The Best Foods for Flowerhorn for Better Head Growth

Does looking for the best food for flowerhorn get wearisome for you? Do you feel baffled about the right ingredients that you should consider when getting one? Then, the product reviews shared in this article can be your guide when shopping for one. All you need to do is to check the pros and cons of each fish food product to ensure that you are picking the suitable option for your flowerhorn.

Without a doubt, flowerhorn fish are perceived as voracious eaters. They generally consume plenty of foods; so as their keepers, you need to accept the fact that they are also prone to producing lots of waste. It is critical to feed them with ample amounts of food for them to sustain peak health.

In addition to this, they are known to have a fast metabolism which means that they especially require more amount of foods to sustain themselves. As their owners, you need to understand that the kinds of foods you must feed them should be fortified with proteins, minerals, some other essential nutrients, and vitamins. All these must be looked into when buying food for them.

This post aims to talk about the ideal food products that you can regularly feed your flowerhorn. Besides, other valuable flowerhorn-keeping details were shared here to guide you in looking after your pet fish. Keep reading and enjoy your fish hobby!

Best Overall


Hikari Cichlid Pellets

✔ Floats well
✔ Less waste output
✔ Ensures healthier and stronger


Premium Choice


Uni-President Fish Feed Food

✔ Designed as easily digested
✔ Pellets float well
✔ Doesn’t contain artificial hormones


Editor’s Choice


Hikari Blood Red Parrot+

✔ Support stronger fish immunity & digestion
✔ Doesn’t contain artificial contents
✔ Great amounts of natural meat proteins


Best Flowerhorn Food Reviews of 2023

1. Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold and Floating Pellets


If you are looking for flowerhorn food for color, this option won't leave you feeling disappointed. This is designed with superb color enhancing ingredients that help boost the ravishing colors of your fish in no time. Since these pellets enable fish keepers to easily keep track of the food amount consumed, it is smooth sailing to keep the tank water clean and clear all the time.

What sets this product apart from its rivals are its top quality and nutrient-packed ingredients. It contains stabilized vitamin C that does not instantly degrade and works adeptly in promoting better immune system functions. This food also comes with probiotic living microorganisms that are deemed beneficial to sustain good fish health.

Two factors that you need to pay attention to if you plan to buy this product are its minimal fiber contents which means it could somehow cause some digestion concerns and some discus fish tend to ignore these pellets during feeding sessions. So, if you intend to feed this food to your picky discus pets, you better think twice.

  • Floats well that it allows easy monitoring of consumed food amounts
  • Enables more excellent usage of the color enhancing contents
  • Guarantees less waste output
  • Manufactured with beneficial probiotic living microorganisms
  • Ensures healthier and stronger immune system functions
  • Does not contain high levels of fiber contents
  • Not ideal option for discus fish
Generally speaking, this flowerhorn fish food for color is a good deal. The floating pellets are great since they do not fall in easily and get lost in the substrate. The unconsumed foods can be instantly scooped out and this helps avoid polluting the tank water. The Hikari germ contents of this product execute a very outstanding job of super-charging the digestive process to enable better usage of the color enhancing contents.

2. Uni-President Fish Feed Food


For anyone who sincerely wants to invest in the right food for flowerhorn color, this product option can be one of those brands that you can count on. Its primary ingredients include lecithin, vitamins, wheat flour, fish oil, minerals, fish meal, soybean meal, and astaxanthin. As you can see, such contents work superbly in sustaining ravishing fish coloration that would make your fish tank look more impressive.

This product is economical to use and comes with a storage life of two years. The pellets float quite well and are made to be highly digestible so feeding your fish won't be a serious hassle. Unlike other food options that normally take more time to produce noticeable results, this food can provide positive results within a short period. If you feed your fish with these pellets consistently, you'll be astounded how colorful they can be.

A couple of things that would make you feel a little dismayed if you get this product are its tendency to make the tank water quite filthy especially if you overfeed your finned buddies and it would have been better if it is properly packaged to protect its freshness.

  • Precisely made for aquarium fish that belong to cichlid species
  • Designed as easily digested and helps ensure less tank water contamination issues
  • Pellets float well
  • Promotes more beautiful and vibrant fish coloration in no time
  • Does not contain any artificial hormones
  • Tends to make the tank water dirty if not used as directed
  • Would have been better if the packaging is safe and tightly sealed
On the whole, this food option is a great investment that is worth considering. This is unrivaled when it comes to unleashing the best possible color of your flowerhorn. Since they are digestible, they won't cause serious digestion concerns and they do not contain any artificial contents that could put the health of your fish tank friends at risk. If you take care of aquarium fish that belong to cichlid species, this would be a great partner for you.

3. Hikari Blood, Red Parrot+, Medium Pellets


These pellets are high in protein so they can guarantee an accelerated growth rate. It also contains high pigment levels that are meant to help unleash the colorful and brilliant colors of your red parrot. This food is packed with vitamin supplements too that allow your aquatic buddies to stay healthy and satisfy their nutritional needs.

What makes this product a practical option is that it is dependable if your goal is to ensure speedy fish growth and nice-to-behold fish color enhancement for your finned pets. The pellets float nicely and help fish sustain a healthy digestive tract and develop stronger immunity against diseases.

Regardless, if you're going to check out other flowerhorn fish food price, this product is a little costly for the amount of food and size. And, if not utilized as per the manufacturer's instructions, this food tends to discolor the tank water a bit.

  • An ideal pick for efficient and more stunning fish color enhancement
  • Formulated with great amounts of natural meat proteins
  • Helps support stronger fish immunity and good digestion
  • Does not contain any artificial contents that are toxic to fish's health
  • Precisely designed to provide the nutritional needs of blood parrot cichlids
  • Prone to fouling the tank water
  • A little expensive for the size and food amount
Finally, if you go for fish diets that contain all-natural ingredients, then this is a surefire option for your requirements. This is free of any chemicals, colors, and other toxic contents that could cause various fish ailments. It was specifically formulated and designed solely for blood parrots. This is loaded with proteins and other vital nutrients that support fish's overall well-being.

4. Hai Feng Fast Color Fish Food Floating Pallets


Aside from vegetables for flowerhorn, it is also critical to look for other top quality food products that are exactly formulated to meet the necessary nutrients that our aquarium pets need to stay vigorous and capable of resisting all sorts of ailments while dwelling in an artificial environment.

These fish species are known to be greedy eaters, so this implies that they could consume whatever it is that is offered to them. Besides peas for flowerhorn, they would also love munching other types of foods that are manufactured to be flavorful.

It is worth noting that this product is overpriced than other competitors, so it is not a practical choice for those who are looking for less expensive options. And, you would need to soak the pellets in tank water first so your flowerhorns won't have a hard time swallowing and digesting them.

  • Touted as one of the most excellent pellets for flowerhorns and blood parrot cichlids
  • Contains good levels of enzymes and vitamins A, C and E
  • Supports more excellent fish growth, more robust immunity and stellar fish color enhancement
  • Works superbly in enhancing the natural and bright colors of aquatic creatures
  • Certified free of any artificial contents and hormones that are hazardous to fish's health
  • Priced much higher than other similar products
  • Needs to be soaked in tank water to make them easier to swallow and digest
After all, good nutrition is always a must for all fish tank dwellers. Fortunately, this product is designed to provide the appropriate types of foods that contain a majority of the required nutrients that could guarantee better fish growth, more vigorous immune system functions, and more impressive fish colors. If you want to invest in a great fish food that would take better care of your most prized aquarium pets, then you may start feeding them with these highly nutritious pellets.

Ocean Free Humpy Head Ever Red Size M Pellets (Outdated)


Fish enthusiasts certainly opt for food products that contain a huge amount of nutrients to sustain the overall wellness of their aquarium occupants. And, remarkably enhancing fish colors is also one of the main goals of why we choose foods that are primarily designed for that purpose. Fortunately, this option could ensure all those for us.

If you feed your finned buddies with these pellets 3 to 4 times daily, they could gain more strength to combat illnesses, brighten their color even more, and grow at an accelerated rate. It is good to mention that you can see slight changes in your fish's color for a period of 7 to 10 days.

Please take into consideration that it is necessary to feed your flowerhorns with these pellets more frequently- preferably three by up to four times daily. Apart from this, expect the tank water to turn slightly reddish after feeding session. To avoid tank water pollution, remove the uneaten pellets at once after feeding.

  • Helps make the head shape become more contoured and develop well
  • Comes with natural color enhancing elements that intensify fish's redness
  • Bolsters fish's resistance against diseases and other potentially harmful elements
  • Encourages healthy fin growth and induce sparkle dot contrast
  • Formulated with ample amounts of krill and spirulina
  • Requires more frequent feeding
  • Can make the tank water slightly reddish
Without question, this floran fish food for head and color is a superb value for the money. If you dream of making your flowerhorn fish's head become larger and in good shape; then this food could help you accomplish that. Moreover, this could also intensify the redness of your fish tank residents- you would be stunned seeing them in brighter and intense red color after a few weeks.

OKIKO Fish Food Set L Pellets (Outdated)


This Okiko flowerhorn food is made with a very distinctive formulation in that it focuses on faster head growth for all flowerhorn breed. Thus, if it is your dream to help your fish obtain an appealing shape of head growth, then this product can be your best option. You can achieve your goal if you feed your finned friends with this food consistently.

Furthermore, this comes with superior levels of krill and spirulina contents and some natural color enhancing ingredients that are meant to help enhance the sparkle dots of your aquatic pets in a span of one to two weeks. This also supports healthier fish immunity so you can rest assure that your fish remain vigorous enough to combat illnesses.

Withal, this product solely contains moderate amounts of proteins and while the package includes three packs once bought, this is not available in different sizes for you to choose from. Take these drawbacks into account before picking this item right away.

  • Formulated with high contents of krill and spirulina extracts
  • Helps support rapid head growth for all flowerhorn breed
  • Assists in bolstering fish immunity against ailments and infections
  • Package includes a total of 3 packs
  • Manufactured with top quality calcium formula intended for fish front growth
  • Merely contains low levels of proteins
  • Not available in a broad range of sizes
In summary, this food product is a good catch. It is particularly made to help immensely intensify fish coloration and makes fish more robust in resisting diverse kinds of diseases. The food floats quite well and the unconsumed foods can be instantly eliminated after feeding activity. Moreover, this could be your solution if you wish to see your fish grow faster and healthily. Meanwhile, it may not be ideal if you prefer foods that are packed with more protein content.

OKIKO Platinum Head Huncher & Color Faster Floating Pellets (Outdated)


You can save more money if you invest in this flowerhorn food for hump and color products. This is formulated with great amounts of proteins, krill, spirulina, amino acids, astaxanthin plus, and other essential nutrients that your fish tank residents need to live healthily in a confined space like an aquarium. This is also made with active yeast powder that aids in probiotic growth and in building stronger fish immunity.

The superb levels of krill and spirulina contents are what make this food an ideal option for those who wish to bolster the vibrant and flashy color of their flowerhorn fish. Truth is, if you feed your finned pets with this food consistently, you can already observe positive results in just a matter of one to two weeks. Indeed, this comes with a unique immune substance that works in resisting various sorts of illnesses in fish.

Be that as it may, this brand is one of the high-end one in the field of fish feeding, so a higher price tag is expected. Hence, this is not pocket-friendly for those who are short in budget. And, if not utilized as directed, it could somehow affect tank water clarity and quality.

  • Constant feeding of this food guarantees rapid head growth for flowerhorn breed
  • Offers ample amounts of protein contents
  • Formulated with superior levels of spirulina and krill contents for exceptional fish coloration
  • Not prone to making the tank water dusky and smelly
  • Serves as a complete diet with amino acids and other vital nutrients
  • May still cause gloomy tank water if not used as directed
  • A little expensive to buy for anyone with a limited budget
To conclude, this product can be labeled as one of the top 10 flowerhorn fish foods. It contains amazing ingredients such as astaxanthin plus. This is reliable in tremendously improving the head shape of your flowerhorn and if you opt for foods that are rich in calcium and protein, then this is it for you. This contains a complete balanced diet that boosts peak health and faster metabolic functions.

Grand Sumo Accelerated Growth Enhancer (Outdated)


This flowerhorn food for humpy head is tagged as one of the highest-rated food options designed for flowerhorns, cichlids, and other tropical fish. It is formulated to contain flavorful contents reason why most fish would be lured to devour the pellets faster with only a little fish waste left inside the tank.

Many flowerhorn enthusiasts prefer this brand because it was particularly formulated with large amounts of proteins, calories, multivitamins, calcium, and other necessary nutrients that promote natural, more radiant fish coloration and glossier scales. Additionally, this works wonderfully in promoting huge nuchal humps for your fish.

It is good to note that you need to be extra cautious when buying this brand because there are several claims that there are lots of cheaper imitations online. And, the size of the pellets is smaller than expected. These are a few of the potential problems that you may experience if you feed this food to your aquarium pets.

  • Famous for being highly nutritious fish diet
  • Support more radiant and natural fish color and more lustrous scales
  • Can entice even the most finicky eaters as it comes with palatable special attractant contents
  • Contains superior amounts of protein, calcium, essential nutrients and multivitamins
  • Helps ensure larger nuchal hump for flowerhorns
  • Pellet size is smaller than expected
  • Lots of imitations online
By and large, this food option can be your go-to if you wish to transform your flowerhorn fish into a more energetic, healthier, and larger one. It is appetizing in that it can force your picky pets to consume the proper nutrition they need to thrive. This also contains digestive enzymes that allow your aquatic friends to eat more and develop without any trouble. With this food alternative, fish feeding does not need to be a painful task for you to do every day.

Cz Help For Monster KOK Flowerhorn (Outdated)


This is undoubtedly one of the top-rated foods for flowerhorn fish for head growth. This is one of the very few food options that work outstandingly to encourage healthy fish development and larger nuchal humps. It contains safe ingredients so fish keepers can be worry-free.

Over and above, this is your practical choice if you want to continue seeing your fish tank residents look good and healthy. While this food can bring immense changes in the way your fish looks and behaves, you need to be patient enough to wait for such results. But, one thing is sure- you'll be amazed by the huge difference!

Anyhow, this food product is not that affordable and yet the food portion is not sufficient too. The container seems small which may not last long. For the money, it looks like you'll be forced to spend more to achieve positive and noticeable results.

  • Works exceptionally in building larger nuchal hump for flowerhorns
  • Provides great support to achieve a speedy fish growth rate
  • Manufactured with all-natural and safe ingredients
  • Can ensure remarkable changes in your aquatic friends
  • Promotes fish vitality and longevity
  • Comes with a very small container
  • Not that affordable
To sum up, this flowerhorn food product makes a good option that would worth every single penny you spend on it. However, you may need to wait for a while to observe positive and tremendous changes in your fish's size and overall appearance but the long wait will all worth it. This does wonder in accelerating fish growth and being made with all-natural contents make it a safe investment to purchase.

9KOK Flowerhorn Fish Food (Outdated)


This can be one of the right foods for flowerhorn baby as it seems to be a very A1 choice if you want to provide your aquarium inhabitants with most of the required nutrients they necessitate to stay in peak health. Feeding should only be done once with these pellets and make sure to combine it with other live foods like worms and shrimps.

The contents of this food include spirulina, yeast, fish meal, fish oil, Omega 3 & 6, garlic, shrimp meal, seaweed meal, krill, astaxanthin, 48% protein, 11% ash, vitamins A, D-3, 7% fiber, biotin, 10% fat, B1 and B12. As you can see, such contents make up a staple diet that your aquatic friends can benefit from.

In any case, these pellets are surprisingly too small in size. Aside from this, if you do not wish to clean the entire aquarium more often and do not wish to do tank water replacements more frequently, make certain to feed your pet fish with sufficient food amounts only. Be sure to look through these downsides first before coming up with a final buying decision.

  • Focuses on intensifying the vibrant colors of flowerhorns
  • Designed to be super concentrated
  • A great value for the money
  • Helps make fish feeding easier and more convenient task to do
  • Can reveal stunning results in a few months
  • Size of pellets is surprisingly too small
  • Avoid overfeeding as these pellets could discolor the tank water
Fundamentally, if you prefer a specially formulated fish food that mainly focuses on significantly intensifying fish colors, then this product is something that you won't regret. You only need to feed these pellets once a day but you would need to mix the diet with other live foods such as bloodworms and shrimps. The reason for this is to guarantee that your fish tank dwellers get the required nutrition for them to grow and live healthily.

What to Look for When Buying Flowerhorn Fish Food


Before buying fish food products for your flowerhorn, it is helpful to conduct exclusive research first. This is particularly important for novices who are not yet that expert in fish feeding.

As you know, you can't make mistakes when it comes to satisfying the nutritional requirements of your fish tank settlers. Their health would largely depend on the kind of food you feed them daily. This is one of the many reasons why you must be cautious of the content of the food product you decide to invest in.

Some of the questions that you must ask yourself before making the final buying decision include the following:

  • Why is it crucial to purchase top quality flowerhorn food?
  • What flowerhorn food brands are top-rated?
  • Is the current price tag of the product reasonable?
  • What are the perks of purchasing flowerhorn food humpy head?
  • Is the product a worthwhile investment?
  • What are the ingredients contained in the fish food?
  • What are the most premium quality flowerhorn food products available in the market nowadays that professional fish hobbyists prefer?
  • Is the product safe and free of any toxins that could detriment fish's health?

When it comes to answering all these questions, see to it that you only get answers from reliable sources. You can consider getting valuable information from product reviews, buying goodies, word-of-mouth, online forums, and rating websites.

Undeniably, proper research is indispensable before spending lavishly on a specific flowerhorn food product. You should make certain that you are reading from credible and highly reliable websites and other online sources.

Essentially, when buying food products that are specifically manufactured for your flowerhorn, the following must be highly regarded:

  • Brand Value
  • Product Value
  • Features and Specifications of the Product
  • Durability and Quality of the Product
  • Customer Rating ad Reviews

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is the best food for flowerhorn?

Here is the list of the most excellent flowerhorn foods that you can buy and feed for your finned friends:

  • Brine Shrimp

This is deemed as one of the most outstanding live food options that you can provide your fish tank occupants. It comes in rich texture as well as palatable flavor that would entice your aquatic pets to devour them.

This food is rich in protein and other essential nutrients that promote superb head growth for flowerhorns. It comes with more nutritious value as compared to freeze-dried brine shrimps as the latter may contain some undesired bacteria and parasites.

  • Vegetables

These are essential because veggies are loaded with minerals and vitamins from various plant-based sources. As you know, such nutrients cannot be obtained from protein-based foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimps.

Consider boiling some unshelled peas, you may also add in small slices of zucchini or cucumber, or shredded lettuce. Flowerhorns also love eating veggies so adding this to their diet is quite beneficial.

  • Bloodworms

These are some of the most preferred options for various fish species like flowerhorn. Live bloodworms are an excellent choice since their wriggling movements greatly aid in stimulating fish's appetite even those that are considered as finicky eaters.

Bloodworms are fortified with proteins, nutrients, and minerals that your finned pets require to sustain peak health and maximum head growth.

  • High-Quality Fish Flakes

Look for flakes that are formulated with fish meal and protein contents as their main ingredients. These can offer a well-rounded form of fish diet because they contain fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. If you were able to pick the right fish flakes, then this could help your fish tank friends survive with them alone.

Nonetheless, this is not highly recommended since variety is quite vital to the diet of a flowerhorn fish.

  • A Mixture of Food

Since flowerhorn fish specifically calls for a large amount of foods that contain different nutrients, a mixture or variety of food is essential for their fish keepers to prepare. Fish could not obtain all the necessary nutrients by consuming a single food source alone, so a variety in their daily diet should be taken seriously.

It is important to provide them diverse types of foods so they could satisfy their nutritional needs. Besides, flowerhorns can be finicky eaters at times and tend to get bored consuming the same foods every day.

What to feed flowerhorn?

A few of the foods that you can feed your flowerhorns consist of:

  • Grocery Store Foods

There are many foods that you can buy from supermarkets such as seafood. These days, there are readily available crustacean meat, herring flesh, and salmon. Such foods are packed with carotenoids, minerals, and vitamins.

Moreover, these types of foods work well in intensifying fish color, specifically yellows, oranges, and reds. It is necessary to store these foods in the freezer and only feed your flowerhorn with bite-sized amounts. But, you need to thaw the food first before feeding.

  • Prepared Foods

These are also called staple fish foods. In general, fish flakes fill the role of staple foods. Nonetheless, if you need to feed medium to large flowerhorn fish, these are not as essential. You can consider providing them with cichlid pellets instead.

It is crucial to soak the pellets for a minimum of 1 minute in the fish tank water to avoid any sorts of digestive issues. Whilst flowerhorns would readily eat almost any food, it matters to supplement their pellets with other types of foods to ensure their radiant colors do not fade.

  • Live, Frozen and Freeze-Dried Foods

Most fish, aquarium supply, or pet stores sell different foods designed for various fish species and these include live, frozen, and freeze-dried foods. Flowerhorns, depending on their size, would fondly consume bloodworms, Mysis, krill, and other animal-based food sources.

When feeding frozen foods, you need to thaw the food in the fish tank water first before providing them to your aquarium settlers. In addition to this, it is essential to soak freeze-dried foods in aquarium water for a minute to prevent any digestion concerns.

Such foods are enriched with vital nutrients and are designed to be similar to what flowerhorns consume in their natural habitat.

Why do you need food for flowerhorn fish? (Benefits)

To boot, different fish species have different nutritional requirements. This is why most foods are specifically formulated for each type of fish to ensure that they get the nutrition they seriously call for. The same goes for flowerhorns, since they are voracious eaters, they require huge amounts of foods to enable them to sustain top health and maintain a stunning overall appearance.

There are several advantages if you feed your flowerhorns with types of foods that are precisely manufactured for them and these comprise of:

  • Help them grow rapidly and healthily
  • Enhance their red, orange and yellow color even more
  • Improve their overall appearance, shape and built
  • Allow them to become more active, livelier and energetic while playing, roaming and swimming inside the fish tank
  • Boost a stronger immune system so they would become vigorous enough to fight off various infections and ailments and avoid premature death
  • Promote superb head growth for flowerhorns
  • Such foods are designed to be easy to digest so fish can comfortably consume them in minutes and be able to absorb the nutrients fully
  • Assist in warding off digestive system issues like constipation and bloatedness
  • Avoid contaminating the tank water by ensuring that there is less fish waste
  •  Promote longevity
  • Such foods are readily available, help make fish feeding more convenient and a less time-consuming task to handle
  • Foods particularly made for flowerhorns are best options because these could offer the precise nutrition that this fish species seriously require to thrive and extend their lifespan

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted flowerhorn food brands?

Buying the most suitable and nutrient-enriched foods specially formulated for flowerhorns is made a lot easier these days and it is all thanks to some distinguished brands that manufacture high-quality fish food products.

Surely, it cannot be denied that the manufacturers below produce products that are much overpriced than their competitors, their nutrient contents are impressive so that makes them still worth-buying.

The following brands are a few of those manufacturers that are highly known for offering top quality products:

  • Ocean Free
  • Hai Feng
  • Hikari
  • Grand Sumo

The next time you buy food products for your flowerhorns, see to it that you consider one of the brands mentioned above. These are a few of the top options by experienced fish hobbyists. In short, these manufacturers have been rigorously tried and tested in the fish keeping field.

What should I feed my flowerhorn?

An interesting activity for flowerhorns is none other than feeding them. The moment you add pellets in the aquarium, you may observe how delighted they are. It is necessary to know the appropriate portion of feed your finned pets need.

Do not overfeed your aquatic pets because this could badly affect their health and may even cause fish death. Overfeeding can also foul the tank water.

Luckily, foods for flowerhorns are simple. You only have to utilize the most premium quality dry pellets. This offers excellent nutrition. Be sure to purchase top quality fish food products only and opt for the ones that contain 45% protein content.

By the time your flowerhorn reaches 8 inches in size, you may select lower protein pellets or feed them with live fish and small shrimps. Feeding them with bloodworms two times per week is also beneficial. These are superb in allowing excellent head growth for flowerhorns.

The pellets sold in the market are fairly good and comes with high levels of proteins. The health condition of aquatic pets may be observed by its feces color and behavior.

What can I feed my flowerhorn to grow faster?

It is highly suggested to provide your finned buddies with live brine shrimps for they contain more nutritional value that is especially helpful in faster flowerhorn head growth.

Aside from brine shrimps, bloodworms and veggies are also beneficial in supporting rapid growth. Fish flakes are great options too since these are prepared in such a manner that they offer a well-rounded diet that you are searching for your flowerhorn.

Consider feeding each of these foods separately or combine them. This could be an ideal and palatable platter for your aquatic friends. Consuming high-quality foods would keep them in good condition and boost rapid growth.

How can I increase my flowerhorn color?

If you want to effectively enhance the color of your flowerhorn, then the following foods must be considered:

  • Use pellets that are manufactured with color enhancement pigments.

Pellets formulated with color enhancing pigments contain ingredients that significantly help in intensifying fish coloration. One of these is astaxanthin which is primarily utilized for improving red and orange coloration of flowerhorns. This is derived from diverse types of natural sources such as krill and shrimps.

Please be guided that you should not feed blue-based flowerhorns with pellets that contain astaxanthin because these could bring about some allergic reactions which may be disappointing in the end.

What is more, you may enhance fish color too by feeding your aquatic pets with foods that contain spirulina. This is suitable for blue-based flowerhorns as these are available in nature in the form of blue-green algae.

If you consistently feed your flowerhorns with spirulina-enriched foods, this would help boost their vibrant colors and you'll enjoy satisfying results.

On the other hand, if you wish to enhance the yellow color of your flowerhorn, feeding them with foods that contain xanthophyll can be one of the most effective methods. But, fish food products that contain xanthophyll are a little difficult to find; you can consider searching for products that are primarily manufactured for goldfish in case you don't find one.

Alternatively, you can opt for other food products that come with contents such as marigold powder, dried egg, or corn gluten meal.

  • Feeding your flowerhorns with live foods.

Live foods also work like a charm when it comes to effectively enhancing fish coloration. However, you need to be insightful about the types of foods that must be fed if you want to intensify different colors.

For instance, feed frozen shrimps and bloodworms if you wish to enhance the redness of your finned buddies. Meanwhile, feed your aquarium dwellers with dried egg yolks if you want to enhance their yellow color.

Please take in mind that you need to be cautious while you utilize these foods because at times they might lead to some ailments in your aquarium buddies. Hence, make certain that if you observe any suspicious signs among your fish, then you need to stop providing them any food for the mere purpose of intensifying their color.

What do I feed flowerhorn fry?

You can feed flowerhorn fry with diverse sorts of foods. Still and all, the most valuable factor to remember is that no matter what food you provide them should be readily accepted, contains generous amounts of proteins, and must help avoid more fish waste that could lead to tank water contamination.

Begin feeding your fry when they start to swim freely. You can feed them with crushed pellets designed for flowerhorns as well as hard-boiled egg yolk. Such foods are good at helping fry grow healthily.

Likewise, you can feed them with tropical fish color enhancing flakes, brine shrimp flakes, and earthworm flakes. Such foods make fish feeding a lot easier and fry love these types of foods too. They could develop more rapidly if fed with live brine shrimp and daphnia.

By the third week, it is high time to introduce some other sorts of live foods such as mosquito larvae and super worms. Lastly, in the fourth week, you may feed them with frozen blood worms, mosquito larvae and Tubifex worms, osterized market shrimps and osterized beef heart. All these foods and combined with crushed pellets could remarkably assist in allowing your fry to develop fully and instantly.

Where to buy?

Buying specific foods designed for flowerhorns is not difficult at all. These products are readily available in many local fish, aquarium supply, or pet stores in different areas. However, buying them from local stores can only offer you limited options to pick from especially if the local stores of our choice are not heavily-stocked with various food products designed for diverse fish species.

Hence, if you prefer to check out countless options; the best way to go is to shop online. There are plenty of online shopping sites that you can browse such as Amazon, Petwarehouse, Aquaholics, Live Aquaria, PetSmart, and PetCo. These sites can allow fishkeepers to search and purchase top quality fishkeeping-related products.

Not only that, shopping online can also introduce many reputable brands that you may not find in local fish or pet stores. Consumers can also avail special promos, freebies, and discounts for specific products purchased.


Overall, there are tons of queries when it comes to the best food for flowerhorn and what types of ingredients can ensure fast and healthy growth, intensify fish color, and enlarge their nuchal hump. Truth is, there is no single particular food that we could consider as the best. The best fish diet must be something that consists of a wide array of diverse and nutrient-enriched foods.

You have learned from this post that a well-rounded and varied diet helps in making aquatic pets improve their overall health and appearance. And, as fish enthusiasts, we want to ensure that our most precious finned buddies are healthy and looking great.

Since flowerhorns are greedy eaters, it is crucial to feed them 2 to 3 times per day to support their fast development and naturally vibrant colors. Even if they are the types of fish that consume whatever you toss in the fish tank, it is a must to avoid overfeeding them.

Carefully inspect the products reviewed above and see to it to follow the tips outlined in this post so you won't have any problem with feeding and keeping your flowerhorn. If you follow flowerhorn proper care and maintenance, you can surely enjoy many years of fun times with your aquarium dwellers.