The Best Vacation Fish Foods – A Premium Diet for Your Fish


It could be a headache-causing problem for most fish keepers to feed their fish tank friends especially when they need to go on vacation or business trips. Of course, you would be overly worried when you’re away because you know you have pet fish to take care of. However, there is no need for you to find this situation as a dilemma because you can always depend on the best vacation fish food for your aquarium buddies.

Needless to say, your finned pets need to be cared for even when you are away from home. And, luckily, there are several factors that you could do to help them remain healthy and happy even when you are not there personally to look after them. It is good to note that there are effective means of how you can feed them at the right time. And, this article aims to help you explore the high-quality vacation fish food products that you can consider if you have plans to go on holiday. The good news is that these are readily available on the market at present.

Fundamentally, it is important to plan according to the type of fish you are currently keeping. Take in mind that different fish species have distinct dietary requirements. Hence, you need to make certain that you are precisely well aware of the feeding needs of your aquarium settlers. This way, it would be easier for you to pick which product suits your fish tank buddies.

Best Overall


API Automatic Fish Feeder

✅ Can automatically supply food up to 2 weeks
✅ Contains all-natural ingredients
✅ Smooth sailing to set up and use


Premium Choice


Penn-Plax Pro Feeding Blocks

✅ Easy to set up
✅ High quality 14-day vacation feeding blocks
✅ Contains two-packs once purchased


Editor’s Choice


Zoo Med Betta Banquet Blocks

✅ Great value for the money
✅ 7-day time-release vacation food blocks
✅ Provide valuable nutrients for bettas


Top-Rated Vacation Fish Food Reviews of 2023

1. API Automatic Fish Feeder


This fish vacation feeder is manufactured with a pyramid-shape design and contains pellets that are gradually discharged into the fish tank to feed your finned buddies- this is efficient in feeding all types of fish such as goldfish, tetras, betta, discus, plecos as well as swordtails.

When using this, you only have to drop 1 pyramid into the tank and be sure not to utilize it in a non-aerated tank, non-filtered aquarium, or fishbowl. This is good to use because it sufficiently provides your finned friends with adequate food to keep them satisfied for days. So, even when you’re not around you can be guaranteed that your fish won’t starve.

If you pick this product, you need to expect that this feeder can make the tank water gloomy and it seems it’s not that excellent at doing the trick since it gradually breaks up in the tank. Put simply, it won’t work well in consistently feeding your fish tank pets while you’re away.

  • Can automatically supply fish with food for up to 2 weeks
  • Smooth sailing to set up and use
  • Contains all-natural ingredients to suffice your finned pets’ nutritional needs
  • Effective and reliable for feeding all types of fish
  • Dissolves gradually and release food after a few hours
  • May cause tank water cloudiness
  • Incapable of doing the trick
Overall, if you prefer an automatic fish feeder that is straightforward to set up, highly reliable to use, and comes with uncomplicated yet very efficient design; then this option can work well for your requirements. You won’t have to worry about your fish tank inhabitants even if you’ll be away for 14 days because this feeder can supply their daily diet. And, best of all, this comes with natural ingredients that aim to suffice the nutritional needs of all aquarium fish.

2. Penn-Plax Pro Balance Feeding Blocks


These fish food blocks come in large and thick sizes. The two disks provided seem to work fine for 14-day coverage. So, if you plan to go on business trips for 2 weeks, then this could be your go-to if you want to ensure that your pet fish are fed well even when you’re not around to do the feeding task for them.

In the same way, many novices in fishkeeping consider this product a very useful item. It works precisely as expected and it was way less expensive as compared to investing in an automatic feeder. Hence, if you are looking for feeding blocks that could reliably work for you while you’re on a short vacation, then this can be your safe bet.

On the other hand, if you’ve got to be careful when using this feeding block. It is highly suggested to do a trial run before you go on vacation because you’ll never know how it would react until you try this stuff. Also, it tends to dissolve quite immediately so you can expect moldy and messy tank water to deal with. Be sure to consider these disadvantages first before paying.

  • Contains two-packs once purchased
  • Certified high quality 14-day vacation feeding blocks
  • An ideal option for small outdoor fish pond
  • Can feed your finned pets well while you’re away
  • Easy to set up and plain sailing to use
  • May require a trial run before you go on holiday
  • Tends to dissolve faster than expected
Ultimately, these fish feeding blocks are a great purchase. If you want to be trouble-free when traveling, this can be the solution for you. They could serve as the answer to feed your fish tank occupants while you can’t do it for the meantime. All you need to do is to place it in your tank and you’re good to go for about 14 days. This device is user-friendly even for beginners.

3. Zoo Med Betta Banquet Blocks


If you are distressed thinking about how to feed fish on vacation, then you can stop worrying from now on. The good news is that if you have a fish to take care of, it is unnecessary to worry even if you need to go for days because you can fully depend on this time-release fish food product.

Many fish owners who often go on business trips prefer this product because it is designed as a very effective 7-day time-release vacation food block that is specifically created for bettas. Moreover, it works like a charm in providing valuable nutrients that remarkably help bettas thrive because it is formulated with krill and whole micro betta food pellets. The pellets appear as the block dissolves.

Two things that would make you feel a little disappointed if you invest in this product are its tendency to leave moldy and film-like residues at the bottom of the tank and once you start using this item, then expect to perform weekly tank water replacements. These are a couple of the downsides that you can experience if you purchase this stuff.

  • Works reliably as 7-day time-release vacation food blocks
  • Manufactured with krill and whole micro Betta food pellets
  • Highly recommended option for feeding bettas
  • Great value for the money
  • Especially designed to provide valuable nutrients for bettas
  • May necessitate executing tank water replacements weekly
  • Tends to leave film-like and moldy leftovers at the underneath portion of the tank
In a nutshell, this timed-release fish feeder is a wise buy. If you need to be away for a week, then you can count on this device to do the fish feeding job for you. Since bettas are known for being slow eaters, do not eat food voraciously, and prefer food pellets as compared to other fish species, this product could be one of the most suitable options for them. The price tag is fine with all types of budgets too.

4. Tetra Weekend Tropical Slow Release Feeder


Are you on the hunt for top-quality weekend feeders for fish? Then, how about checking this product out and witness for yourself how reliable and efficient it is in doing its job?

You can finally stop fearing going on vacation if you have fish tank residents to look after. It is elating to know that you can now leave your aquarium pets while you’re on holiday- yes, you heard that right, you can have a feeder that would do the feeding task in your stead and you don’t even need to ask someone to do it for you.

This product is manufactured with PROCARE formula, and the gel blocks contain highly nutritious contents that would help keep your fish tank settlers satisfied for a week even when you’re not there to feed them. The slow-release food blocks do not harm your tank water unlike other options out there.

On the other hand, some fish tend to continuously eat until they get bloated and expect to see a tiny bit of gelatinous extra food material when using this feeder; luckily, this won’t excessively cloud the tank water. These are a few of the minor gripes that you need to be vigilant of if you pick this product.

  • Allows your aquatic pets to eat when hungry
  • Comes with a distinctive gel formula that’s plaster-free
  • Highly recommended for tropical fish
  • Does not leave any toxic leftovers inside the tank
  • Not prone to making the tank water moldy and messy
  • May produce a little bit of gelatinous extra food material
  • Some fish eat incessantly until they get bloated
On the whole, these fish food blocks are practical choices for tropical fish since they are packed with contents that your aquarium pets would need to sustain peak health and feel satisfied while you are on a getaway. What is more, if the blocks are not completely eaten when you return, it is risk-free to let them stay inside the tank. Thus, these are never a waste of money at all!

5. Penn Plax 7-Day Vacation Fish Feeder


This feeder is designed to allow the slow release of fish food. For those searching for a vacation feeder that would leave you problem-free while you’re on holiday, this product can help you with that. These time-release food blocks are stellar at feeding a 10 by up to 15-gallon tank for a total of seven days. You only need to drop a single block in the tank and the block will gradually dissolve and release the nutrient-fortified freeze-dried foods that your fish would love.

Besides, this is manufactured with pro-balance superb quality fish food, and some of the most adored fish foods that your aquarium buddies love to devour such as Tubifex worms, bloodworms plus other vital minerals and vitamins. So, your fish can enjoy feeding time just like when you’re around.

Take into consideration that this feeder won’t be reliable and functional if used in simple fish tanks or fish bowls. This seems to work quite well with tanks that come with a moving-water filtration system. And, once used, expect some nasty film on the top of your tank water making it look filthy for a few days if not removed properly.

  • Top-rated choice for feeding fish while away from home
  • Dissolves slowly to release nutrient-enriched freeze-dried foods
  • Contains tasty ingredients such as bloodworms, Tubifex worms, essential minerals as well as vitamins
  • Can do the feeding for a week
  • Manufactured with pro-balance premium quality fish food
  • Appears not that functional in fish bowls and simple fish tanks
  • Tends to create a nasty film on the top of tank water
Right to it; if you’re wondering how to adequately feed your finned buddies while you’re away, this fish food feeder can help you ease your worries. The tablet item allows sufficient food supply for your fish tank settlers for a total of 7 days. Unlike other similar products, this one contains the most favorite foods of fish such as freeze-dried foods that support their maximum health. These are great to keep on hand for future extended vacations.

6. Omega One Super Color Fish Feeders


For fish enthusiasts searching for high-quality goldfish vacation feeders, this option can match your fish feeding requirements. It is designed with an outstanding diet of color-enhancing pellets that are gradually dispensed from the shell over time. This can already supply your finned friends with nutritious food supply for a week.

When using this vacation feeder, all you need to do is to place it inside the aquarium, this will dissolve after some time, and you can ensure that it supplies the highly nutritious pellets for your fish tank residents to devour. As you can see, this is a great way to feed your finned buddies even when you’re outside.

Nonetheless, this product looks like not a very practical choice to consider if you want to feed your bettas while you’re away. In line with this, if not used as directed, then this may ruin your tank environment. Make it a point to check these weak points first before finally buying this item.

  • Contains healthy salt that promotes healthy slime coat
  • Drop in and go
  • Can supply nutrient-packed foods for your pet fish for a week
  • Does not contain any meal and manufactured with fresh Alaskan seafood contents
  • An ideal choice for aquariums or fish bowls that have sufficient circulation or filtration system
  • Seems not ideal for bettas
  • May ruin your tank water environment
In summary, this product is a worthwhile investment as it is very easy and convenient to utilize and contains nutrient-enriched contents that support fish health and a healthy slime coat. It does not contain any toxic ingredients that could harm your fish as it was made using only fresh Alaskan seafood contents. If your aquarium comes with a good quality circulation and filtration system, then this is a useful investment that you won’t ever regret.

7. Zoo Med Laboratories Pleco Banquet Block


Are you presently fishing for long term fish food that you can invest in for your most cherished aquatic pets? Then, you can have a closer look at the features of this food block. It is worth noting that a single time-release feeding block can already last for a total of seven days which means to say that this is a very cost-effective way of supplying ample food to your pet fish even when you are on vacation.

Fortunately, there is no need to wonder about the nutrition your fish tank buddies get because this product can solve that problem for you. This is manufactured with a huge amount of wood fiber as well as algae since these play a very vital role in the long-term health of your finned friends.

Take note that it is not advised to substitute regular feeding with this, similar to any other source of foods that are left in the tank water; this could cause a slight increase in the levels of ammonia even if your tank is cycled. And, some plecos are not so fond of this.

Recommend article: Top-rated fish food for Pleco.

  • Can be safely utilized for both marine and freshwater fish
  • Particularly formulated for sucker-mouth type Catfish
  • Contains wood fiber and algae needed for long-lasting catfish health
  • Single time release of feeding block can last for 7 days
  • Serves as an excellent supplemental food source for finicky feeders
  • May cause an increase in ammonia levels
  • Some plecos don’t find this enticing
To wrap things up, what makes this a prominent choice is that it can serve as an exceptional supplemental food source for picky feeders –whether a marine or freshwater type of fish. So, if you need to go on business trips and look for ways on how to feed your fish conveniently and automatically, then this is it for you. Without any doubt, this item helps make leaving home so much easier even when you have pet fish to feed and take care of.

Outdated Products

Aqueon Betta Food Feeder (Outdated)


This betta vacation feeder is designed with food feeders that gradually dissolve to release the pellets that offer essential nutrients for your aquarium residents while you’re on business trips. To get started, you need to drop a single tablet in the tank and this could already last for one week of feeding. You can get this in betta or tropical fish formula in many different sizes.

What is more, this device is created so that your fish tank inhabitants can consume more of what they eat and unlike other options, this does not produce more filthy residues inside the tank. It is critical to siphon out any feeder residues after the food feeder has dissolved.

All the same, please be guided that it is essential to execute water changes after the food blocks have all been consumed to avoid excessively fouling the tank water conditions. Moreover, this won’t work reliably if used in fish bowls. These are the flaws that must be taken into consideration if you plan to purchase this product.

  • Works reliably in feeding fish tank dwellers for a few days
  • Manufactured with premium quality ingredients
  • Food blocks are specially designed to be released gradually
  • Creates less fish waste and allows efficient absorption of nutrients
  • Readily available in betta or tropical fish formula in diverse sizes
  • May require tank water replacements after the food blocks have been consumed
  • Not recommended to be used in fish bowls
To conclude, this vacation feeder for fish contains nutrient-fortified ingredients that your finned buddies are naturally lured to. It could last for a week which means you can be at peace even when you’re away from home because your aquarium pets are well taken care of and properly fed. As you can see, this is a cost-effective and straightforward approach to fish feeding that is worth considering.

Wardley Hartz Weekend Feeder (Outdated)


If you are one of those who prefer a feeder that is not prone to making the tank water gloomy and does not want to deal with excessive chalky residues inside the aquarium, then this product matches your qualifications. This is very convenient to use even for novices and for those who frequently need to be away from home during weekends.

In like manner, you can be guaranteed that your pet fish will be fed well since this dissolves slowly and also works wonders in stabilizing the pH levels of tank water during feeding. And, this is a risk-free option mainly because it is not manufactured with artificial ingredients that could cause diseases to your most prized finned friends.

For all that, it seems that this item comes with a misleading product description. So, do not be surprised if the actual product is different from the one in the advertisement. And, expect to encounter unpleasant smells inside the aquarium once you utilize this feeder. To avoid this, make sure to perform tank water cleaning and replacement right away.

  • Designed to have the ability to dissolve instantly
  • A great option for outdoor fish pond
  • Helps stabilize tank water’s pH levels during feeding
  • Capable of feeding 10 to 12 average-sized goldfish or tropical fish for 3 days
  • Practical to have for emergencies
  • Comes with deceptive product description
  • May cause some terrible smell inside the tank
Lastly, this weekend fish feeder is very handy to utilize; it is easy as pie to set up and highly recommended to be used for weekends. This shell-shaped device dispenses food automatically while you’re on the go. It is adequate to feed a ten-gallon tank of freshwater goldfish or tropical fish for 3 days. This is a safe choice because it does not contain any artificial dye or colors that could detriment your finned pets or foul the tank water.

API 3-Day Pyramid Automatic Fish Feeder (Outdated)


This unique fish food dispenser can be your top-notch option if you have plans of going on vacation for a few days. You only need to drop it and then enjoy your holiday. It does not even require additional work for this serves as a dissolvable food block that gradually breaks up over time. Whether you have marine or freshwater fish in your tank, this would work best for them.

By the same token, for an affordable price tag, this selection can go a long way. For a fact, this can be deemed as one of the less expensive options available considering its reliability, ease, and convenience of use. You can label this feeder as a surefire means to feed your finned pets when leaving for a few days.

Regardless, a few negative factors that go with this feeder are its potentiality to have a low-quality filtration system; and these feeders appear to get easily broken so you need to handle them with extra care.

  • Comes in a total of 3 packs once purchased
  • Feeds your fish tank occupants automatically while you’re on holiday
  • Can work for more than three days
  • Known for being a top-quality weekend feeder
  • 1 pyramid can feed 15 up to 20 average-sized aquatic creatures in a 10-gallon aquarium
  • May cause unpleasant tank water conditions
  • Can get instantly damaged
By and large, this product is ideal to utilize for freshwater and marine fish. Unlike other options, this is a piece of cake to install because it does not call for a previous setup. Moreover, this can already feed 15 by up to 20 fish making it a very economical choice especially for those with a limited budget. What sets it apart from other competitors is that all your fish tank pets would be taken care of in a few seconds. Unquestionably, this is second to none if you are searching for a distinctive auto fish feeder.

What to Look for When Buying Vacation Fish Food


When buying vacation fish food or feeders; it is indispensable to look into some practical buying tips first before you spend on a specific product.

Let us begin with the simplest options when feeding your fish while on vacation: vacation fish food or vacation feeders. Most of these products are readily available on weekends, 1-week, and 2-week sizes. Typically, there are a couple of basic types wherein the first one is installed in a calcium block while the other design has the food in a gel.

Either way, the block slowly dissolves in water, dispenses food particles for your finned buddies to devour. These products are good to have for any fish owners who frequently tour around as they could supply your pet fish with food for up to 2 weeks.

More than that, these gradually dissolve and dispense food periodically as the block slowly dissolves. They contain all-natural ingredients that aim to suffice the dietary needs of all aquarium fish. However, these must not be utilized in non-aerated or non-filtered aquariums or fish bowls. The reason for this is that water circulation is quite necessary to dissolve the block.

The gel blocks could function more excellently in some water conditions since these are plaster-free and are not prone to making the tank water cloudy. See to it that the number of blocks utilized in the fish tank is adequate for all of the fish in the tank.

Nonetheless, it is highly suggested to underfeed your aquatic pets than overfeeding them for the entire time you are on holiday. If utilizing the bigger calcium blocks, particularly in soft water conditions, take in mind that these could affect the chemistry of the tank water. Indeed, gel feeders do not cause much change in the quality of the tank water; nevertheless, some fish owners claim that some fish won’t consume them.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is vacation fish food?

Vacation fish foods are precisely made to deal with a common concern- properly feeding your fish tank inhabitants while you’re on holiday. These are also referred to as slow-release fish foods. They are commonly densely packed blocks of fish foods that gradually dissolve over time. Fundamentally, as they dissolve, they dispense the food for your aquarium pets to consume.

These products can generally feed your finned buddies for up to two weeks- without you doing the feeding job. For a fact, a lot of fish owners enjoy great success with the use of vacation fish foods or feeders. A few of the common issues that go with these feeders include making the tank water filthy and some fish are not fond of consuming the foods.

What are the different types of vacation fish food?

  • Feeding Blocks

These are potential substitutes for automatic feeders. You only need to put the block in the aquarium, and from there it would dissolve slowly over time, dispensing food into the water.

While this sounds wonderful, you need to be insightful about the fact that feeding blocks do not release foods evenly, and this may result in a load of unconsumed foods that contaminate the tank. Additionally, the foods tend to amass at the underneath portion of the tank.

  • Gel Blocks

As the name suggests, this has the food in a gel. It works adeptly in some water conditions primarily because it is plaster-free and is not susceptible to making the tank water messy. Notwithstanding, it is critical to ensure that the number of blocks used in the aquarium is sufficient for the entire fish dwelling.

  • Feeder Fish

This refers to fish fry that your aquatic pets would slowly pick off and feed on while you’re on a business trip. It is practical to utilize in large-sized aquariums. In an aquarium that comes with a capacity of fewer than ten gallons, a feeder fish may put more pressure on the filtration system and this could result in badly affecting the tank water conditions and some health concerns for your pet fish.

  • Vacation Feeder Blocks and Weekend Feeder Blocks

Vacation feeder blocks break up more gradually and could last for 1 to 2 weeks while weekend feeder blocks can last for 2 up to 3 days.

Why do you need a weekend fish feeder? (Benefits)

If you are frequently touring around due to your current business or job and you have fish tank pets to keep; then it is high time for you to keep your worries away and get your finned friends vacation fish food or feeder that would take care of them properly when you’re away from home.

Using the most outstanding vacation fish food or feeders can offer fish enthusiasts lots of rewards and some of these consist of:

  • These fish feeding products are designed to be reliable and flexible to use. They allow fish owners to control the portions of the fish foods; you can decide to feed up to 4 times per day (this would highly rely on the model you use), and satisfy the specific requirements of your ecosystem. Some models are built with timers so that means you can set it and you can enjoy your vacation.
  • If you use a vacation feeder, everything is already preset. This implies that you get something that is dependable and predictable. You can be assured that your fish tank settlers are going to eat on the set feeding period and that is suitable for them. Also, when it’s feeding time and you’re home, you could simply observe your finned friends swim around and munch on their foods.
  • Using this stuff can help you save more of your precious time and hard-earned money. It is unnecessary to be troubled about rushing home to feed your aquarium pets or risk them dying. And, most importantly, you can save more pennies because such a product minimizes the amount of food waste.
  • This item is very practical and convenient for fish keepers who are frequently on the go. You can just set the feeder to dispense the food at the set time and you can enjoy your freedom while your pet fish are well taken care of. Even when you’re away for days, you can have peace of mind.
  • Vacation fish foods are generally priced reasonably. Hence, fish hobbyists do not need to break the bank when investing in premium quality options.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted vacation fish food brands?

If you want to be worry-free when traveling, then you’ve got to ensure that you only pick the best vacation fish food that would take care of your pet fish while you’re away from home. As you know, while keeping a fish tank is a very rewarding experience, this entails a huge responsibility for you to fulfill.

And, if you are the type of fish owner who loves to travel, or needs to be away more often for business trips and other work-related tours, then you’ve got to invest in the most reliable vacation fish food that could do the work in your stead.

Here are a few of the most reputable brands that you can consider when getting vacation fish food for your fish tank residents:

  • API
  • Omega One
  • Penn Plax
  • Aqueon
  • Tetra

It is good to note that such products are not that expensive to purchase. And, even if you choose high-end brands, the price tag is generally reasonable so it won’t create a huge hole in your pocket.

Do fish feeder blocks work?

Fish feeding blocks can provide emergency food to your fish tank occupants in your absence. However, they are deemed imperfect solutions. There are some major concerns for you to look into and these comprise of:

  • These are merely appropriate for mid to large-sized tanks that have a good filtration system and aeration set up to circulate the tank water. You cannot utilize them in nano tanks and fish bowls.
  • Fish feeding blocks are known to be more prone to badly affecting the quality and chemistry of the tank water. They tend to elevate the levels of nitrates and ammonia in the water.
  • These are manufactured with edible contents, but still, some fish won’t be fond of eating them.
  • Some low-quality feeding blocks do not come with adequate food pellets for larger aquatic creatures. These commonly have sufficient feed for small and mid-sized fish tank residents, hinging on the size of the block.

How to feed fish while on vacation?

There are different means on how to appropriately feed your fish tank buddies while you’re on a business trip and to get started; you can try some of the following:

  • Know the options available.

Purchase a vacation feed and you can start filling the compartments with suitable foods for your aquarium inhabitants. The device would dispense the food automatically into the water as per the schedule that you set.

This approach is merely appropriate for fish species that take flakes and pellets as foods because this would not hold bloodworms and other sorts of live foods.

  • Place feeder fish of different sizes in the tank.

It is indispensable to place distinctly sized feeder fish into the aquarium as the predator would consume some first, some for a later time, and this would be as per the size. Be sure not to add live worms into the aquarium since these would only cloud the tank water.

  • Utilize feeder blocks.

Refer to your local fish or pet store or browse online to purchase the appropriate feeder block for your finned buddies. It is highly recommended to experiment with a few options before you take a vacation. This is because some fish would refuse certain feeder blocks.

Indeed, put the block into the underneath portion of the aquarium on the day you leave. Take note that if you will be away for a long period, see to it to talk to a loved one or friend to replace the feeder block every 5 to 7 days.

  • Ask someone to come over to check and feed your aquarium pets. Needless to say, this is deemed as the best approach, specifically if your finned buddies are finicky eaters. Be that as it may, you need to ensure that they have adequate time to feed your fish; they must be knowledgeable about fish feeding, knows when and what to feed your fish tank dwellers.

How to use?

Vacation fish foods are easy to use; all you need to do is to drop them into the water, from there they would start to break up and degrade immediately.

Where to buy?

You can easily find high-quality fish feeding blocks and vacation fish feeders in many local aquarium supplies, pet, or fish stores in your area. Luckily, there are lots of selections for you to check out and many renowned manufacturers offer reliable fish feeding products that could cater to the needs of your aquatic pets.

Aside from purchasing vacation fish feeders, vacation fish food, or fish feeding blocks in local fish or pet stores, you can also find them in many well-known and legit online shopping sites. Many expert fish hobbyists browse reputable online shopping sites such as Amazon, PetCo, Live Aquaria, Petwarehouse, and PetSmart.

At present, many consumers who look for fish feeding-related products prefer shopping online because various credible online shopping sites offer more choices for their most valued clients to choose from. And, it is in these sites you can enjoy the best shopping deals, promos and special discounts offered by highly acclaimed brands.

Some Useful Reminders for Fish Owners Before Going on Vacation

It is crucial to plan for the length of your vacation. For instance, you’ll need to be away for a few days; most fish would do just fine without food. Still and all, if you would be gone for a month, then, of course, your fish tank settlers would need food.

You need to be well aware of the potential risks. It cannot be denied that leaving your aquarium pets can be risky too especially if you will be away for a long time. This is especially true for those who keep expensive and very sensitive fish, it is a must to ensure that you have the proper care plan arranged, and see to it that it is an infallible plan.

Over and above, it is necessary to plan according to the type of fish you are currently raising. As you know, different fish have distinct dietary requirements. So, you must be well-acquainted with the exact fish type you keep.

  • Most omnivores could be fed with food blocks. It is interesting to note that feeder blocks work by embedding food in a block of minerals that break up slowly in water over a few days. All the same, for omnivores with a more stringent diet of dried and pellet foods utilize auto vacation feeders.
  • Carnivores need carnivore pellets of live foods.
  • Herbivores prefer plant-based and vegetable matter types of diets. Thus, you can utilize a vacation feeder when feeding them with dried veggies or seaweeds. It would also be advantageous to have someone come over and feed your pet fish with fresh veggies.


As a whole, you have learned about the different and the best vacation fish food products that are readily available in many local fish or pet stores and online shopping sites nowadays. Unquestionably, you’ll probably agree with the fact that it is sometimes challenging to pick the top-tier one considering there are a lot of reliable and effective options to select from.

Fortunately, the products listed and reviewed in this article are considered some of the most outstanding options that you can look into so that conveys coming up with a well-pondered decision that does not need to be a tough task for you to do. You won’t go wrong in picking the right product for you provided that you regard the buying tips and other information shared here as your guide when purchasing one.

As you can see, there is no reason for you not to be able to focus and enjoy your holiday since you can rely on a vacation fish food product that could still supply your fish tank residents with the food they need even when you’re not around to do so. You only need to ensure that you choose the most trusted brand to cater to your requirements.

Hopefully, the vacation fish food-related details tackled in this article would somehow ease the burden of feeding your finned pets while you’re away from home. The good news is that there is a solution for you to refer to while enjoying your vacation. And, best of all, there is no need for you to spend lavishly on such a product like this.