Endler Guppy vs Fancy Guppy – Differences, Care Tips, and Breeding

The Endler guppy Poecilia Wingei is a real close relative to the guppy Poecilia Reticulata, the latter is well known for different names such as the fancy Guppy, Guppy fish, the common Guppy, the fancy tail guppy, etc. Both the Fancy Guppy fish and the Endler’s Guppy fish are a very popular species to consider for fish farming (fish breeding), with their great prolific performances.


Differences and Similarities:

Endler Guppy

These two fishes have too much in common yet they keep some distinctive characteristics that keep each of them unique in its own beautiful way. Here are the differences and similarities between these two species:

Both of them live in freshwater, both have origins in America. However, the fancy guppy fish prefers strong and chilly water flow, while the Endler guppy prefers warm and lentic habitat. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many habitats like that left due to human activity. They both are a peaceful type of fish, but the Endler Guppy is shyer than the fancy guppy.

The natural environment conditions are the same, they both prefer the alkanoic water with a 7 to 8 of pH level and temperature that ranges from 73°F to 81°F (23 to 27°C), yet they don’t prefer the same water flow as mentioned before.

The main difference between these two is physical appearance, The Endler Guppy fish is more on the smaller side with 2 to 3 cm for the male and 4 to 4.5 cm for the female. They have beautiful and unique colors all over its small frame and those pigments ranges from the full golden or silver for the female to various colors for the male body who can have golden, red spots on it and an emerald-green spot close to its tail. The fancy guppy fish has a slightly bigger size with a difference of only 1 or 2 cm in general and just like the Endler, it also displays a sexual dimorphism when it comes to the coloring.

Both of them are omnivorous which feed on a great variety of food such as insects, worms, algae, flakes, etc, feeding both of them won’t be a problem in a common tank.

The life span of the fancy Guppy fish and the Endler is the same, around two years. They both live in harmony inside groups, usually calm and tranquil which makes them a perfect candidate for fish farming. Both are livebearers and both have baby fry after four weeks of pregnancy.

If you’re considering breeding any one of those two species, we have great news! It’s very easy to do it for both of them.

Can you keep the Fancy Guppy fish and Endler guppy living together?


Yes! They can live together, yet take note that they might have hybrid breeding too. Some scientists even gave the possibility of including both of them as the same species, that’s because the generations that comes down of their hybridization are also fertile.

If you’re willing to combine both of them in a mixed aquarium then managing the environment condition for both of them might not cause you any trouble at the end. All you have to do is finding solid common ground for both of their needs: food, temperature, water pH levels, and water flow.

Can you crossbreed Endler and Fancy guppies?

Now if you’re more concerned about the possibility of crossbreeding these two, then yes it’s possible to have a healthy fertile successor that automatically has a bit of both of them depending on your choice of parents. For that matter, please make sure to use a female guppy and a male Endler so the females won’t have problems giving birth. If you do it in the reversed order, the female Endler can have difficulties giving birth due to the size difference.

Even though it’s possible to do the hybrid breeding between these two, it’s not advised to do so. Keeping pure characteristics is more likely to be natural. Looking outside from your farm to the wild you will find that even with that chance of the hybrid breeding between both of them being highly possible, it actually is very rare to happen. With that cleared up, here are the popular breeds for farming.

Popular Endler Guppy fish breed:

When it comes to the classification of  Endler Guppy fish we can find three different classes that can provide you with some idea about the fish being pureblood or a hybrid. These classes are:

Class N: This one refers to the original, pure that had no prior crossbreeding with any other species. This class is given only to the provider of documentation that surely proves the fact that, yes, it’s a pure pedigree. Also referred to it as documented pure strain, to keep it like that in your farm, you must also keep breeding it with same N class Endlers. The strains of it are the following: Black Bar, Peacock, Red Chest, Double Red Stripe, Snake Chest, Flame Tail, Center Peacock.

Class P: This stands for “appears to be pure but not sure”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It appears to be a purebred but one can’t be sure without documentation to prove its purebred status.

Class K: This one has visible hybrid strains, it can result from a hybrid cross-breeding such as a successor of crossbreeding a guppy fish with an Endler.

Popular Fancy Guppy fish breed

For this one, there are no specific breeds that might be found under this name but other guppy fish that are not considered as the same species as this one.  you can find the following breeds, some range by colors and by patterns.

By colors:

  • Bronze Guppy
  • Blue-Green Bi-Color Guppy
  • Green Guppy
  • Half-Black Blue Guppy

By patterns:

  • Lyretail Guppy
  • Pin/Needle Tail Guppy
  • Red Eye Guppy

There are others for both of the above kinds though.

Finally, we can assure you that having any of these two species (Endler or Fancy guppies) can grant you great fish farming experience and great economic benefits on the side too. So go for it!