The Best Betta Fish Tanks for Your Beloved Aquatic Friends

If you want to take care of bright, colorful fish, your most suitable choice is a Betta fish. This fish has beautiful scales and a gracious flowing tail that is mesmerizing to watch when swimming. Having a Betta fish is an excellent investment for your mental and emotional health, which is why you should purchase nothing short of the best Betta Fishtank.

Choosing the right fish tank depends on a lot of factors, including your knowledge and experience in aquarium maintenance. Some require you to be more hands-on, and others are a set-it-and-leave-it type that you only need to manage a few times a month (while regularly feeding your fish, of course).

Finding the most trusted or coolest betta tanks requires much more research than expected. After all, you'll need to consider several factors before making a responsible choice. Here's an overview of some to provide you with a little head start:

  • Tank Placement: Choosing an intended location is one of the first things a buyer must do when getting a betta tank. For instance, direct sunlight may overheat the water and damage your fish' eyes, so it's most useful to consider bettas' growing requirements.
  • Budget: Betta fish containers are for sale at many price tags. You'll need to create a budget based on your accessories required (self-cleaning, all-in-one kit, LED lighting, etc.). Once you do, the entire process becomes much more manageable.
  • Style and Lighting: Buyers can expect betta tanks to come with choices of various lighting and styles (round, square, etc.). Choose a tank that fits your particular preferences and taste to ensure it meets all your expectations.

You also have a lot of choices when it comes to the size and shape of the aquarium. Some are regular square or rectangular size; others are slanting and curved. Your choice depends on your needs and how much involvement with the maintenance you'd like to be.

Whichever you want, I have them here in my list of the top Betta fish tanks available in the market today. Let's start.

Best Overall


MarineLand 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit

✔ Has a good filter
✔ Has hidden chamber for the filter
✔ Has an LED with two light color


Premium Choice


Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

✔ The filter works perfectly
✔ Has a unique design
✔ The tank is divided into three parts


Editor’s Choice


Tetra 29040 Aquarium Kit

✔ Has an internal filter
✔ Has an LED bubbler
✔ Has an air pump


List of Top-Tier Betta Fish Tank Reviews 2023

1. MarineLand 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit


If you need a glass Betta tank to showcase your precious aquatic pets, the MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit will provide your fish-keeping needs.

The design of the tank is really outstanding. It is sleek and the corners are rounded. In addition, it looks like a tall glass box instead of the conventional appearance of an aquarium. I admire the use of vertical space on this tank. Because of it, the fish can swim deeper. The tank also has a sliding glass cover to prevent unwanted particles from entering the tank.

I particularly enjoyed the LED lights. It is placed on top of the tank. It has two colors: white and blue. It effortlessly brings out the beauty of the interior of the tank. The blue LED provides a moonlight glow while the white one provides a shimmering light.

The filter, on the other hand, works perfectly. It has a special place inside the tank, situated behind a black plastic backdrop. Its performance is truly top-notch. It has a three-stage filtration system which keeps the water clean and clear at all times. With this filter, I am confident that the health of my Betta fish will not be affected by any stray particles, harsh chemicals, and harmful organisms.

What I don't find satisfactory about this aquarium kit is the filter chamber's very narrow space. Some dirt and other elements that were filtered out of the water usually end up in this area. To prevent it from coming back into the water, I have to clean it thoroughly. However, I won't be able to do so because I can't stick my hand inside. I had to use an improvised cleaning brush to remove the standing dirt inside the filter chamber.

  • Has a good filter
  • The tank has a hidden chamber for the filter
  • Has an LED with two light color – white and blue
  • Has a sliding glass canopy for easy access
  • The hidden chamber is too narrow to be cleaned by hand
After listing all of the important features of this fish tank, I can safely say that the Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit is a phenomenal product. It has everything that a fishkeeper needs: a sturdy glass tank, a powerful filter, and a mesmerizing LED light to help you illuminate and decorate the tank. If you are in dire need of a good tank, this product will definitely satisfy you.

2. Aqueon Betta Falls Kit


If you want three separate compartments to place three different Betta fish simultaneously, the most trusted Betta fish aquarium you need to get is the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit.

There are so many things to like about this product. First of which is the design. The unique design mimics a fall, which generates plenty of movement. The falling water creates a movement which in turn produces aeration. This is highly important to maintain a healthy supply of oxygen in the water. I like the way the filter is situated beside the tallest tank. This allows the filter to pump water and let it cascade down the lowest tank.

I also like the frosted portions of the tank. This prevents the fish from seeing each other. If the Bettas see one another (or other fish), they will try to pick a fight. Although in this tank, they may not be able to interact with one another, they can still get stressed. Meanwhile, the filter works really great. Since the water moves from one compartment to another, all standing particles, chemical residues, and harmful organisms are properly filtered.

If there is one solid complaint I can file about this product, it would be that the LED lighting is not included. It can improve the beauty of the tank, especially during the nighttime. Because there is no LED to illuminate the interior of the tank, I have to rely on other sources of light to check the condition of the Bettas.

  • The tank has a unique design
  • The tank is divided into three parts
  • The falling water produces aeration
  • The filter works perfectly
  • No LED light
Now that all of the important details about the product have been discussed, I can say that the Aqueon Betta Falls Kit is indeed one product that you need to try. It is perfect for housing three Bettas at the same time. The filter does its job spectacularly by aerating and keeping bad elements out of the water. If you wish to enjoy the sight of a cascading waterfall right in the comfort of your own home, I highly recommend that you get this product right now.

3. Tetra 29040 Aquarium Kit


If you need a reliable tank to house your Betta fish, there is one tank in the market that could help you: the Tetra 29040 Hexagon Aquarium Kit with LED Bubbler. This tank is one of the most affordable to help your fish thrive.

I like how the tank is shaped. Its hexagonal figure gives the tank different viewing sides. Also, this makes the tank easy to lift and carry. It has an excellent plastic cover which protects the contents inside. The cover, incidentally, has a feeding hole so, there's no need to lift the whole cover anymore.

One thing that I really like about this fish tank is the internal filter. The tank may be small, but its water is constantly maintained by removing any standing dirt, unwanted chemicals, and harmful organisms that could harm the Betta fish. In addition, the LED bubbler is a fine addition to this magnificent Betta fish tank. It changes color so it makes viewing the tank more pleasurable. It adds to the decoration and really makes this Betta fish aquarium adorable.

Another feature that I find amazing is the air pump. It helps the water gets enough aeration resulting in oxygenation. The fish can breathe properly if there is enough oxygen in the water. Other tanks of similar size don't even have air pumps which is why fish don't live longer than the ones that have them.

One thing that I don't like about this product is the fact that it is prone to breaking. One day, I discovered a small crack below the plastic cover. There was a little leakage but I was able to remedy it by applying a small amount of epoxy. The color of the epoxy may not match with the crystalline feature of the tank, but it was able to stop the water from leaking.

  • Has an internal filter
  • Has an LED bubbler
  • Has an air pump
  • The tank is hexagonal-shaped
  • The cover has a feeding hole
  • The tank is prone to breaking
After all, has been said and done, I believe that I can safely end this review on a positive note. This tank, although small, really delivers a magnificent performance. It has a filter, and LED lighting system, and, most of all – an air pump to provide more oxygen to the fish. If you want to have successful fish keeping.

4. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit


If you have Betta fish and you wish to expand your collection is to have a reliable tank for them. The most ideal place for them to thrive is a 5-gallon Betta fish tank. What better product to use, then, than the Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit?

The design of this tank, for me, is truly outstanding. It has a sleek design that is perfect for any space inside the house. As a matter of fact, this product exudes a unique feel because of the curved corners and edges, particularly on the LED fixture at the top of the tank.

In terms of performance, I don't have anything bad to say about this product. This Betta tank with filter performs admirably; it can maintain the water's cleanliness and clarity at all times. Its three-stage filtration system keeps the water free from unwanted particles, harsh chemicals, and harmful organisms which could affect the quality of life of the fish inside the tank.

The LED lighting, on the other hand, is another prominent feature that I find charming. It has a warm feel to the eyes that is neither glaring nor dim. The illumination is enough for me to see the tank’s contents, especially at night. The light coming from the LEDs blend in well with other fixtures in my home office.

What disappoints me is the fact that the tank kit doesn't have a heater. Keeping the water at the right temperature is very important to prevent the fish from freezing, especially during the winter. It‘s really quite a hassle purchasing a separate heater just for this tank.

  • Has a powerful LED lighting system
  • Has filter with three-stage filtration system
  • Has a sleek design
  • Has a durable tank
  • Filter and LEDs are housed in a chamber for convenience
  • Doesn't have a heater
After all, is said and done, I can say that the Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit for Betta fish is definitely one of the top-rated products in the market this year. The tank is durable, with a sleek design, and can easily blend with other fixtures inside the space it was installed. The filter, on the other hand, is mighty. It can clean the water with no problems at all. Finally, the LEDs provide a scenic view of the tank's interior through its marvelous lighting. If you are planning to have a tank for your Bettas, this is the one that should be included in your shopping list.

5. Penn-Plax Betta Fish Tank


If you are interested in aquaponics, you need a reliable fish tank that can help you supply your chosen plant with essential nutrients. The most trusted Betta aquarium to help you achieve this goal is Penn-Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank.

Honestly speaking, this tank started my interest in aquaponics. I was amazed by how the water from the fish tank could help the plants thrive.

The design of this tank is straightforward: a small fish tank and a ceramic pot on top of it. I just put water and the Betta fish and let the Bell pepper soak its roots in the aquarium below. The resulting scene is truly symbiotic. The plant and the fish sustain each other's needs with little human intervention. I realized this setup doesn't need a filter anymore because the plant automatically purifies the water.

The quality of the tank is one commendable feature of this product. The glass tank is durable. The level of craftsmanship applied to manufacture this tank is truly of the highest standard. Because of this, I don't worry that the tank will crack or get leak any time soon.

One thing that I wish was included in the package was the LED light. Undeniably, LEDs can bring out an aquarium's beauty, particularly during the nighttime. Also, because plants need sunlight to make their food, I have to place the tank to a location where there is sunlight. Because of this, the water's temperature easily increases, making it difficult for the Betta fish to thrive.

  • Perfect for Betta fish, goldfish, white cloud minnow, and bloodfin tetra
  • Has a ceramic top that serves as a cover and pot for the plant
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • It doesn't have an LED light to illuminate the tank
After carefully weighing down the pros and cons of this product, I can say that the Penn-Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank is one of the to-tier tanks that you should buy. Though the tank is small, it can still properly nourish the plant on top of it. If you are looking for Betta fish tanks with plants, this product is the most suitable one you should get for yourself.

6. Tetra GloFish Aquarium Kit


If you love Betta fish, getting large Betta tanks is the top-tier thing you can do to keep them thriving. One of the to-quality aquariums for Betta fish to help you is the Tetra GloFish 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit.

When it comes to design, I really admire this tank. It looks sleek and display-worthy. The tank looks sturdy and tough. This is good because I need my tanks to be shock-resistant due to the fact that my kids always knock (and even bang)on it every time. I also like the fact that this particular fish tank has a pedestal. This way, the bottom portion of the aquarium doesn't have to touch the surface of my custom-made shelves directly.

Another feature that I really enjoy is the LED light. The tank exudes a different kind of beauty, especially at night when the LEDs are switched on. The quality of light is very easy for the eyes. Also, it is the right intensity to keep the interior of the tank illuminated whenever necessary. The intensity of the light also doesn't warm the water, keeping it perfect for the Betta fish inside at all times.

The filter that comes with the package is another positive feature of this product. It has an excellent three-stage filtration system. Mechanical filtration keeps unwanted particles away, while biological filtration prevents harmful organisms from thriving inside the tank. Finally, chemical filtration stops harsh chemicals from making their way into the water, which could poison the fish in the long run.

What really disappoints me is how easily the tank can get scratched. My cat is always on the prowl for an opportunity to get the fish out of the tank. Even though the tank has a reliable cover, the cat is always scratching the tank’s surface. I hope the next model will be scratch-proof to prevent this kind of incident from happening again.

  • Comes with energy-efficient Tetra 3i filter
  • Has an LED light
  • Has a heater
  • The tank is made of durable acrylic
  • The tank has a cover with feeding hole
  • Has a pedestal base
  • The tank is not scratch-proof
In a nutshell, I can say without a doubt that the Tetra GloFish 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit is a good product. The tank is spacious enough for Betta fish to thrive and swim around. It has an energy-efficient LED lighting system that keeps the inside of the tank illuminated. Furthermore, it has a reliable filter which keeps the water clean and clear at all times. If you want to provide the most suitable space for your aquatic pets, this Betta fish tank with filter and heater should be included in your shopping list.

7. Aqueon LED Aquarium Starter Kits


First time taking care of a Betta fish? If so, you need a trustworthy tank like the Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting.

One thing that I find thrilling about this particular fish tank is the elevated base design. This keeps the bottom portion of the tank from directly touching the surface of whatever space I have decided to install this tank on. Also, the acrylic surface is very clear it can be mistaken for a real glass tank.

The filter's performance is indeed impressive. It can maintain the water's cleanliness and clarity for a very long time. Because of this, I am sure that there are no foreign particles, disagreeable chemicals, and harmful organisms that could compromise the health of my precious Betta fish. However, it is loud and really not suitable for places where silence is an absolute requirement.

Meanwhile, the LED light is nice, but I have seen better ones on other fish tanks. It illuminates the inside of the aquarium very well. Because of this, the tank brings out a whole new level of beauty, especially at night time. The LED hood is equally impressive because it has an easy access hole where I can just put the fish food.

One major dissatisfaction I had with this Betta fish tank setup is the way it is prone to distortion. I discovered that the front side of the tank got warped when I forgot to turn off the LED light. Although I'm glad it didn't break, I wouldn't say I like its current deformed condition.

  • Has an elevated base
  • Has a sleek design
  • Has an LED lighting
  • Tank made of durable acrylic
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with a powerful filter
  • The tank is prone to distortion
Summing up the main points discussed above, I can say that Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting is a good product. The tank is made of clear and durable acrylic, easy to set up and maintain. It has a filter and good LED lights. If you are a beginner and need a good tank for your Betta fish, you can rely on this product to house your beloved aquatic friends.

8. Tetra 1.8 Gallon Aquarium Kit


Searching the market for the to-rated tanks for Betta fish can be quite tiresome, especially if you don't know where to begin. You can try the Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit if you are considering different Betta fish tank ideas.

Seeing this magnificent fish tank is truly one of the highlights of my day. The very shape of the tank itself is refreshing because it is a fishbowl, contrary to the usual shape of fish tanks. Furthermore, the sound of the waterfall is truly relaxing. With this, I always want to sit or take a nap near this particular fish tank.

The design is another prominent feature of this fish tank. The whole thing is like a coffee maker where the tank is like a brewing pot while the black platform is like a machine that heats the pot. The tank is removable and inserted on the black platform. This makes the tank easy to set up and clean, especially if there is a build-up of fish food. Another admirable feature of this Betta fish aquarium is the LED lights. It has a convenient manual switch that can be found on the side of the platform.

What I really don't appreciate about this product is that the filter only works on a mechanical level. While it can prevent particles from floating on the water, it cannot prevent harsh chemicals and harmful organisms from invading the tank. I guess this filter is truly an entry-level one after all.

  • Can be placed on a desktop
  • A simple on/off switch for LED lights
  • Has an excellent filtration system
  • Has a unique waterfall feature
  • Has its own platform
  • The tank is globe-shaped
  • Affordable
  • The filter is only mechanical
Summarizing the main points that I have listed above, I can conclude that the Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit is a good tank for a beginner. It has a very lovable feature which, in my opinion, anybody would fall in love with. So if you are tired of searching for a fish tank, then this one will definitely please you always.

9. Aqueon Betta Aquarium Kit


If you want to own a fish tank that doesn't take up too much space, one of the most trusted tanks you can use in this situation is the Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit.

I have to say at the outset that this tank is too small for my fish collection. However, the design of this Betta fish aquarium is admirable. It's just a small tank and a plastic top that serves as a cover. Furthermore, the tank is easy to set up; add water and place the divider if you wish to place two Betta fish at the same time. It is also easy to clean since the tank is small. This tank is also ideal for isolating the Betta fish before finding a bigger tank.

Although I know how small this tank is, I still can't help but feel a little letdown. This is because the necessary accessories to a fish tank are not included in the package, such as a filter, heater, and LED light. The tank is just a container of two Betta fish that can be placed on the desktop. Nevertheless, this aquarium is still suitable for those who need to feel relaxed at home by seeing a gentle creature swimming before them.

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable
  • Made of crystal-clear acrylic
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with free gravel, fake aquatic plant, and fish food
  • Filter, heater, and LED not included
Now that all of the important facts about this product have been discussed, I conclude that the Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit in Black is the best Betta fish tank for beginners. It can help them grow fond of fish, starting with the Betta fish. Also, this is a good tool for those who want to relax and relieve stress.

10. Penn Plax Deluxe Aquarium Tank


If you are getting started with your fishkeeping journey, you definitely need a small aquarium that you can easily manage. One of the top-quality fish tanks for Betta fish that is perfect for this job is the Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank.

The design of this tank is really fantastic. It is very simple to the point that it can be mistaken for a child's toy. The shape of the tank is interesting; it has a curved front which makes the inside of the tank wider than it seems. Also, the whole tank can be divided into three small compartments using the opaque dividers to accommodate three Betta fish at the same time.

The two-colored LED is impressive. For a small tank to have such a wonderful feature, I can say that it would become a great piece of aquarium. The white light mimics natural daylight while the blue one totally puts the interior to a fantastic night glow. The light colors can be changed through a manual switch located at the top of the canopy.

The material used in this aquarium is not really that sophisticated. Made of acrylic, this tank is lightweight and durable. Though it is highly prone to warping, I still like how it was designed. The black color complements the furniture around the house. This way, the whole tank doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

What I don't like about this product is the hole in the filter. My Betta fish swam through it and got trapped for several hours. Before I found out, the drain clogged up and the fish died on it.

  • The tank can be partitioned into three separate spaces
  • Has a ready-made hole for the filter
  • Has a two-colored LED lighting system
  • Comes with two opaque dividers
  • Comes with easy access tank canopy
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Fish can easily swim through the hole for the filter
To wrap up what's been discussed above, I conclude that the Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank, 0.7-Gallon is a reliable product. It is perfect for beginners in fish keeping or those just looking for ways to decorate their spaces. Compact and lightweight, this tank can be turned into three separate spaces to accommodate up to three Betta fish at the same time. If you want to save money, this product is good for you.

11. Tetra LED Betta Aquarium

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, Betta Fish Tank

If you are searching for a compact and cute Betta fishbowl to house your precious aquatic pets, no tank in the market could accommodate them more than the Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium.

I was really amazed when I first saw this small fish tank. I can literally pick it up with just one hand. Although this tank is only 1.1 gallons and can only house 3 Bettas, I still adore it and consider it one of my favorites. As a matter of fact, I have three of these – one in my home office, one in my eldest child's bedroom, and one in our living room.

The design is another remarkable feature of this small Betta fish tank. The front side is crescent-shaped, which can maximize the view from that angle. The acrylic tank doesn't look small from a distance. It can also provide an excellent view even from the sides. In terms of durability, I was also surprised to see how tough and lightweight it is.

My only complaint about this product is this: it lacks all the essential accessories to provide the fish with a sustainable environment. The tank doesn't have a filter to keep the water clean and clear at all times. It also doesn't have an LED light to illuminate the tank’s contents. These two important features need to be purchased separately. Also, the tank itself was not designed to accommodate any filter in the first place.

  • Compact
  • Made of clear acrylic
  • Has a cover
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn't include any important accessories to help fish thrive inside the tank
All in all, I can say without hesitation that the Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, Betta Fish Tank is one of the top-quality tanks for Betta fish these days. It is tough, compact, lightweight, and easy to set up and maintain. It is made of clear acrylic, so you don't have to worry about its condition anytime sooner. If you are planning to have Betta fish as your pet, I highly recommend that you should purchase this one first.

12. Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium


Have you ever seen a fish hotel? If you want to see and even own one, the Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium will give you a chance to do so.

Honestly speaking, this product is one of the weirdest yet surprisingly pleasing cheap Betta fish tanks I have ever seen. Its outer shell is made to look like a facade of a hotel building, thus giving the aquarium name ‘FishHotel'. This is perfect for drawing the guests' attention.

The quality of this small tank really surprises me. It is made entirely of acrylic, so I don't have to worry about it breaking while being used. It is also lightweight, so I don't get tired if I want to carry it with water inside. However, it is not scratch-resistant. Cats and other pets can leave a deep impression (of their claws) on the tank’s surface.

What I don't appreciate about this product is how cramped it is. This tank is only suitable for temporarily isolating fish from the main tank. It doesn't have the right spaces for accommodating a filter and a heater. But if it is going to be used as the main tank, I'm afraid the conditions are not ideal for the fish to thrive.

  • The tank has a unique detachable outer shell design
  • Has a durable tank
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for isolating small fish
  • The tank is a little cramped for Betta fish
After carefully considering all of the pros and cons of this product, I can conclude that the Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium is a nice product. While it may not be perfect for keeping small fish for a long time, it is ideal for keeping them in temporary isolation. Also, it is a wonderful conversation starter for guests.

Outdated Products

Koller Products AquaView 2-Gallon 360 Fish Tank (Outdated)


Are you looking for a tank that can be viewed 360 degrees? If there is a Betta fish aquarium that can provide you with this specific requirement, there is no better product to purchase than the Koller Products AquaView 2-Gallon 360 Fish Tank.

I like that this tank is shock-resistant. With how it was designed, it really attracts attention, and by that I mean my kids' attention. The tank gets shaken up a lot every time they take a look at the fish. Because of this, I am confident that the tank won't crack each time they do that. Also, I like the way there is a cover on this thing because our cat won't be able to access inside the tank. Also, the cover will prevent the fish from jumping out.

Another commendable feature of this tank is the LED light. It illuminates the interior of the tank really well. The quality of the light does not hurt the eyes when it's bright or dark. It's just the right amount of brightness.

I find this product disappointing because the tank is too small to accommodate some decorative pieces. I want to put coral inside to make the tank look interesting. However, when I finished placing it inside, the tank looked crowded. In any case, I don't think that it is ideal for decorating this tank.

  • The tank gives a 360-degree view of the fish inside
  • Tank made of acrylic
  • Has an energy-efficient LED light
  • Has a durable and shock-resistant tank
  • Comes with a powerful internal filter
  • Can be used as a furniture
  • The tank's small diameter limits the number of accessories it can accommodate
After carefully considering all of the important details, I can say without reservation that the Koller Products AquaView 2-Gallon 360 Fish Tank with Power Filter is one of the top-tier tanks for Betta fish tank in the market. It has a durable acrylic tank that can be viewed 360 degrees and is shock-resistant. The internal filter is really powerful and maintains the water's cleanliness all the time. If you want a quality tank for your Betta fish, this is the right product you should try.

FREESEA 1.4 Gallon Betta Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kits (Outdated)


Are you looking for a good tank to jumpstart your interest in fishkeeping? If you don't know which product to trust, the FREESEA 1.4 Gallon Betta Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kits will provide you with the right experience in this arena.

In my opinion, this tank can compete against large Betta tanks in the market today. Its beautiful design is definitely different from the ones I usually see in the market. It has a half-moon-shaped front side, which makes the tank seem larger than it is. Finally, it has a plastic canopy that serves as a cover and protection against outside intruders that might threaten the life of the fish inside the tank.

The LED, though working properly, is nothing to write home about. It can keep the tank properly illuminated at night. It is also good if the tank is placed somewhere in the house where sunlight is little or completely scarce.

What amazes me more is the fact that the filter is powered through 5V USB. I read the manual and it said that the filter can be run through a power bank. Although I haven't tried it yet, I'm excited to see its actual performance using a different power source. Meanwhile, the filter itself works admirably. It has a three-stage filtration system that keeps the water in pristine condition at all times. With this filter, I am sure that no amount of rogue particles, harsh chemicals, and harmful organisms will remain in the water for long.

What I don't like about this product is how prone the acrylic to warping and cracking. I noticed a small crack just a few millimeters below the canopy. Also, the left side is a little warped. While there is no apparent spillage, I'm afraid the whole tank will get deformed if I don't do anything about it.

  • Has an LED light
  • The filter can be operated using USB power
  • Comes with two decorative water plants
  • Has a canopy for protection
  • Compact
  • Tank made from acrylic
  • Lightweight
  • Has a hidden chamber for filter
  • Prone to warping and cracks
After carefully considering all of the pros and cons, I have arrived at the conclusion that the FREESEA 1.4 Gallon Betta Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kits is an essential item for every beginning fishkeeper. It has everything a beginner needs: a filter, LED lights, and a tank that can house Betta fish. If you want to have a good experience in fishkeeping, this product should be included in your shopping list.

Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit (Outdated)


If you are searching for Betta fish tanks with plants that could allow your precious Betta fish to swim freely, one highly recommended product can do the job. It is the Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon.

Upon careful inspection of the unit, I can say that so many things impressed me a lot. First is the material used in manufacturing the tank. It is made of glass, so I am extremely confident that I won't see any signs of cracks soon. Also, it has rounded corners, so kids are safe with it. Finally, it has a separate chamber dedicated to a filter, effectively hiding it from sight.

Speaking of filters, I am glad to report that it has a powerful three-stage filtration system. It keeps the water clean and crystal clear by eliminating floating particles, harsh chemicals, and harmful organisms. With this filter, I don't need to replace the water regularly. I just let the filter do what it does best.

On another note, the LEDs work perfectly fine. It has 31 bulbs which provide an ample amount of illumination. With this, I can see the tank’s contents even during nighttime. The LEDs also bring out a new level of beauty that attracts more people to the aquarium.

While I can say that this aquarium kit is wonderful, there is one thing that I don't find satisfactory. I have observed that the media holder is too thick to allow ample water to flow back into the tank. The filter leaks with water and it is dumped into the filter chamber. I had to manually siphon it back to the tank to avoid damaging the filter.

  • Tank made of durable glass
  • Has a powerful filter with a three-stage filtration system
  • Has a powerful LED lighting system
  • Packages include activated carbon, foam block, and BioMax rings
  • The media holder is too thick for water flow
After extensively reviewing all of the pertinent information about this product, I can say without a doubt that this tank is one of the top-rated Betta glass tanks in the market today. The tank is made of durable glass. Also, it has a nice cover that prevents other elements from entering the tank. The LED is another impressive feature of this product. Finally, it has free items such as activated carbon, BioMax rings, and foam block. These features could certainly help you maintain your beloved Bettas in top condition.

What to Look for When Buying a Betta Fish Tank

betta fish tank with filter and heater

Betta fish tanks are awesome! As a long-time hobbyist, I can honestly say that it had brought me countless moments of joy and much-needed relaxation when I needed it most. As beautifully simple as it may seem, keeping a Betta fish tank is much more complicated than it seems.

The most common mistake newcomers to the fish tank collecting hobby make is thinking that the smaller the tank, the easier it is to maintain. This cannot be further from the truth. As seasoned veterans in the scene have learned after years of continuous observation and effort, keeping a larger tank is much easier than keeping a smaller one.

Mistakes and misconceptions like this can greatly affect how people set up their tanks and keep their little fish friends. The environment provided by the artificial habitat is one of the most important factors in keeping a healthy space for your pets. And so I have taken it upon myself to impart some knowledge that might prove helpful to those who will need it. This is a list of factors to look for and consider when buying the perfect Betta fish tank for you.

The Perfect Size For You

First, plan out beforehand what size you would want for yourself. Oftentimes, when people think of Betta fish stockings, they think that the entry-level tanks are ‘good enough' to sustain them. However, keeping Betta fish in smaller fish tanks can prove to be unhealthy for them. Because of the small size, the nitrogen cycle from inside the tank tends to overtake the different modes of filtration utilized in the tank.

The number of debris tends to swell up and as a result, it floats around the tank, and build-up takes place. When stocking Betta fish, it is better to opt for the midsize and even large tanks, so that 1) they will not be crammed in numbers inside a small space with only a handful of water and 2) so the waste products and build-up are easier to clean. Although it can be done, using a 2.5-gallon tank to stock Betta fish are unadvisable, as owners would instead choose the 5-gallon tank as the absolute entry-level tank for Betta fish stocking.

Also, considering the size of its aesthetic potential, consider the amount of space the equipment and the Betta fish tank decorations might take up. A big tank will lose much space when you opt for bigger decor, which is a space taken from the fish.

The Right Placing For You

As you pick your next Betta fish tank's size, consider its placement. First off is its aesthetic placement. As its popularity grows, more and more people opt for stocking Betta fish, and it is a sure hit when it comes to offices, classrooms, receiving areas, and conference rooms all over the globe.

It works as a great icebreaker for when you need conversation grease or just your plain, old, therapeutic visuals that calm your nerves when you need it. When considering its aesthetic placement, also take into consideration the kind of environmental factors the said spot would provide for your fish. Will there be too much or too little light? Will it be near or far a window, where dust particles and other materials might contaminate the water? Is the spot too warm or too cold for the fish and the tank?

Most owners usually opt for a long tank type rather than the high tank type when it comes to Betta fish stocking. This is because most Betta fish come from habitats where they are conditioned to swim from left to right rather than up and down, and opting for a high tank will make them uncomfortable during their stay. Considering behavior, you should opt for a long tank, which should be placed in a secure area and would not be a hindrance or be disturbed—plan about the size and the placement you will make of it.

The Right Equipment For Your Tank

As you choose a tank size, be sure to also follow this up by choosing only size-appropriate equipment or kit set. Choosing the right equipment for your tank is important in its upkeep and the safety of both you as the owner and the fish inside the tank. Equipment not made to perform for such tank size might sometimes malfunction in various ways, an unwanted event that could be unpredictable and potentially threatening for you and the fish.

  • FILTER – Still one of the most common mistakes newbies make, choosing the wrong filter happens rampantly. Oftentimes, it is a matter of availability or a financial decision. Although it might seem trivial, choosing a too-strong or too-weak filter for your tank can cause problems, mainly with the waste build-up that can happen inside the tank. Be sure to check with the store if your chosen filter is meant for your tank size.
  • LIGHTING – Proper lighting is not just for viewers and the owners. It also serves as an excellent factor for the fish. The availability of light is a factor that contributes to the general behavior of your fish. Some Betta fishes come from a well-lighted habitat, and some have lived in dim spaces. The availability and control that your lighting has is an integral part of creating an excellent habitat for the fish.
  • HEATER/COOLER – As Betta fish come from different habitats and are used to certain conditions, they cannot control their reactions to certain changes in the environment provided for them. And to help them cope, owners utilize the use of tank heaters and coolers. These are used to help the fish adjust their bodily conditions to the current environment.

The Right Price For You

Considering all the factors above, you will face a final question: is the tank worth the price? Try to evaluate this by examining the size, the materials used for manufacturing it, and the durability and quality the brand brings to the table. It also helps if there is a warranty since buying a Betta fish tank is a long-term investment.

Other Important Factors To Consider

best betta aquarium

What is a Betta Tank?

Betta fishes are known worldwide as these vibrantly colored freshwater fishes that are small in size but big in beauty. Probably the most famous in the Betta family is the Siamese fighting fish, known for its striking colors and aggressive nature.

Because of its small size, oftentimes, people make the mistake of cramming them in a small 2.5-gallon tank, thinking that it is the 'perfect' Betta tank. That is a sad and quite risky misconception. The consensus among seasoned tank owners when discussing the entry-level Betta tank is the 5 gallon tank, at the very least.

The Betta tank, basically, is a tank that houses Betta fish exclusively, regardless of its size. There are small, midsized, and large Betta fish tanks out there.

Betta tanks are highly popular to both newcomers to the tank collecting scene and grizzled veterans of the hobby. For the newbies, the Betta fish tank is a great starting tank to set up. Because of its high popularity, Betta setups are available in almost all sizes of tanks, which means that you need not go through an elaborate maze in order to build one. It provides a great introduction to the basics of tank keeping and tank collecting, as much as it is a great icebreaker or therapeutic visuals.

Aside from beginners, it is also famous for seasoned hobbyists because of the opportunity it creates. With stocking beautiful Betta fish, a large tank could give you a playground of ideas without giving up too much space that could be utilized for the well-being of your little fish friends.

How does it work?

How it is set up and how it works does not differ from that of your run of the mill fish tank. Any tank could be a Betta fish tank, and it should be set up with as much precision, thought, and care like you would have for a normal tank. Just because it houses small fish does not mean it should be taken lightly.

WASH THE TANK – As you buy the tank you have chosen to house your Betta fish, be sure to wash it as soon as you get home. Chances are high that the tank has sat in a warehouse facility or storage room, and has gathered some dust and other dirt particles. Clean the tank, along with the gravel, the decor, and other equipment that you are to use beforehand.

PREPPING THE WATER – Preparing the water for the tank is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time, effort, and patience on the part of the owner. Tank water holds a large part in the well-being of your little pets, so it should not be overlooked.

Prepare the amount of water needed for your tank, first and foremost. If you are to use 10 gallons, then take 10 gallons of water and place them in a clean basin, or a couple of clean containers. Please place it in a safe area where it would not be contaminated, and let it sit for a couple of days. This is done in order to dissolve the unwanted chemicals in your water that will not be beneficial for fish use.

SET IT UP – After choosing the decor and deciding on the layout you have planned, cleaning the said equipment, and waiting for the water you have prepped, you are now to set it up the tank's design. Be sure not to overdo the designing, as some owners get lost in the designing stage that they oftentimes forget to consider the actual amount of space left for the fish.

TESTING IT OUT – After a couple of days of waiting for the water and designing the tank layout, you now enter the testing stage. This is where you test out the equipment you have bought for the tank, as they are set together.

Half of the water you have prepped is placed in the tank, and the equipment is checked. This is the time to prime the filter, to test out the lighting, the heater, the cooler, and other equipment you might need for your tank. This is also the stage where you add live plants, whether you keep one or a couple.

FILLING THE TANK – After checking all the boxes above, you are now tasked to fill the tank with the rest of the water. But do not add the fish just yet, as the tank's water needs to sit for a number of days, sometimes even weeks, in order to fully be free of chemicals and toxins that might prove harmful to your little friends. This process is sped up by utilizing a chemical filter and enlisting the help of live plants.

ADDING THE FISHIES – The final part of setting up a working tank is the addition of the fish (and invertebrates if you want!). First, let the fish bag float inside the tank for a while. This helps the fish adjust to the change in the environment and provides a smooth transition.

After a couple of minutes, add tank water inside the fish bag in order to acclimate it to the new water. After filling the whole bag with tank water, this is only when you let the fish swim freely into the tank as it has adjusted fully to its new habitat.

What are the different types of Betta fish tanks?

Betta fish tanks are only called so for housing exclusively Betta fish. Any tank could be a Betta fish tank, provided that it has enough space to store Betta fish healthily.

The difference between tanks available right now is the size and shape. Some are rectangular, while others have curved sides. They can be as small as 2.5 gallons to as much as 5 gallons.

Why do you need a Betta aquarium?

There are a number of reasons why you might need a Betta fish tank. Some Betta fish are comfortable only in a specific habitat with specific conditions that might not suit others. A number of factors like its aggressive and territorial behavior, feeding behavior, and accompaniment preference, might come into play.

Basically, what works for Betta fish might not work as well for others, and so a specific tank would greatly help you in stocking them. Also, because of its aggressive behavior, putting it together with other small fish might prove to be detrimental to those types of fish. It's not even recommended to put more than one Betta fish in a tank as they might end up fighting each other. Exclusive housing is important for an aggressive fish type such as the Betta.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best place to put a betta fish tank?

Selecting a spot for your siamese fighting fish tank requires some thought. Generally, the first attribute to think about is putting the tank away from constant foot traffic. You'll want a quiet location where your fish can relax and enjoy their modern tank.

Once you've found such a spot, look to place the tank away from direct sunlight. You don't want the enclosure getting too hot. Using a secluded bedroom was one of the more common suggestions on Reddit.

But there's a bit of balance to strike with this secluded area. It still needs to be nearby, so maintenance and care procedures can be done without hassle. It's another reason why a bedroom area makes so much sense. Placing a fancy/pretty option like a biOrb aquarium inside your room could help create a more lovely decor.

Do betta fish prefer long or tall tanks?

Betta fish are known for preferring long tanks rather than tall tanks. This preference comes from bettas being from shallow waters. As a result, taller tanks don't mesh with what feels comfortable and natural.

Are betta fish happier alone?

Betta fish aren't known for getting along too well with others, especially other betta fish. They also don't seem to care about being alone in a tank too much. I think this personality comes from being territorial, making it difficult to give them friends or mates.

I learned this lesson the hard way when I first bought them. Sadly, I quickly found out that bettas would attack the other fish. Some of these attacks even lead to the other fish dying. Therefore, it's most useful to keep bettas by themselves rather than step up a betta multi-tank.

What are the most trusted Betta tank brands?

There are many fish tanks for Betta fish in the market these days. Some of these brands offer aquarium kits that could help both amateurs and professionals give their fish an ideal environment to thrive.

Here are the brands that most aquarists trust:

  • Marineland
  • Marina
  • Aqueon
  • Fluval
  • Penn Plax

If you want to succeed in fishkeeping, these are the brands that you should include in your shopping list. They have received a high approval rating from satisfied customers, both local and international.

Do Betta tanks come with filters?

While some aquarium kits have their filters, most of the tanks sold in the market don't have one so you have to purchase one separately. Buy a complete kit to find the most suitable filter for your tank.

Do Betta fish need a filter?

Fish can survive in a tank that doesn't have a filter as long as you manually clean the water when it gets dirty. This may be a tiresome task but it can definitely save you some money. However, there is always a chance that you will forget to clean the tank, especially if you got busy attending to other important things that require your attention.

If you are a serious aquarist, you will get a filter. This is not only to make your fishkeeping job easier but also these things:

  • To prevent fish from mistaking unwanted particles of food.
  • To prevent harsh chemicals from poisoning the water and the fish.
  • To prevent other organisms from thriving inside the tank.
  • To promote a healthy supply of oxygen in the water.

A filter can keep the water an ideal place for a Betta fish to live 24/7. Through this, you don't need to check if the water is clean and clear personally.

How often do I change the water in the Betta tank?

Contrary to popular belief, replacing the water in your aquarium doesn't always give the fish a clean environment. This is because tap water contains elements that could adversely affect the health of the fish.

If you are going to replace the water of your tank, do so with extreme caution. Replace 25% of the water every two to four weeks. You don't even need to put the fish in a separate tank while doing so.

Even complete cleaning of the tank means you still need to use at least 25% of the old tank water to help the fish acclimate to its new environment.

How many Betta fish can I put in Betta tank?

This is one of the most exciting questions an amateur aquarist asks. Some might think it's natural to place as many as the space needs, but that is not the case for Betta fish.

The number of Betta fish you can place depends on the sex of the fish. You must only place one male in a tank. Place two males and they will fight until one of them dies, leaving the other one wounded.

You can place a female with a male only when you intend to breed. After a while, you must separate them and place them in their tanks.

So in essence, you should place just one Betta fish in a tank.

What Betta tank equipment do I need?

If you have decided to take care of Betta fish, it is important that you have the necessary equipment to help them thrive.

Here are the things that you need to get:

Fish tank. This is where your fish will live. Usually made of glass, you can also choose tanks that are made of acrylic.

Filter. This is another important piece of equipment that you need for your Betta tank. This makes sure that the water is clean and clear at all times. It removes any standing particles, harsh chemicals, and harmful organisms by filtering it out of the water.

LED light. Fish needs 8 to 12 hours of light to help them survive inside the tank. LEDs provide a semblance of a light source inside the tank. It is an essential part of taking care of Betta fish and a decorative accessory to beautify any tank.

Heater. Heaters make sure fish don't freeze during harsh winter seasons. This may be optional equipment. However, if you live in an area where the temperature drops mercilessly during the winter, this one will help you prevent your pets from dying prematurely.

Do Betta fish need a light?

Most aquatic creatures need light to survive. This is how they hunt for food and interact with their immediate surroundings. If you have a fish tank, you need to make sure that your aquatic pets receive light during the daytime. This is the reason why most fish tanks are placed near windows.

However, if you are going to have a Betta fish, it is very important that the tank that you place it in a location where it either receives a healthy amount of natural light or has a reliable LED lighting system. Betta fish require 8 to 12 hours of light in order to prevent them from getting stressed.

Plus, adding an aquarium light adds to its charm, particularly at night.

What is the ideal temperature for a Betta tank?

The ideal temperature to maintain the health of your Betta fish is 80° F. if you have a large tank, it is important that it has a reliable heater to provide a suitable environment, especially during the winter.

How to set up a Betta fish bowl?

Setting up a Betta fish bowl is easy. If you bought it in a kit package, you would find the instructions telling you how to set it up. It usually goes like this:

  • Take the tank and clean it using water and soap. Rinse it well.
  • Install the filter and heater in their allocated location.
  • If you prefer to decorate the tank, put the sand, gravel, coral, and aquatic plants.
  • Fill the tank with water.
  • Put your Betta fish inside the tank.
  • Mount the canopy or cover where the LEDs are located.
  • Turn on the filter, heater, and LED lights.
  • Enjoy.

How to set up and use?

Betta fish bowls are easy to set up and use. If you have purchased it in a kit package, you can refer to the instructions that are written in the manual. The manual also lists suggestions on how to take care of the tank.

How to care and clean?

Cleaning a Betta fish tank is easy, especially if you are using a large tank. If you have a nice filter with three-stage filtration, the chances of slime building up in your tank are very slim. However, if you only use a fish bowl or a small aquarium (1 gallon or smaller) that doesn't have a filter, then you really need to clean it manually.

Here are some ways to care and clean your Betta fish tank:

  • Rinse it with soap and water. Typically, a simple rinse of soap and water will remove any standing slime in the tank. Use a sponge on stubborn build-up.
  • Check for cracks and scratches. Cracks and scratches compromise the tank’s structural integrity, especially if it is made of glass. To prevent these from happening, always make sure to place the tank where small children and household pets such as cats cannot easily reach it. If it can't be avoided, make sure to place that tank away from the edges so that it won't shatter when accidentally tipped over.

You can also add extra layers of protection to your tank, such as installing the tank on a customized brace. This can be expensive but it will ensure the tank's longevity. Not even adults would be able to pry it easily.

Of course, when cleaning the tank, make sure you have moved the fish out first. Place it in a temporary container with the old tank water to prevent it from getting stressed.

If you'll be using detergent and other chemicals to clean your tank, make sure to wash it thoroughly and even leave it out to dry before refilling it with water. Keep in mind that your new tank water must be dechlorinated first by leaving tap water for 24 to 72 hours or by using dechlorinating tablets.

Where to buy?

Betta fish tanks can be purchased in your favorite pet stores such as Petco and PetSmart. If you can't find the right tank for your aquatic pets, you can always visit online shops. is one prime example of an online shop where you can purchase these tanks. You can even choose among the wide range of choices of tanks in the comfort of your own home.


Trying out these various tanks was nothing short of fun for me. One can never have too much Betta fish. Since I only place one Betta fish per tank (except when I can put some fish that can live with Betta fish), I was able to try several Betta fish tanks, allowing me to find and choose only the best of the best Betta fish tank.

Even a seasoned hobbyist like me finds joy in using these small fish tanks. Hence I am sure beginners would enjoy having it, too. If you couple your tank with top-tier lighting, you will have an aesthetically pleasing decoration and a relaxing piece of living art.