The Best Nano Aquariums – Wonderful Haven for Your Pet Fish

The best nano aquarium is highly perceived as the most trusted choice for your home and workplace because it comes in a compact size. Indeed, this is usually a lot less expensive than other types of fish tanks, making it very well-known in the market at present. As a matter of fact, it is an appropriate option for novices since it is smooth sailing to keep a small-scale community of fish in a nano fish tank.

When you shop for nano tanks, you will discover that they are available in a broad range of shapes and sizes. And, since these are small in size, it is crucial to ensure that the setup process has been executed correctly to guarantee zero problems in the future. Also, please take note that all the creatures inhabiting the nano tank must be adaptable with each other so you can manage them properly.

Selecting a suitable nano aquarium tank can be overwhelming. But it can become relatively easy when accounting for all the vital buying factors. So, here’s a general overview of things to mull over before we dive into the reviews:

  • Design: Each buyer must consider their ideal tank dimensions: height, width, and length. Otherwise, it may be too small or big for the intended placement/use, whether for fish or aquascape purposes.
  • Construction Material: Most nano aquariums will be glass or acrylic. You’ll have to decide what pros and cons most suit your preference. For instance, glass is heavier but more scratch-resistant while acrylic is easier to repair and drill.
  • Filter Size: Some options won’t come with a nano aquarium filter. As a result, you’ll need to purchase one with a GPH flow rate of at least six times your tank’s capacity. It’s the minimum for adequate performance.
  • Cost: Nano aquariums are available for sale at various prices. So it’s vital to develop an idea of what you consider necessary for your ideal option. You can then create a budget built around those needs to make this task much more manageable.

Hence, if you would like to ensure buying the right nano aquarium for you, then continue delving into the product reviews comprehensively tackled in this article and see to it to follow the shopping guides shared here too so that you can enjoy stress-free nano fish tank shopping experience even if you are a first-timer.

Best Overall

Fluval Aquarium Kit

✔ Provide three-phase filtration system
✔ Reasonably priced
✔ Equipped with dynamic 31 LED lighting system


Premium Choice

MarineLand Aquarium Kit

✔ Daytime and nighttime LED settings
✔ Convenient and plain sailing to utilize
✔ Comes with rail light


Editor’s Choice

Hygger Horizon Aquarium Kit

✔ Unique and impressive 3D backdrop
✔ Sturdy and reliable power filter
✔ Multi-modes LED lighting system


Top-Quality Nano Aquarium Reviews of 2023

1. Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit

There are so many things to love about this Fluval nano tank and include its compact and sleek design. It does not come with a hang-on filter and the rear compartment comes with filter mechanics that make it more risk-free to use and appear more aesthetically impressive. So, this is a good deal worth buying when it comes to unique design and performance.

It is durable too, since it is manufactured using premium quality glass and is not that hard to find in specialty fish or pet stores and through online shopping sites. As for its lighting, it is radiant but not too bright. When you turn the light on, your tank occupants won't be disrupted.

Aside from these, the lid and the lighting system are a piece of cake to remove whenever it is time for you to execute some water changes. This also ensures a sufficient and efficient filtration system as it is made to allow three-phase filtration such as chemical, biological and mechanical filtration procedures.

Anyhow, a couple of the minor gripes that you need to look into if you decide to get this nano tank are its poorly-designed, difficult to handle and unstable base, and the sponge or media holder is too thick making it incapable to allow good flow.

  • Can provide three-phase filtration system
  • Manufactured with etched-glass aquarium that comes with aluminum trim
  • Comes with activated carbon, foam block as well as BioMax bio ring
  • Reasonably priced
  • Equipped with dynamic 31 LED lighting system
  • Unsteady, hard to handle and cheaply-made base
  • Too thick sponge or filter media
Overall, what is admirable about this nano aquarium are its ease of assembly and maintenance and it is deemed as the ideal size for your tiny fish. The LED lamp helps in offering a magnificent touch and its contemporary look is awesome. This seems perfect if you want to beautify your limited office space or bedroom. As for the price, this is budget-friendly so anyone with a limited budget can certainly afford it. If you prefer a great fish tank upgrade for your betta, this won't leave you disappointed.

2. MarineLand Aquarium Kit

Are you presently shopping for desktop fish tanks for your place or office? Then, you may end your search and directly add this tank to your cart. When it comes to style, superb settings, ease of use and a good filtration system, this won't let you down.

By and large, what makes this mini tank a more prominent choice are its top-ever LED rail lights that radiate a sparkling beam onto the fish so that everything inside the tank can be aesthetically radiated. You can set the rail light for daytime settings and as an outcome, this leads to a white light beam. Meanwhile, once set in night mode, the rail light will beam like a soft blue ray onto the tank.

For all that, a few of the drawbacks of this nano tank are its very small rear chamber and, to some fish tank owners, it’s water capacity maybe not be enough. See to it consider these downsides before making the final buying decision.

  • Comes with daytime and nighttime LED settings
  • Trendy fish tank kit that comes with rail light
  • Equipped with underlying three-phase adjustable filtration system
  • Capable of holding by up to 3 gallons of water
  • Convenient and plain sailing to utilize
  • Inadequate water capacity
  • Comes with very tiny rear chamber
As a whole, this is an ideal mini aquarium for any novice or for any saltwater life enthusiast who prefers some fish but does not like the struggle of keeping a massive aquarium. So long as you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of this product, you can rest assured that the fish tank will work as advertised. As you can see, this is packed with sterling features that can't be found in other fish tank brands available these days.

3. Hygger Horizon Aquarium Kit

This nano tank kit is a good catch. It is built with a sturdy and efficient internal power filter pump, one-colored LED fish tank light and a tank designed with a fascinating 3D rockery mountain backdrop. Hence, this would suffice for you if you prefer an ocean-like background. you may also consider adding some live green plants on this.

The LED lighting system is appealing too. You can easily adjust the light settings as this comes with an external digital controller. Meanwhile, there is a nicely designed groove in the background where you could also put the filter in. What makes this mini tank different from others is that it comes with a convex arc curve shape that makes it look extraordinary and not the usual ones you encounter almost everywhere.

For fact, it is because of its distinguished shape that allows users to broaden their view on the fish tank, enabling the tank to hold more water capacity. The backdrop definitely adds more depth that feels lacking in a regular fish tank. As you can see, the glass looks very appealing with the black sealant that gives it a more professional look.

Nevertheless, this nano tank's product description appears to be misleading as some information seems unmatched with the actual product and it is susceptible to causing leaks that may be fixed using silicone.

  • Designed with unique and impressive 3D backdrop
  • Built with sturdy and reliable power filter
  • Features a distinctive convex arc curve shape
  • Ideal for two by up to eight-gallon tank applications
  • Equipped with a multi-modes LED lighting system
  • Product description seems to be misleading
  • May be prone to leaks
Ultimately, this small desk aquarium is superbly awesome. It is well-built and is highly recommendable for a planted betta setup. When it comes to the filtration system, this allows great flow and is designed with an extended spray bar. Its backdrop is constructed quite stunningly and does not consume much of the aquarium. As for the LED lighting system, it appears to be made with superior quality and can be advantageous in growing live plants too.

4. Landen Rimless Aquarium Tank

This model makes a great nano-planted aquarium. If you opt for superior quality, a modern look and sterling craftsmanship, then this will be the top-rated bet for your requirements. The glass tank is thick and rimless and looks contemporary and extraordinary. The truth is, these qualities are what set it apart from other similar products sold at present.

In addition, you will love this model's very clear and lucid low iron glass that gives you a wider view of what's inside the aquarium. It has the same quality build and transparency as those costly ones. You can see the clean silicone lines that seem to be made with utmost care and precision.

Once bought, this already comes with a black nano foam leveling mat. It is interesting to note that this is much more reasonably priced than some other high-end brands yet the quality is not compromised. As for its modern look, clarity and durability, this is way more cost-effective and won't definitely hurt your pocket.

However, there are a few minus points to consider if you buy this model and these are its slightly pricey selling cost and it could be a little difficult to look for a light and lid this size. So, if you find one, you better get some extras for future use.

  • Made with super clear and top quality glass tank
  • Very thick glass that can be long-lasting to use
  • Highly recommended for planted aquariums
  • Superior standard work in terms of silicone rimming
  • Already includes black nano foam leveling mat
  • A little expensive
  • Slightly tough to find light and lid this size
Right to it, this nano aquarium is a good pick for the price. In reality, this is regarded as an outstanding aquarium due to the fact that it can guarantee super brilliant light transparency. The glass tank is unlike the regular tanks you can come across since it is quite thick that it can last long. Its craftsmanship is admirable in that it looks professionally built as you can clearly see on its premium standard work on silicone rimming. This will surely be a wonderful upgrade for your current fish tank dwellers.

5. Coralife LED Aquarium LED

Coralife brand is highly acclaimed for being one of the best nano aquariums available on the market. When it comes to stellar design and lighting systems, performance and long-lasting service, this is unrivaled.

This mini fish tank has a 24-hour timer fastened onto the nano tank's hood. It is the timer's function to set up the many distinct forms of LED lighting environments in your fish tank for your most cherished pet fish. Moreover, there are 3 separate channels that comprise shimmering white, glistening blue and color-intensifying LEDs. Users can also acquire half an hour of sunrise or sunset and one-hour moonrise or moonset.

As you can clearly see, all these lighting systems can come up with a sense of naturalness since these could imitate natural day and night periods within the day. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal technique to keep your fish tank occupants delighted and at home.

Nonetheless, this nano aquarium is durable but it can be more susceptible to getting cracks upon sudden and strong impacts. Also, its lighting system has the potential to break down particularly if not assembled properly and not handled with much caution.

  • Ensures sparkling LED lighting system practical for marine and freshwater environments
  • Built-in filtration can be easily customized
  • No trouble to put together and necessitates low maintenance only
  • Compact and not difficult to move or transport
  • Noise-free submersible pump
  • Lighting system tend to break down
  • Prone to cracks upon impact
In a nutshell, this mini fish tank is a sure buy-in that it won't be a hassle to assemble; it features a number of lighting modes and comes with a 24-hour timer wherein you can also easily regulate temperature lighting. Unlike others, it does not call for high maintenance, the design looks elegant and the submersible pump that comes with it can guarantee silent operation mode that won't cause any disturbance. However, you need to ensure that you have enough money to purchase it as it comes with a very costly price tag. It is still an economical option though, considering it comes with useful and impressive features that can't be found in other similar options.

6. Penn Plax Aquarium Kit

To boot, this tiny aquarium is manufactured with the most superior quality glass to ensure transparency and durability. It also makes use of three piece construction that comes with seamless rounded front corners. It is worth noting that this nano tank is appropriate if you intend to keep a broad range of fish species.

More than that, it comes with a durable base and you can see a LED lamp that is fastened to it where you can replace it whenever you feel like it. If you're going to look at it closely, it comes with a reliable cascade internal filter. This filter helps keep the entire aquarium neat and free of any pollutants as it can execute chemical, mechanical and biological filtration procedures.

This tank's very transparent glass exceptionally flaunts the colors as well as the lighting inside the aquarium. Without question, this is the right choice if you seriously wish to enjoy a clearer view of your pet fish inside the tank. It is not exhausting to assemble, clean and maintain so it is user-friendly for starters.

Even so, this nano tank does not come with on and off switch for its lightning system; you need to unplug it which means it is not that convenient as compared to those designed with timers. And, the pressure of the filter is slightly quite aggressive if you are keeping a betta.

  • No trouble to clean
  • Designed with a modern-looking seamless front that comes with curved rounded corners
  • Silent filtration operation mode
  • Ideal for a couple of goldfish and a few bettas
  • Easy to assemble, care for and maintain
  • Does not come with on/off light switch
  • Filter pressure is slightly too strong for betta
Conclusively, this nano tank is made with a distinctive bent glass design that's seamless and frameless in front to enable wider viewing on all edges, including the above portion of the tank. This is an ideal pick for beginners. The kit comes with 3.4 gallon fish tank, LED light, hinge style plastic lid, mat, cascade internal filter and a mat. And, since it comes complete, setting it up can be done in a snap and makes a good value for money type of option for you to ponder on.

7. Penn Plax Nano Aquarium Kit

If you are currently looking for a cute and elegant nano tank setup, then you should take a closer look at this small fish tank. Undeniably, this could make an exquisite addition to your home or office. It is surely delightful to know that you can add more appeal to your simple place yet there is no need to spend extravagantly.

By the same token, it is furnished with 18-bulb LED lighting systems capable of radiating dazzlingly through the plastic lid that is especially meant to radiate the fish tank. If you want to upgrade the simple look of your dresser or desk and have only a limited space to use, this makes a good pick that would suit your needs best.

Not the less, this mini fish tank would have been a better option if it came with a nozzle for the water flow. And, the output current seems to be quite strong for betta fish. These are the glitches you need to consider if you decide to invest in this model.

  • Built with contemporary cube design
  • Comes with tiny yet very efficient and dependable filtration system
  • Includes almost all of the equipment necessary to get started
  • Equipped with a total of 18 bulb LED light that illuminates brightly
  • Can perfectly suit any small space, dresser or office desk
  • Does not come with a nozzle for the water flow
  • Output current can be too aggressive for betta fish
All in all, this model can be regarded as one of the most topnotch micro aquariums precisely because even if it is quite small, it can ensure a top-performing filtration system. Once purchased, the package already comes with a 2-gallon tank, LED lighting system and a built-in water filter. You won't have to worry about keeping your mini aquarium neat and safe for your fish tank inhabitants since this is designed with noise-free power-integrated filtration system that can take care of all these.

Outdated Products

Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium (Outdated)

If you would like to own a premium quality marine or freshwater nano tank, then you may try this product. This is specially built and designed having avant-garde technology in mind. Hence, this is the ideal option if you prefer a contemporary design and something that could fit your modern lifestyle.

Furthermore, the rear sump has a rotatable back pump screen, the control unit for the circulation pump and protein skimmer, and a marine spec cabinet. It is worth mentioning that the protein skimmer is made with a spine intended to enable it to execute its job powerfully without making any annoying sounds.

All the same, this nano tank lacks a stand and a lid. Thus, this implies you need to spend more buying this stuff separately. It would have been better if it had already included all the required essentials to get started with fish keeping hobby.

  • Built with automatic top-off unit
  • Manufactured with modern rimless design
  • Ensures top-drawer circulation and filtration systems
  • HD LED lighting is supported by integrated WIFI control
  • Guarantees easy access power center
  • No stand included in the package
  • Does not come with a lid
Laid on the line, this nano tank is lightweight and compact, quite stylish and designed with super lucid glass. Its back sump comes with a bunch of controls and is also equipped with WIFI controllable LED lights. Unlike others, it won't in any way distract your pet fish because it operates smoothly and silently. The glass tank is thick and transparent, sturdy and feels reliable. If you keep the tank water spotless, you can barely notice that the glass is there. That's how clear the glass really is!

Hygger Smart Touchscreen LED Nano Aquarium Kit (Outdated)

If you are trying to purchase mini fish tanks for kids that can satisfy your needs and preference, then this product will make a great pick.

The kit is comprised of a 2-pack filter cartridges replacement, an e-in-1 filter pump, a 4-gallon glass tank and 4 LED lighting mode hoods. The 4 lighting modes include green, red, blue and white LED bulbs all of which give the aquarium a stunning look. Hence, all you need to do is to add some adornments, plants, fish and gravel to complete the fish tank.

The 3-in-1 filter aids in cycling tank water and the bio ball filter cartridge box works to absorb the foul smells, and get rid of pollutants and discoloration. So, you can be guaranteed that your fish tank stays clean and safe for your pet fish.

Be that as it may, two disadvantages must be taken into account if you pick this model and these are its quite large filter intake holes that could suck very tiny fish dwelling inside the tank and it seems not the ideal pick if you keep a betta since the current is too strong.

  • Comes complete with all the necessities to start a new mini tank
  • Designed with smart touch screen LED lighting hood
  • Equipped with noise-free 3-in-1 filter pump
  • Ideal for shrimp, tiny tropical fish and tiny live aquatic plants
  • Can be set up and maintain without any major trouble
  • Not too good for betta
  • Too huge filter intake holes
Lastly, this nano tank is an A1 choice in that the kit is quite comprehensive and makes fish keeping hobby a more convenient and effortless task to deal with. The digital display is something to adore since it helps make keeping track of everything a not-so-stressful process to manage. Its contemporary and sleek design completes any dwelling place and office adornment. It has an easy-to-access flip lid to enable easy feeding and periodic maintenance for your aquarium occupants.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit (Outdated)

This 5-gallon nano tank is constructed with a built-in compartment that helps keep the design looking clean and well-kept. Likewise, it has adequate space to attach the heater so it remains concealed. The lighting system is nice to behold since it produces sufficient illumination and its blue evening mode is truly soothing. You will also like the skinny and tall shape that makes it a lot more effortless to embellish.

As you can see, it is built with an etched glass aquarium that comes with aluminum trim. The package already contains activated carbon, foam block as well as BioMax bio rings. This mini fish tank is equipped with a total of 37 powerful and brilliant LED lighting systems. Unquestionably, this is a perfect pick as a fish tank for betta fish since it merely requires slight adjustments.

Howbeit, two weak points of this nano tank are its lid which is built using less durable plastic material and once bought, there is need to buy a heater since it does not include it in the package.

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Comes with adjustable flow filter
  • Ensures smooth sailing cleaning procedure
  • Perfect option for betta fish
  • Filter and pump are positioned in a separate compartment
  • Does not include a heater
  • Lid is made of less sturdy plastic material
To sum things up, the Fluval spec V 5-gallon fish tank is a nice and harmless tank, especially for those who intend to keep betta fish. It comes with powerful cleaning power and ideal size, it does not produce any irking sounds and its overall appearance is sleek and simple. The LED lighting works fine and can provide much-needed brightness. It is painless to clean, decorate and maintain. While this is top-tier fitted when keeping a freshwater tank, this could also be used to run a saltwater reef with a few modifications to execute.

What to Look for When Buying a Nano Aquarium

Once you have fully decided to get a nano tank, the process does not end there. You need to make sure that you are devoted enough to sustain a healthy haven for your pet fish and plants.

In line with this, prior to making the final purchasing decision, it is practical to check out some substantial factors to look for when getting the right nano tank for you.

Here are some buying considerations when shopping for nano aquariums:

  • What is the most suitable shape and size for a nano tank? Keep in mind that the dimensions and the shape of the nano aquarium could play a vital role in the overall success of the performance of your nano tank. Here, it matters to contemplate the height, width and length of the aquarium.
  • How do you measure the height, length and width of the tank?
    • Height – This pertains to how tall the aquarium is.
    • Length – This covers the measure from left to right or vice versa.
    • Width – This refers to how profound the aquarium is from the front to the rear section.
  • Are you going to buy a nano tank made of glass or acrylic? There is no such thing as one size fits all. As you know, both types of materials come with advantages and disadvantages. So, the decision is yours. You are well aware of what suits you best. See to it to weigh the pros and cons of glass versus acrylic so you can come up with a smart decision.
  • What does the nano tank kit contain? While it would not really matter whether you go for the kit, those that come complete are worthwhile investments. The reason behind this is that they already include the majority of the required equipment necessary for setting up a nano aquarium such as heaters, lighting, and a filtration system.

Not to mention, this could be essential if you wish to obtain a uniquely shaped or a smaller nano tank since you already know that everything would fit accordingly with your setup.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a nano tank? How does it work?

Nano aquariums are basically smaller in size as compared to their larger counterparts. In addition, they cannot hold over 30 gallons of water. You may consider a tiny marine tank nano if it contains only 15 gallons of water. In general, nano tanks do not especially require huge space as you can place them on your office table or study desk at home.

These are also ideal for those who do not wish to spend lavishly on a fish tank or those who prefer a more reasonably priced addition to their current larger aquarium since nano tanks are not that pricey. However, their small size does not mean they are easy to care for; the truth is they call for dedicated and regular maintenance and monitoring.

Hence, if it is your first time managing a nano tank, make sure that you will be devoted to it and willing to learn the techniques on how to manage it if you do not wish to fail in the end. Provided that nano aquariums are properly taken care of and regularly maintained, they could be a nice addition at home or in the office. They could also be your stress-buster and a great hub for a small fish community.

Meanwhile, for the nano tank to work properly, it is a must to ensure that all the required equipment is installed correctly. Also, follow the manufacturer's guidelines in putting all the equipment together so it could help create a better environment for your fish tank occupants.

What are the different types of nano tanks?

Different types of nano aquariums come in different dimensions, shapes, and price ranges and some come complete with all the necessary equipment to get started. There are also those that are designed for freshwater or marine water tank use only or both.

In the same way, there are nano tanks that are made of glass or acrylic materials. These are also manufactured by different brands and can be ideal picks for devoted fish keepers, whether amateurs or professionals.

Whatever you prefer, there is only one thing certain and that is the fact that nano tanks are a great addition to your office or dwelling place and can be a safe and wonderful hub for your pet fish.

Why do you need a nano aquarium? (Benefits)

Nano aquariums are often the most preferred option for those who are into fish keeping hobbies. They come in unique features and they are really beneficial in a number of ways.

Here are the benefits of having nano tanks at home or in the workplace:

  1. Nano aquariums can help you set aside some pennies since they are not expensive to invest in. Since they are small and compact, they only require fewer substrate materials, live gravel or rock, and lights. It only necessitates less energy and less synthetic sea salt.
  2. Unlike their larger counterparts, nano tanks do not need huge space for you to display them. So, if you have limited space at home or in the workplace, these are great picks since you won't have to worry about where to place them or store them. You can also easily move them wherever you like without much hassle.
  3. They are not that bulky. Needless to say, the weight always becomes a problem when talking about a 100+ gallon aquarium system mainly because your floor might be incapable of handling all that load. The case does not need to be so if you pick nano aquariums. They are commonly lightweight and compact so they won't be much of a burden.
  4. Provided that regular maintenance is strictly observed, your nano tank will be able to perform well. Changing water is not as tedious as doing it with larger fish tanks.
  5. They are ideal gifts to give away particularly to those who are into fish-keeping hobbies. These are unique presents that can make people happy even if they are not into aquarium keeping before.
  6. Lastly, nano tanks are impressive additions to your simple-looking room or office desk. If you wish to add some life and excitement to your surroundings, then these can be your go-to items.

Frequently Asked Questions


What size of nano aquarium is best?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a nano aquarium. Five gallons or below will be perfect if you want a miniature nano tank/traditional option. These would be excellent choices for small office fish tanks or similar applications.

But if you need more room for multiple fish, a 10 gallon or 20 gallon nano tank would be ideal. This 24-gallon AIO nano tank, the JBJ Nano-Cube All-in-One Tank, would undoubtedly do the job. It’ll have no issues being a suitable nano reef fish tank.

Where should I place my nano aquarium?

Finding a place for a nano saltwater aquarium or freshwater tank is relatively easy. But there are some attributes to look for when scouting locations:

  • Quiet and Low Foot Traffic: These attributes create a more relaxed environment for your fish to thrive without stressing them. A good example would be a bedroom or guest room away from where everyone tends to spend most of their time.
  • Easy to Access and Nearby: You’ll have to regularly maintain and clean your nano aquarium. So it’d benefit everyone if its location was somewhere different from an out-of-the-way garage or basement.
  • Away from direct sunlight: Owners don’t want the tank to get too hot or cool, so keeping it away from harsh sunlight accomplishes it. As a result, setting it up in rooms with a lot of windows isn’t the most suitable idea.

In most cases, these attributes add to a secluded bedroom on a home’s main floor. It’s where I put mine after deciding to buy the Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED. Honestly, it was a tough choice as I spent a couple of days debating Biocube Vs Nano Cube.

How often should I change the water in my nano aquarium?

Your nano aquarium will need weekly or bi-weekly water changes. I change mine twice a week to encourage a better environment for my fish. I haven’t seen anything to suggest this practice has done anything to disadvantage them.

Of course, it’ll also depend on your tank’s capacity, but the weekly or bi-weekly changes are a good starting point. You can develop a routine based on your setup’s specific needs with more experience.

What are the most trusted nano aquarium brands?

It is just natural that we search for world's well-known and highly trusted brands whenever we shop for something. And, this is, of course true when buying a top-quality nano aquarium locally or through online shopping sites.

If it is your first time shopping for one or you are unaware or uncertain of the brands that you can count on when it comes to fish-keeping products, then the following brands can be a few of your top options as they have been perceived as a few of the trustworthy brands that majority of smart consumers look for. These brands include:

  • Hygger
  • Penn Plax
  • Coralife
  • Fluval
  • MarineLand

How to set up?

Luckily, nano aquariums are a breeze to put together particularly if you opt for a complete kit. The such kit generally includes a filter and a lighting system wherein the light is usually fastened to the top of the aquarium. Meanwhile, filters are at times integrated, which makes the assembly procedure more plain sailing to deal with.

  1. Pick the area where to put the nano tank. The location must be far from natural light or heat sources in order to inhibit the growth of algae.
  2. Thoroughly clean the aquarium. Brand new aquariums still need to be cleaned well to get rid of any dirt. On the other hand, you may use warm water and vinegar when cleaning a used aquarium.
  3. Add the live sand, rock, gravel and other types of adornments. You will necessitate at least a one-inch depth of substrate – the kind of substrate you pick will largely rely on the type of fish you intend to keep.
  4. Set up the equipment. Position the filter and heater properly. If you are installing a marine tank, it is necessary to put a power head as well as a protein skimmer.
  5. Then, prepare the water. Take note that this would rely on whether you are keeping a marine or freshwater aquarium. See to it that you utilize either osmosis water, discard the chlorine, and then add salt if you put a nano reef tank together.
  6. Gradually fill the tank with water. Consider putting a tiny bowl on top of the sand, this will help keep the substrate from being displaced in the aquarium.
  7. Cycle the aquarium. The tank has to round out the nitrogen cycle as this would allow good bacteria to develop and help transform nitrites and ammonia, which are hazardous to your fish tank inhabitants. Please be guided that such a procedure may take roughly four to six weeks.
  8. Add your fish and live aquatic plants. It is critical to allow some time for the fish to adapt. Please take note that it is not advised to put them straight in merely. You may allow them to float in the bag where they came from for roughly ten minutes.
  9. Afterward, every 5 minutes, slowly add one cup of tank water till the bag becomes full. Lastly, you could release the fish into the aquarium.

How to care & clean?

All types of fish tanks like nano aquariums especially call for regular daily and proper weekly care, cleaning and maintenance.

What must be done daily?

Daily chores are typically done for a few minutes yet are capable of making a huge difference in sustaining a healthy aquarium for your fish tank occupants.

  • Feed your pet fish two times per day and make sure to get rid of unconsumed food after approximately 5 minutes.
  • Execute a brief check over all the inhabitants inside the aquarium.
  • Inspect the temperature of the water as well as the specific gravity of the water. This may be executed by checking these 2 parameters on a daily mode in order to remedy any necessary adjustments immediately.

What must be done weekly?

  • Check the water parameters. Check for nitrite, pH, ammonia, nitrate and salinity levels (in marine tanks). If you want to do it on your own, you can buy a home testing kit or check it out at your local specialty fish or pet store.
  • Inspect your tank equipment, such as the heater, lighting and filtration system. You only need to do a brief inspection to see if everything is operating accordingly. Then, the rest could be executed during tank cleaning.

Please note that the amount of water that needs to be changed as well as the regularity of your water replacements, would completely rely on the size of your aquarium and also the number of fish occupying your tank.

As a general rule, it is essential to execute a partial water replacement for your freshwater tank at least ten by up to twenty percent and must be done in two by up to three weeks.

On the other hand, for a marine tank, it is necessary to replace ten percent of the water on a weekly basis for the initial year of keeping the tank. And, from there, you could go after a similar guideline to freshwater aquariums.

Always take into consideration that there are 3 primary objectives for you to accomplish when you clear your aquarium from any dirt and pollutants and these are regulating the nitrogen cycle, getting rid of dissolved and particulate organic compounds. The last one is restoring valuable minerals.

What is the warranty?

As smart consumers, we always prefer buying products backed up by warranties. And, the exciting news is that all the nano aquariums reviewed in this post come in different warranties that consumers can enjoy.

Of course, we prefer risk-free investments as we deserve protection for every item we purchase. Luckily, in Amazon, customers' protection is always the top priority. As you can see, all the products sold here come in different warranties to show customers that more than anything else; your satisfaction is their utmost concern.

To check out the kind of warranty your selected product is supported by, read the product description or contact the manufacturer's customer service support.

Where to buy?

Nano aquariums are not hard to find. In point of fact, these appear to be readily available in many local specialty fish or pet stores in your area. Provided that the fish or pet store is well-stocked, you can pick from a number of brands and options that may contain all the features you are searching for.

On the other hand, if you want to do online shopping, you can shop on credible online shopping sites like Amazon. This shopping site is renowned for its wide selection of different items made by the world's famous and reputable brands. And, nearly all of the products they sell are supported by warranties. You can find limitless nano aquarium brands here and may also avail of some promos and freebies.


As what you have learned from this article, the best nano aquariums come with many perks but of course, they are also not too perfect. It is good to note that these compact tanks do not call for a significant amount of space, reason why you can instantly fit them in a tiny space within the workplace and at home.

Moreover, just like what was previously mentioned, there are a lot of distinct means to stock nano aquariums, from less complex freshwater setups to shrimp-only aquariums, to fascinating nano reef tanks. These could offer a very wonderful haven for a small community of fish. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in fish keeping field, this is an excellent option that you won't ever regret.

On the other hand, if you'd like to ensure spending money on the right product, it is practical to ponder the product reviews above carefully so that you can precisely weigh the pros and cons of each nano aquarium option and for you to decide better whether this is suitable for you and your pet fish or not. And, also read the buying tips shared above before you add the product to your cart when shopping to avoid any future problems.