed them with flakes; however, most of them prefer pellets that sink slowly.

More than that, they are fond of protein-rich foods and it is crucial to feed them lots of it. Insects, parts of fish, worms, and seafood are also other nutritious foods that you can safely provide them. Any types of food that come with superior amounts of animal-based proteins would be beneficial for parrot fish.

Apart from these, they also need a bit of plant-based matter, particularly when it comes to spirulina, vitamins and minerals. This fish species requires more meat-based types of foods than plant-based foods. Even so, this has to be well-balanced. On the other hand, a few of their most preferred treats consist of bloodworms and frozen or live shrimps.

It is worth mentioning that parrot fish also love consuming diverse types of foods including live, freeze-dried, frozen, flakes, algae wafers and pellets. Sinking foods are a lot easier for them to consume as compared to foods that float. You may opt for foods that contain high levels of canthaxanthin and B-carotene as these contents work wonders in sustaining the brilliant colors of your fish.

Homemade foods that are specifically made for parrot fish are also advantageous. Still and all, when preparing veggies for them; make sure that you cut them into small slices to perfectly fit their mouth, and blanch them before feeding.

Why do you need parrot fish food? (Benefits)

Just like when feeding other types of fish with fish food products that are precisely formulated for their nutritional needs, it is also very important for parrot fish to be fed with types of foods that could suffice their daily nutrition requirements. It is advantageous to pick foods that mimic the kind of diet they consume when they dwell in their natural habitat. The good news is that almost all fish food products these days are formulated similar with the type of diet various fish species consume when they are in the wild.

Feeding your parrot fish with types of foods that could satisfy their nutritional needs can be beneficial and some of the perks that they can enjoy if fed properly with such foods include:

  • Sustain peak health
  • Make them more vigorous to resist diverse types of infections and ailments that could result to premature fish death
  • Bolster their color even more so you can have a more colorful view inside the fish tank
  • Greatly improve their digestive system and immune system functions
  • Help them develop without difficulty, grow faster and maintain their overall wellness even when they dwell in an artificial environment
  • Boost healthy digestion and avoid digestive system concerns such as constipation and bloatedness
  • Encourage complete absorption of nutrients so they can thrive inside the aquarium
  • Avoid the production of more fish waste inside the tank so you can reduce frequent tank water cleaning tasks and tank water replacements
  • Sustain good tank water conditions at all times and maintain safe and clean haven for your pet fish
  • Encourage healthier breeding or reproduction
  • Ensure that your parrot fish are fed well with highly nutritious foods that will transform them into bigger, stronger and more active fish
  • Extend their lifespan and have energetic and livelier companions

Unquestionably, having healthy and happy aquatic pets dwelling inside the tank is a very fun-filled and entertaining view for fish owners. And, since it is our responsibility to take proper care of this fish species, it is just right that we feed them only the top-rated fish food products that would provide them with lots of health benefits. As a result, not only your fish would be delighted but you, your loved ones and your guests who enjoy the colorful and impressive view inside your aquarium.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted parrot fish food brands?

Fish hobbyists surely want only the most suitable for their fish tank friends. And, since feeding your pet fish with a nutrient-enriched diet is quite critical, sometimes we feel overly worried whether we are feeding them the right nutrition or not.

However, there is no need to worry too much because if we start relying on reputable brands that have been in the fish feeding field for years, we can be guaranteed that our aquarium inhabitants can get the suitable amount of nutrition they need to enjoy a healthy and long life even in captivity.

Here are a few of the most credible brands that you can check out when feeding your parrot fish:

  • Tetra
  • Aqua Master
  • Hikari

If you are going to examine closely, you will uncover that these brands are slightly priced higher than other available options. Well, the reason for this is that these are well-known brands that are deemed as second to none producers of premium quality fish food products.

And, if you are going to compare their ingredients with other similar products sold on the market, you will realize that their price tag is well worth it. They are generally manufactured with unique and scientifically formulated contents that aim to boost the overall well-being of your most valued fish tank dwellers.

Additionally, they contain some beneficial ingredients that cannot be found in other low quality fish food products. Hence, even if you are paying a little costly for these products now; you are guaranteed of a worthwhile investment that will pay off for many years.

How to use?

Feeding parrot fish should be roughly two or three times daily. Be reminded to feed them on fixed timings and avoid providing them with excess food amounts. A good rule of thumb to adhere to is the food amount that your finned buddies can consume within three minutes. This is deemed as the proper dosage.

Where to buy?

Luckily, it is not that challenging to look for the right fish food products that are especially designed for parrot fish. You can easily find readily available fish diets in the nearest fish, pet, or aquarium stores in your area. Alternatively, some heavily-stocked supermarkets also sell products like these and you can see more of them in their pet care sections.

Meanwhile, if you prefer shopping online; then you can start searching for parrot fish foods on many different credible and legit online shopping sites such as PetSmart, Live Aquaria, Amazon, PetCo, and Petwarehouse. These sites are generally the ideal sites where famous and trustworthy brands are found. And, you can have the opportunity to compare various products that are precisely formulated for the nutritional needs of your pet fish.

And, best of all, you can chance upon some special promos, discounts, freebies, and special deals by shopping online. Undoubtedly, shopping online is quite convenient and economical too.

How do parrot fish look?

Adult parrot fish can grow up to 8 inches in length; they possess large fins, round body, big eyes as well as beak-like mouths. This fish species is a wonderful-looking finned creature that possesses a bright orange color so they can compete with other brilliant and multi-colored fish.

What is more, their color could be solid across their body; notwithstanding, it is more typically broken up by patches of other colors that are commonly white. Meanwhile, other colors have been bred- preferably yellow and red. Fundamentally, dyes are generally utilized to come up with more color varieties. Howbeit, take in mind that this could minimize the lifespan of your fish tank pets.

Females and males are quite identical; the only distinction is that males are a little bigger in terms of size. Some fish owners have their parrot fish's tails cut to mimic a heart shape- this is commonly done when the fish is young. These are referred to as heart cichlids and most fish hobbyists perceive this as a shady process.

Essentially, the hybridization of the parent species has brought about several genetic defects where their mouths are incapable of closing fully. So, this results to having teeth situated in their throat- during feeding, they constrict this to break their food.

Habitat and Care for Parrot Fish

The habitat for this fish species must be spacious enough and can provide plenty of hiding spots so your aquatic pets can easily establish their territory. Clay pots, driftwood as well as rocks on their sides are great options. Parrot fish love to dig in the gravel; for this reason, it is substantial to pick a substrate that is not quite rough for them.

It is beneficial to use lots of plants as well. Plants are wonderful forms of shelter and these are advantageous in sustaining high levels of oxygen inside the tank. The delighting news is that you can have lots of species to select from such as Hornwort, Anubias Nana and Java Fern.

On the other hand, the temperature must be maintained at roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Take in mind that lower temperatures would result in the loss of fish color and, in general, may impair the immune system functions. This could also make your finned friends more prone to ailments and infections.

Not to mention, the pH level of water should be approximately 7 and the water soft. As for the lighting conditions, lighting must be kept under control with a red-spectrum light. Then, it is highly advised to replace the water two times per month. Parrot fish generally produce more waste; thus, a high volume filtration system and regular water changes are needed.

Suitable Tank Mates of Parrot Fish

When looking for the right tank mates for this fish species, your safest options include younger Severus, Oscars, and other peace-loving cichlids of the same size such as Fire mouths and Flag cichlids.

Meanwhile, other companions consist of silver dollars, catfish, angelfish, loaches, plecos and bala sharks. See to it that the community tank is huge enough or else your parrot fish become territorial and may harass other tank mates.

As much as possible, when searching for tank mates, refrain from adding fish that are tiny enough to be devoured or swallowed such as guppies and neon tetras. Lastly, invertebrates must not be considered as tank mates for parrot fish because they could be eaten. Withal, if you still want to try, then you could add apple snails since they have a specifically tough shell.

Always make it a habit to monitor your community tank because parrot fish are known for being the offspring of aggressive parents. Despite this, such fish are commonly timid and serene; however, there is a tendency for them to develop a hideous streak.

What size aquarium do parrot fish need?

This fish species require at least 30-gallon tank as this would be adequate for a single fish. So, every time you add fish, you would need at least 10 gallons additional to make certain that they can have huge amount of space. It is quite good for parrot fish to be provided with a plenty of space where they can freely move around.

The bottom line here is that the more fish you have, the more hiding places you would require to spread around the fish tank. If the tank is not big enough, and the space where they swim, play, hide and roam around is not roomy enough; they could be easily stressed making them more prone to getting sick.

Common Diseases for Parrot Fish

This fish species can get easily ill if they lack capacious hiding spots, if there are poor tank water conditions, and exposed to great stress as this could weaken their immunity. Indeed, the first ailment they're exposed to is Ich- this thrives on weak aquatic creatures and it can easily spread.

Thus, if you observe any indications of Ich, it is highly advised to elevate the fish tank temperature slowly until it reaches 86-degree F. Be sure to keep it at this range for 3 days. In the event it doesn't work, you could treat with the aid of copper-based chemicals; nevertheless, see to it that there are no water conditioners left.

Please be guided that parrot fish are susceptible to swim bladder problems due to poor nutrition and this could bring about stress spots when abrupt changes emerge in the aquarium or your aquatic pets are being bullied, sick or stressed. Meanwhile, other typical health problems include skin flukes, bacterial and parasitic infections.

Typical Behavior

Parrot fish can be kept on their own, in a community of appropriate tank mates, or with groups. This fish species is generally peace-loving; all the same, they are easily distressed by other aggressive fish species so they could be transformed into wicked ones.

Also, they are typically timid and would frequently hide among the tank adornments and plants. If they are well aware that they have available hiding places to go to, they would be much more energetic and livelier inside the tank.

They love to spend most of their time in the middle portions of the aquarium; nonetheless, parrot fish would head lower down and begin digging in to look for food. They could be messy when fed so fish owners need to accept the fact that tank cleaning is necessary when keeping this fish species.

Parrot Fish Breeding

Unfortunately, breeding parrot fish is largely unreliable. The reason for this is that the males are commonly sterile, which implies that they are physiologically incapable of producing offspring.

Periodically, females would reproduce successfully; however, this would only be with males of other cichlid species- put simply, they create another cross-breed. Moreover, getting a female parrot fish to mate would take a lot of fortune; even so, there are a few factors that can be conspired to escalate the odds.

You may try slowing increasing the temperature to 80-degree F, keep their dwelling place as tidy as possible and feed them with highly nutritious diet daily. In general, females would lay their eggs and dedicate their time to looking after their eggs. Any sterile eggs would turn white and develop a fungus. From there, the parents would devour these white eggs to halt the fungus from disseminating to the fertile eggs.

At the time of the fry hatch, it is necessary to execute 25% tank water replacements every day to keep them in good condition. Provide them with baby brine shrimp until the period they are big enough to accept the food.

Are parrot fish appropriate for your aquarium?

It is vital to have a careful plan before adding a parrot fish inside your tank. Whilst it is true that such fish species does not cause many serious problems, it is important to select suitable tank mates to avoid fighting and fish stress.

And, once the fish tank is established, it is necessary to keep their habitat clean and safe. You also need to ensure that they are fed properly; you must give them the right food amount, and always stick to the feeding schedule.

Sadly, breeding this species can sometimes be challenging and unsuccessful. But, aside from this, parrot fish are wonderful aquatic pets that could guarantee stunning views inside the tank.


In summary, a well-rounded diet is a secret to having healthy finned friends; so aside from keeping the tank water in excellent condition, it is crucial to feed your pet fish appropriately and this can be done by investing in the best food for parrot fish.

As what you read in this post, parrot fish commonly consume anything that could fit in their mouths since these are categorized as omnivorous feeders. They love to devour many different kinds of food and they can eat vegetable matters and meat-based foods. Besides, you can also feed them freeze-dried, live, dried and frozen types of foods.

When buying food for them, consider the fact that they could suffer difficulty by feeding from the surface. Thus, it is practical to buy pellets for them as these foods sink ideally. Always buy foods that are specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of your parrot fish to avoid various health problems in the future.

Take in mind that it is vital to carefully examine the fish food products reviewed in this article so that you can narrow down your options, and come up with the most suitable match for the needs of your finned friends. Be reminded not to choose products just because they come with less expensive price tags. Always prioritize quality at all costs!

Lastly, for you to avoid wasting time, energy and money; you may also check out the useful buying guides shared here.