The Best Automatic Fish Feeders for Quickly & Easily Adding Feed

If you keep an aquarium and have fish to feed on a regular basis but do not have the time to monitor and attend to your pet's feeding schedule, then it is really a must for you to start investing in the best automatic fish feeder. You should be aware that it is a huge responsibility to pet a fish, and just like humans, they need to be fed and taken care of too. If you have a very hectic schedule, you better do something about it.

So, in order for you to avoid starving your fish, making them ill and die eventually, the solution for this is getting the right automatic fish feeder for them. This device would be your fish's buddy when you're not around or available to feed them on time. With it, you won't have to worry about your pet being hungry or overfed.

This article provides exhaustive information, shopping guides and selected automatic fish feeder options for you to check out prior to making your final buying decision. Sure thing, it is practical to be well-informed before taking the plunge. After all, the health and life of your fish would depend on this. And, to avoid feeling guilty of that, you need to find a great substitute that would successfully execute the feeding job for you when you're away.

Best Overall

Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

✔ A piece of cake to program
✔ Allows consistent feedings
✔ Easy-to-adjust amount regulator


Premium Choice

Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder

✔ Comes with USB charger cable
✔ Designed with huge feed bucket
✔ Dual power supply alternatives


Editor’s Choice

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

✔ Precise and dependable quartz timer
✔ Designed with easy-to-utilize timer
✔ Equipped with battery condition indicator


Top-Rated Automatic Fish Feeder Reviews of 2023

1. Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

Are you looking for auto feeders for fish that are less complex to set up and allow you to obtain the preferred amount of food to come out of the compartment? Then, it appears that this unit will work top-tier for your requirements. This device is reliable at warding off the possibility of underfeeding as well as overfeeding. It concentrates on precise food portions.

Hinging on how full you fill the fish feeder and the frequency you require to feed your finned friends, one fill-up could already be enough for 6 weeks. Take note that the kind of food is a critical consideration here. Be sure to utilize dry foods only and the drum volume amounts to 100 ml (3.3 fluid ounces). This unit is ideal for different types of fish tanks. You can easily tell when the food canister needs refilled because this is transparent.

Two things that you may not like much about this fish feeder are its incapability to dispense a number of different types of foods and it seems that it is not made to resist moisture. Keep these negative factors in mind prior to getting one for your fish tank.

  • Designed with uncomplicated setup and design
  • Equipped with ventilation system and integrated fan that help keep the food dry
  • A piece of cake to program
  • Allows consistent feedings
  • Built with easy-to-adjust amount regulator
  • Not designed to fight off moisture
  • Incapable of dispensing multiple types of food
All in all, this is a user-friendly automatic fish feeder for aquariums. You won't need to worry even when you have to be away for a while because this device can consistently feed your fish in precise portions. This is straightforward to set up and also includes an easy start guide that makes it a lot easier to utilize even for beginners. Surely, this is one great and worry-free means to feed your pet fish even when you have a very busy life.

2. Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder

This large automatic fish feeder can be your savior if you're the type of aquarium owner who frequently goes on business trips or on holidays. What makes this a very practical unit to consider is that it is designed with dual power supply options where it can be charged with USB or batteries. There is no need to purchase batteries if you do not prefer to since you could just plug it into a USB port on a computer.

You can utilize fish foods in the form of granules, flakes as well as powder plus other food varieties. Take in mind that this unit functions exceptionally on a 158-gallon aquarium. It is easier to set this device up for up to a total of 4 feedings in an automatic mode per day and it is capable of dispensing food by up to 3 times for every feeding period. If you prefer a fish food dispenser that won't fail even when you're not around, then this is a good choice that you can rely on.

Please be guided that this unit is not practical to use if you have a small aquarium; as a matter of fact, it is considered slightly too large even for a 55-gallon tank. And, you need to ensure that the feeder slot is properly modified to avoid underfeeding or over-feeding your fish. These are the demerits that must be inspected before you buy this device.

  • Built with dual power supply alternatives
  • Comes with USB charger cable
  • Designed with huge feed bucket
  • Can accommodate 6 month's feeding period on one charge
  • Made with very unique “set-it-forget-it†type of design
  • Slightly too big even for a 55-gallon tank
  • Requires feeder slot to be adjusted accordingly
To conclude this Zacro automatic fish feeder is a very economical choice. It is primarily designed to allow long work time. Hinging on the number of feedings you programmed, you could utilize it for up to 6 months on one charge. Since this comes with a lithium battery, it can be charged or discharged up to a total of 800 times. The feeding compartment is quite large too, so it is adept at holding huge amounts of food for your finned buddy.

3. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

This automatic aquarium fish feeder is a very useful device that every aquarium owner must consider investing in. it is surely dependable and made with a long-standing overall construction. Furthermore, this would work best for many small tanks like betta tanks and it could be a practical choice for non-fish tanks. It allows food to be released at different periods as well.

Essentially, if you feel worried about humidity, consider affixing a pressurize air tube to the device so to keep the fish food dry. Then, unclose the above section of the unit to have access to the feeding chambers and from there you could refill or empty them as necessary. This unit is affixed to the tank's lid.

A few observed problems that go with this feeder for fish are the small feeding compartments that make it a little hard to get the food in the canister when loading it and the compartments and holes are made of the same size but these are not aligned well with each other.

  • Designed with easy-to-utilize timer that provides from one by up to four meals each day
  • Allows you to pre-measure different types and amounts of food
  • Known for its precise and dependable quartz timer
  • Capable of serving by up to a total of four individual flake
  • Equipped with battery condition indicator
  • Compartments and hole come with identical size but don't line up well
  • Small feeding compartments
In a nutshell, if it is your wish to provide your pet fish with a variety of foods without the need to mix them, then Fish Mate f14 aquarium fish feeder is your unrivaled bet. Basically, this is a supreme option for small fish tanks due to its compact size. You would love its distinctive low-profile style and it does not look out of place. Even though it is a small unit, it is the type of device that you can fully bank on when on the go. And, best of all, it is also energy-efficient.

4. Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

When it becomes a bit daunting to feed your fish on a consistent basis due to your very preoccupied lifestyle, then aquarium auto feeders can help save the day. Whether you'll be away for days or even for weeks, you can now invest in a fish feeder that would ensure your fish is fed appropriately even when you do not have the time and opportunity to do it yourself.

This device is equipped with AquaBlue timer that is intended to assist users in programming a total of 4 feedings in an automatic mode per day. In the same way, there is no need to utilize them all if you do not require them. Undeniably, you will be stunned because it is easy to set to feed any period of the day and is supreme at delivering double or even triple feeding if necessary.

Howbeit, a couple of minor issues that can be encountered if you use this fish feeder is its slightly intricate instructions and please note that the amount of food to be dispensed could vary. See to it inspect these factors first before spending for this option.

  • Guarantees great portion controls
  • Allows food to be added without difficulty
  • Built with moisture-proof hopper
  • Programmable for a total of 4 feedings per day
  • Designed with large capacity for food
  • Instructions can be a little baffling
  • Amount of food released could differ
In conclusion, this automatic aquarium feeder is a worthwhile purchase. It can be programmed and allow it to work on its own but if you want, it could also be switched to a manual mode. As you can see, this would enable you to execute the work on your own and delight in the act of feeding your aquarium inhabitants. This comes with a moisture-proof hopper so you can rest assured that the food remains dry.

5. Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

This best automatic fish feeder for a tank with a lid is crafted with a large 30-cup capacity; it can ensure consistent and precise portion control, it is less intricate to read due to its very reliable LCD digital displays and it is appropriate for all food pellets and sticks.

By the same token, this device is powered by four alkaline C batteries and could already provide service for a year before replacement. Be sure to utilize this feeder with dry fish food only up to 5/8†in size.

Still and all, a few of the downsides that you could experience once you started to use this auto feeder are it’s not being durable enough to withstand bad weather and other animals and it cannot be fully counted on if you intend to use it for lakes and large ponds.

  • Comes with long-lasting battery life
  • Can program by up to a total of 3 feedings
  • Ideal pick for small to medium-sized water gardens or ponds
  • Allows modifiable meal size
  • Supported by a three-year warranty
  • Appears not as solid and sturdy as compared to higher-end options
  • Not beneficial for lakes or large ponds

Overall, this unit can be touted as one of the most sterling automatic fish feeders for small tanks because it is quite useful and equipped with impressive features and functions. It allows users to set 3 feedings each day and it is also possible to serve the food manually in between programmed ones.

What makes it a very prominent alternative is that both the amount of food dispensed as well as the feeding periods are easy to modify. Thus, you can be at peace knowing your fish is obtaining the precise amount of food pellets they require whenever necessary.

6. API Automatic Fish Feeder

To boot, this product is absolutely a very affordable automatic fish pellet feeder. It is designed to dissolve gradually and dispenses food after a few hours. When using this, please bear in mind that you only need to drop a single pyramid into the tank and never utilize it in a non-aerated aquarium or non-filtered fish bowl.

This is very cost-effective in that even though it is very cheap, it can already supply your fish with the food they especially need for 14 days when you are away from home. What is more, this feeder is safe to use even if it dissolves in tank water because many fish enthusiasts who have used it have claimed that it does not have ill effects on their fish.

However, a few complaints that many aquarium owners who have used this feeder include its tendency to transform the tank water into cloudy and it does not do the trick quite well because it slowly breaks up or dissolves in the tank. It appears it won't execute well in feeding the fish on a consistent basis when you are on vacation.

  • Comes with natural ingredients to satisfy fish nutritional needs
  • Built with uncomplicated design but works effectively and reliably
  • No sweat to set up
  • Contains food supply that would be adequate enough to feed between 5 by up to 10 fish for 14 days
  • Sold at a very cheap price tag
  • Tends to cause the tank water to become dusky
  • Doesn’t do the trick
Ultimately, if you are in the hunt for very cheap automatic feeders for fish, then this can be one of the most trusted  options. This is crafted in the form of a pyramid and comes with pellets that are gradually dispensed into the tank water to feed the fish. It does its job efficiently in terms of feeding all types of fish such as tetras, bettas, goldfish, plecos, discus and swordtails.

7. Zoo Med BettaMatic Automatic Feeder

If you prefer self-feeders for fish that are built to help you feed your finned friend once on a daily basis, then they will be your top-rated partner to accomplish the job.

This device is especially meant to feed small tiny betta pellets. Please take note that this would not work with freeze-dried types of fish foods, flakes and the like. Once purchased, it already includes the batteries, and sample fish food rail kit and for a very affordable selling cost, you could get an excellent feeding tool for your betta.

Regardless, you've got to be mindful of the fact that this fish feeder is built with fixed programming only and the food pellets seem to be large for them to fit into the funnel. These are a couple of disadvantages that must be looked into if you plan to buy this option.

  • Designed with versatile feature and two mounting alternatives
  • Great value for the money
  • Run by 1 AA battery
  • Includes sample food once purchased
  • Capable of feeding bettas once per day in an automatic approach
  • Comes with only fixed type of programming
  • Food pellets are quite huge to fit into the funnel
On the whole, this self-feeding fish tank is precisely manufactured for betta tanks. Its compact size makes it painless to position over betta and nano tanks. In like manner, it is designed with sliding legs to help modify the width of the top portion of the tank. It is also possible to remove the legs and stick the feeder to the tank with the aid of Velcro, but this must be bought separately.

8. Penn-Plax Daily Automatic Fish Feeder

This auto fish feeder review is meant to help fish enthusiasts easily come up with the best decision when it comes to buying the right fish feeder for them. And, one of the most affordable and good quality options that you could trust is none other than this brand. This is designed with a large-capacity food drum and you can successfully work out the setting by making the necessary adjustments.

Not the less, this fish feeder is a little tedious to manage because there is a need to pull out the battery when you stop using it and there is a possibility for the food to get wet due to evaporation.

  • Run by a battery
  • Stellar at releasing pellet or flake food twice per day for a total of one month even when unattended
  • Can be clamped onto any tank or free-standing
  • Sold at a very pocket-friendly price tag
  • Reliable to use while you're on holiday
  • Requires the battery to be taken out every time you stop utilizing it
  • Food may get dampened due to evaporation
For the most part, this device can be one of the top-rated vacation fish feeders if you are short in budget. It makes feeding more simple and more convenient when you need to be far away from your pet. All you need is to set it above the tank and allow it to rotate to feed your fish twice per day. This is the solution if you are worried about feeding your fish when you're on a business trip or getaway.

9. Decdeal Automatic Fish Feeder

This automatic fish feeder review aims to let consumers know how stellar this device is. What makes this a standout among other competitors is that users are allowed to set the time flexibly so to create schedules for automatic feeding. Its remote control feeding feature makes it a lot more convenient to regulate the fish feeder using the cell phone's app.

For all that, a few glitches that you could discover once you purchase this feeder are its potentiality to bring about some irking sounds at certain times and there is also a tendency for the food to get drenched because the device may be vulnerable to moisture.

  • Built with distinctive voice control function
  • Designed with large-capacity canister
  • Crafted with brilliant memory setting
  • Feeding outlet is easy to modify
  • Quite convenient to control with the aid of mobile phone app
  • Food might get drenched since the unit could obtain moisture
  • Has the tendency to cause some audible noise at times
In general, this automatic feeder for fish tanks is very amazing. Its ingenious memory function that guarantees consistent dispense of food based on the former settings even after the network connection has been out being certainly reliable. And, it offers another option where there is a manual release button for releasing the food apart from the preset periods. You can instantly modify the outlet on the feeder as per the actual situation as well. Its being technologically advanced is what definitely makes this unit a worthwhile investment that you won't ever regret especially if you are always away from home.

Outdated Products

PROCHE Digital Automatic Fish Feeder (Outdated)

This is smooth sailing to set up; all you have to do is stringently adhere to the manual instructions. Pick the feeding periods by yourself and you can also refer to the manual button that gives you the opportunity to feed your fish when you want and when you are available. Whether you are fishing for an automatic fish feeder for Biorb or for other types of aquariums, this would work best for your needs.

Be that as it may, the only factors that would slightly make you hesitant whether to purchase this unit or not are the instructions that are a bit difficult to read and this appears to be inconsistent in terms of the amount of fish food it dispenses.

  • Practical option for aquariums and home fish tanks
  • Designed with dual installation techniques that users could select from
  • Enables less effortless control
  • Supported by 1-year warranty
  • Allows by up to a total of 4 feeding times
  • Inconsistent with the amount of food it dispenses
  • Hard-to-read instructions
As a whole, this top fin automatic feeder is a good catch that you should not miss. It allows you to easily set up a total of 4 distinct feeding periods right after you program the time right. It makes it possible to schedule 2 different feeding periods which is sufficient enough for the fish. This is adept at feeding all types of fish and you can use various forms of fish foods too.

Petacc Automatic Fish Feeder (Outdated)

When adding the fish food to the above portion of the fish feeder, it is unnecessary to take down the food canister; this implies that you could decrease or increase the amount of released food without any sweat. This is built with a moisture-proof hopper that helps keep the fish food dry. Since this comes with a large food capacity feature, you can decide the amount of food to be dispensed at each meal as well so even if you're away for days, you would be worry-free.

On the contrary, this device seems incapable of staying mounted on the top rim of the tank and there is a tendency for it to turn the tank water dusky. These are the potential issues that you may need to deal with once you get this unit.

  • No trouble to add food
  • Makes it less intricate to set the preferred feeding schedule
  • Built with large food capacity
  • Unique design helps prevent moisture
  • Allows two distinct fixing methods
  • Tank water may get cloudy
  • Could not remain mounted on the top rim of the tank
By and large, in order to ensure that this device works exceptionally, always refer to the automatic fish feeder manual. With this, you could choose up to three rotations of the feeding dispenser chamber for each of the four times. It is easy to program and can be instantly mounted on different areas of the tank since it has the capability to rotate 360 degrees on its base.

Uniwood Automatic Fish Feeder (Outdated)

This Uniwood automatic fish feeder is primarily constructed to be set for up to a total of 4 feedings per day at distinct periods. Even so, you are free to decide whether to feed the fish once or thrice per day; this would rely on your specific requirements. This works efficiently, it does not generate any irking noise and helps you save more energy in the long run.

Still, this feeding tool also comes with a few weak points and these consist of the need to replace its battery on a periodic basis and it seems not that dependable in terms of providing precise portions each time.

  • Works in a silent mode and designed to be stylish
  • A very reliable auto fish feeding tool that ensures precise fish food measurement
  • Wards off moisture that makes the food drenched
  • A great energy-saver feeding device
  • Ideal gift for a fish enthusiast or aquarium owner
  • Requires battery replacement on a periodic basis
  • Looks like incapable of providing exact portions every time
Lastly, this fish feeding tool is outstanding since its design is especially intended to impede moisture buildup. In this manner, the food remains dry and won't be prone to jamming the feeding mechanism with time. This unit could also take in different kinds of foods like pellets, flakes as well as crumbles. Without question, this auto fish feeding tool allows you go on holidays with much ease and peace of mind.

What to Look for When Buying an Automatic Fish Feeder


There are lots of factors to keep in mind when purchasing a reliable and functional automatic fish feeder for you and some of these are:

  • Your current lifestyle. If you have a very hectic schedule and are always away from home, then it is critical to buy an auto fish feeder that is reliable and built with a huge holding canister. On the other hand, if you are not always on the go, then a small-sized fish feeder could work fine for your needs.
  • You could set it up and use it on a regular basis, or you might just require it when you would be away for days. At any rate, you need a reliable device that perfectly fits your family's lifestyle and activities.
  • Size. If you have a large aquarium and keep many different species of fish, then opt for larger sizes. As much as possible, avoid buying minute food canisters since these are hard to fill. If you own a small fish tank with fewer fish, opt for small dispensers. These must be refilled when it is empty. The size of the canister would point out how frequently this takes place.
  • Refilling is commonly done at regular intervals; this would rely on the fish population of your fish tank.
  • Ventilation System. An auto fish feeder equipped with a premium quality fan and ventilation system can be a safe option for your pet. Fundamentally, the circulation of air in the food compartment is intended to guarantee that the food does not spoil.
  • Thus, it is indispensable to inspect the capacity of the feeder to handle dampness properly to get one, for this is one of the essential considerations in keeping the food fresh and safe to eat.
  •  Quantity and time controller. Choose an automatic fish feeder that comes with a dependable and precise timer. This would help you come up with a more precise and clearer program for each feeding period.
  • An auto fish feeder helps make keeping your fish more effortless since you can easily set the quantity of food. Select the one that is capable of discharging proper size feedings. Also, see to it that you examine the usage instructions prior to purchasing; take note that every automatic fish feeder device must include basic guides.
  • Battery indicator. Get an auto fish feeder that is built with long battery life. Choose the one that is equipped with a clear indicator that directly shows battery life. Consider picking options that are designed with LCD displays or LED lights as these are a lot easier to read.

Meanwhile, other additional features that would be more practical for a battery indicator consist of an integrated dock or alarm bell. These features are practical in assisting users to make the feeder as advantageous as feasible.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an automatic fish feeder and how does it work?

An automatic fish feeder is particularly crafted to dispense the proper food quantity into the aquarium at a certain period on a daily basis. There are some feeder options that could be set to dish out the food more than a time per day. This would aid in guaranteeing that your pet is well-fed when it is high time for the fish to be fed in the event you go out or go on holiday.

These devices are either operated with the aid of electricity through a power cord or by a battery. The advantage of the latter is that you won't have to worry about electrical shock or power interruption. On the other hand, the perk of electrical-powered fish feeders is that you won't have to worry about the emergence of low battery.

Basically, each auto fish feeder is designed with a different number of canisters to pre-fill with fish food. This device would rotate the canisters on a timing mechanism for the food to be dispensed into the aquarium at a set period. This way, your fish and other aquatic inhabitants would be fed well. Hence, there are no issues about overfeeding or underfeeding at all.

What are the different types of automatic fish feeders?

There are two different types of automatic fish feeders and these comprise of:

  • Portion Control Fish Feeders

You can get the function of this device by its name. These are designed to have the capability to obtain great control over the amount of food that enters your aquarium.

Such a device is built with a circular arrangement of trays wherein users need to fill every tray with the fish food that they prefer to be dispensed to the aquarium at a period; then the timer must be set. The whole content of a single tray is emptied into the aquarium during feeding period.

Likewise, you could gauge out every meal and combine distinct types of foods so as to guarantee that all your fish obtain the proper amount of food they require. This is practical to use for community tanks.

However, the main disadvantage of this type of fish feeder is that they are only capable of holding less amount of food, which implies that it is not ideal for those who need to go away for days. The majority of these models come with 2 weeks' worth of food.

  • Rotating Barrel Fish Feeders

These models are the most typical forms and come with the most uncomplicated design. At the feeding period, the barrel rotates and dispenses food into the aquarium. The amount of fish food dispensed is indicated by the hole's size in the barrel; still and all, users can have control over how big the hole would be.

They are capable of holding most of the food, and this makes them ideal for those who need to go on vacation for days; some versions could hold 5 weeks' worth of food.

Notwithstanding, rotating barrel feeders solely have a single canister which could cause some issues for community fish tanks. You could fill the barrel with a number of food types; nonetheless, you could be uncertain that they would be equally released.

For instance, you prefer to mix pellets and flakes. A lot of flakes could be dispensed than pellets and other fish may go underfed. Please be guided that larger dried fish foods must be avoided since algae sticks and wafers could obstruct the opening of the barrel.

Why do you need an auto feeder for fish? (Benefits)

Using automatic fish feeders is certainly advantageous; this is one of the reasons why aquarium owners who have busy schedules and are always on the go should consider investing in a good quality one.

Some of the perks that you can enjoy if you have an automatic fish feeder include:

  • Everything is already preset. This implies that you get something dependable and calculable. You know that your pet is going to be fed on a timely schedule that you have already set, and that is appropriate for them. Moreover, if you are home and busy doing something, then you need not do the feeding too and just enjoy watching them eat.
  • Even if you need to be away for a few days due to business trip, vacation or other reasons, you can be at peace knowing that your fish eat on time and are not overfed or underfed even when you are not around to do the job for them. It is easier to set the fish feeder to produce food from a canister and this gives you the freedom and peace to be away for days.
  • Automatic fish feeders are reliable and flexible. The portions of food can be controlled. Indeed, you decide to feed the fish by up to 4 times (this would hinge on the feeder's model), and satisfy the certain requirements of your ecosystem. Other versions are designed with timers that enable users to set it and you're done.
  • The food won't spoil the fish tank water mainly because this device is adept at releasing food in little portions at regular intervals.
  • You could save more money and time when you buy and install a fish feeder since this is designed to minimize the amount of food waste.
  • There is no need to ask or bother someone to look after your fish while you're away temporarily.
  • Every fish in your fish tank would get food so you could set distinct schedules for distinct fish species.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted auto fish feeder brands?

As you might already know, wise investments should be produced by the most outstanding manufacturers around the world. And, the top-quality brands that are highly trusted and you can always count on when it comes to manufacturing functional, reliable and durable auto fish feeders include the following:

  • Fish Mate
  • Eheim
  • Decdeal
  • Petacc

Please be reminded that the auto fish feeders sold by these brands are a little more expensive than their competitors. The reason behind these is that their products are designed with amazing features and functions that can never be found in other options.

In the long run, you would discover on your own why a lot of smart aquarium owners and fish enthusiasts prefer these brands over the others. Their impressive features and superior performance are what make them cost-effective options.

How to install and use?

You could add auto fish feeders to your aquarium at any period- as a matter of fact, this could be done after you have set the aquarium up.

Here are the guides on how to install and use an automatic fish feeder:

  • Place the feeder away from other devices in your aquarium so that the fish food does not intervene with anything at the time it is dispensed.
  • By the time you have decided where to position it, you may start mounting it. Take note that the manner you execute this would differ relying on the model you purchased.
  • Many versions have brackets where you mount the feeder on the external portion of the aquarium. There are other models that are equipped with suction cups that sit on the inner section of the fish tank.
  • The next stage would be to add the power supply- there are two options to do so; it could be either by a power cord or a battery.
  •  Afterward, you may set up the feeder and fill it with fish food. For this, it is important to utilize the buttons around the digital screen to modify the settings. Basically, there must be an option to regulate the portion size and how often the feeding must be done.
  • In the event that your fish feeder comes with a button that indicates “feed now,†consider using this to examine if everything is functioning without any trouble. If not, see to it that you are around at the initial preset feeding period to examine if it is working well.

How do I feed my fish while on vacation?

If you are away for days, fill the compartments of the feeder with the appropriate amount of food for your pet. The device would automatically dispense the food into the water as per your programmed schedule. Bear in mind that this approach is merely suitable for fish that consume flakes and pellets, since this would not hold live foods and bloodworms. Bloodworms that are freeze-dried are readily available too.

How to make automatic fish feeder at home?

The procedures on how to make your own auto fish feeder are as follows:

For the Materials

The materials you would need to accomplish the project include a pair of scissors or a sharp knife, 3 wooden matches, cleaned and empty plastic bottle, superglue, old mobile phone that vibrates, plastic cap, nail or a hook where to hang the feeder from.


  • Remove the cap from the top. Then, utilize the scissors or knife to cut the underneath section of the plastic bottle.
  • Put the plastic cap on a flat position on the table and ensure that the open end faces upwards.
  • Stick the matchsticks together with the plastic cap. This can be done in 2 approaches, relying on the amount of food you wish to be dispensed with every feeding. For small amounts of food, glue a single matchstick to the lid but if you prefer more amount of food, more matchsticks are needed.
  • Position the plastic bottle's mouth on top of the matchsticks and attach this into place using glue. Let them dry.
  • Fill the plastic bottle with food through the hole. The fish food would spill over slightly surrounding the matchsticks; however, the milk jug would halt this from spilling.
  • Set the mobile phone to vibrate and position it in the bottle.
  • Hang the fish feeder on top of your aquarium. To do so, you may utilize a hanging hook, utilize a screw in hook or hammer a nail into the wall.
  • Call the mobile phone at the time you prefer to feed the fish. The phone would vibrate and would shake the feeder, so this would let the fish food to be released through the space formed by the matchsticks.

How long do fish feeding blocks last?

Weekend feeder blocks may last up to a total of three days which is long enough to keep your pet appropriately fed for a short vacation. All the same, vacation feeder blocks commonly last up to a total of 2 weeks which is long enough for you to delight in a long holiday.

How to care & clean?

Auto fish feeders are not difficult to clean and maintain at all. You only need to tidy the device when you clean the aquarium. Replace the food often and ensure that everything is dry so as to inhibit the malfunctioning of the feeder.

Only dried foods are allowed to be placed in the device. Hence, if your pet fish love lives or frozen foods, you consider shifting to freeze-dried fish food options.

What is the warranty?

When buying an automatic fish feeder, it is critical to carefully read the product's description or label for a product warranty. This is one great way of protecting your investment. As you know, it is sometimes inevitable to encounter some problems with regards to the product bought particularly if these are automatic or electronic devices.

Thus, if the product you purchased is supported by a warranty, then you won't have to worry because in case you encounter some issues such as malfunctioning devices, or anything linked with that, you can rest assured that your problem would be taken care of.

It is nice to pick options that come with warranties because this is the only way to protect every single cent you spend on it. After all, you deserve to get the best in exchange for the price tag you paid for the product.

Where to buy?

Automatic fish feeders are available and sold in many local fish or pet stores. For you to delight in selecting diverse options, it is advised to go to well-stocked fish or pet stores so you can inspect the features and designs you think and feel would most suitable match what you are searching for. Inspecting the product in person is truly advantageous.

For all that, you can also check plenty of automatic fish feeders online if you prefer to shop more conveniently and wait for your order to be delivered right at your own doorstep. A few of the leading online shopping sites that you could completely bank on when shopping online consist of Walmart, Amazon, eBay and the like. These sites are well-known for providing first-call products and brands that a lot of people trust and patronize globally.


In sum, the best automatic fish feeders might not be ideal for everyone especially for those who have all the time to look after their pet fish. However, it can't be questioned that this device could be a very reliable solution in terms of feeding your fish when you need to go on a business trip, go on vacation or need to stay at the workplace for a longer period of time.

Surely, it is understandable that many aquarium owners may find it stressful to keep the aquarium fish in the proper way. It entails a considerable amount of effort as well as constant supervision on a daily basis. Nevertheless, at present, due to the emergence of automatic fish feeders for aquariums, taking care of fish has become less tedious and time-consuming.

With the ten automatic fish feeder options comprehensively reviewed in this post, as well as the detailed buying guides and other related information about the importance of this device, aquarium owners can easily decide on the top-rated product that could cater to their needs and style.

By using this guide, you could effortlessly narrow down the most topnotch auto fish feeders for your aquarium. The good news is that no matter what type of diet your fish follows or how frequent you feed your pet, there is a specific fish feeder that will automatically work in your stead.