The Best Cichlid Foods for Color, Growth & More

best cichlid food

Fish can eat whenever they wish and consume as much as they could when in the wild; however, the case won’t be the same in a confined space like in an aquarium. As an aquarium owner, it is your sole responsibility to make certain that your finned friends are fed appropriately and you must be capable of providing them with a well-balanced form of diet.

Take in mind that it is highly advised to feed them moderately but this must be done several times per day. And, since it isn’t often convenient for you to do so, it is imperative to feed them twice per day with a well-balanced fish food. That said, you must be sure that you only feed them with the best cichlid food.

In this post, you will have the chance to explore more on the essential information when searching for the right foods for your cichlid. In the same way, you will also get more ideas from the shopping guides and cichlid-keeping information that are shared in this article. By keeping this vital information in mind, you will discover on your own that there is always a specific option designed for your needs, fishing style and type of fish you are currently keeping.

Best Overall

TetraCichlid Cichlid Crisps

✅ Higher level of protein
✅ Made with clear water formulation
✅ Uniform size to offer more feeding consistency


Premium Choice

Omega One Cichlid Pellets

✅ Alternative for color enhancing
✅ Naturally insoluble
✅ Contains superior quality ingredients


Editor’s Choice

Aqueon Cichlid Food Pellets

✅ Pellets do not disintegrate instantly
✅ Slow sinking feature
✅ Affordable price


Best Food for Cichlid Fish Reviews

1. TetraCichlid Cichlid Crisps

This Tetra cichlid food is a great value for the money. It is formulated with all the valuable nutrients especially intended for feeding cichlids. And, it can minimize waste by up to 35% so there is no need to worry about making the tank water gloomy. Please note that it is a must to used it as directed and do not over-feed your fish. This fish food also comes with standard cichlid food staple as well as concentrated algae.

What is more, many cichlid keepers prefer these crisps because they are deemed as excellent substitutes to messy live foods particularly for very aggressive cichlid fish. These are practical for middle and top feeders.

On the other hand, these crisps seem to be a little tough and uneaten crisps tend to get sucked in the filter media which would sooner or later require frequent filter changes. These are a couple of potential problems that you should be prepared of if you happen to pick this fish food for your cichlid.

  • Formulated with higher level of protein specifically designed as a staple food for middle and top feeders
  • Beneficial options to messy live foods
  • Comes with uniform size to offer more feeding consistency
  • Made with clear water formulation
  • Packed with the required nutrients for cichlids
  • Crisps are slightly tough
  • Unconsumed crisps may get sucked in the filter media
All in all, this fish food for cichlids is a certified great yet very affordable option worth-buying. This is ideal as an alternative to live foods, it does not transform the tank water into a dusky state, can function quite well with an auto fish feeder and it comes with large enough size so it could last for a while. And, most importantly, it is formulated with essential ingredients that effectively cater to the nutritional requirements of cichlids.

2. Omega One Super Color Cichlid Pellets

This cichlid fish food is a little expensive but it is packed with essential minerals and vitamins that could guarantee the wellness and impressive color enhancement for your cichlid. And, its large size is already adequate to be used for a very long period of time so it is still economical.

The food smells fresh and healthy and it is no doubt a nice choice for young cichlids. These are small enough for them and sink to the underneath section of the tank so it is easier for your pet fish to devour them. If you want to enhance the color of your fish even more and make them healthier as naturally as possible, then this is the right food for them.

Nonetheless, if you prefer fish food that is formulated with superior level of fiber, then this is not the right choice for you. Additionally, the fast sinking pellets are not beneficial for top feeders. These two negative factors must be pondered on when buying one for you.

  • Perfect alternative for color enhancing
  • Floating pellets are made to be naturally insoluble
  • Efficiently addresses the dietary requirements of cichlids
  • Contains superior quality ingredients
  • Helps remarkably lessen fish waste
  • Does not contain high level of fiber
  • Pellets that sink quite fast might not be practical for top feeders
Overall, this cichlid color enhancing food is a second to none pick for omnivorous and carnivorous cichlid. It is sourced from a wide range of fish that consist of rockfish, halibut, salmon, krill and shrimp. Evidently, all these make it a very sterling source of Omega-3 as well as Omega-6 fatty acids to guarantee more vigorous immunity. The fast sinking pellets would aid in maintaining the fish’s vibrant color and each of them contains natural vitamins and minerals that promote good health for the fish.

3. Aqueon Cichlid Food Pellets

At times, we ask ourselves, can cichlids eat tropical fish food? Well, this fish food is safe to use because it is designed for that purpose. This is particularly formulated for feeding top feeders and it contains exceptional nutritional level that is beneficial as a regular cichlid type of food.

What is more, the pellets do not come with any added artificial color. For a fact, the pigments such as chili powder and marigold powder that is present in the formula are meant to improve the fish color in a more significant approach.

Be that as it may, two minor issues that need to be checked out if you are planning to buy this fish food for your cichlid are its tendency to disperse swiftly so it is imperative that the water pump is turned off prior to using it and the size of the pellet is considered small for feeding large fish.

  • Pellets do not disintegrate instantly after a few minutes
  • Contains sufficient nutrition not solely for cichlids but also for tropical fish
  • Slow sinking feature aids in allowing fish consume more fish food
  • Sold at a very reasonably selling cost
  • Formulated with premium quality natural ingredients
  • Pellets tend to disperse instantly
  • Pellet size is too small for large-sized fish
In summary, this cichlid food is a great alternative that won’t dismay you and your finned buddy. It is ideal if you’re searching for a pellet that perfectly fits your distinct kinds of cichlids. You could pick from different sizes that range from 4 oz. to 25 oz. bags. If you want you can also buy other pellet sizes that are designed as tiny or large. See to it to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cichlid feeding schedule.

5. Hikari Cichlid Gold Fish Food Large Pellet

If you are currently in search for the best cichlid food for color, this fish food is a safe and reliable option. The floating pellets are made for carnivorous cichlids that feed at the surface. What makes them ideal for top feeders is that they are manufactured to remain at water surface. They are adept at holding securely even after a good soak in tank water. Obviously, this impedes the potentiality of more waste so you could avoid tank water discoloration.

Keep in mind that picky eaters may play with these floating pellets more than they consume them. For the price, this is affordable and a good choice for cichlid keepers who do not wish to spend extravagantly on a good quality fish food.

Still and all, this fish food for cichlid may not be a beneficial alternative for herbivores and a few species of cichlid may have a tough time eating these pellets. See to it to look through these drawbacks before making the final purchasing decision.

  • Allows for plain sailing consumption tracking
  • Regarded as one of the topnotch South American cichlid foods
  • Does not make the tank water dusky
  • Formulated with generous amount of protein contents
  • Primarily formulated for carnivorous cichlids feeding at the surface
  • Some species of cichlid may have a hard time consuming these pellets
  • Not a good food source for herbivores
To conclude, this fish food for cichlid is a great investment because it is formulated with ample amount of protein that makes it more than sufficient for meat-consuming type of fish. It is loaded with additional vitamins too that are meant to encourage healthy fish growth. Superior carotene content levels as well as NS germ are the ones that provide your pet fish wonderful color enhancement.

5. Fluval Bug Bites Granules for Cichlids

Are you thinking of the right kind of food for cichlid growth? Then, this fish food especially designed for cichlid can be your reliable option. This comes with superior amount of protein wherein the whole salmon is packed with Omega 3 and 6 that are known to be superior in terms of promoting healthy scales, skin and fins for fish.

If you want your pet fish to grow healthily, this food is a great aid in that it is fortified with all the required minerals, amino acids and vitamins that make up a well-balanced diet for your cichlid’s daily feeding needs. This is a complete food for cichlids since it contains a distinctive insect-based content, enrich with superior quality carbohydrates and proteins that are highly beneficial for cichlids.

All the same, you’ve got to be reminded that these granules are prone to getting instantly crumbled between your nails and they tend to float for a short while, and then sink. These are the minor concerns that go with this fish food.

  • Formulated without preservatives, artificial colors and fillers
  • Contains a number of proteins
  • Comes with a total of 40% nutrient-filled black soldier fly larvae
  • Fortified with vital minerals, amino acids and vitamins for a well-balanced daily diet
  • Packaged with maximum freshness
  • Granules are easily crumbled between your nails
  • Float for a short time, then sink
By and large, you can recognize this product as one of the best food for peacock cichlids because it is formulated with the required nutrients that tremendously promote fish health. This is a safe choice mainly because it is made with natural ingredients and do not have any artificial preservatives, colors and fillers content. It is also packaged well to ensure maximum freshness.

6. Xtreme Aquatic Fish Food

If you have the goals of making the color of your cichlid become more vibrant and allow them to grow healthily, then it is important to provide them with the right fish food that is specifically designed to make their wellness and growth the top priority. Fortunately, this fish food would help you achieve all these.

In the same way, it is nice to know that shopping for the best food for cichlids colors does not need to be quite overpriced to date. There are premium quality brands that offer cichlid foods that contain adequate amount of nutrients yet you can have them at reasonable price tags. They are something that your fish would love every feeding period.

Nevertheless, a few weak points that can be encountered when you feed your cichlid with this fish food are its small size and its potentiality to sink quite instantly than anticipated. Make it a point to think through these glitches before getting one for your fish.

  • Highly recommended for larger and aggressive type of eaters
  • Would not in any way ruin tank water clarity
  • Does not contain any GMO, hormones or preservatives
  • Sinks in a gradual mode
  • Won’t cause any digestive or bloating problems
  • Sinks quite fast which was contrary to what was advertised
  • Would have been better if they were designed with larger size
To wrap things up, the size of this fish food is sufficient enough that makes it long-lasting. This cichlid fish food is great for promoting natural colors, for breeding and it remarkably helps in sustaining the wellness and health of your pet fish. And, the best of all, it is a safe option to consider because your fish won’t suffer from any digestive or bloating problems. Without any question, this is a good bang for your bucks.

7. Tetra TetraCichlid Flakes Food

These flakes are formulated with high levels of protein and acts as staple food for middle and top water-feeding cichlids. If you opt for a complete form of daily diet that supports, impressive color enhancements, long life and more vitality for your pet fish, then this is the best pick for your preference.

In like manner, this is made with clear tank water formula which implies that it won’t cause any mess in tank clarity provided that you feed your fish as directed. Once bought, it comes with a dispenser lid that enables users to enjoy hands-free feeding; however, this would depend on the size you bought.

Not the less, this peacock cichlid food is priced more expensively as compared to other similar options sold on the market these days and it tends to cloud the tank water slightly if you commit over-feeding. These are a couple of the negative aspects that you must be cautious of if you are eyeing to invest in this fish food your cichlid.

  • Manufactured with procure formulation that supports long life, stronger immune system and color enhancement
  • Formulated with biotin for a stronger metabolic system
  • Highly recommended pick for middle and top feeders
  • Includes dispenser lid that enables hands-free feeding (selected sizes only)
  • Serves a healthy and complete daily diet
  • A little costly than other similar alternatives on the market
  • May cloud the tank water slightly if fish are overfed
Right to it, if you’re wondering what to feed African cichlids; the first thing that you must consider is the ingredients of the fish food. This product is a top-drawer choice because it is formulated with balanced nutrition that makes it ideal for middle and top feeders. It contains a complete nutrition to guarantee a complete diet. This is great for enhancing fish color, in promoting more vitality and in supporting long life and the prevention of fish diseases.

8. Omega One Cichlid Flakes

If you are searching to purchase the best food for Mbuna cichlids, you can give this fish food a try. It contains proper balance of food that helps ensure the healthy growth of your cichlid. The ingredients it include comprise of spirulina, fresh sea foods, as well as ocean kelp all of which are highly recognized for having the capability to meeting the nutritional value that every cichlid requires in order to stay healthy and free of any diseases.

Unlike other fish food options out there, this formulation does not contain any pre-processed protein, is not tough to digest, no hydrolysates and no meals. This is a very practical choice if you aim to provide your cichlid a proper diet that would boost their immune system and immensely improve their color.

Just the same, a couple of unpleasant factors that you need to be attentive of are this fish food’s very fishy smell and it looks like they are more of tiny crumbs and are basically pulverized. Make sure to inspect for these demerits before you spend for one.

  • Made with a broad range of fresh sea foods, spirulina, ocean kelp to provide the nutritional need of cichlids
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6 to promote more vigorous immune system
  • Does not pollute tank water unlike other fish foods
  • Guarantees stunning color enhancement for your pet fish
  • Easy to digest and does not contain pre-processed protein
  • Smells quite fishy
  • Appears basically pulverized and tiny crumbs type of fish food
As a whole, this can be labeled as one of the best foods for African cichlids because it comes with superior level of nutrition that would help your fish remain healthy and away from diseases. It is rich in natural beta carotenes that guarantees eye-catching fish color enhancement as well. Isn’t good to invest in a type of fish food that sustains the wellness of your fish yet it does not pollute the tank water clarity?

9. TetraCichlid Floating Cichlid Sticks

Live food for cichlids are known to be messy so if you want to feed your pet fish with something nutritious yet is not that messy to handle, then you can witness for yourself how this fish food can help you with that. This product won’t require you to clean the tank water more frequently because it won’t affect the tank water clarity if utilized as recommended.

Please take into consideration that this fish food for cichlid tends to float but only for a very short period and it could tremendously affect the tank water clarity if you committed over-feeding. It is suggested to follow the manufacturer’s direction wisely.

  • Formulated with high levels of protein for middle and top feeding cichlids
  • Contains proper diet that promotes more vitality, more luring color enhancement and maximum health
  • Designed with unmatched procure formulation
  • Works like a charm in sustaining healthy metabolism
  • Helps fish fight off certain diseases
  • Over-feeding can seriously make the tank water duskier
  • Floats just for a short while
Lastly, you can safely say that this is one of best foods for Malawi cichlids. It contains adequate amount of proteins, biotin and other essential nutrients to maintain the color enhancement and wellness of your pet fish. This is advantageous in that it works adeptly to extend the lifespan of cichlids as it helps combat stress and diseases. Without doubt, this is the solution if you wish to bolster your cichlid’s immune system. Its pro-care formulation makes it a very prominent choice than other alternatives.

10. API Fish Food Pellets

This fish food is one great way of feeding African cichlids vegetables. If you keep large-sized cichlids, this would make a wonderful option. It is packed with valuable nutrients that your fish specifically requires to stay well and strong enough to combat stress and illnesses. If you have been searching for a type of fish food that won’t merely help improve fish color, but could also delight your pet fish in many possible ways, then this is a must-have for you.

Notwithstanding, these pellets are susceptible to sinking to the underneath section of the tank and can cloud the tank water as quickly more than expected. In line with this, there are times when fish just ignore it during feeding periods and this is probably because they taste a little powdery and bland.

  • Designed with a broad array of natural ingredients to satisfy the nutritional requirements of large cichlids
  • Ensures less waste, clear tank water and only requires feeding twice per day
  • Helps impede bloating and constipation issues in fishes
  • Ideal for cichlids that measure 5 inches in length
  • Works wonders in keeping your cichlid colorful, happier and healthier
  • Pellets instantly sink to the bottom and cloud the tank water
  • Tastes slightly crumbly and bland
In general, what make this fish food for cichlid a great investment are its nutritionally-improved protein, less fish waste feature, effortless uptake of nutrients and its capability to allow maximum absorption. Apart from these, it helps maintain the wellness and lovely color enhancement of fish, and, most importantly, it has the capability to sustain the clarity of tank water so you can ensure that your fish is safe and healthy although they are dwelling in a confined environment.

11. Northfin Cichlid

This Northfin cichlid food is one of the safest options in that it is formulated to be filler free, Bi-product free and free of any artificial pigment. If you are fishing for a kind of cichlid food in which nutrients can be absorbed in a natural mode and can be instantly digested, then there is no reason to look further.

By the same token, this is the solution if it is your wish to keep your cichlid healthy. This won’t make the water in tank dirty and dusky because it produces less waste. It comes with slow sinking pellets and some of its vital formulation comprise of spirulina, superior level of Omega-3 DHA Herring meal, organic kelp as well as whole Antarctic krill meal.

Howbeit, if you prefer a long-term diet for your Mbuna, then this may not be the best pick for that purpose. Also, if not used as directed, it could transform the tank water into a cloudy one.

  • Contains high quality natural ingredients
  • Great food for African Cichlids
  • Pellets sink in a gradual approach
  • Easy to digest and nutrients can be absorbed instantly
  • Good value for the money
  • Not beneficial for long term diet for Mbuna
  • Overfeeding can cause cloudy tank water
Laid on the line, this protein formula is specifically manufactured to help improve the colors of cichlids and keep them active and vigorous. Aside from this, the contents do not come with color additives or fillers. Hence, this assists in allowing your finned buddy absorb and digest the nutrients without any difficulty. This fish food also provides your pet fish with comprehensive color spectrum in a natural way. Always refer to the manufacturer’s directions regarding how often to feed cichlids.

12. Seachem NutriDiet Cichlid Fish Flakes

Sure bet, frozen cichlid food is a good option. Even so, you can look for other options to ensure that your fish do not feel bored eating the same food on a regular basis. This product is a great alternative in that it is well-known for being tagged as the super food for various fish species like cichlid.

Meanwhile, it is a bit disappointing to mention that while this helps improve fish color, it works extremely on that aspect to the point that the fish color looks unnatural already. And, it could make the tank water duskier in an instant.

  • Serves as outstanding source of amino acids, vitamins and other vital nutrients
  • Concentrates on superior chlorella algae content for cichlids to stay healthy and vigorous
  • Formulated with Vitamin C to considerably bolster immune function
  • Contains probiotics for healthy digestion and easy nutrient absorption
  • Greatly assists in minimizing fish waste
  • Prone to turning the tank water gloomier just like other fish foods
  • Can extremely enhance the color of fish to the point they look artificial already
Generally speaking, this fish food is never a waste of money at all. It is absolutely a superlative source of all the required nutrients for cichlids. It can stimulate fish appetite, can boost immune system due to its vitamin C content and it could also allow tissue repair and growth. If you want your cichlid to thrive well inside the tank, it is just right to provide them with nutrient-packed fish food such as this to fully support them.

What to Look for When Buying Cichlid Food


There are 3 primary factors that must be pondered on when looking to buy cichlid food. Bear in mind that not all food contains the same nutritional values and the nutrients they contain might not be sourced from the same components in each blend.

So, for you to ensure that you are picking the right food for your cichlid, the following considerations must be seriously taken:

  • Nutrition

In general, cichlid foods must contain generous amount of fiber, protein and easy to digest fats. As you might already know, cichlid would vary in terms of their nutritional requirements.

Protein content should be high in order to allow the fish to remain at the best health condition. Moreover, the sources of nutrition would differ hinging on the kind of cichlids you take care of. Hence, having a deeper grasp of the nutritional requirements of your fish species would aid in allowing you to end up with a better option.

Basically, foods that are specifically formulated for cichlids would commonly come with an outstanding base to work with as far as nutrition is concerned. This might not be precisely what your fish requires, which might convey some supplements alongside their food; even so, it is perhaps a more exceptional option in a pinch as compared to other universal tropical fish foods.

  • The Type of Food

Foods primarily formulated for cichlids generally come in the form of flakes or pellets. Smaller fish are better with flakes while larger ones could consume either of the two. Flakes could disintegrate and may transform the tank water into duskier state while pellets tend to sink at the underneath section of the aquarium more instantly.

Essentially, flakes are ideal when you are feeding your cichlid several times per day; so you could provide them with a little bit of food at a time. Meanwhile, pellets are more excellent for once-a-day mode of feeding for large-sized fish.

  • Color Enhancement

Pick foods that are superiorly pigmented if you want your cichlid to enhance its vibrant color even more. Orange, yellow and red colored cichlids would especially call for superior levels of pigmentation in their food so to keep their color more enhanced.

Over and above, underwater plants such as kelp, seaweed, algae and some other types of green veggies like broccoli, peas, cucumber, and spinach could all be so helpful as well in improving the natural color of a cichlid.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a cichlid food and how does it work?

Cichlid foods as the name suggests are foods that are precisely formulated or designed to help meet the nutritional requirements of this type of fish. Furthermore, such type of food is scientifically manufactured to contain a rich blend of protein, fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthier and longer life for the fish.

Aside from these nutrient sources, Omega-3 fatty acids are also commonly added for cichlid foods to ensure a healthier growth for fish and make them become more energetic with healthy metabolic system. This does wonders when it comes to remarkably enhancing the color of the fish.

Cichlid foods work by boosting the immune system of the fish so they could resist diseases, thrive well in a confined environment like in an aquarium, improve its outward appearance and become livelier. They also serve as energy-boosting agent for the fish and this becomes possible because your finned friend is getting sufficient amount of nutrition it truly needs.

What are the different types of cichlid foods?

Of course, it is not advised to just feed your fish with anything that’s not specifically formulated for its type, size and nutritional requirements. Thus, it is indispensable that you delve into the different types of foods that you could feed your cichlid first before you get started. Some of the cichlids foods available today include the following:

  • Crisps

These refer to a little thicker version of flakes. Crisps tend to hover much longer in the water and these provide top feeders a considerable amount of time to consume them. Fish that are small or medium in size are appropriately fed with this type of cichlid food.

  • Pellets

These are tiny ball or cube-sized fish foods that are designed in the floating, slow sinking or sinking types. Different sizes of them are readily available in order to satisfy the requirements of the fish size.

  • Granules

Such foods are practical to pick because fish could consume them more frequently in one bite. They tend to sink gradually so all kinds of fish such as bottom and mid-water feeders could consume them.

  • Flakes

These come in thin slices and they tend to hover naturally on the surface of the water. They are perfect food for top feeders. Nonetheless, the downside of these is that they break up instantly and dissolve in water so they are prone to losing their nutrients. These are regarded as the most well-known fish food available on the market at present.

  • Frozen or Live Foods

Bloodworms are well-known for being the most sterling alternatives and act as a great supplement for all kinds of fish. It is highly suggested to purchase frozen bloodworms because live options do not keep well for a longer period of time.

Additionally, frozen brine shrimps also make wonderful supplement as they provide superior nutritional value. Clam meat, Cyclops as well as frozen daphnia are the other potential alternatives that you could pick from.

  • Tablets

These fish foods tend to instantly absorb water and go under the bottom section of the aquarium faster. Tablets are good for all kinds of bottom feeders.

Why do you need cichlid fish foods? (Benefits)

It cannot be denied that fish can be sensitive to take care of. If they are not properly fed and maintained, they could be susceptible to diseases and could perish right away. So, if you do not want this unfortunate event to happen in the future, then you’ve got start feeding them nutrient-filled fish foods to make them stronger, more active, and healthier as well as to extend their lifespan as much as possible.

It is definitely worth mentioning that feeding your cichlid with the right cichlid food can offer your most cherished pet fish a number of benefits and these consist of:

  • Allow your fish to obtain the required nutrients they particularly need as they do in the wild in order for them to survive dwelling in a confined environment like an aquarium.
  • Some cichlid foods are designed to help considerably enhance the natural color of the fish. This helps cichlid improve the vibrancy of their color and their overall appearance.
  • These foods are manufactured to help fish boost their immune system so to make them more active, livelier and energetic even when they live in an artificial environment like an aquarium.
  • Such types of foods are easy and convenient to use. You only need to follow the manufacturer’s recommended food amount when feeding and you are all set.
  •  Cichlid foods are generally not sold expensively. So, even if you are short in budget, there is no need for you to spend lavishly when feeding your cichlid with the right food specifically formulated for their nutritional needs.
  • These are not messy to manage. So long as you do not exceed the recommend food amount when feeding your fish, if you do not over-feed your cichlid, these foods won’t cause the tank water to look cloudier.
  • They come in different forms such as pellets, granules, live or frozen, flakes, tablets, crisp and the like. This clearly implies that you have a lot of options to choose from. However, you need to research about the type of fish you are keeping though and get the one that they prefer consuming.
  • It is a lot easier to provide different foods for your cichlid because cichlid foods come in different blends. There is no need for you to have a hard time thinking what variants to offer them.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted cichlid food brands?

If you want to guarantee the wellness of your pet fish, then it is essential to ensure that you choose the right cichlid food for them. As you know, it could sometimes be perplexing to select which one is suitable for you considering there are numerous options to choose from these days. Before buying one, make sure to research what type of fish you keep so you could narrow down your options and get the one that is specifically formulated for the nutritional requirements of your finned buddy.

When it comes to the most top-rated cichlid foods sold on the market nowadays, the following can be your safest and most outstanding picks:

  • Tetra
  • API
  • Omega One
  • Seachem
  • Fluval

You might have observed that these brands are quite popular in the field of aquarium keeping. The reason behind this is because they have already made a very good reputation in delivering good service to fish enthusiasts and aquarium keepers around the world.

While some of them may be priced more expensively as compared to other options out there, when it comes to quality; you would instantly recognize that they are indeed a standout among the rest. So, you won’t have any reasons to question their efficiency.

What vegetables can you feed cichlids?

Green veggies such as peas, cucumbers, norri, spinach, and broccoli are excellent varieties to feed your cichlid. These are deemed as outstanding options as they somehow substitute the natural green algae that your fish would get in the wild. Prior to feeding the fish, chop or blend the veggies first.

Also, it is possible to freeze veggies into ice cubes to allow faster and easier means to provide your finned buddy a treat. Consider chopping garlic finely and add it in with other veggie blends. Meanwhile, to ensure that the cucumber sits on the underneath section of the aquarium, this must be first weighed down.

What can I feed my cichlids for color?

Color-enhancing types of foods for cichlids generally contain superior levels of carotenoids that are tried and tested to help significantly encourage color development. It has been revealed that these effectively work if utilized appropriately.

Be that as it may, please note that these must not be fed as a staple mainly because these are barely nutritionally complete and could potentially burn the colors of the fish; and this could eventually cause uneven patches of color to appear.

Take into account that natural color-enhancing foods such as frill, brine shrimp, carrots, spirulina, bloodworms, and daphnia can work like a charm when improving the color of the fish.

How long can cichlids go without eating?

Healthy and large cichlids could easily go 7 by up to 10 days without consuming fish food. And, a fish tank that is filled with young fish necessitates to be fed after a day or two. At any rate, consider following some tricks to extend the interval between meals and to still guarantee the continuous health of the fish.

How often should you feed cichlids?

Cichlids must be fed two by up to three times per day. Take into consideration that the rule here is to feed cichlids as much as they could consume in roughly two minutes without leaving anything behind. See to it that you refrain from providing them more than the recommended food amount.

Take note that cichlids should often look like starving when it is time to eat. You could instantly sense that something is wrong if the fish is not excited to consume the food or it does not consume as much food as it could. A few potential reasons for these might be because the cichlid is ill or overfed.

How to use?

As already mentioned, cichlids must be fed tiny amounts of fish food two by up to three times per day. This is perceived as the most excellent method to match the fish’s natural eating patterns. For a fact, there is really no set amount; all you need to do is to provide them with adequate amount of food so they could consume food consistently for roughly one by up to two minutes.

Also, depending on the type of food you use and feed your cichlid, it is crucial to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions in terms of the amount and frequency when feeding. This is to avoid underfeeding or over-feeding your pet fish. The manner you use the fish food would be highly reliant on the directions provided by the manufacturer. Thus, be sure to follow accordingly.

How to care & clean?

In order to ensure the cleanliness and orderliness inside the aquarium, see to it not to over-feed your fish. And, be sure to choose the type of foods that are not messy to manage and are not prone to making the tank water cloudier.

If you are using auto fish feeder, make sure that it is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Clean the tank and replace water as per the required instructions. Always make sure that the fish food is not expired. Store the fish food in a cool dry place. Lastly, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to the amount of food to be provided and the frequency of feeding times. Once all these are strictly adhered to, then you won’t have any problems to deal with in the future.

What is the warranty?

Should you wish to learn more whether the cichlid food you are planning to buy is backed up by a product warranty, you must first check out the product description. Sure thing, it is best if you purchase products that can offer you customer protection. Undoubtedly, as a consumer, you feel reassured when you know you could count on the manufacturer in the event you end up encountering some issues with regards to the product you bought.

Whether the product you purchased is expensive or not, one thing is for sure, you deserve to get the best and you should always be able to get your real money’s worth since this is your right as a customer. So, don’t forget to look for product warranty whenever you shop!

Where to buy?

If you are presently in the hunt for the most appropriate cichlid food, then the best place where you could find a number of options is by shopping in local fish or pet stores in your area. These stores could offer you different alternatives that may fit your budget, needs and preference.

For all that, if you do not wish to leave your own place to shop for cichlid food, then you could shop conveniently from home and start browsing various online shopping sites such as Amazon, PetSmart, Petco and the like.

Basically, these sites are reliable choices that you could always bank on when looking for the right food for your pet fish. These are perfect sites for you to start searching for a plenty of brands and products that would best satisfy your fish’s requirements. They are also the best sites where special deals can be availed of.


In conclusion, picking the suitable and the best cichlid food can significantly help your finned buddy to pop with vibrant color, grow beautifully and live a more active and healthier lifestyle. Indeed, relying on the kind of cichlid you keep, the diet would generally vary. Hence, the initial phase for unveiling the most appropriate food for your cichlid is simply by having a deeper grasp of their natural requirements.

Fundamentally, just like us humans, fish also require a well-balanced and varied diet. This is the reason why it is practical to provide them with different types of food on different days in order for them to absolutely obtain the nutrients they especially require.

As what you have uncovered in this post, commercial foods formulated for cichlids are available in a wide range of types and brands; some come in the form of tablets, pellets, granules, crisps or flakes. These are available in distinct sizes, some are designed to sink or float in the water; so bottom, middle and top feeders could have their fill.

Check out the products carefully detailed in this article and follow the shopping guides tackled here so you won’t have to worry anymore about feeding the right food for your cichlid. For sure, there are outstanding options that could satisfy the needs of your most precious fish.