The Best Fish Tanks for Beginners – Easy & Enjoyable

To the greatest extent, success in your aquarium hobby will highly rely on the choices you make when starting out. Hence, it is crucial to pick the best fish tanks for beginners in order to properly maintain the type of aquatic environment that you wish to keep and grow.

In line with this, it is crucial to provide the aquarium with the required equipment and adorn it as per your preference prior to adding your pet fish and other aquarium occupants. As you know, aquariums come in distinct sizes, price range and shapes. Also, they are manufactured using different materials.

So, prior to the shopping proper, it would be more practical to be insightful of the distinct options that are available on the market today. And, if you are uncertain of what to do and where to begin, then this post will help you as you get started.

Buying your first fish tank can be an overwhelming experience for most people. However, it’s much more simple when you understand the crucial factors. Here’s a look at some of them to help provide you with a solid starting point:

  • Filters: Your tank will need an effective filter to help clean the water and keep it contamination-free. Most manufacturers offer a starter fish tank with a filter to ensure everything is clear.
  • Fish Tank Heater: Anyone who intends on keeping tropical fish needs a tank heater to keep the water warm. So these buyers should prepare to spend more money than beginners with non-tropical fish, such as danios – one of the most popular aquatic pets in the US and UK.
  • Lighting: Several lighting types are suitable within an aquarium setup. Selecting one of these types can be a pain, but it’ll usually come down to appearance, cost, and size. In most cases, people often settle on the traditional blue LED light.
  • Type of Fish: One-factor beginners often overlook is that a tank doesn't necessarily accommodate all types of fish. For instance, while biorb tanks are suitable for tropical freshwater fish, they aren't compatible with fish with a high bioload.

Therefore, always double-check whether the tank is recommended for the specific type of fish you intend to keep.

Continue delving into the product reviews, buying guides and other vital information about fish tank for beginners tackled in this article and from there you can enjoy your new hobby even more. Make sure to read the features, pros and cons carefully so you can come up with the most cost-effective and practical decision.

Best Overall

MarineLand Portrait Aquarium

✔ Easy to modify flow filter pump
✔ Create soothing moonshine glare
✔ Allow easy tank access


Premium Choice

Tetra LED Betta Aquarium

✔ Allows full viewing window
✔ Easy to re-position LED light
✔ Top pick for those who keep betta


Editor’s Choice

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

✔ Great value for the price
✔ User-friendly for beginners
✔ Easy to replace filter cartridges


Top-Rated Fish Tank for Beginners Reviews of 2023

1. MarineLand Glass Aquarium Kit

If you are a novice in this aquarium hobby, then this fish tank is a good catch for you. It is built with an adjustable pump so users can lower the setting and allow their pet fish to play roam around and swim with much ease. The filter does not produce very annoying noise unlike others and this is made with top-quality glass material that can last for longer if handled with much caution.

In addition, it is furnished with a movable output nozzle from the filter, all the cords and lines are concealed and the dimensions and design of the aquarium are stunning. The blue and white LED light settings are truly nice to behold day and night. As for its assembly and ease of use, this is certified user-friendly even for first-timers.

Be that as it may, a few of the downsides that come with this good starter fish tank are the insufficient brightness of the light which makes it not a good pick if you have live aquatic plants in the tank and the back compartment seems to have fragile plastic piece cover.

  • Designed with easy to modify flow filter pump
  • Built with gilt-edge three-phase underlying rear panel filtration
  • Comes with blue LEDs that create soothing moonshine glare
  • Equipped with sliding glass canopy and hinged light that allow easy tank access
  • Comes with white LEDs that produce sparkling light in tank water
  • Back compartment comes with frail plastic piece cover
  • Lighting comes with inadequate brightness to grow live aquatic plants
All in all, this 5-gallon fish tank comes with a LED light source that consists of a day and evening toggle switch. While the light is fairly radiant, this still won't be adequate for growing live plants. The aquarium seems to be well-shielded from the outside and there is no potentiality for your pet fish to jump out or for other small pets to jump inside the tank. This is an impressive aquarium sold at a great price. While it is slightly pricey, you are still a winner in the end considering its practical and beautiful features that both you and your pet fish will definitely enjoy.

2. Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium

If you want to spend premium quality home aquariums for beginners, then this product is worth a try.

It is designed with a transparent half-moon shaped tank that is made of superior-quality plastic. This also comes with a feeding hole and a lucid plastic canopy that makes it look more exquisite. Once purchased, this already comes with LED lighting that is quite easy to reposition and adept enough to radiate from the top and bottom of the fish tank.

Basically, it is the half-moon shape that makes it capable of providing a complete viewing window. Many aquarium enthusiasts prefer this primarily because it is a nice way to come up with a focal point in any place at home or in the workplace. And, this can also create a wonderful hub for your betta fish.

Even so, you need to take in mind that this starter aquarium comes with plastic bumps found on the base of the fish tank so this makes it hard to put some artificial plants that come with huge bases. Also, it appears to be not an appropriate choice if you plan to take care of a betta for a long time.

  • Equipped with easy to re-position LED light
  • Comes with a feeding hole and a transparent plastic canopy
  • Top pick for those who keep betta
  • Allows full viewing window
  • A good addition at home or in the workplace
  • Plastic bumps underneath the aquarium
  • Not appropriate choice for long-term betta keeping
In a nutshell, this starter aquarium is not demanding to put together, it comes with a nice and tidy look and comes with cordless LED light that utilizes 3 AA batteries. Users could put the lights over or underneath the aquarium. The lights are capable of radiating fascinating illumination. These are not too luminous and not quite dim. You can witness for yourself how your pet fish can delight in the lighting since these are not too intense. This is priced affordably as well so it is a great pick for everyone. You can also consider this as a lovely present to anyone who is into aquarium keeping.

3. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Do you have a tough time shopping for the most appropriate starter fish tank kit for yourself or for a loved one? Fortunately, you don't need to tire yourself looking for one because this product can solve your problem.

This starter aquarium is quite useful for beginners. It is designed with a slim filter that does not consume a generous amount of space. If you want, you could customize it immediately by simply replacing the cartridges with other media. In order to enable more effective biological filtration, you may consider adding some ceramic rings and some filter floss to aid in clearing the water of any sort of contaminants.

Additionally, this fish tank comes with a very neat and contemporary look. The lid is not hinged; however, it fits properly and is not prone to sliding around. As for the LED lighting, it is luminous enough that you can grow live plants and encourage them to thrive well. The light comes with an on and off switch and you can link it to a timer. Take note though that there are only white LED lights so if you prefer other colors, there is a need to buy and put them yourself.

Regardless, this starter aquarium comes with a few glitches and these comprise the fragile lid and the fact that it comes with little uncomplicated directions on how to set up the filter.

  • Comes with easy to replace filter cartridges
  • Makes setting up a new fish tank a breeze to handle
  • Great value for the price
  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Noise-free filter with easy to adjust flow
  • Comes with unclear filter installation instructions
  • Lid is prone to breaking easily
By and large, this starter fish tank is an impressive setup for a novice. It is equipped with a sleek lid and the filter does not produce much noise that could be disturbing and can be adjusted instantly. What's more, this does not require huge space too so that makes it an ideal pick if you have limited space. For the price, this is an A1 tank system that you won't regret buying.

4. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

This beginner aquarium is built with a pump that comes with a selector lever on the edge and this is meant to enable the selection of the rate of flow. The LED lighting provides a pleasant view of the entire aquarium. And, best of all, it is not stressful to put together.

If you opt for appealing and sparkling LEDs that could guarantee nice-to-behold illumination, then this is a great match. The blue evening period mode is absolutely stunning and its slim and tall design makes it more engrossing to embellish. The lid is built using thin plastic with LEDs on top of it.

Howbeit, there are minor gripes to be looked into if you pick this fish tank starter and these are the very strong output flow of the nozzle that could be potentially hazardous for tiny fish and bettas and there is a rectangular gap found in the middle over which the light bar hangs- this is big enough for your pet fish to jump out. These are the things that need to be watched out for if you decide to keep this tank.

Taking into consideration the many sterling features of this aquarium starter kit, for the price, this is definitely a winner!

  • Beautifully etched glass aquarium that comes with aluminum trim
  • Topnotch customer service support
  • Equipped with dynamic 37 LED lighting system
  • Comes complete with BioMax bio rings, activated carbon and foam block
  • Looks stunning and comes in perfect size
  • Nozzle's output flow tends to be too strong for bettas
  • Presence of a rectangular gap in the midst where light bar hangs
To wrap things up, this is an impressive and harmless fish tank that is manufactured with vigorous cleaning power and it can be relied on. It comes with a narrow size, it does not produce much noise and the size is just right for your pet fish to thrive. This looks fascinating and its built-in filter compartment is dependable in terms of keeping the design neat. It is a practical choice in that it has adequate space to stick the heater on so it is concealed.

5. Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium Kit

Luckily, there are numerous selections for consumers to check out with regard to the best fish tanks for beginners. All you need to do is to weigh their features so that you can match if these are the better pick for your beginner aquarium needs.

This aquarium starter is a supreme tank for the money. All you need to purchase are a tank heater and some additional lighting system. The round front enables you to view live plants and your pet fish from all angles. Also, its distinctive shape is a revitalizing change from conventional square fish tanks. This aquarium is equipped with a good filter that is most suitable for betta fish and enables flow intensity adjustments.

There is an included tiny Tetra filter in the package and this surprisingly executes the job quite well. For a fact, this is a great basic beginner tank for a betta, the filter works fine and is not too strong to scare your pet fish away. It is compact and lightweight so there is no need to worry even if you have limited space to spare.

Still and all, this starter fish tank does not have a heater or connectors for the pump and there is no light on the hood which makes the aquarium look slightly dusky during daylight.

  • Designed with 180-degree view
  • Built with cartridge-based type of filtration
  • Ideal for dorms and amateur fish tank keepers
  • Allows color altering bubble effect
  • Can provide enough space for fish to move around
  • Does not come with a heater or connectors for the pump
  • No light on the hood
To sum things up, this aquarium starter kit would absolutely give you a good idea of what fish tank care actually calls for. While it is a good product to consider, do not expect it to last for many years and it is best if you will consider upgrading your equipment within a comparably short period of time. Anyhow, the bubbler and lighting look quite stunning at night time and the entire aquarium looks fantastic and can function even more excellently. This is not too demanding to maintain provided that you clean it on a regular basis.

6. Aqueon Fish Tank Aquarium Kit

To boot, it cannot be denied that sometimes investing in reliable and functional freshwater aquariums for beginners can be stressful and vexing too. With lots of important features to consider, picking the right one can be a nightmare. The good news is that the case does not need to be so if you check this product out.

Fundamentally, if you prefer a low-profile full hood that comes with radiant white LED lighting that could bring a new spark to your aquatic environment, then this is surely a nice option that won't bring you down. You can also bank on its LED PRO power filter which is designed with a red LED light that flickers to signify the period when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

As for the price tag, this is a little pricey but it is a worthwhile investment that would offer you lots of perks to enjoy in the future.

This fish tank starter comes with a very small heater that could be too hot for a tiny goldfish even though it is convenient for the size. You can preset the heater to roughly 78-degrees and it could not be turned up or down. Also, it would have been better if the hood was hinged so it could stay up and could be put down without the need to take it on and off every now and then.

  • Constructed with unobtrusive full hood
  • Includes noise-free flow 10 LED PRO power filter
  • Comes complete with all the equipment and tools needed
  • Designed to be equipped with a preset heater
  • Can be set up without much struggle
  • Comes with unhinged hood
  • Equipped with a very small heater
To conclude, this aquarium starter is the real deal. It comes with a comprehensive assembly guide so even if you are still an amateur in fish keeping, this won't be a hassle for you to set up. Once bought, it already comes complete with all the necessary equipment and tools required to start a new fish tank. The power filter works superbly and does not disturb your aquarium inhabitants. And, the preset heater is primarily designed to help keep the temperature in the fish tank at a consistent 78-degree that is most suitable if you are keeping tropical fish.

7. Tetra 20-Gallon Aquarium Kit

This product can be touted as one of the most trusted starter aquarium kits available on the market nowadays. Once bought, the package already includes all the necessary equipment and items to set up a new tank. And, since it is not a pain in the neck to put together, this is an ideal choice for anyone who is new to the fish tank hobby.

The LED lighting functions adeptly and the assembly instructions were easy to understand. This aquarium is not that that huge but it is large enough that you can add more distinct fish to it. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful way to get started for those who have not owned a fish tank in the past.

Moreover, the lid seems to be sturdy enough that it could resist other small pets from jumping into the fish tank. The same goes for your pet fish that it would be tough for it to jump out of the aquarium. The design is adorable enough and you will certainly like the lights and cover that are fastened to the fish tank's base.

Nonetheless, this fish tank includes decorative artificial plants in the package but they look unpleasant as they really look cheap and fake, so you better replace them. And, the hood seems to be made with poor quality materials since it easily gets damaged.

  • Already includes a filter, heater and LED lighting
  • Can be easily customized
  • Superb LED lighting that helps transform fish tank with each color alteration
  • Comes complete with all the required equipment and accessories to get started
  • Built with noise-free filter
  • Included decorative plants look unappealing
  • Equipped with easily damaged hood
Overall, the kit itself is a great deal for a starter tank. It is quite a smooth sailing to assemble and the lights in the hood are easy to set up and can be replaced instantly too. The filter does not generate irking noise and altering light colors are magnificent. While this fish tank is sold at a costly price tag, looking into its great features, you won't end up regretting it in the future.

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8. Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium

Coralife is the brand name you can fully count on when it comes to the top-quality starter fish tank. While products manufactured by this brand can be expensive, these are worth purchasing and can satisfy even those with discerning preferences.

Not to mention, this beginner all-in-one aquarium is designed to be compact and its built-in filtration system can be customized. This is not cumbersome to put together and does not necessitate high maintenance. It is also furnished with consolidated 24-hour timer that has 3 separate channels such as color enhancing LEDs, radiantly white and shimmering blue colored LEDs.

This also includes easy-to-alter return nozzle, dual intakes and silent submersible pump. It is worth noting that this is prominent as compared to other similar options because it can mimic the natural day cycle. It comes with automatic half-hour sunrise or sunset and one hour moonrise or moonset functions. As you can see, this is what makes your fish tank relaxing to behold.

For all that, please be guided that the tank looks a little cloudy at first, but this vanishes and starts to clear up overnight. And, it must be handled with extra caution as it could get damaged after a few months of use.

  • Equipped with consolidated 24-hour timer that comes with 3 separate channels
  • Can be utilized for both saltwater and freshwater tanks
  • Comes with customizable and firm built-in type of filtration system
  • Noise-free submersible pump, easy to modify return nozzle and dual intakes
  • Designed with sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset functions
  • Slightly dusky when setting it up
  • Susceptible to getting cracked after a few months
On the whole, this beginner tank comes with LED lights that are avant-garde and the timers are plain sailing to exploit. Likewise, the glass material is thick and sturdy. The pump operates without much noise and the filtration section in the rear of the tank comes with a significant amount of space when you need to make some adjustments in the filtration system. You will love its polished contemporary hood that comes with nice LED lighting for both marine and freshwater tanks. It is really costly but a very smart investment that won't dismay you.

9. Koller Products Fish Tank

Are you looking to purchase a top-tier size fish tank for beginners? Then, perhaps this product can meet your requirements.

This aquarium starter kit looks cool so it will certainly look good wherever you place it. By using 5V power adapter, you can plug the light into household electrical outlets. Even if it is your first time keeping a fish tank, this won't be a headache for you to set up and maintain. It is leak-resistant and made using impact-proof plastic with admirable transparency that makes it look like a real glass tank.

Meanwhile, the LED lighting is energy-efficient and comes with sparkling color options to radiantly light your fish tank. You can pick daylight colors.

The powerful internal power filter is what sets this fish tank kit apart from others. It is capable of cleaning and purifying tank water at a flow rate of 25 GPH. This is the reason why it can efficiently get rid of organic contaminants such as toxic gases, discoloration, heavy metals and foul smell in the aquarium.

Not less, this starter fish tank comes with a couple of irregularities and these are the inadequate lighting system. Since it is not enough to cover the aquarium's diameter, you could easily see that it is dusky surrounding the edge. Aside from this, the pump appears not intended for long-term use as it could malfunction instantly.

  • Equipped with stellar power filter and energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Manufactured using impact-proof plastic that comes with superb clarity
  • Not prone to leakage issues
  • Compact and works efficiently
  • No trouble to put together and only requires low maintenance
  • Not equipped with durable pump
  • Can only offer insufficient lighting
Conclusively, what makes this starter aquarium a wise investment worth considering are its ease of assembly and low maintenance, a sterling filter that could help clear the tank water from any pollutants and odor and its very durable overall build. Besides, you will also enjoy its luminous LED lights and your pet fish will definitely be elated living in a comfortable, clean and safe dwelling place. Surprisingly, the price is very reasonable so there is no reason to have second thoughts about whether to buy it or not.

Outdated Products

Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits (Outdated)

You do not need to further your search if you prefer a superb quality beginner fish tank. This aquarium will absolutely look impressive wherever you decide to put it. It makes use of Aqueon tiny filter cartridges and is packaged with a maximum shield against breakage and scratches du.

Hence, you can be guaranteed that the fish tank will arrive in good condition at your doorstep. In like manner, this is built with a feeding hole as well so you won't feel burdened feeding your pet fish whenever necessary.

This could execute a good job of maintaining healthy water quality in tiny fish tanks and it could create a cleaner and safer haven for your pet fish to dwell in. Its natural environment can encourage microbial self-cycling of water and your fish tank occupants will definitely love playing, roaming and swimming around.

On the other hand, there are a couple of downsides that you need to examine before buying this product and these are its slightly risky filter since tiny fish could get trapped in it and die and the power supply intended for the pump and light does not last for a longer period of time.

  • Compact and comes with exquisite design and elevated bottom
  • No sweat to assemble and requires low maintenance
  • Comes with water and food care samples and silent filter
  • Equipped with energy-efficient LED light hood that is designed with a feeding hole
  • Does not come with plastic adornment
  • Filter might be unsafe for small fish
  • Power supply for the pump and light are prone to fail instantly
Ultimately, this fish tank is a practical pick for anyone who is not well-experienced in keeping an aquarium. Since it helps users maintain clean and safe water quality inside the fish tank, there is no need to worry about the safety and health of your most precious pet fish. The filter is plain sailing to replace and the cleaning process is not too demanding. This is perfect if you plan to keep one fish or a number of small ones. And, best of all, the price of this aquarium is surprisingly low. So, if you are on a budget, this will do for you.

What to Look for When Buying a Fish Tank for Beginners


Since there are countless of fish tank starter kits products and options to select from, don't allow them to discourage or overwhelm you. You can create a safe, clean and comfortable haven for your pet fish if you take the following buying guides into account:

  1. Fish Filter. This helps provide tank water with 3 different kinds of filtration namely: biological, chemical and mechanical filtration. All these help in cleaning the tank water and making it free of any contaminants, chemicals, bad odor and discoloration. This is also to allow the emergence of beneficial bacteria that could help your fish and live plants to thrive well inside the tank.
  2. Air Pump. The flow of water is quite crucial in that this assists in encouraging gas exchange between the water and the air. Using an air pump, you can keep the water oxygenated which helps fish breathe properly. Moreover, this ensures that the tank water is heated fairly and wards off stagnant water.
  3. Water conditioner for your pet fish. This does a good job of protecting the aquarium with the precise types of bacteria needed to disintegrate and digest the ammonia discharged as waste by the fish tank occupants. As you might already know, ammonia is hazardous and a buildup of it in aquarium water could exterminate your pet fish. By using the right fish conditioner, you can push your system's bacterial settlement and inhibit the toxic accumulation from taking place.
  4. Substrate. This is not merely for the aesthetic side of keeping an aquarium. This serves as the breeding ground for good bacteria to emerge. So, if you are eyeing to grow plants that need covered roots, the substrate is especially required. You can pick from a broad array of colors, sizes and shapes of substrate for your system.
  5. Fish tank heater. If you intend to keep tropical fish, a heater is necessary to keep the water constantly warm. This will help your fish feel more comfortable and less likely to feel stressed. Certain requirements differ hinging on species; however, the standard range for tropical fish is between 75 to 80 degrees F.
  6. Aquarium test strips. It is important to monitor your tank water for nitrate, nitrite and ammonia. Test strips help in gauging the alkalinity, hardness and water pH of your tank water.
  7. Lighting. Various types of lighting selections differ in appearance, price range and size. Thus, it is essential to determine what works for your entire aquarium’s appearance and your budget. Luckily, LED lights tend to last longer as compared to conventional CF bulbs.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a starter fish tank? How does it work?

Starter fish tanks are especially designed to make setting up a new fish tank less burdensome to first-timers or novices in fishkeeping. These come complete with all the required equipment, tools and accessories to assemble an aquarium without much struggle.

They generally include glass or acrylic tanks, filters, heaters, pumps, substrate, test strips, lighting, water conditioner and other needed stuff to set up an aquarium completely. And, since they are already complete, they commonly come with costly price tags.

For starter fish tanks to work and operate accordingly, it is a must to adhere to the manufacturer's installation procedures strictly. Different manufacturers have different assembly procedures at times so you should pay attention to that. Since all the necessary equipment, tools and accessories are included in the package once purchased, beginners won't find the assembly procedure a headache-causing task to deal with.

When the equipment, tools and accessories are all properly put together, the fish tank will operate as expected.

What are the different types of starter fish tanks?

Different types of starter fish tanks come in distinct shapes, sizes, designs and price ranges that make them appropriate for different locations and impressive to different people.

Essentially, prior to actually buying your preferred fish, it is a must for you to decide whether you would like to get a heated tank or a cold water tank. Take note that each form of the fish tank comes with its own advantages and species of fish species distinctive to the temperature of water for your aquarium. In general, heated fish tanks provide more variants of fish to select from.

Why do you need a starter aquarium? (Benefits)

Starter fish tanks are better options than other aquarium alternatives out there because investing in them comes with lots of perks that would make you delighted in the long run.

Fish tanks for amateur fish keepers are good to invest in because they make aquarium keeping a very smooth sailing task to manage. So, instead of buying fish tank equipment one by one or separately, it is advantageous to get the one that comes complete because it already contains all the necessary equipment, tools and accessories to complete an aquarium setup.

Also, these are often times pre-assembled already which means putting them together is not cumbersome at all. As you know, assembling a fish tank from scratch is not child's play, especially for first-timers.

What is more, fish tanks for starters are generally manufactured by well-known and trustworthy brands. These do not need high maintenance; they are equipped with superb lighting and a reliable filtration system that play a very vital role in keeping your aquarium inhabitants healthy, safe and happy.

Aside from all these, they are very fascinating addition at home or in the workplace. They help you feel more relaxed after a very long and draining day and they train you on how to look after delicate creatures too.

Frequently Asked Questions


What size fish tank should I get?

Size is one of the first considerations when buying a beginner fish tank setup. After all, there’s a massive variety ranging from 1-gallon fish bowl tanks to 50-gallon aquariums. It’s easy to see how someone may get flustered by the number of choices.

Most beginners choose smaller options because they think it’s less responsibility. But this line of thinking needs to be revised. For instance, a 1-gallon tank doesn’t offer enough versatility or variety to keep most newbies engaged.

As a result, experts recommend newbies get an average-sized tank of at least five gallons. I’d even take it a step further and suggest a larger option like Tetra 20-Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit. It’ll provide much more room to get completely invested in this new hobby.

But it doesn’t mean a 1-gallon or 2-gallon tank can’t meet a beginner’s expectations. It’s why I included a few of the coolest 1-gallon and 2-gallon options on my list, such as Koller Products’ AquaView 2-Gallon 360 Fish Tank.

Which fish is good for starting a fish tank for beginners?

Selecting a starter fish for beginners often comes down to them being low-maintenance. After all, no newbie will want to start with a fish that requires constant attention. So I thought it’d be most suitable to provide a few examples of low-maintenance fish for dummies:

  • Goldfish
  • Guppies
  • Betta Fish (must be housed only)
  • Zebrafish
  • Suckerfish

Of course, these fish aren’t the only low-maintenance ones. But it’s rare to find any newbie who’s had a bad experience, even on Reddit, with these choices. So I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest them as the ultimate choice for parents setting up a fish tank for kids.

Why do I have to wait 24 hours to put fish in the tank?

The 24-hour grace period is a necessary part of a tank’s setup. After all, it allows your tank time to eliminate chlorine and cultivate healthy ammonia/nitrate levels. So your fish will enter the enclosure in a suitable environment for thriving.

But remember, this 24-hour period is only a guideline. So it’s essential to test your tank’s water before and after this period before adding any fish to ensure all the levels (nitrate, ammonia, and chlorine) are close to zero. Otherwise, you could put the fish’s lives in unnecessary danger.

What is the easiest fish tank to maintain?

Generally, a larger aquarium for home use is easier to maintain than a smaller one because big tanks are less susceptible to change. So a 16-gallon or 20-gallon tank would be much simpler to keep stable than a 1-gallon tank, no matter how cheap or expensive.

Therefore, I’d choose Coralife LED BioCube Aquarium Fish Tank Kit or Tetra 20-Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit among my list. After all, both tanks have larger capacities that don’t involve complicated or unnecessary cleaning procedures.

What are the most trusted starter fish tank brands?

If you are uncertain or do not have any idea of the top-tier aquarium for beginners manufacturers, then you need to check out the brand names below. When it comes to the world's most reputable and highly trusted fish tank for starters brands, a few of the most reliable ones are found on Amazon and these consist of the following:

  • Tetra
  • MarineLand
  • Koller Products
  • Coralife
  • Aqueon

Please be guided that if you are planning to buy an aquarium that is specifically designed to have aquarium hobby starters and amateurs in mind, then any of the aforesaid brands are highly recommended. While they are commonly expensive, the features they can offer are worth every single cent you pay for it. Hence, see to it to check out the brand name when you shop for your first fish tank.

How to set up?

  1. Do not move a partially full or full fish tank. Make sure your hands are not wet when lifting an aquarium. Do not lift the fish tank by grasping the frame or edges. See to it to grasp and carry the fish tank from the bottom; there must be a support on the bottom.
  2. Prepare the aquarium. Carefully clean the aquarium inside and outside before setting it up. You may utilize a drenched fabric. Avoid using chemical-based cleaning agents, detergents, and soap.
  3. When deciding where to place the fish tank, pick an area that can provide support for its total weight. Take note that a fish tank filled with gravel and water weighs roughly ten by up to twelve pounds per gallon. Hence, it is necessary to put the fish tank on a balanced and flat surface and see to it that there is a nearby electrical outlet.
  4. Do not put the fish tank close to an air conditioner or any source of heat.
  5. As much as possible avoid putting the aquarium under the direct heat of the sun. Partial or full sun exposure could bring about excessive algae buildup.
  6. When adding gravel, only one and a half by up to two pounds of gravel for every gallon of fish tank water is recommended. Prior to putting the gravel inside the tank, you must wash the gravel thoroughly. The gravel bed must tilt slowly to the fish tank's front section.
  7. Moderately pour the water over the dish that is placed above the gravel when filling the aquarium. This is to ensure that the gravel won't be displaced. It is highly recommended to fill the fish tank with water at room temperature. Indeed, it is also vital to medicate the water with a de-chlorinator prior to adding it to the fish tank. Never pour plain and un-medicated tap water as this could endanger the lives of your pet fish.
  8. You can add some adornments such as live or artificial aquatic plants, and other sorts of ornaments and rocks, but make sure that these were all cleaned thoroughly.

How to care & clean?

  • Every 2 or 4 weeks, be sure to replace the filter cartridge and perform 25% water replacement.
  • In order to get rid of any filth accumulation, vacuum the gravel well.
  • Vacuuming the gravel and changing tank water can be performed by using a siphon-operated gravel vacuum.
  • Once you observe that the tank water looks dusky, comes with a foul odor and there is some sort of discoloration, this indicates that it is time to replace the water and a new filter cartridge is needed.
  • When performing water replacements, the water must be medicated first. This is to ensure that it won't harm your fish tank occupants. Consult a dealer for the right water de-chlorinator that could work best with your local tap water.
  • To avoid fish stress or shock, it is important to change old water with new water of about the same temperature.
  • Keep or store the towels, sponges and canisters that you use when cleaning your aquarium. They must be used for this purpose only and not for cleaning other stuff. This ensures that you don't add any dangerous contaminants to the fish tank system.
  • See to it that to unplug the electrical equipment prior to executing fish tank maintenance of any sort.

What is the warranty?

As for the warranties of the fish tank for beginners product reviewed in this article, these come in distinct warranties to provide protection to their most valued customer's investment. If you wish to read more about the kind of warranty you can avail of, you can explore more of this in the product description.

On the other hand, if warranty information is not clearly indicated in the product description, you can get in touch with the manufacturer's customer service support. This is generally open 24/7 and they have courteous and helpful staff that can answer your queries and attend to your concerns at once.

You can rest assured that a warranty backs up your chosen product.

Where to buy?

It is interesting to note that fish tanks for beginners are so easy to shop for. For a fact, these are readily available in various specialty fish or pet stores in your current location. You can find different options by referring to well-stocked specialty fish or pet supply stores.

However, if you want to check out numerous and renowned aquarium manufacturers, you may do so by shopping online. Shopping online such as on Amazon can provide you with more opportunities to find the world's famous brands. And, the options here seem limitless.

You can also enjoy some special promos or discounts and sometimes freebies are given away too. All you need to ensure is that you carefully consider the shopping guides shared in this article prior to the final buying decision.


Aquariums play a very vital role in keeping our pet fish as they ensure safe, convenient and comfortable living conditions for our fish tank inhabitants. Thus, it is necessary that prior to making the final shopping decision, we should conduct thorough research first about the best fish tanks for beginners. Otherwise, this could result in the illness or death of our most cherished pet fish.

As mentioned in this article, there are many distinct kinds of aquariums in the market, there are costly and cheaper ones, there are small and big options, and others are sophisticated but what matters the most is that you focus on the top-tier fish tank that best matches the needs of your pet fish. After all, the safety of your fish is your top priority.

Judging from the products reviewed here, it is tough to come up with a final decision on which of these aquariums is the most outstanding. However, as far as these product reviews are concerned, this post will be useful, particularly for novices in the aquarium hobby.

Look into the important features that you think your fish tank must have and carefully check out if the aquarium you are eyeing to buy is safe and large enough for the kind of fish you intend to keep.